Spring Bootcamp 2014.......It's Not Too Late!!!!!

Yes the first week is done.....but we are still doing basic training.  You can still sign up!!!!

High Intensity Training for ALL Ages & Fitness Levels!

April 7-May 31 2014

Are you ready to Lose Fat, Build Strength, or take your Physical Performance to the next level?

We Specialize in Teaching the Russian Kettlebell System For a Leaner, Stronger, Healthier, Better Body.

Mon/Wed/Fri 5:15-6am
Mon/Wed/Fri 6-6:45am
Tues/Thurs 5:30-6:30am & Sat 8-9am
                Tues/Thurs 6-7pm & Sat 8-9am

KETTLEBELL BOOTCAMP combines KETTLEBELLS and many other FUNCTIONAL TRAINING METHODS in circuits to give you strength, cardio conditioning, core development, muscle tone and fat loss all in one workout!!! 

Mon/Wed 6-7pm
KETTLEBELL/INSANITY is a high intensity KB Cardio class PLUS a body weight Insanity workout.  This class will push your cardio conditioning, muscular endurance and core development to the highest level possible!!! 

We are located at Center Grove High School
2717 S. Morgantown Rd., Greenwood, IN  46143
Enter Door #6
Email millsm@centergrove.k12.in.us for registration forms.

$99 for 2 months of unlimited classes
$5 Saturday Pay for the Day



At THE School of Strength we have not only the best members, but the best coaches in the country.  Here is a very motivating email I received from one of our instructors George Boots.  Please read:
Coach Mills-

 I want to take the time to discuss my recent physical I received at the Fire Department this year.  It was my best physical to date!! I weighed in at just over 180lbs and was asked on two separate occasions if I was a runner.  When I stated “no” the x-ray tech doing my chest x-ray said “you have long lungs”.  I didn’t even know “long lungs” existed!  She stated they normally see that attribute in runners.  My reply was simple “I don’t run a lot, but I do Kettlebell Training”.   After that I spent time with the N.P. and she reviewed my blood work with me and remarked how it was outstanding.  My HDL (Healthy Cholesterol) went up 6 points and my LDL (Lethal) went down.  My fasting blood sugar was 80 (and I didn’t fast!) and my b.p. was 100/64 with a resting heart rate of 54.  She asked me what I was doing and I told her “I do kettlebell training”.  My spirometer test (breathing) was off the charts and she remarked that I must be a runner.  At the end she said to “keep doing what you are doing, it is working”.  Again, I train with Kettlebells.  Nothing fancy or elaborate.  Simply Sinister as Pavel would say.

 Coach, I think it is important that I share this information so people know this training provides true and real benefits that you don’t always “see” in our training system.  I do train hard and I watch my diet, but I still have ice cream and pizza.  I just do it in moderation, so I can enjoy it without the regret that comes with it.  I work on my breathing while in class and I constantly try and push myself to be better and stronger.  I am not worried about keeping up with the next guy, I am worried about keeping up with me! 

 With the supplements that I use through Beverly International and the training I receive at your facility I have raised the bar for my own physical health in the areas I don’t physically see! 

Remember I once weighed 240lbs and now I am a stronger and healthier person at 180.  Please share this with our membership as you see fit.  Our program WORKS! Period, end of story!  YOU GET RESULTS!

Lt. George Boots
Engine 82 C-Shift
Wayne Township Fire Department
Indianapolis, IN 46241

 George Before
George After

Kettlebell Bootcamp 90 Day Challenge!

Do you need some incentive to lose weight and inches? Would you like to earn a FREE Kettlebell Bootcamp session?  Keep Reading!!!

Are you trying to lose weight and inches?  Would you be interested in completing a body composition challenge?  What does that mean?  Many people have approached me about wanting to lose weight, lean out or gain a little more muscle mass.  We would like to offer a weekly accountability for those of you trying to reach your goals. 

·         Learn about Energy Balance

·         Why you SHOULD use a heart rate monitor

·         Determine your Estimated Daily Caloric Expenditure

o   How to determine your daily caloric needs

o   Why it’s important to meet these needs in order to lose weight

o   Why your daily caloric intake must be adjusted during weight loss

·         Learn how to design a successful weight loss-program by setting GOALS

·         Grocery tips

·         Food prep tips

·         Learn why recipes aren’t the best idea during weight loss

Use this knowledge to focus on this next Kettlebell Bootcamp session to make changes. 

How will the challenge work?

1.       Each participant will be measured; waist, hips, chest, thighs, calves, and biceps at the beginning of the challenge.  You can track your weight if you wish but inches will be the determinate for the winner.

2.       Each participant can measure bi-weekly at home but a final measurement will be taken again at Kettlebell Bootcamp the last week of our session. 

3.       The person with the most inches lost will be determined as the winner of the challenge.

4.       The winner will receive their next Kettlebell Bootcamp session FREE!

If you are interested in participating in this challenge you must sign up for the Jan 6-Apr 6 session of Kettlebell Bootcamp then come to class on one of the following dates; Monday, December 30,  Thursday, January 2, from 7-8 p.m. or Saturday, January 4 from 10-11 a.m. to Register, measure and Get Tips to get you started!  The cost will be $20.00 paid to The School of Strength.

Please reply with the date you plan to attend!

Meet Kettlebell Member Christy

Meet Christy V. she is a kettlebell member here a THE School of Strength.
Why did you start Kettlebell Boot Camp?
My sister, an employee in Center Grove, told me about Kettlebell Boot Camp.  Because of the price, location, times of classes and the fact that I knew others attending, I couldn't pass it up!


What changes have you seen since starting?

While I thought I would lose more weight, I'm very happy with how my body has changed.  I realize that to achieve the goals I've set, I need to do some major work with cardio and diet as well.  I can DEFINITELY tell that I have grown stronger and more endurant.

Who/what is your inspiration to keep coming back?

There are so many answers here- Primarily, I go for me- to challenge myself to stick to something that is forming a healthier me.  My daughter is the reason I care more now than ever.  My sister (who brought me here) working along with me in this, holds me accountable.  All of the other class-goers, whether they are already powerhouses or work super hard each class, remind me that I'm not alone and hard work gets results.

What is your favorite WOD? (Workout of the Day)

First of all, I love that every time I go, the workout is different.  My favorite, though it is super hard, is probably when we do 6 sets of the same movement with heavy (20 sec.), medium (30 sec.), heavy (20 sec.) then back up again, going through all the main movements.  The finisher always helps me feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the workout.

What is your favorite part of THE School of Strength?

I don't feel out of place and I feel like everyone is there to get better and help each other.

What are your long term goals?

I'd like to get down about another 20-25 lbs.  I also would like to keep the habit of working out 3+ times a week.

What advice would you give someone just starting out or thinking about getting started?

The hardest workout is the first.  Gather the courage to take the risk of trying something new, fight through that first workout, then come back.  I promise you will feel proud of yourself after every workout.  The School of Strength draws a diverse group of participants (age, fitness level, goals, etc) and this leads to a very comfortable, focused environment.  The coaches and returning members are all about helping you get better, regardless of where you are starting.

 We would love to hear your story please email them to kettlebellbootcamps@outlook.com

New Facebook Page

Our new Facebook page is up and running.  Please be sure to like the page and share it will everyone on your friend list!  We lost 800 people because our page was shut down.  Click the link and you will be directed to our NEW Kettlebell Bootcamps official page.


Meet Andrew

Here is another story of one of our 5:15 a.m. kettlebell members!  We would love to hear what changes kettlebell bootcamps and THE School of Strength has helped you achieve!

Why did you start Kettlebell Boot Camp?
                I had just finished P90X and wanted something that was strength-based, but different than a gym membership. A friend of mine that I play basketball with (and is one of the fittest guys I know) did kettlebells so I thought I’d give it a try.
What changes have you seen since starting?
                Although P90X was good, it did little for me compared to kettlebells. I have lost an additional 10-12 pounds and made tremendous strength gains. I have dropped a couple of inches off of my waistline, too. Mostly it is the strength gains that I notice. I have run a couple of obstacle course races, a half-marathon, and participated in a GoRuck Light since joining THE School of Strength. At OCRs I can tell the difference in my ability to pull myself up and over a wall without help. I PR’d in the half-marathon, besting my time from when I was in college by 5 minutes. At the GoRuck Light I carried a backpack (ruck) for 6 hours with 45 pounds of bricks in it. I ended the event carrying a sandbag the entire length of the Indy canal, followed by a 100-yard fireman carry of a 205-pound guy with his weighted ruck on too. Here’s a picture:

Who/what is your inspiration to keep coming back?
                First and foremost it’s my friends at 5:15. They are positive and challenge me to work harder than I would alone. In addition, I feel great and look better and better all the time, so who wants to give that up???
What is your favorite WOD? (Workout of the Day)
                I like the WODs that have a time limit and a goal for repetitions. It is never easy to get all of the workout in under the time limit, but the feeling of accomplishment is awesome.
What is your favorite part of THE School of Strength?
                The attitude of the people at THE School of Strength is the best part. From Marty on down, everyone there wants to be fit, do it the right way through hard work, and have fun in the process.
What are your long term goals?
                There aren’t any weight goals or event goals in my plans. My goal is to continue being active for the rest of my life so I can model a healthy lifestyle to my daughters.
What advice would you give someone just starting out or thinking about getting started?
                Take it one exercise at a time. You’ll get tired, try to finish. If you make a habit of pushing through the tired feeling, you’ll continue to do it. If you make a habit of quitting, you’ll continue to do it.

Facebook Page

Our Facebook page is currently down because of our overwhelming growth.  Facebook has asked us to set up and use a business page.  We are quickly trying to remedy the situation.

Sorry for any confusion!

Meet School of Strength Member Ellyn

THE School of Strength prides itself on helping our Kettlebell Boot Camp members become stronger and healthier.  We would like to share stories of our members with you. 

 Meet Ellyn! 
I have been doing Kettle Bells on and off over the past couple of years.  This is my story….

        I remember the first two weeks when I started kettle bells and just could not believe how SORE I was.  I think every muscle group hurt BUT with going to the class consistently each week and stretching just a little before and after class made most of the aches go away.   Initially, I was afraid to try the more difficult moves because of previous injuries to my shoulder, knee and foot but Marty and I came up with a plan.  I spoke with him about my concerns and he helped me modify my work-out to meet MY needs.   I know what exercises to do if I have to modify and I still get a great work-out just like everyone else!  Marty has been such a wonderful coach and inspiration to me.  His encouragement to do my best keeps me going!!  Also, on a more personal note… I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes three years ago.  Initially I was on medication until I started exercising and taking better control of my diet.  I have not been on medication for over two years now and the doctor attributes most of this to working out with kettle bells.   Recently had blood work drawn and everything that had been high or borderline came back normal.  I could not believe it!  My Diabetes is completely under control and all levels are great!   Many thanks to Marty and Scott to helping me be the best I can be!
Ellyn Fisher 

Would you like to share your story and experiences you've had with THE School of Strength and Kettlebell Boot Camp? Contact Jennifer at JenniferSchoolofStrength@outlook.com

Basic Training Student Question

There was a question regarding the “Basic Training” Course.  The question was “How new is new? Are you including those just beginning or if we have been coming to the evening class?”

The School of Strength wants everyone to be successful and feel confident in yourself and the training you are receiving.  If you are a member from the previous session and you still do not feel confident with certain techniques then please feel free to join the “Basic Training” group.  All of the coaches want you to feel confident and avoid any injuries due to improper form.  The new Fall members will attend 30 days of “Basic Training” separate from the advanced members but you will still complete the same workout.  The “Basic Training” will run at the same time as the 5:15 a.m., 6:00 a.m, and 6:00 p.m. classes except in another area. 
Please if you have further questions don’t be afraid to ask!  We want you to be a SUCCESS at The School of Strength!!

Check Out Our Mention in the Indy Star!

THE School of Strength was mentioned in the Indy Star yesterday. 

Here's a link to yesterday's article:



Today I became the #1 ranked RKC Kettlebell coach in the United States out of 1,566 other certified RKC instructors. This rating is based soley on the reviews and recommendations of the School of Strength members!!! I want to thank each and every one of you who have ever left a POSITIVE review for me and THE School of Strength. I am truly blessed to be around such an amazing group of people. We have the BEST GYM and TRAINING GROUP in the Country!!!

School of Strength Wins Indy's Best Bootcamp!!!

We were just voted Indy's Best Bootcamp!  This honor was earned because we have the most amazing training group in the country.  Our members are hard workers who genuinely care about each other.  At the School of Strength we focus on STRENGTH, FITNESS, HEALTH, ATHLETICIM, and FUN!  We value strength of mind, body and character.  We train to be better men and women!     

Are you tired of those "flashy" overly expensive health clubs with endless rows of machines and treadmills that never get RESULTSAre you looking for a REAL GYM for REAL TRAININGIf you are interested in joining America's Top Bootcamp email me at: millsm@centergrove.k12.in.us

Advanced Kettlebell Video


Group kettlebell training is addictive!  You may get hooked if you try a kettlebell session. You may never go back to slow boring aerobics or commercial gyms again!  Our Bootcamp combines kettlebells and many other functional training methods in circuits that give you strength, cardio conditioning, muscle tone and fat loss all in one workout!

Welcome to the School of Strength Kettlebell Bootcamp!

We Specialize in Teaching the Russian Kettlebell System For a Leaner, Stronger, Healthier, Better Body.

We are Indy's only Kettlebell Bootcamp led by the Southside’s only RKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor.  Coach Marty Mills is currently the #1 ranked kettlebell instructor in the country.  Check out his current ranking on http://www.dragondoor.com/#tabid04Receive first class personal instruction from one of the nation's top kettlebell strength and conditioning coaches.

Are you ready to lose fat, build muscle, or take your sports performance to the next level? 

No other training tool works the ENTIRE BODY and EVERY PERFORMANCE SYSTEM of the human body like the kettlebell. Within a 60 minute workout you can build muscle, burn fat, increase flexibility, increase tendon and ligament strength to prevent or rehabilitate injury, increase your VO2 max, as well as maximize speed and explosive strength.

Once the hard-kept secret of elite athletes, special forces and 'manly' men, the kettlebell is now becoming the preferred tool for men, women and athletes who are tired of not seeing results—and who demand exceptional physical performance! Let Coach Mills show you the way.


MEN, Pavel says “kettlebells melt fat without the dishonor of aerobics."  High repetition kettlebell training is an aerobic workout with muscle building effects. If you are overweight, you will lean out. If you are skinny, you will build up. The Russian kettlebell is a powerful tool for fixing your body composition, whichever way it needs fixing.  No need to do aerobics or slow boring cardio anymore.  Kettlebells will make you feel like a man.

Kettlebells won’t create big bulky muscles, unless you are a man who is training hard and heavy and that is what you are looking for.  Kettlebells make a man as strong as they look, you will LOOK STRONG and you will BE STRONG.  You will burn body fat, give your muscles definition, strengthen tendons and ligaments and create “real world” functional strength that will improve the performance of everything you do.

Women, Dare to Be Strong AND Beautiful!

Women have you always wanted to see what "real" strength training would do for your body but were afraid to try?  Our goal is to melt the fat off of your body, while strengthening the muscles and bones (the type of strength you need to promote overall health and fight the effects of aging). 

Kettlebell training builds strength (which tones muscles) and provides an amazing cardio workout. 60 minutes of training 3 days per week will absolutely CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND YOUR BODY!

The Russian Kettlebell Gives You Faster Fat Loss, with More Rapid Gains in Strength, Speed and Endurance Than Any Other Exercise Tool on the Planet!

Lance Armstrong uses Kettlebells!

Our Boot Camp offers CUTTING EDGE fitness concepts paired with tried and true old school training methods to improve STRENGTH, POWER & ATHLETICISM.  Come learn some of The Old Time Training Secrets That Puts Those “Shiny Machines” to Shame.

The School Of Strength Kettlebell Boot Camp is for those of you who are interested in the quickest, safest, and most effective methods of training for getting lean and strong while having tons of energy.  These methods are secrets and not many know them. We do because we live it. It is our passion and our obsession.  This is a family, a culture, a community, a way of life.

Kettlebells are becoming the exercise tool of choice for both elite athletes and those simply wishing to attain their highest possible level of physical excellence and well being.  So whether you are training for sports or to get into better shape, we will help you achieve your goals through SUPERIOR and UNIQUE TRAINING!
Discover How Our Simple System of Training Guarantees Faster Fat Loss, Rapid Muscle Gain, Higher Performance and Dramatic Power!


Many people believe they must separate their workouts into strength training, flexibility, cardio and core conditioning. In kettlebell training this is not true because kettlebells combine all these components of fitness in one challenging workout.  For people who want their training all in one, it's by far the best bang for your buck.  Rather than do an hour of aerobics, and an hour of resistance, you can get it all done in one hour or less with kettlebells.  Just think, in less than 60 minutes you could have the most demanding, fun, and beneficial workout of your life.
To read testimonials, reviews, and recommendations for Coach Mills, visit his RKC page at http://www.dragondoor.com/marty-mills/, or his school webpage at centergroveschoolofstrength.blogspot.com/

Amazing School of Strength Transformation

Some of you will recognize the man at the bottom as Charlie, he is one of the assistant Kettlebell Bootcamp instructors.  I'm sure most of you don't know the amazing transformation he made through hard work, consistency, and dedication to the program.  The top picture was taken in April 2009.  The bottom was taken August 2011 right before Charlie went off to UINDY.  Charlie is one of the greatest strength athletes to come through Center Grove.  He did not accomplish this through natural God given talent.  He did it through simple good old fashioned hard work!  Charlie is an example to all of us that if you want something bad enough it's only a matter of time.  Set a goal, work hard, be intense, be consistent, and be patient.  You can and will achieve your goal!     
Charlie April 2009
Charlie August 2011

Passionate, Hard Worker

Coach Marty Mills is a very valuable mentor for me as a strength coach. His system of developing functional athletes is second to none. The time that I have spent observing and talking with Marty regarding all areas of strength training have helped me to develop a coaching philosophy that brings out the most in ALL athletes. The success of the teams and individuals at Center Grove High School are directly related to the hard work and dedication of Coach Mills. In my opinion, Marty has set a very high bar for strength coaches in the state of Indiana to achieve. His passion and work ethic inspires me to work hard every day in this field.

Steve Barrick – Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of Indianapolis

School of Strength Success

Nick Stoner / Center Grove High School/Indiana University

Being in the school of strength throughout my four years of high school has dramtically changed my attitude, my future, and utimately, my life. I came into this program as a 110 pound boy and came out as a 175 pound man, gaining more and more speed as the years went on lifting with Coach Mills. Dropping times from a 12.4 to a 10.4 should be enough reason for everybody to want to join this amazing program. I could not reccomend this class/lifting progam enough to anybody, there would not be enough time in the day. I was a runner up in the 100 meter dash, and 6th in the 200 meter dash at the Indiana Track state finals my junior year. This senior year I helped the 4x400 meter relay beat the indoor record and also I won the indoor 55 meter dash at the HSR state relays, and now I am just waiting for the outdoor senior results this June. Also, earning All-State as a senior in football, and receiving the Mr. Football for Defensive Backs award. All thanks to this amazing lifting program!!

Preparing Student-Athletes for College

I was a swimmer at Center Grove High School and throughout that time Coach Mills worked with our swim coach, Jim Todd, to coordinate a weight program that would build strength that would transfer to the pool. My freshman and sophomore year the program was primarily machine based with bench and squat on free weights.

My junior year the coaches made the decision to switch to Olympic lifts- cleans, RDL, snatch. The power lifting helped in many ways. 1.The free weights were a change which my body needed after doing the same routine for two years. 2.The explosiveness in the motions of Olympic lifts were beneficial in the pool- off the blocks and the walls. 3.The strength I gained with power lifting was more effective in the pool than the strength I had built with the machine weights.

My senior year Coach Mills started incorporating kettle bells into the Olympic lifting circuit. Kettle bells were a great addition to the strength program. Not only do kettle bells provide the same explosive strength training, if done in a circuit, kettle bells can also be used as an aerobic exercise circuit as well.

Coach Mills was an exceptional weight lifting coach. He stressed perfect technique during all lifts to prevent injuries. He took time to work with each individual student to make sure they were performing to their full potential. His weight program prepared me, like many other students I have talked to, for my college weight program. I swim for a top division one school and the weight coach at the school was impressed by the knowledge I had in the weight room and the form I had during lifting. Doing the Olympic lifts and kettle bells with Coach Mills helped prepare me for college. I was very thankful that I had such an involved weight coach with our swim program in high school. Whenever I come back to CGHS to work out, Coach Mills is always curious about what I am doing in the weight room in college. He is constantly looking for new and better lifts to improve his weight program for the student-athletes at the high school.

Michelle McKeehan – University of Georgia Swimming;
Pan American Champion;
4 Time State Champion


Coach Mills started working with me when I was in 8th grade, at that time I was about 6'1 and 155 pounds. Today 5 years later I am 6'3 217 pounds. I came in benching 135 pounds and cleaning 120 pounds. By the time I graduated high school I benched over 300 pounds and cleaned 250 pounds. On top of that my speed had increased drastically. When I came in here I ran a 5.1 forty and by the time I left Center Grove I was running in the low 4.5's. I am now on full scholarship at Georgia Tech playing football and I can testify that coach Mills runs the best high school training program in America. Coach Mills could no doubt be at the highest level of his profession if he wanted to. What he does here at Center Grove is not only prepare all of his athletes for the next level but help every single individual that steps foot in his weight room become a better person. He truly takes an interest in what his athletes do and that is something that is rare. I could have never been a state champion, high school national player of the year, all American, all state, or been a state caliber track competitor if it wasn’t for the help of coach Mills and his program. Without coach Mills guidance I would not be where I am today.

Jordan Luallen – Georgia Tech University Football
All-State QB of the 2008 State Championship Team

Master Motivator

I'm attending Valparaiso University on a full scholarship to play volleyball. Anyone who plays a sport at that level knows that it requires an immense amount of hard work and dedication. I developed into the athlete I am today by doing just that through the training of Marty Mills. He's been my strength and conditioning coach all four years of high school and the change from me as a scrawny kid with a lot of potential to the explosive athlete I am today is incredible. I learned the proper technique and the right mentality to have during a workout that yields the best results. The intense training I've received throughout my time with Marty Mills has contributed greatly to my ability to play volleyball at the collegiate level. I credit the strength and knowledge I now have to his guidance and expertise.

Sarah Dooms – Valparaiso University Volleyball;
2009 IHSAA Mental Attitude Award Winner;
Starter on the 2009 Final Four Team


Coach Mills is the best weight lifting coach in the country. I moved to Center Grove before my 10th grade year. I weighed 220 lbs, benched 225 lbs, cleaned 250 lbs, and had never done a snatch in my life. Now as a senior I bench 405 lbs, clean 340 lbs, snatch 260 lbs, and weigh 275 lbs. This year in football I was named Mr. Football at the d-line position for the state of Indiana and am attending Ball State University in the fall on a football scholarship. Coach Mills not only teaches you how to lift he tells you what the lift accomplishes and why you should do that lift. He also teaches you good eating habits and how to take care of your body. Coach Mills' school of strength is the best high school strength and conditioning program in the country.

Joel Cox – Ball State University Football;
Starting Def. Lineman on the 2008 State Championship Team & 2009 Final Four Team; 2009 Indiana Defensive Lineman of the Year;
2 time Indiana State USA Weightlifting Champion;
(Joel is pictured here working out with 405 lbs. on the bench)

Ahead of the Game

I have been training with Coach Mills for four years. I play volleyball and will be attending the University of Toledo next year to continue playing. Because of my training I will be able to go into college and be ahead of the game. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to participate in his program.

Adria Pryor – University of Toledo Volleyball
Starting setter on the 2009 Final Four Team

Strength and Technique

I can honestly say that Coach Mills is the best weight lifting coach I have ever had. I am currently playing division 1 football at Miami Ohio and I am much farther ahead of the people on the team. Coach Mills teaches great technique which now helps me at the next level. I think that he could easily be a strength coach at big time programs.

Luke Swift – Miami of Ohio Football;
2008 IHSAA Mental Attidude Award Winner;
All-State Football & All-State Track

Overwhelming Passion

To describe Marty Mills as a dedicated individual would be a completely false representation of his character. I say this because it would be severely understating his passion for educating and training his students. Coach Mills has the ability to work with anyone and allow them to go above and beyond any goal they dream to achieve. For instance, I stand at 5'2", weighing in at about 100 pounds and lift next to our 6', 250 pound football players. Coach Mills creates a lifting environment that has athletes excelling in every area of their game, no matter what their age, size, or gender. All four years of high school I have trained under the coaching of Marty Mills and each year I continue to excel in both Varsity Softball and Varsity Basketball. In 2009, Center Grove Softball won the 5A state championship and owes a large portion of that accomplishment to the work Coach Mills put into training each of us. In the future, I plan to attend IU and obtain my education degree in hopes of becoming a teacher and lifting coach. I will continue giving credit to Coach Mills for pushing me to be the best and also inspiring me to pursue a career in athletic training in the future.

Amber Elsey – Center Grove Female Athlete of the Year
Staring Shortstop on the 2009 State Championship Team

Inspiration and Dedication

Marty Mills took me under his wing my freshman year in 2006. He told me he would work with me till the girl’s basketball team had a State Championship under their belts. That year we made it to the Semi-finals. Which, I have to agree, was a whole lot farther than anyone thought we were going to go. But Marty Mills, he believed in us and he knows how strong our hearts, even though we didn't at the time. His dedication to the girl’s basketball team and to our strength and condition brought us through Sectionals, Regionals, and saw us almost prevail in the Semi-finals. I owe so much to this man for teaching me the correct technique and improving my strength, my speed, my agility, as well as my heart. I have never met a man more dedicated to inspiring young adults to achieve their dreams. Looking back at these last four years, I have concluded that without Marty Mills pushing me to push myself I would not be attending Wright State University on a full ride scholarship to continue my basketball career. Thanks to this man, I can walk into the weight room at WSU and know what my new strength and conditioning coach is talking about, as well as be on top of my game on the court. Past college, I plan on playing basketball overseas. I have never thought it possible, but because of Marty Mills dedication, I have found so much heart for my sport, and I never want to stop pushing myself to success.

Kirsten Gliesmann – Wright State University Basketball
Four Year Starter & Started on the Final Four Team

Extreme Passion

I had the privilege of working with Coach Mills through an undergraduate internship at Center Grove High School. I can't begin to explain the influence he has had on my mentality towards strength training. Marty has a "no nonsense" approach to training and has convinced every one of his athletes to believe in this system. It was remarkable to see the commitment and intensity from every student, regardless of sport. The athletes know they will be uncomfortable during the session ahead, but each one them approaches every workout with great focus and determination. The accomplishments of the athletic program obviously speak for themselves. Coach Mills will never allow Center Grove to be defeated because of their strength and conditioning, but instead it will always be a key to their success.

Cody Johnson – Franklin College, IN USA


Coach Mills's strength training program and Kettle Bell programs have developed our athletes and teams into some of the states elite. As a football and wrestling coach the Kettle Bell program has allowed our athletes to use big explosive movements to develop strength, power, and endurance at the same time. Our wrestlers are able to maintain and even gain strength during the season as they cut weight, while other wrestlers often loose strength and power as they cut weight. Mills's program has been such a large part in the success of our football team in the state of Indiana. Our football players are some of the strongest and fastest kids in the state. Coach Mills gets results out of anyone willing to put the time and effort in into it.

Tyler Small - Indianpolis, IN Football & Wrestling Coach

How to get strong

Passion, Intelligence, Safety
There are literally no words that are worthy of explaining how unbelievable and vital Marty Mills is to a program! He is outstanding. His moral character shines brighter than any coach I've had the pleasure of playing for. When in Coach's presence, you can feel his passion; you can see it in his eyes.
Coach Mills has played a vital role in my high school and collegiate careers. His intensity and passion in the weight room is what drove me to play and work as hard as I did. He helped the Center Grove Softball Team strengthen to get ready for the season. At the time that we all were taking Coach Mills' course, we won a state championship. And, of course, Coach Mills was at the top of our list of people to thank.
There was always something productive taking place in the weight room. We were constantly moving at the speed and ability Coach Mills wanted us at. If not, he let us know. His coaching style is second to none and has taught me that working hard is the key to success. He does not put up with slacking off, he will push you farther than you think you can go. Even when you protest what he is telling you to do, or how much he is telling you to lift, he is ALWAYS right. He knows what you are capable of and will never put you in danger of injury. In fact, he preaches safety.
I was a Center Grove High School 2009 graduate and now attend Marian University. I play softball and start as a pitcher and clean-up hitter. I have worked with our college trainer and he is not even in Coach Mills' league! When we are working on what my college coach tells us to, I remember things and phrases that Mills taught me. My college team was amazed when I not only knew what a Power Clean was, but that I could do it better than any of them. This is all thanks to Marty Mills who, from day 1, taught the fundamentals of the Power Clean.
Not only does he know how to strength coach, he also knows what is healthy and what is going to improve your body overall. He practices what he preaches. If you get to school early enough, you will see him in there working out to the same exercise he taught you yesterday.
Lifting is Coach Mills' life. He loves, is passionate about, and probably wouldn't know what to do without it.
I know I feel lucky to know and have worked with Coach Marty Mills and anyone who gets to should feel privileged.

Emily Gwaltney – Marian University Softball
Pitcher on the 2009 State Championship Softball team

Impact of the School of Strength

The School of Strength has impacted, not only myself, but the entire Center Grove High School Athletic Program. By working as a whole team, and ignoring which sport we participate in, each day together we strive to improve our speed, flexibility, and strength. Coach Marty Mills is an outstanding coach. For me as a wrestler he tells me which lifts I should do to improve my strength on the mat. Coach Mills has really pushed his focus on the Kettle Bells for our workouts. He has taught our school that they improve just about everything in your body. Improving an entire schools strength just shows that Coach Mills really cares for us to become great.

Matt Milton – Campbellsville University Wrestling
2 time All-State Wrestler

Top in the Nation

Entering freshman year I had never heard of kettlebells, the snatch, or the clean and jerk. As I'm about to graduate I'm going to Louisiana State University-Shreveport on partial scholarship because of the olympic lifts the School of Strength taught me. Coach Mills School of Strength taught me how to train properly, eat right, recover, rest, good technique, leadership, character, and overall how to be a great person. I entered high school weighing 135 lbs. Benching 160, squatting 225, and cleaning 165. I now weigh 175 lbs, clean and jerk 300 lbs, squat 405, snatch 205 and bench 290 lbs. I've talked to multiple athletes from other schools and they do not put in half the work that we do here, and do not come close to the numbers we put up in our lifts as a program. Our conditioning is top of the line and it shows in our competitions, meets, games, and matches, as we have recently won the 5A football state championship, tennis state championship, 2 weightlifting state championships, boys volleyball state championship and softball state championship. The school of strength hands down is the best program in the nation.

Jimmy Boshears – LSU Shreveport Olympic Weightlifting Center;
Leading Rusher on the 2009 Final Four Football Team & Catcher in Baseball;
2 time State USA Weightlifting Champion;
First CG Athlete to Compete in USA Olympic Weightlifting at the Collegiate Level

CG Weightlifting

The Center Grove strength and conditioning program is an essential part of any extracurricular agenda. I began freshman year by just taking the regular gym class and lifting after school. Coach Mills does an amazing job of implicating strength lifts and conditioning lifts into his workout program. The lifts are suitable for almost any age group. I started out, as a freshman, weighing about 135 and now I weigh about 185. Coach Mills varies his workouts depending on what sport you are in, so everything you do in the weight room is designed for improvement in your chosen activity.
Not only does the strength program at CG benefit a student in a sport, but I also saw an improvement in the classroom and my GPA. I was an honor student at CG and the specialized lifting class was a time when I could get away from the books for a while and get in a good workout. Workouts increase strength but I am a firm believer that they also relieve much of the stress that comes along with high school and the pressures of doing well academically.
Coach Mills' program helped me become an all-state athlete in football and also gave me the opportunity to play at the next level. I am attending Washington University in St. Louis this upcoming fall. I chose it because of its great prestige and it also has one of the top medical schools in the country. I probably would not be in the situation I am right now if it wasn't for all of the training and lifting sessions that I went through with Coach Mill's. He is an excellent coach/person and will do everything he can to physically and mentally prepare you for the sport or activity of your choice. I highly recommend the CG lifting program and believe only good can come out of one's involvement.

Scott O'Brien – Center Grove Male Athlete of the Year
Starting Defensive Back on the 2008 State Championship Football Team and on the 2009 Final Four Team as well as a starter in Baseball

Division I Caliber Preparation

At my time at Center Grove, I was prepared physically for the demands of football. My speed, strength, and flexibility were all pushed to my personal potential by Coach Mills and his program. I can definitely say that I was physically at my high school potential while I was an athlete at CG. I was blessed enough to be able to walk on at Northwestern and play football in the Big Ten. I can honestly say that my knowledge and preparation from working with Coach Mills put me ahead of the curve as I entered an intense athletic world. I give Coach Mills and his program my highest recommendation and am a testament that he can develop Division I athletes

James Nussbaum – Northwestern University Football; Center Grove Male Athlete of the year & All-State in Football

The perfect program

Going to Center Grove is the absolute perfect situation for athletes wanting to challenge themselves everyday and work harder than their competition. CG Student Athletes are Extremely lucky in having a weight training program guided by Marty Mills. In high school I was a part of the 2008 5A State Championship Football team and was all-state wrestling. This success allowed me to move onto the collegiate level at Uindy for wrestling. It was midway through my freshman year when it finally clicked and I realized just how much better of an understanding I had of strength training because of Coach mills. At Uindy we do not even have a strength coach let alone one of Coach Mills’s caliber. Any athlete who shows consistency of hard work and simply showing up in the Center strength program will improve everyday as an athlete and will constantly have a leg up on competition.

Shelby Mappes – University of Indianapolis Wrestling;
All-State wrestler in 2009 as well as being a starting Defensive Lineman on the 2008 State Championship football team.