Spring Adult 2021 Schedule (4/5/21-5/30/21)

The Spring Session for adults will run from Monday, April 5 to Sunday, May 30.

Our new gym is located at:

School of Strength
1480 Olive Branch Parke Ln.. Ste 100
Greenwood, IN  46143


Monday - Friday


5:15AM - 6AM (30-person limit) M/W/F
6AM - 6:45AM (30-person limit) M/W/F
9:15AM - 10AM (18-person limit) T/TH


12:15PM - 1PM (18-person limit) M/W/F


(Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)

5:15PM - 6PM (18-person limit)
6PM - 6:45PM (18-person limit)


5:30PM-6:15PM (18 person limit)
6:15PM-7PM (18 person limit)


6:45PM - 7:30PM (30-person limit) 


8:15AM - 9AM (30-person limit)
9:15AM - 10AM (30-person limit)

Getting Started

Orientation Classes

Saturday, April 3, 2021
10:30AM - NOON

School of Strength
1480 Olive Branch Parke Ln., Ste 100
Greenwood, IN  46143


We have a huge discount for those of you who want to make a year-long commitment to your health and fitness this upcoming year.

When you sign up for the 2021 Annual Year Membership, you will receive 2 months of training free!
There are also 3 month and year discounts for families.
Check out our prices and our credentials. Our programs are priced and designed so that every member of your family can receive world class training at an affordable price!
If you signed up for the 3-month winter session, but would like to turn it into a year membership,  message me.   

Welcome to The School of Strength!

At The School of Strength, we specialize in maximizing the potential of both our adult and athlete clientele. SOS offers the most comprehensive sports performance enhancement training and group fitness classes in the nation. The SOS results-driven approach has been refined for 20 years and is suited for athletes and adult clients.
From sports performance to weight loss to living an overall healthier lifestyle, SOS has the answer. Our coaches are some of the very best in the nation. In a competitive industry that is fast changing, there is a reason SOS boasts some of the best athletes and most devoted adult clientele in the nation; what we do gets results time and again.
If you are looking to lose weight, or need a jumpstart getting back in shape, our coaches will provide the knowledge and hands on training to help you become and remain fit. For athletes who want to get a leg up on the competition by getting stronger and faster, our staff has a wealth of training experience and knowledge to put you on the right path.


Adult groups at The School of Strength are designed to help you move better and feel healthier than ever before. Modified for your training level, our program and community will motivate and encourage you for life.


Middle School and High School athlete groups are designed to make you move better, feel stronger, be faster, perform more powerfully, and train smarter than your competition.

Spring Sports Performance Registration is OPEN!


If your student athlete is ready to learn
how to lift, while 
reducing the risk of injury, 
getting strong,
gaining confidence,
getting explosive,
and building a more athletic body,
this program is for you!

We are excited to announce our Elementary and Middle School Sports Performance Programs!!! 

April 5-May 30

***We will run these classes in small groups, ensuring that every athlete receives individual attention.


From 2002-2020 I’ve been the strength coach for:
402 all state athletes 
347 scholarship athletes 
40 individual state champions
35 individual state runner up
13 team state champs
12 team state runner up 

Our program has proven successful for male and female athletes of every sport.  This is the same strength training system I’ve used for the last 19 years to train all of our champion athletes and teams at Center Grove! 

When:  (4/5-5/30/21)

Elementary (Ages 8-11), 60 minutes in length, 2 days a week.
FRI/SUN 4:45PM Friday, 4:30PM Sunday

Middle School (Ages 11-15), 60 minutes in length, 2 days a week.
M/W 4-5PM 
T/TH 4-5PM 
FRI/SUN 5:45PM Friday, 5:30PM Sunday

High School (Grades 9-12), 45 minutes in length, Pick up to 3 classes a week
Monday 6-6:45PM 
Wednesday 6:15-7PM
Friday 6:45-7:30pm
Saturday 9:15am-10am 

Where:  School of Strength 2
1480 Olive Branch Parke Ln,.
Ste 100, Greenwood, IN  46143

  • Athletes between the ages of 8 and 18 years old 
  • Who play a sport
  • Are coachable and attentive
  • Would like to gain strength, power, speed and explosiveness

Cost:  $179

Space is limited so SIGN UP NOW!  Register by using the PayPal option on the top right hand corner of this website.  We will run these classes in small groups of 10.  First come first serve.  Once a class fills up I will close the registration for that time slot.  

     “Coach Marty Mills is a very valuable mentor for me as a strength coach. His system of developing functional athletes is second to none. The time that I have spent observing and talking with Coach Mills regarding all areas of strength training have helped me to develop a coaching philosophy that brings out the most in ALL athletes. The success of the teams and individuals at Center Grove High School are directly related to the hard work and dedication of Coach Mills. In my opinion, he has set a very high bar for strength coaches in the state of Indiana to achieve. His passion and work ethic inspires me to work hard every day in this field.”
          Steve Barrick – Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, 
            University of Indianapolis

Is resistance training for youth safe and effective???

One of the unfortunate myths regarding the training of young athletes is the notion that resistance training is either unsafe or unhealthy for younger adolescent and pre-adolescent athletes.  Studies show that young athletes who participate in a regular, well-supervised strength training program generally experience fewer and less severe injuries on the field than athletes who train improperly or not at all.


Who: Elementary School Aged kids (Ages 8-12).
What: AGE APPROPRIATE resistance training, speed and agility training, fun & games!
When: Friday 4:45-5:45pm & Sunday 4:30pm-5:30pm, April 5-May 30.
Where: School of Strength, 1480 Olive Branch Parke Ln.. Ste 100, Greenwood, IN  46143
Why: Research has proven that the coordination you will posses as an adolescent and adult is developed and refined during the ages of 5-12. So sign up now to let us help your child develop their athleticism as well as their love for sport and fitness!


Middle School athlete groups are designed for young athletes ages 12 years old through 15 and will give your young athlete a leg up on the competition. Our emphasis is on teaching young athletes the fundamentals of strength and conditioning in a safe learning environment. This program is 60 minutes in length, 2 days a week, and incorporates all elements of our High School program (strength, speed, and conditioning), modified for the younger athlete. These classes are taught in small groups. Class size is limited so that each athlete will receive the individual attention they need to get better.   

When:  (4/5-5/30/21)

Middle School (Ages 11-15), 60 minutes in length, 2 days a week.
M/W 4-5PM 
T/TH 4-5PM 
FRI/SUN 5:45PM Friday, 5:30PM Sunday 

Getting Started-Adult Orientation Class 4/3/2021

Getting Started

New members are asked  to attend our "Basic Training" orientation class before training with our adult group fitness classes (if you are unable to attend this class, we will personal train you to get you caught up).  During this class you will learn the Core 6 Kettlebell Techniques & Indian Club Basics.  After completion of the orientation class, you can may sign up for any of our regularly scheduled classes.

You can pre-register by paying online.  Email me at millsm@centergrove.k12.in.us for a registration form and waiver.  Then bring your registration form and waiver to your orientation class.  After you pay online, use the sign up link below to sign up for Orientation Class.

Orientation Classes
Saturday April 3, 2021

1480 Olive Branch Parke Ln., Ste 100
Greenwood, IN  46143

Female-Only Lifting Class

We have added a female only class for the Fall Session.  This class will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:45pm-7:45pm for girls in grades 6-12.  If you're looking for a girls only class, this will be the only one available.  All other classes are Co-ed.  

***Please email me for more information on this program and how to sign up.  

Family Discount

1.  If you are signing up multiple children for Sports Performance Class, you can use the 3 month family discount listed at the top right hand side of the website.  After registering, email me the time slot your children will be in.

2.  If you are signing yourself up for the adult class, and signing your child up for Sports Performance Class, use the family discount as well. 

3.  I limit the athlete classes to 10 kids per side, so I'll need to know what days and times they will attend.  

Use the drop down menu on the top right hand side of the website under:

ADULT KB CLASS-2 MONTH (4/5/21-6/5/21)

KIDS CLASS-2 MONTH (4/5/21-5/30/21)

2 mo-Individual - 179.00 USD
2 mo-Family of 2 - 329.00 USD
2 mo-Family of 3 - 449.00 USD
2 mo-Family of 4 - 539.00 USD
2 mo-Family of 5 - 599.00 USD

Our program is priced and designed so that every member of your family can receive world-class training at an affordable price!  Please continue to spread the word about our program to friends and family.  Thank you!!!  

Registration is Open for April 2021

Kettlebell-Based Total Body Conditioning!!!

High Intensity Training for ALL Ages & Fitness Levels!

Are you ready to Lose Fat, Build Strength, or take your Physical Performance to the next level?  Time to get started!

We Specialize in Teaching the Russian Kettlebell System For a Leaner, Stronger, Healthier, Better Body. 
We will help you achieve your goals through SUPERIOR and UNIQUE training.  This is not just for elite athletes, kettlebells are for everyone!  

We Train the ENTIRE BODY and EVERY PERFORMANCE  SYSTEM of the human body!   

School of Strength Classes combine KETTLEBELLS and many other FUNCTIONAL TRAINING METHODS in circuits to give you strength, cardio conditioning, core development, muscle tone and fat loss all in one workout!!! 

We are located at:
1480 Olive Branch Ln.
Greenwood, IN  46143

***We are connected to Greenwood Christian Martial Arts Academy in the old Healthy Nut CrossFit Gym.

Email millsm@centergrove.k12.in.us for registration forms.

April 5-June 5

2 Months of Training for only $179!

Discounted Rates for Couples and Families!

Daily Training For Non-Members: $10 per session
(You must sign a waiver before participating)

We have EVERYTHING you need for improved FITNESS and SPORTS PERFORMANCE!


CrossFit with Kettlebells???

I would really love to teach adults how to do CrossFit workouts without Barbell Olympic lifting, running or jumping.

I’m a certified USAW Weightlifting Coach. I’ve been teaching the Olympic lifts to athletes for 20 years! That being said, you do not have to do barbell lifts to do CrossFit, especially if you are an adult.  

High rep training of Olympic movements is safer and more effective with Kettlebells than with barbells.  

CrossFit with Kettlebells is more “joint friendly.” Kettlebell lifting, when taught correctly, strengthens muscles and bones and is easy on the joints.

Kettlebells provide an amazing cardio workout that build strength! My best cardio workouts never involve running, jumping, or Olympic lifting.

This method would be unique in the CrossFit community in that all the WOD’s (Workout of the Day) would be done primarily with Russian Kettlebells.

We program movements, not muscle groups.  Every workout has strength, cardio, core and conditioning with common sense programming.  We do appropriate lifts, appropriate reps, appropriate sets, appropriate rest breaks with appropriate loads.  

We do the following whole body movement patterns every week, and they can be done with Kettlebells or Barbells!

-Upper Body Push Pattern
-Upper Body Pull Pattern
-Squat Pattern
-Hip Hinge
-Whole body explosive exercises (swings, snatch, clean, etc...)
-Loaded Carries/Sleds
-Single leg movements
-Iso Core (ab wheel, planks, etc...)

Since our Kettlebell-Based program focuses on big human movements, these workouts are for every age group and fitness level!  EVERYONE can do CrossFit workouts the way we teach it at THE School of Strength.  Give it a try, I promise you will not be disappointed :)

Kettlebell training is perfect FOR ALL AGES and FITNESS LEVELS!!!

Kettlebell training is perfect FOR ALL AGES and FITNESS LEVELS!!!  All of the movements can be scaled to ANY fitness level - so even if you have zero experience with Kettlebells, during the Basic Training course you will learn how to scale each of these movements to your current ability. Here is the description of our "Basic Training" course:

BASIC TRAINING: "Basic Training"is an 8-12 week introductory class that teaches the basic fundamental lifts of The School of Strength system, as well as variations of these movements along with supplemental workout tools. Participants will learn proper mechanics and technique for each of these functional and athletic movements all while building a strong core, total body strength, endurance, and flexibility! At the conclusion of the introductory session, participants will transition to the advanced members class, where they will continue to receive feedback and put their newly developed skills and abilities to use. Each of the Kettlebell lifts has a complimentary Barbell lift, so you will be given the option to add in barbell training as you advance.  Attendance at each and every "Basic Training" class is highly encouraged!

School of Strength Training System

What makes our program so different? The main principle is that we train full body movements and not muscle groups, our body is a machine and should be trained as a unit. Basic kettlebell exercises are the biggest and most athletic movements in existence. These are the best exercises to give a complete package of loaded movements that stress the whole body in exactly the patterns that get used in sports and in life.  

We use a Kettlebell Based training system.  We always teach the basic kettlebell lifts first in our teaching progressions.  That being said, every Kettlebell lift has a matching Barbell lift that you will be able to learn if you so desire.  There is no other gym in the country that lifts both Kettlebells and Barbells at a higher level than THE SCHOOL OF STRENGTH!!!  

Reserving Your Spot

Getting signed up for School of Strength Kettlebell Bootcamp is easy.  Simply use the PayPal option on the right hand side of the website (this will automatically reserve your spot for the session).  Then email me at millsm@centergrove.k12.in.us, and I will send you the registration forms to bring on your first day of class.  Only new members need forms.

School of Strength Wins Indy's Best Bootcamp!!!

We were just voted Indy's Best Bootcamp!  This honor was earned because we have the most amazing training group in the country.  Our members are hard workers who genuinely care about each other.  At the School of Strength we focus on STRENGTH, FITNESS, HEALTH, ATHLETICIM, and FUN!  We value strength of mind, body and character.  We train to be better men and women!     

Are you tired of those "flashy" overly expensive health clubs with endless rows of machines and treadmills that never get RESULTSAre you looking for a REAL GYM for REAL TRAININGIf you are interested in joining America's Top Bootcamp email me at: millsm@centergrove.k12.in.us

Indy South Magazine

The School of Strength was recently featured in Indy South Magazine.  Click the link below to check it out!!!


America's Top Bootcamp!

CG Athletes Dominate With Kettlebells!

Kids Power Club & Kettlebell Training

The Kettlebell Athlete in the NFL, basketball and other major sports

Who Does Kettlebells?

Kettlebells are becoming the exercise tool of choice for both elite athletes and those simply wishing to attain their highest possible level of physical excellence and well being.  So whether you are training for sports or to get into better shape, we will help you achieve your goals through SUPERIOR and UNIQUE TRAINING!

Kettlebells are for EVERYONE and for ALL ages!!!  Reserve your spot today!!!

Why Do Kettlebells?

Awesome School of Strength Testimonial!!!

Here is my testimony to Kettlebell training.

It's been almost four years since I started using the Kettlebell as my main source of training.  Before I trained I was overweight, I started exercising in my living room with DVD's by Jillian Michaels, and finally got the courage to leave my house.  I trained in Muay Thai and boxing, became a kickboxing instructor, ran a half marathon and decided to body build.  I stopped running, focused on body building and cut a lot of cardio in order to bulk up with mass.  I attended my first Kettlebell class three years ago and after the first set of swings I thought I was going to vomit.  I realized the lack of cardio endurance I lost while lifting and I didn't believe I would survive my first class.  The only problem was I was addicted after one class.  I joined The School of Strength and trained hard. 

 Through my training at The School of Strength I became fitter, leaner and more defined then before. I love Kettlebell training because it's similar to boxing; the strikes vs. snatch, the breath is the same, the tension and relaxation and the discipline/technique. I was able to run a half marathon with my mother (her first) without running more than five miles prior.  I completed the Spartan Sprint and climbed a 20' muddy rope, jumped six foot walls and I'm running the Spartan Super in Chicago. I couldn't have climbed that rope, scaled those walls or ran without the Kettlebell training.   Last weekend I ran six miles without running a single mile in five weeks.  Kettlebell training offers you the ability to not only increase your strength and endurance but also give you the strength, endurance and mental toughness to train in another sport.  Kettlebell training also helps with life tasks; carrying bags of salt, carrying a 75 pound injured child, painting everyday for a week and a half, and so much more.  Getting my RKC is one of my most favorite fitness goals I've achieved.  If you are tired of knee injuries, high impact exercise and want something fast and effective then train with us.

Thank you,
Jennifer Sherlock

Kathie Allen Our First 90 Day Challenge Winner

Kathie Allen is our first winner of the 90 Day Challenge.  Kathie lost 34 inches in 90 Days and 20.6 pounds.  Kathie attends classes on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 5:15am and sometimes the 6:00pm Kettlebell Insanity class.  If you see Kathie give her a big congratulations and encouraging words as she continues her journey to a healthy life.   

Why did you start Kettlebell Boot Camp?

My daughter, Aimee Garner, started boot camp last June.  She encouraged me to start coming.  The thought of getting up at 4:30am, exercise and then work all day seemed impossible.  She kept pushing me and I seen what it did for her.  So, I made the commitment to join.  I am glad I did!


What made you decide to try the 90 Day Challenge?

By the end of December, I had gained so much weight and was sick of myself.  Having kettlebells and the challenge to help me lose weight was like the two pieces of the puzzle that I was missing.  I have tried a lot of things that helped for a short time or not at all.   I always wanted a quick fix.  All anybody needs is exercise, portion control, good food choices, and a lot of patience!  What a simple concept.


What changes have you seen since starting the challenge?

I have lost weight as well as inches and I am firming up.  I have more energy and getting up at 4:30, 2-3 times a week does not even faze me now.  I am either at boot camp at 5:15, or 6:00 Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Kettlebell Extreme (Insanity) on Monday Nights. 


Who/What is your inspiration to keep coming back?

My daughter, Aimee.  She just wants a healthy mom and she always has my back.  Aimee made a chart for me to write down everything that I eat and the calorie count.  I have done this since January 1.  It keeps me mindful of what I have ate through the day.  Also, I have appreciated the support from many of my kettlebell friends, Jennifer & George especially.  Thanks!


What is your favorite thing about the School of Strength and/or 90 Day Challenge?

I never knew how much fun lifting weights could be.  I like that I am getting stronger and can do things that I could not do just four months ago (going up four flights of stairs at work and not feeling like I am going to have a heart attack when I get to the top).


What are your long term goals?

I plan on getting all of my excess weight off and keep it off, and continue making healthy food choices forever.  When I am in the Kettlebell Extreme (Insanity) class, I want to eventually graduate from the modified exercise and do the real deal (jumping jacks).


What advice would you give to someone just starting or thinking about getting started at THE School of Strength and/or 90 Day Challenge?

Give both a chance.  There is always someone to support you, show you the right way.  As you lose weight, lifting helps you firm up.  It is hard work, but it pays off in the long run and you have fun along the way.  You can see results soon which helps keep you going. 


If you are interested in nutritional coaching please contact Coach Jenn Sherlock at jennifer@skinnymomchallenge.com


Registration is Open for Spring Training!!!

Kettlebell-Based Total Body Conditioning!!!

High Intensity Training for ALL Ages & Fitness Levels!

Are you ready to Lose Fat, Build Strength, or take your Physical Performance to the next level?  Time to get started!

We Specialize in Teaching the Russian Kettlebell System For a Leaner, Stronger, Healthier, Better Body. 
We will help you achieve your goals through SUPERIOR and UNIQUE training.  This is not just for elite athletes, kettlebells are for everyone!  

We Train the ENTIRE BODY and EVERY PERFORMANCE  SYSTEM of the human body!   

     April 6th-May 30th 

Mon/Wed/Fri 5:15-6am
Mon/Wed/Fri 6-6:45am
   Tues/Thurs 6-7pm & Sat 8-9am

KETTLEBELL BOOTCAMP combines KETTLEBELLS and many other FUNCTIONAL TRAINING METHODS in circuits to give you strength, cardio conditioning, core development, muscle tone and fat loss all in one workout!!! 

We are located at Center Grove High School
2717 S. Morgantown Rd., Greenwood, IN  46143
Park in the main Parking Lot
Enter Door #9 into the Hall of Excellence

Email millsm@centergrove.k12.in.us for registration forms.

Two Months of Unlimited classes for only $99!

Discounted Rates for Couples and Families!

Daily Training For Non-Members: $10 per session
(You must sign a waiver before participating)

We have EVERYTHING you need for improved FITNESS and SPORTS PERFORMANCE!



Coach Mills-

 I want to take the time to discuss my recent physical I received at the Fire Department this year.  It was my best physical to date!! I weighed in at just over 180lbs and was asked on two separate occasions if I was a runner.  When I stated “no” the x-ray tech doing my chest x-ray said “you have long lungs”.  I didn’t even know “long lungs” existed!  She stated they normally see that attribute in runners.  My reply was simple “I don’t run a lot, but I do Kettlebell Training”.   After that I spent time with the N.P. and she reviewed my blood work with me and remarked how it was outstanding.  My HDL (Healthy Cholesterol) went up 6 points and my LDL (Lethal) went down.  My fasting blood sugar was 80 (and I didn’t fast!) and my b.p. was 100/64 with a resting heart rate of 54.  She asked me what I was doing and I told her “I do kettlebell training”.  My spirometer test (breathing) was off the charts and she remarked that I must be a runner.  At the end she said to “keep doing what you are doing, it is working”.  Again, I train with Kettlebells.  Nothing fancy or elaborate.  Simply Sinister as Pavel would say.

 Coach, I think it is important that I share this information so people know this training provides true and real benefits that you don’t always “see” in our training system.  I do train hard and I watch my diet, but I still have ice cream and pizza.  I just do it in moderation, so I can enjoy it without the regret that comes with it.  I work on my breathing while in class and I constantly try and push myself to be better and stronger.  I am not worried about keeping up with the next guy, I am worried about keeping up with me! 

 With the supplements that I use through Beverly International and the training I receive at your facility I have raised the bar for my own physical health in the areas I don’t physically see! 

Remember I once weighed 240lbs and now I am a stronger and healthier person at 180.  Please share this with our membership as you see fit.  Our program WORKS! Period, end of story!  YOU GET RESULTS!

Lt. George Boots
Engine 82 C-Shift
Wayne Township Fire Department
Indianapolis, IN 46241

 George Before
George After