Basic Training Student Question

There was a question regarding the “Basic Training” Course.  The question was “How new is new? Are you including those just beginning or if we have been coming to the evening class?”

The School of Strength wants everyone to be successful and feel confident in yourself and the training you are receiving.  If you are a member from the previous session and you still do not feel confident with certain techniques then please feel free to join the “Basic Training” group.  All of the coaches want you to feel confident and avoid any injuries due to improper form.  The new Fall members will attend 30 days of “Basic Training” separate from the advanced members but you will still complete the same workout.  The “Basic Training” classes are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 5:15am-6am and Monday and Wednesday 6:30pm-7:30pm.  

Please if you have further questions don’t be afraid to ask!  We want you to be a SUCCESS at The School of Strength!!