Meet Andrew

Here is another story of one of our 5:15 a.m. kettlebell members!  We would love to hear what changes kettlebell bootcamps and THE School of Strength has helped you achieve!

Why did you start Kettlebell Boot Camp?
                I had just finished P90X and wanted something that was strength-based, but different than a gym membership. A friend of mine that I play basketball with (and is one of the fittest guys I know) did kettlebells so I thought I’d give it a try.
What changes have you seen since starting?
                Although P90X was good, it did little for me compared to kettlebells. I have lost an additional 10-12 pounds and made tremendous strength gains. I have dropped a couple of inches off of my waistline, too. Mostly it is the strength gains that I notice. I have run a couple of obstacle course races, a half-marathon, and participated in a GoRuck Light since joining THE School of Strength. At OCRs I can tell the difference in my ability to pull myself up and over a wall without help. I PR’d in the half-marathon, besting my time from when I was in college by 5 minutes. At the GoRuck Light I carried a backpack (ruck) for 6 hours with 45 pounds of bricks in it. I ended the event carrying a sandbag the entire length of the Indy canal, followed by a 100-yard fireman carry of a 205-pound guy with his weighted ruck on too. Here’s a picture:

Who/what is your inspiration to keep coming back?
                First and foremost it’s my friends at 5:15. They are positive and challenge me to work harder than I would alone. In addition, I feel great and look better and better all the time, so who wants to give that up???
What is your favorite WOD? (Workout of the Day)
                I like the WODs that have a time limit and a goal for repetitions. It is never easy to get all of the workout in under the time limit, but the feeling of accomplishment is awesome.
What is your favorite part of THE School of Strength?
                The attitude of the people at THE School of Strength is the best part. From Marty on down, everyone there wants to be fit, do it the right way through hard work, and have fun in the process.
What are your long term goals?
                There aren’t any weight goals or event goals in my plans. My goal is to continue being active for the rest of my life so I can model a healthy lifestyle to my daughters.
What advice would you give someone just starting out or thinking about getting started?
                Take it one exercise at a time. You’ll get tired, try to finish. If you make a habit of pushing through the tired feeling, you’ll continue to do it. If you make a habit of quitting, you’ll continue to do it.