Meet School of Strength Member Ellyn

THE School of Strength prides itself on helping our Kettlebell Boot Camp members become stronger and healthier.  We would like to share stories of our members with you. 

 Meet Ellyn! 
I have been doing Kettle Bells on and off over the past couple of years.  This is my story….

        I remember the first two weeks when I started kettle bells and just could not believe how SORE I was.  I think every muscle group hurt BUT with going to the class consistently each week and stretching just a little before and after class made most of the aches go away.   Initially, I was afraid to try the more difficult moves because of previous injuries to my shoulder, knee and foot but Marty and I came up with a plan.  I spoke with him about my concerns and he helped me modify my work-out to meet MY needs.   I know what exercises to do if I have to modify and I still get a great work-out just like everyone else!  Marty has been such a wonderful coach and inspiration to me.  His encouragement to do my best keeps me going!!  Also, on a more personal note… I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes three years ago.  Initially I was on medication until I started exercising and taking better control of my diet.  I have not been on medication for over two years now and the doctor attributes most of this to working out with kettle bells.   Recently had blood work drawn and everything that had been high or borderline came back normal.  I could not believe it!  My Diabetes is completely under control and all levels are great!   Many thanks to Marty and Scott to helping me be the best I can be!
Ellyn Fisher 

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