Coach Mills-

 I want to take the time to discuss my recent physical I received at the Fire Department this year.  It was my best physical to date!! I weighed in at just over 180lbs and was asked on two separate occasions if I was a runner.  When I stated “no” the x-ray tech doing my chest x-ray said “you have long lungs”.  I didn’t even know “long lungs” existed!  She stated they normally see that attribute in runners.  My reply was simple “I don’t run a lot, but I do Kettlebell Training”.   After that I spent time with the N.P. and she reviewed my blood work with me and remarked how it was outstanding.  My HDL (Healthy Cholesterol) went up 6 points and my LDL (Lethal) went down.  My fasting blood sugar was 80 (and I didn’t fast!) and my b.p. was 100/64 with a resting heart rate of 54.  She asked me what I was doing and I told her “I do kettlebell training”.  My spirometer test (breathing) was off the charts and she remarked that I must be a runner.  At the end she said to “keep doing what you are doing, it is working”.  Again, I train with Kettlebells.  Nothing fancy or elaborate.  Simply Sinister as Pavel would say.

 Coach, I think it is important that I share this information so people know this training provides true and real benefits that you don’t always “see” in our training system.  I do train hard and I watch my diet, but I still have ice cream and pizza.  I just do it in moderation, so I can enjoy it without the regret that comes with it.  I work on my breathing while in class and I constantly try and push myself to be better and stronger.  I am not worried about keeping up with the next guy, I am worried about keeping up with me! 

 With the supplements that I use through Beverly International and the training I receive at your facility I have raised the bar for my own physical health in the areas I don’t physically see! 

Remember I once weighed 240lbs and now I am a stronger and healthier person at 180.  Please share this with our membership as you see fit.  Our program WORKS! Period, end of story!  YOU GET RESULTS!

Lt. George Boots
Engine 82 C-Shift
Wayne Township Fire Department
Indianapolis, IN 46241

 George Before
George After