Kathie Allen Our First 90 Day Challenge Winner

Kathie Allen is our first winner of the 90 Day Challenge.  Kathie lost 34 inches in 90 Days and 20.6 pounds.  Kathie attends classes on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 5:15am and sometimes the 6:00pm Kettlebell Insanity class.  If you see Kathie give her a big congratulations and encouraging words as she continues her journey to a healthy life.   

Why did you start Kettlebell Boot Camp?

My daughter, Aimee Garner, started boot camp last June.  She encouraged me to start coming.  The thought of getting up at 4:30am, exercise and then work all day seemed impossible.  She kept pushing me and I seen what it did for her.  So, I made the commitment to join.  I am glad I did!


What made you decide to try the 90 Day Challenge?

By the end of December, I had gained so much weight and was sick of myself.  Having kettlebells and the challenge to help me lose weight was like the two pieces of the puzzle that I was missing.  I have tried a lot of things that helped for a short time or not at all.   I always wanted a quick fix.  All anybody needs is exercise, portion control, good food choices, and a lot of patience!  What a simple concept.


What changes have you seen since starting the challenge?

I have lost weight as well as inches and I am firming up.  I have more energy and getting up at 4:30, 2-3 times a week does not even faze me now.  I am either at boot camp at 5:15, or 6:00 Monday, Wednesday and Friday or Kettlebell Extreme (Insanity) on Monday Nights. 


Who/What is your inspiration to keep coming back?

My daughter, Aimee.  She just wants a healthy mom and she always has my back.  Aimee made a chart for me to write down everything that I eat and the calorie count.  I have done this since January 1.  It keeps me mindful of what I have ate through the day.  Also, I have appreciated the support from many of my kettlebell friends, Jennifer & George especially.  Thanks!


What is your favorite thing about the School of Strength and/or 90 Day Challenge?

I never knew how much fun lifting weights could be.  I like that I am getting stronger and can do things that I could not do just four months ago (going up four flights of stairs at work and not feeling like I am going to have a heart attack when I get to the top).


What are your long term goals?

I plan on getting all of my excess weight off and keep it off, and continue making healthy food choices forever.  When I am in the Kettlebell Extreme (Insanity) class, I want to eventually graduate from the modified exercise and do the real deal (jumping jacks).


What advice would you give to someone just starting or thinking about getting started at THE School of Strength and/or 90 Day Challenge?

Give both a chance.  There is always someone to support you, show you the right way.  As you lose weight, lifting helps you firm up.  It is hard work, but it pays off in the long run and you have fun along the way.  You can see results soon which helps keep you going. 


If you are interested in nutritional coaching please contact Coach Jenn Sherlock at jennifer@skinnymomchallenge.com