Why SkinnyMom Challenge?

Have you started an exercise program or joined a gym and thought this is it, I'm getting fit.  Then you go full force for a few weeks, suddenly you derail because of life and you're tired of starving yourself.  This is when you realize you lack the motivation and need accountability.  If this is you then let’s start reaching goals!  I was you! I overcame depression, lost 68 pounds, realized many of my friends were suffering as much as me, I dedicated my life to help others improve their health and become fit.  I celebrate the successes with my clients; first pull-up, wearing something that hasn't fit in years, overcoming anxiety and stress eating.  

The Skinny Mom Challenge offers the Russian Kettlebell system, nutritional and lifestyle coaching.  This is an accountability program that offers the opportunity to not only train with a coach to improve performance and fitness but improve your nutritional health.  This is a system that will improve overall health.  Learn how to beat those sugar cravings and stop focusing on the scale.  Learn to set performance (fitness) goals and nutritional goals and achieve them! Your Skinny Mom Challenge group will be with you to support you for eight weeks! The Best part, you can continue this system of training as long as you like.  What "gym" offers that type of program?

 The class sizes are small, I want you to receive more personalized attention. Small group training costs a little more but you receive greater attention.  If you want to lose weight, gain muscle, improve nutritional habits and meet people with similar goals, then let's get started!  Let's make this next eight weeks epic!

  • Nutritional coaching
  • Food journaling
  • Grocery shopping guide
  • Weekly accountability
  • Master Kettlebell training
  • Goal driven training

Monday-Wednesday-Friday @6am!!!