Kettlebell training is perfect FOR ALL AGES and FITNESS LEVELS!!!

Kettlebell training is perfect FOR ALL AGES and FITNESS LEVELS!!!  All of the movements can be scaled to ANY fitness level - so even if you have zero experience with Kettlebells, during the Basic Training course you will learn how to scale each of these movements to your current ability. Here is the description of our "Basic Training" course:

BASIC TRAINING: "Basic Training"is an 8-12 week introductory class that teaches the basic fundamental lifts of The School of Strength system, as well as variations of these movements along with supplemental workout tools. Participants will learn proper mechanics and technique for each of these functional and athletic movements all while building a strong core, total body strength, endurance, and flexibility! At the conclusion of the introductory session, participants will transition to the advanced members class, where they will continue to receive feedback and put their newly developed skills and abilities to use. Each of the Kettlebell lifts has a complimentary Barbell lift, so you will be given the option to add in barbell training as you advance.  Attendance at each and every "Basic Training" class is highly encouraged!