CrossFit with Kettlebells???

I would really love to teach adults how to do CrossFit workouts without Barbell Olympic lifting, running or jumping.

I’m a certified USAW Weightlifting Coach. I’ve been teaching the Olympic lifts to athletes for 20 years! That being said, you do not have to do barbell lifts to do CrossFit, especially if you are an adult.  

High rep training of Olympic movements is safer and more effective with Kettlebells than with barbells.  

CrossFit with Kettlebells is more “joint friendly.” Kettlebell lifting, when taught correctly, strengthens muscles and bones and is easy on the joints.

Kettlebells provide an amazing cardio workout that build strength! My best cardio workouts never involve running, jumping, or Olympic lifting.

This method would be unique in the CrossFit community in that all the WOD’s (Workout of the Day) would be done primarily with Russian Kettlebells.

We program movements, not muscle groups.  Every workout has strength, cardio, core and conditioning with common sense programming.  We do appropriate lifts, appropriate reps, appropriate sets, appropriate rest breaks with appropriate loads.  

We do the following whole body movement patterns every week, and they can be done with Kettlebells or Barbells!

-Upper Body Push Pattern
-Upper Body Pull Pattern
-Squat Pattern
-Hip Hinge
-Whole body explosive exercises (swings, snatch, clean, etc...)
-Loaded Carries/Sleds
-Single leg movements
-Iso Core (ab wheel, planks, etc...)

Since our Kettlebell-Based program focuses on big human movements, these workouts are for every age group and fitness level!  EVERYONE can do CrossFit workouts the way we teach it at THE School of Strength.  Give it a try, I promise you will not be disappointed :)