The Colts Use KB's!

What Makes Kettlebells so Effective?

“I don’t believe you get strength without movement efficiency. Being just strong doesn’t mean much without fluid movement; it’s staying strong and stable while being harassed, that’s what you need in football and that’s what I believe Kettlebells does for you. The ability to stand in different positions and lift is more impressive than just bench pressing, although we do regular lifts as well. Kettlebells are bio-mechanically correct. Instead of letting the weight do the work for you, the Kettlebells make you do the work. I think it is the principles around the tool or because of the offset center of gravity. Regardless of what you do, it works. I love that it forces you to move in order for it to move.”

“The players can see automatically how the moves we do with Kettlebells are really related to what we do on the field. They’ll tell you before you tell them. Swings are related to hip hinging movements. It is absolutely incredible. We use dumbbells too, but Kettlebells are what really makes it happen. Athletes want to be athletes. Using Kettlebells really shows off their athleticism. It’s right up their alley.”

“My job is exercise, injury prevention, and performance enhancement. I start with the Turkish Get-up. I finish with the Turkish Get-up. I check progress with the Turkish Get-up.”

Jon Torine, head strength coach, Indianapolis Colts Football