Is This You?

Are you tired of those "flashy" overly expensive health clubs with endless rows of machines and treadmills that never get RESULTS?

Are you looking for a REAL GYM for REAL TRAINING?

Are you tired of not making any improvements month-to-month and year-to-year? Are you ready to make results?

Are you a beginner who doesn’t know where to get started?

Are you an athlete who wants a competitive edge to dominate your opponents? (Boxers, Martial Artists and Wrestlers this is for you)!

Women have you always wanted to see what strength training would do for your body but were afraid to try?

Are you in the military, law enforcement or a firefighter and need training designed for your needs, not conventional bodybuilding?

Are you an average Joe or Jane and just want to get in-shape and feel better? Have extra lbs to lose?

Are you sick and tired of all of the phony fluffy fitness garbage that is being touted as effective? Are you sick of the late night infomercials promising six-pack abs in 6 minutes a day? Have you tried these and failed with them?

Is this YOU? Then read on now: 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then it’s time to start training like an athlete! You now have IMMEDIATE CLEARANCE to get the same powerful training secrets used to train the hardest, toughest bodies on the planet — be it military, law enforcement or the athletic elite.

We focus on strength, fitness, health, athleticism, and FUN!  We value strength of mind, body and character.  We train to be better men and women!  Looking great is great, feeling and performing great at the same time is even better!  Maintaining healthy joints and a healthy body is a must.


Our training sessions, while very fun and challenging, are also very tough and demanding. This isn't the kind of environment you will find in your local health club or gym. The workouts prescribed and implemented in our system of training are: 1) highly organized 2) short in duration and 3) extremely intense. Every workout is timed on the clock and ran just like a practice. We are not here to socialize, we are here to train.

Success in the School of Strength means for you to achieve your physical potential and reach your personal goals. To accomplish this you will have to make a long term commitment to training and attempt to perform each and every workout with maximum effort and focused concentration. Our members have to be mentally tough to stay intense, focused, and committed to the training system throughout the entire year. It's a strong mind to muscle connection that provides amazing results. You're guaranteed to sweat, but you'll love the way you feel after each workout.  

To be a member of the School of Strength you must follow a few simple rules:

1. Work hard: The best way to build the human body is through hard work. This system works if you are willing to work. It will toughen you up both physically and mentally. 

2. Have perfect technique: Everyone must strive for perfect form on every repetition.

3. Be consistent: At the School of Strength we stress being consistent every day, every week, every month, every year, until we reach our goals. You must have an iron will to succeed.  

4. Be intense: Training in our system demands total body involvement as well as complete mental focus. Every repetition requires focused concentration. When you want maximum results, you need maximum effort.

5. Set goals: How do members of the School of Strength stay intense and committed year round to this hard style of training? They must set meaningful goals. Everyone in the program must have at least one important goal. The training is much more enjoyable and fun if everyone has a goal they are working toward. I share my personal goals with my athletes and they share theirs with me. You must have a burning desire to excel and to reach your goal. Success is coming, but you must be patient. You can and will achieve your goal!