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Coach Mills is currently the #1 ranked kettlebell instructor in the United States.  Check out his current ranking on http://www.dragondoor.com/#tabid04

"Coach Marty Mills is a very valuable mentor for me as a strength coach. His system of developing functional athletes is second to none. The time that I have spent observing and talking with Marty regarding all areas of strength training have helped me to develop a coaching philosophy that brings out the most in ALL athletes. The success of the teams and individuals at Center Grove High School are directly related to the hard work and dedication of Coach Mills. In my opinion, Marty has set a very high bar for strength coaches in the state of Indiana to achieve. His passion and work ethic inspires me to work hard every day in this field."

Steve Barrick – Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, University of Indianapolis

This is the first time in years I’ve gone downhill skiing without feeling any pain or soreness. I owe it all to the kettlebell bootcamp!
Maureen Hickman, swinging since October 2011

I have been doing kettlebells since October and I can do real pushups for the first time since high school (25 yrs ago!)
Karen Looney

I love my arms! I love how strong I feel! Everybody at work is so jealous of my opportunity to have such a great workout. This kind of training isn't available at most clubs- I feel lucky to have it 2 minutes up the road. Thank you Marty and Tyler.
Carey Gerdt
Joined Jan 2012

KB bootcamp is an overall win-win. It keeps my stress level and bad cholesterol level down and my energy level and good cholesterol level up.
Carol White
swinging since July 2011

Ok---so many things…
1. When someone picks up an 18lb KB and says, "Oh my gosh! I can barely lift this. How do you throw it around???" I just smileJ I was there with them at the start of all this KB madness, but now I sometimes, not often, throw around a purple KB.
2. My clothes---I’m wearing some of the pants I’ve kept in my dresser with the label "Don’t give to Goodwill, yet. I MIGHT fit in them again someday." Ladies---you know how good this feels! Generally, all clothes are fitting better these days. This is a real hurdle for me… hate trying on clothes, buying clothes, getting out of sweatpants or elastic-wasted pants on the weekends. Now, I’m starting to think that some clothes can be fun.
3. And… think I will actually not be all that self-conscious when I wear a bathing suit this summer. Believe me…t has been a long time (maybe never) since I’ve said this.
4. I find myself appreciating how good I feel, and knowing that I’ve worked really hard for it makes it that much better.
5. Secretly, I flex a lot in the bathroom mirror.
Hannah Dodson
Kettle-belling since June 2011.

I would like Marty and Tyler to know that I have done many types of work outs and this has just been amazing for me. This is the only work out that I feel like I'm going to throw up during my circuit Ha!
Oh yea I was trying on all of my summer shorts getting ready for spring break and none of them fit around the waste and my husband told me to buy a belt because I was not getting all new clothes:)
Judy Koenig

This last session I signed my husband up for the 5:15 class since I’ve been taking the 6am class. Kettlebells has strengthened not only our bodies but also our marriage, we now appreciate how hard each other works out every other day and we can also share in the misery of our soreness on the weekends;) Thanks Marty & Tyler!
Melissa Oliver

Before I started kb, I hadn't lifted weights in 7 yrs due to my 3 young kiddos. I definitely am stronger and love being able to see muscles;). My sister is coming w/ me next session:). It's really addicting!!!
Nicole Zapp

I was kind of waiting on this until I had "slimmed down" to the weight I want to be at, but since you are asking…
Just as Marty said at the first session I attended with my wife back in November, most Americans are soft in the middle. In my case, very soft. I had reached a peak weight of 285 lbs and all I was motivated to do was eat another cheeseburger and drink another beer. "Don’t get on a scale" he said…you will notice a change in how your clothes fit. Muscle weighs more than fat and you are building muscle…

As I (we) attended the first couple of sessions, I was wondering what in the hell I got myself into. Most of the other people in the class were already in good shape and throwing the kettle bells around like they were nothing. I can honestly say that I had a hard time walking down the stairs after the workout the first couple of weeks, and I was pretty sure I was going to throw up! What kept me coming back? Marty. Plain and simple. The way he motivates people to push past what they think they can do is fantastic. The team he put together to help guide us through the proper techniques needed to use kettle bells were wonderful. It would have been really easy for the petite high school age girls to let the fat guy go on doing the basics wrong and hurt himself, but they did not. Each day they made it a point to ask how I was doing and if I had any questions…

I can remember like it was just this morning when we used the rings to do push-ups for the first time. There was a lot of falling to the ground that day (and plenty of days after). What I remember more clearly was the first time I was able to get through a 5 minute ring station without hitting the ground. I thought I was the only one in the weight room who noticed, but I was wrong…arty noticed. "See… told you it could be done, all you had to do was work at it!"

Even though I am six months into this program, I am not going to lie and say that I don’t struggle through some part of every workout. What I am going to say is that I am very pleased with how the workouts go and the results so far. Of course the clothes are fitting better but more than that…eing motivated enough to get up in the morning and go to the gym, being motivated to the point where we bought a set of kettle bells for the house (and yes, they do get used)…nd motivated to make better decisions on what to eat and drink.

This might be longer that what you were looking for so I apologize for that. I put this together during lunch; foregoing the normal double cheeseburger, fries and a coke and instead, eating a tuna fish sandwich, a cup of applesauce and drinking water. So thank you Marty and Tyler for doing what you

And yes, I did get on a scale a couple of weeks ago…own 35 lbs so far. Still have many to go, but that is a great start!
Jack Bishop

I’ve noticed lots of positive effects from participating in Kettlebells. It has definitely helped my overall health as far as my blood pressure, my weight and overall body size and my eating habits. But most importantly, it has really helped my general overall mental attitude. I just feel so much better about myself and that causes me to deal with everything in my life in a much more positive manner…specially my kids and my job! I have two or three of my good friends working out with me at kettlebells and it’s given us all a great way to hold each other accountable to the personal goals we have with regard to our health…nd we are having fun!

I’ve been doing it since last summer and plan to continue on indefinitely, as do my girlfriends…nd we are bringing more people to the fold!!
Jennifer Agramonte

I have been in KB since August 2011 ...I started out with the goal of losing 10 lbs and getting six-pack abs.... Lol....yes I know. Well, I have to say I don't have "6" of them but I can finally SEE my abs. And with a little help from Weight Watchers (sorry warrior diet was not for me) I have lost 10 lbs. I am turning the dreaded 50 this May and I feel 30!!!!! Yeah! Thanks to Marty and Tyler for kicking my rear.
Susan Mudd

A big THANKS to Marty and Tyler for helping me get into the best shape of my life! When I started bootcamp I wasn't trying to lose weight or even build muscle, I was just trying to tone up. I've been pleasantly surprised to have dropped inches, build lean muscle (just as Marty said we would during our training sessions!) and overall feel great! Thank you so much for motivating me to get out of bed and work out 3-4 mornings a week! I am looking forward to the next session!
Erin Zusan
Kettlebelling since October 2011

Kettle bell has affected me in the following way: I can bust out some push ups, have more energy throughout the day, gained some mental coordination and come to work out without makeup & hair lol. Thanks for getting up early to provide a positive work out environment and keeping it fresh!
Melanie Piper

My 13 y/o daughter's friend said, " ...wow, you're really buff..". :). I was complimented, I'm almost 50.
Myra Fouts

Since starting kettlebells I have noticed:
1. Improved speed in my running
2. Increased muscle tone
3. But more importantly and overall feeling of accomplishment as each week sees more progress under the great coaching of Marty and Tyler.
Patty Fulton

A couple of weeks ago my employer took all the employees out for a Friday afternoon of bowling/moral boosting/bonding. I do not consider myself and avid bowler, (maybe bowl every once every 3-4 years) and in the past I was lucky to get one strike per game. On that day, March 16, 2012, I had seven (7), count them, s-e-v-e-n strikes in two games of bowling!! (4 on the last frame, turkey +1) I owe it all to kettlebells!! Currently checking with the NCAA to see if I have any eligibility left.
Diane Smith
swinging since June '11

Monday I completed my third 300 test. While I was able to finish it was about 30 seconds after the clock ran out, I did the entire test with an 18 pound weight. When I started in August my first test was with an 8 pound weight and I didn't get past the mountain climbers before the clock ran out. I may not be mighty but I'm definitely stronger. You should see me on ring pushups, still pitiful but 1,000 times better than in August.
Jane Bohley

I started with the first Kettlebell bootcamp group at the end of May. Positive effects that I've personally noticed: weight loss, loss of inches, muscle tone and strength, increased endurance, more energy, my cholesterol numbers have improved greatly, my attitude is much more positive and I am not so stressed over stressful things! Plus, I now understand what my teenage son is talking about when he tells me what he did in the weight room each day! So awesome to share some of the SAME language with your teenager! I will be having surgery and will have to sit out for a bit from Kettlebells. I am more upset about not being able to do KB workouts than I am about the surgery itself! My main question to the doctor was, "So, when can I resume kettlebell workouts?!"
Karen Gutsch

Before kettlebelling, I was lucky to be able to do 10 push-ups. Now, I can do 25. Also, I have lost at least an inch around the waist, hips, and thighs :).
Peggy Young, swinging since January 2012

As a guy who has never been to a gym I can't believe the difference in strength I can feel in my body. Marty and Tyler's pushing and motivation have made this a great experience. The biggest help is the constant exercise has helped win the battle in keeping my cholesterol down. Watching my diet didn't do it by itself and my doctor said exercise would help; now my numbers are the lowest in years.
Kent Franklin

Love KB since I have joined (I actually do not know when I started) best workout where I actually see results. I love the fact that Marty wants everyone to do the exercises the correct way and not just taking our money. Tyler is like a drill sergeant in a good way. Besides the benefits of feeling healthy and stronger, my runs and my golf game has improved. Even though I hate when the alarm goes off at 430 in the morning I always feel good after class. Work has kept me from attending regularly but hopefully it will slow down soon. I highly recommend KB to everyone I talk to about the class.
Natalie Durlacher

The thing that I notice every day is that my whole closet is available to me. I don't have things in there that are too small,
THEY ALL FIT!!!! It is a nice feeling to know that I will breathe easy!!!
Karen Hovanec
June 2011

I have lost one and half size in clothes and 12 pounds since I started Kettle Bells. This is my third session. I am amazed how strong I am and can lift things that once were too heavy for me. ( Recently purchased huge bags of mulch and helped this young guy load them into my car. He kept on telling me he could do it but I told him I take Kettle bells and it’s no problem for me! He just shook his head and laughed as I drove away. It made my day and I am sure it gave him something to share with his co-workers. )
Ellyn Fisher with Super Hero powers!! LOL

I guess my inspirational experience just happened recently. I am 48, and have been doing KB since August. I work with a girl that is 23. about 2 weeks ago, she sends me an instant message and said because of my attitude and the way I look, it prompted her & and her new husband to join a gym and to start working out also. That was nice to hear. I enjoy KB. I feel stronger!!!
Gina Wimmenauer

I had blood work completed in January and the doctor stated that by June if i keep up the kettle bell work outs they can start cutting back on my blood pressure medicine. My energy level has been boosted so much even though it would be easy to just stay in bed at 5am I appreciate the sacrifice that Marty and Tyler give to help each one of us. I have been a member since November 2011.
Jon Cox
I would just like to THANK Marty and Tyler for the motivation to keep active in the winter. I rode my bicycle 80 miles over the weekend, which I never would have attempted this early in the year without Kettlebell. This session hasn't ended and I am alreaDy looking forward to the next session!
Thanks Scott Weddle

I would like to state that my daughter, Allie Day, is now a freshman at IU and my son, Jacob Day, is a freshman here at Center Grove. They both have used kettlebells and love them. They have been so impressed with my ability to speak "kettlebell" with them. Allie told me how proud she is of me for starting and finishing the class. Best part is I have signed up for another session! I love it!!! Thanks so much to Marty and Tyler:)
Dawn Day

I am just finishing my first session of bootcamp and I'm looking forward to the second session.
I can definitely feel the positive effects from the KB workouts and have noticed it during the hill climbs on my rides (cycling) this year.
Just when I think I have the KB moves down, you will give a good detailed review and breakdown of the specific techniques and arm/leg/back positions that make it more effective, thanks for that.
Thanks for keeping us motivated at 6am and mixing it up with days in the main gym!
-John McLain (6am group M,W,F)

Short and sweet, "I'm addicted". Even when I don't think I can move another sore muscle, I'm there. Love that positive encouragement!!
Rosalyn Zent, October 2011

Where to begin? Let’s see …Thanks to Marty, Tyler, an array of colorful kettlebells, battling ropes, neoprene shorts and a healthy eating regimen, I’ve lost 60 pounds, while gaining muscle, strength, improved posture, energy and confidence! Wooo Hooo! If you could just add to your program some Dave Ramsey financial tips that would be even better, since my bank account is now feeling the effects of glorious shopping trips, entry fees into races and mini-vacations. Seriously though, …On behalf of myself, my husband, children and grandchildren, thank you for helping me find my way back to me. You’ve changed my life!
Joyce Baker
5:15 AM Group
Proud Member Since 8/15/11

I have so much more energy during the day on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays! Thanks for all you've done!
Andy Conkle-- Kettlebelling since August 2011

First time writer.....'elite' (long time) kettlebeller:-)
I find it hard to speak of what used to be the best 4 hours of my week without getting melancholy, sappy and I'm sure my family would say a little whiney....
The women will understand what I'm saying when I say that I miss kettlebell, Marty and even occasionally Tyler (AKA The Nazi) more than I miss CHOCOLATE!!
I am proud to say that at a time when I should be getting shorter....for the first time in my life I am OVER 5'4" tall, I have a core strength that I've not achieved in 20 years of working out and I will forever be a recruiter for CG KB Bootcamp!
Robyn Smaltz

I knew I was addicted to chocolate, Free Cell, and coffee…but Kettlebells? Yup. I can’t walk away from them! That glorified bowling ball has been a major factor in my improved physical well-being and my healthier, more positive outlook. I’ve noticed that my fat is firmer, my underarms don’t jiggle when I write on the board anymore, and I feel 10 years younger. Of course, the Kettlebell didn’t’ do this alone. Marty and Tyler are the motivating forces that keep us all coming back. Their passion for KBs is contagious!
It doesn’t matter whether Marty is RKC or KFC certified…he and Tyler run a great program with fabulous results and we really appreciate them!
Chris Frampton
Dreading burpees since August 2011

We've enjoyed doing KB's together and we don't get to do much together! When one of us doesn't want to go, the other is there to say, "Get up!" We've lost weight, feel great, and have more energy than we've had in 10 years. Now our kids are into power club. We feel like we're setting a healthy example! Marty & Tyler, we are grateful.
-Matt & Amy Shockley, KB's since Aug. 2011

I definitely found muscles I didn't know I had! More importantly, it has helped continue the healthy lifestyle and weight loss plan I adopted 1.5 years ago. I am stronger and have lost fat in the last three months.
Lisa Meadows
started January 2012

Here are some of my KB highlights. Weight Loss: 48 pounds (approximately 13% of my body weight) Inches Lost Around Waist: 6 inches Blood Pressure Improvement: Was 195/90 Is 120/70 Other benefits include: *New (smaller) clothes. *Don't get winded climbing stairs at school. *Can speak intelligently to our football players about Kettle Bell training. Very important since I had never been trained in kettle bell instruction. *Just had knee surgery this morning. I am in significantly better shape now than when I had knee surgery in 2009. I can tell a difference in my strength and conditioning while doing my rehab exercises. My hope is that this will aide in my recovery. *More energy to play with my children. *More energy to work harder and longer in the Dean's Office and on the Football Field. *Getting to know other staff and community members. *Card carrying member of the Secret Society of Kettle Bell Swingers. 300 Workout Testing: I failed to complete the 300 workout with a Blue Kettle Bell during my first four or five attempts last summer. My best performance on the 300 test was this winter when I successfully completed it with about 30 seconds to spare using the PURPLE Kettle Bell.
Ruben De Luna Member of Inaugural Kettle Bell Bootcamp Class Summer of 2011

By day, I am a chiropractor and acupuncturist. I spend my entire day encouraging good health. I struggled to find a good program to direct folks towards in order to regain their health. Kettlebell has been a blessing to me and I am passing that along to those I come into contact everyday.The things I learned or relearned in this class are impacting our community for the better. The ultimate goal of any teacher is to work himself out of a job by everyone learning what he/she has taught. The ultimate compliment for a teacher is for their students to so embrace the subject matter that they in turn share that information with those within their circle of influence. This is happening at the Center GroveSchool of Strength. On behalf of my family, patients, and myself, we thank you for your tireless hard work. May God continue to bless your efforts. In His service,
Steve Mangas, D.C.

I have recently heard it said that people are not motivated to work out because they have not found the right activity that they enjoy. For me, Kettlebell Bootcamp is that one complete exercise program that I eagerly look forward to every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday morning! Although we have the same arsenal of basic movements to draw from, Tyler and Marty are consistently gifted to put them together in the perfect combination to offer us an innovative and challenging workout, no matter the skill level. Another positive is the friendships and camaraderie I have shared with my workout buddies over the past months. I am so thankful for this program!
Scott Meek, School of Strength Member since May of 2011

Since I have begun lifting with kettlebells, my strength has increased exponentially -- I love how strong I have become. Along with my strength, my vanity has increased, too. I like flexing my biceps, back, and shoulders in front of the mirror! :) I really enjoy the workouts and all the variety -- ropes, sleds, running, sliders -- all the fun stuff. It's nice to have a consistent lifting program that is so effective.
Stephanie Sanders, began KB lifting June 2011
36lbs. down, 52lbs. to go and confident that Kettlebells will get me to my goal.
Since Jan. 2012
Briar Colwell

I have always struggled with anything cardio. My first time doing kettlebell boot camp I thought I was seriously going to die ,especially when we did battling ropes! Remember barely being able to do the first 30 seconds on those things.. Lol now I have noticed my cardio has improved tremendously and battling ropes are not going to kill me and I finally have some muscles. Thanks for pushing me every workout.
Lori Houpt proud bootcamper since First boot camp ...June 2011

"I finally gave in to peer pressure and joined Kettlebell Bootcamp in January 2012. I had just turned 40 and needed to get motivated again. In just over 2 months I have lost 13lbs. and changed my body! Plus it is awesome working out with my wife, Jill, and several other friends."
Brad Arbuckle

I have gotten lots of compliments from co-workers and they ask me how I am losing weight and getting in shape and of course I have to tell them I am doing kettlebells at CGHS. I am diabetic and my A1C keeps getting better and better along with my blood sugars and health in general.
I have been doing kettlebells since Oct 2011.
Londa Montgomery

I went to a new doctor about 2 months ago. She wanted me to do blood work since it's been years since I've had it done. The results showed that my cholesterol levels were very low. She said that my levels were honestly the best that she has ever seen. She knows I do kettlebells and run on occasion. She said it was from working out so much & eating well.
-) Yeah! Kettlebells!
Carrie Pogue

The Kettlebell Classes have made me in better shape for the Navy! I entered the Navy later in life and I didn't think that it would be possible but I owe a lot to both coaches for this!
Thank you Coach Mills, and Coach Small!
Marc Meadows, DDS

I love the feeling I have all throughout my day after coming close to death for the first 45 minutes of it. Work hard and then feel good!!! I love that.
Claire Paddack
5:15am kettlebeller since June 2011

I just started kettlebell workouts in January and I will never give it up. I couldn’t do a push up to save my life and now I can do 25 of them in a row (with good form)! I was at Tractor Supply picking up bags of hoofstock last weekend and the clerk was amazed at how easily I "sling feed." Each bag weighs 80 lbs., thanks kettlebell!
Danielle Myers

 "I started kettle bells in May 2011. Marty and Tyler push me and that's probably what I appreciate the most. I have loved gaining friends at work and outside of work. It's an encouraging group and in 10 months I feel stronger than I have ever felt".
The ADHD kettle beller-Jill Arbuckle
The most compliments I have has been on my snatch, thrusting, tight/tight/tight, increased flexibility and endurance.....hmmm...... 
In all seriousness,last summer I earned 3rd place in the hay bale throwing competition in the Farmer Olympics at the Johnson county fair and I credited Coach Mills for my training.  I can’t wait to throw that bale this year!!!!  My blood pressure has always been great, however, the doctor, nurse, and dentist all commented on how great my blood pressure was at the end of the school day!
Heather Hart

I Love Kettlebells!

Here are some pictures and Senior recommendations from all of our School of Strength Graduates.  This is an AMAZING group of young men and women who are going to go on to do great things!  It has been my pleasure to know them, coach them and be a part of their lives the past four years.  You have have left your legacy, but you will be greatly missed!  Coach Mills

coach mills weightlifting
By Heath Kalaba / Indianapolis, United States
Being new to Center Grove, I can honestly say that coach Mills' weights program was absolutely incredible. I had never lifted before my senior year, but knew what my old high school's program was like. Coming to Center Grove, seeing absolutely every single student working to get better every period, every opportunity was something so great it's hard to put into words. Mills and his program has helped me tremendously throughout my senior year. I came into the year weighing 152 and am about to graduate weighing 181. I've made massive gains to my athleticism and full body strength. The program was able to help me reach my goal of playing professional ultimate as a senior in high school. with my vertical increasing 4 inches and my 40 yard dash being half of a second faster. Although, the most crucial thing I've brought from mills' program wasn't my strength or achievements. It was the drive to better myself every single day. Every morning I wake up to an alarm that tells me to "Better yourself today" and a reminder before bed asking myself "did you improve?" not just as an athlete, but as a person. I will always remember my senior year at Center Grove High School, and i will always remember how much coach had taught and helped me. Thank you.
10/10Strength Coach Leads Charge for State Contention
By Patrick Southern / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills had made me more than just strong. He has made me faster, made me jump higher, quicker, and has majorly improved all areas of my athleticism. He doesn't just make people stronger, he turns them into dominant athletes. This class has won state titles in soccer, football and softball, and all of those can be largely contributed Coach Mills. For me in soccer, my all-around athleticism gave me an advantage against my opponents. Defenders could not handle our ability to be both faster and stronger. His weight training does not hinder the other aspects of your athleticism, unlike other weight training programs.
10/10Center Grove Weightlifting
By Jacob DeVries / Greenwood, USA
When I started lifting, not only did my strength begin to grow, but so did my confidence. Throughout high school lifting was a large part in my every day life. I participated in two different sports throughout the past four years and training with Coach Mills. Lifting with Coach taught me how to work hard and I became inspired by his motivational speeches. Each day I came ready to lift, I was always motivated even further by Coach. There hasn't been a single day that Coach Mills hasn't inspired me to do my best in and out of the weight room.
10/10Lifting With a Passion
By Reed Sauter / Greenwood, United Satates
If there's one thing that Coach Mills has, it's heart. I've never seen someone with such a fiery passion for anything, let alone weight lifting. He has no doubt been instrumental to the success of Center Grove athletics and will continue to be for as long as he's at the school.
10/10The Powerhouse Within
By Alexander Kenney / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has been a great motivational instructor through every year I have worked with him. He focuses on the fundamental technique of every lift we execute, and does an excellent job at it.
10/10Coach Mills
By Brian Hamilton / Greenwood, United States
Amazing coach and motivator
10/10Coach Mills
By Nicolas Stark / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has done a great job teaching me everything there is to know about weight lifting including the anatomy behind the different lifts. In addition to being a great instructor he also gives the best motivational speeches before lifts and is very supportive of everyone. Coach Mills always makes sure to point out when people are doing a good job and help out when anyone needs it. Thanks Coach Mills.
10/10Coach Mills
By Cody Ubelhor / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has done a great job throughout my high school career to prepare me to perform my best in sports. He not only is a great weightlifting coach, but a great motivator. He has taught me that in sports, it isn't always the guy who has the most natural talent, but also who works the hardest. Thanks Coach Mills
By Ben Poore / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has been an amazing coach throughout my high school career. He has helped shape me into the weightlifter I am today. When I first entered high school I could only bench 95lbs. Now as a senior I can bench 305lbs. I only weighed 95lbs as a freshman and I am now 165lbs. His training programs have allowed me to not only put on muscle but also get super human strong. I am very thankful I had the opportunity to work with someone like coach Mills who has the knowledge and skill set to help you get the results you want out of training.
10/10Marty mills
By Matt Rosebrough / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is an outstanding strength coach whole not only is an expert lifting coach but also a great life motivator. I would give him a 10 out of 10 not only for his coaching but his care for his athletes/students/clients. Best high school lifting coach for sure!
By Sam Meier / Greenwood, United States
There are so many great things to say about Coach Mills. My freshman year when I came into the weight room for the first time I could barely bench the bar, and I had no clue how to properly deadlift, power, clean, get-up, etc. It is a testament to his program that I can now bench 185 and squat over 200, even though I only weigh 140 pounds. There is not a day that I came into this weight room and did not improve physically and mentally. He is very inspiring and dedicated to what he does, and we feed off of his energy and passion. Without Coach Mills, there is no way I would have been able to compete at the Varsity level at my size. I am forever grateful for my four years in his program and all the knowledge and inspiration he has provided to me. I will be able to carry on that I have learned to stay healthy and in great shape in the years to come.
10/10Last Year, Best Year
By Maddie Kossick / Greenwood, United States
Throughout my high school career, I have been very fortunate enough to be able to participate in Marty Mill's weights classes. Not only did I learn how to get stronger physically, but also mentally. My mindset on life definitely strengthened from listening to his fiery pep talks. They motivated me to always be at the top, not the bottom and not even the middle. In and out of sports I always strive to be the best I can be. Track was definitely more enjoyable when I was lifting with Mills and I had a positive attitude about striving to jump higher. My senior year has been the best by far as I am in the best shape that I have ever been in and I can take these life lessons we are taught so often with me to Uindy. Thanks for everything Mills!
10/10My favorite class of the day!
By Sierra Bansemer / Greenwood, United States
I first lifted weights will Coach Mills my sophomore year and from that first day I have always enjoyed the sport. It was never something I intended to like, it just kind of happened and I want to continue to lift for the rest of my life. I played soccer for 12 years before switching to cross country my junior and senior year. I get a high from working out and improving upon myself and weights has contributed to that. Coach Mills has not only made me stronger person physically but mentally. I always look forward to Coach Mills' speeches because they not only fire you up but they teach you valuable life lessons. Next year I will be attending the University of Idaho to pursue a career in medicine but I will carry with me the life lessons I learned in Marty Mill's weight room.
10/10Mills is awesome
By Mandy Dallas / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mllls is one of the best teachers/coaches I have ever had. he has taught me everything I should know and more about weightlifting and health. he has prepared more than enough for the workouts i will have to do in college next year.
10/10Coach Mills rocks
By Rachel Smallwood / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has been a huge part of my life ever since the first day of weights. He has taught me that determination is the only way to approach something. I came in the first day of weights scared and tiny and I am walking out the last day of weights confident and huge (at least I would like to think so). I'm glad I was able to meet him and learn the lessons that not many people learn until they are old and wrinkly. I will definitely be thinking of him as i go to Ball State next year and show off all of the skills ad techniques we have learned. He will forever be my motivation.
10/10Quality Weightlifting Coach, Role Model For All
By Stephen Bagwell / Indianapolis, United States
Coach Mills is without a doubt one of the most influential role models that has shaped me throughout my high school career. I am so proud that I get to call him my coach and I am beyond blessed that I was able to be apart of something so great for over 4 years of my life at Center Grove. I plan on working with him well after high school has ended. I will always remember his powerful and enthusiastic speeches before class would begin. His constant guidance and encouragement has laid a foundation that lead Center Grove to victories here across the board, big and small. From football, softball and other state championship victories to my own personal victory of losing almost 100lbs! Without Coach Mills, I do not think either would have been possible. The thing that I admire about Coach Mills the most is his overall concern for everyone's health for the rest of their lives, not just athletes winning trophies... Whether you are in sports or not, if you want to put in the hard work and make a difference you are ALWAYS welcome! I remember dealing with a lot of struggles throughout my high school career. However, no matter what was going on outside of school, I was always able to come into The School of Strength and get better every day! Coach Mills teaches us lifts that not only make us incredibly strong, but also increases our flexibility and joint health. That right there perfectly explains how Coach Mills is much different from the rest. The difference is he truly cares about us, I find that very admirable and I will always have a tremendous amount of respect for him because of that. He is without a doubt the best. Thank you Coach, Stephen
10/10Best instructor in the state
By Connor Lane / Greenwood, United States
I came to coach Mills as an out of shape 8th grader attempting to play high school football, and this man has changed me for the better. I have turned most of the excess body fat I had into muscle and I have changed my lifestyle eating habits. I have become a much stronger person in several ways thanks to Coach Mills. I have learned the values of hard work and to never quit from the lessons that he has taught in his class. I honestly think that he is the best strength and conditioning coach in the state.
10/10Center Grove Weightlifting
By Logan Ross / Greenwood, USA
Coach Marty Mill Is the most outstanding coach in the country, he is rivaled by none, never has there been a coach who cares about his lifters in and out of the weight room like coach Mills. He has more knowledge than any coach out there and is certainly more innovative than anyone. i can't even begin to express my many thanks to coach mills, he has been by far the best Teacher, coach and mentor I have ever had. Thank You Coach Mills
10/10Coach Mills
By jackson sodrel / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has not only contributed to my strength gains, but also my gains as a man. For me his classroom is a place of peace, a place where i can relax, but still put in work to the best of my ability. His motto Hardwork x Dedication inspires me in everything i do. i apply it to situations out of the classroom such as a job or chores for my parents. Coach mills is easily the best strength coach in the state and possibly in the country.
By Nicholas Summers / Greenwood, United States
I am a senior at Center Grove high school and i recommend Coach Mills weight room program. I have been attending Center Grove high school for four years now and the weight room has changed who i am and i started out not knowing anything about weight lifting and barely being able to bench press the bar. I can currently bench press 275 now and i used to be able to only bench press the bar and i think this is a huge achievement for me thanks to the weight lifting program.
10/10Center Grove School of Strength
By Peighton Gilbert / Greenwood, United States
The Center Grove School of Strength lives up to it's name because it is not only a weight lifting class it is a lifestyle. Coach Mills is very dedicated to improving all athletes at Center Grove. I am a swimmer here and this program was able to help me become not only physically but mentally stronger as well. The energy Coach Mills brings to class motivates me to push myself and lift hard everyday. I learned a lot about lifting from Mills but I learned much more about being mentally strong and that will help me throughout the rest of my life.
10/10Center Grove Weightlifting
By Amanda Ward / Greenwod, United States
Weightlifting her at Center Grove is more than just your physical ability to lift large amounts of weight. Coach Mills has taught me that its about being mentally strong, physically srtong, and dedicated to something that will help make you better at your sport and continuing to stay healthy for the rest of your life. Four years of this training has helped me become stronger mentally and physically and helped me train the way I should for my sport specifically not sports as a collective.
10/10Coach Mills' School of Strength
By Keaton Clark / Greenwood, United States
i have been learning and training with coach Mills for 6 years, and have learned so much about lifting, and fitness in general. His workouts prepare our athletes to be the strongest, fasted, and toughest in the state. he has taught me to get stronger but also remain fast, flexible and to improve as an athlete. I feel that i have more knowledge of strength, fitness, Olympic lifts, and power lifts than any other kids in the country. coach mills has helped me fall in love with lifting and being fit and has helped inspire me to want to improve my body to it's full potential long after i am done playing sports, and i am very thankful.
10/10Most experienced Kettle bell coach I've met
By Kevin Cox / Greenwood, United States
I've been around the gym scene for a very long time now and have experienced many coaches of different backgrounds and I can say without a doubt that Martin Mills is one of if not the best strength coaches I've ever had. Not only is he knowledgeable in the weight room but he is also knowledgeable in teaching life lessons. I believe what makes a good coach is someone who is smart with training but also teaches you lessons that you can apply to your everyday life. In my eyes when it comes to being an all around coach Martin Mills fits all the criteria and then some.
10/10Coach Mills provides next level training
By Ethan Brooks / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has provided me as an athlete with training that has taken my game to new heights. I started training with Coach Mills as an 8th grader with freshman football and have trained under him for the past 4 years. As a freshman, I was 5'11" and weighed 120 lbs. Today as a senior, I am 5'11" 200 lbs. and run a 6.86 60 yd dash. Through Coach Mills, I have progressed physically and mentally as an athlete and a man. I wouldn't be where I am today without Coach Mills. Next year, I plan to play baseball at Grace College, and I know for a fact that I wouldn't have been able to achieve this goal without Coach Mills training and expertise.
10/10Center Grove
By Brynnan Montfort / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is a very inspirational coach who pushes his athletes to do their best. Mills is passionate about what he does and it shows. Coach Mills is the best of the best and gives athletes an opportunity to be the best that they can be. During class, Mills pushes us and inspires us to work to our limit and win championships. I have become much stronger since i started this program freshman year, and will continue to use this throughout my life. I will be a college athlete because of this program and the way Coach Mills has pushed me to succeed.
10/10CG Weights
By Noah Miller / Indianapolis, United States
Coach Mills has helped me improve in a lot of areas in the weight room. i do not play a sport there for i have no source of physical activity inside of school. After my first year in the weight room i saw many improvements in my bench, my squat, and helping me get good technique down. his speeches give me great motivation and makes me want to go hard. after this transfer to Center Grove from Roncalli High School i realized how much their program i s a joke and how serious he takes his job. i would be no where near my maxs i have now if i were still at Roncalli. thank you coach mills for this, it means a lot and youre doing an amazing job.
10/10Center Grove
By Lindsey Archer / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is the most motivational person to ever influence me in my life. He has always taught me to work my hardest every day. I feel so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to have Coach Mills as my weights coach.
10/10Center Grove
By Kenzie England / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is very encouraging and supportive. He teaches us to always work hard and to never give up on our goals. Over the past four years he has taught me how to continue to live a healthy lifestyle even after I graduate high school.
10/10coach mills
By Allie Armes / Greenwood, United States
I started in weights class about two years ago and have looked forward to coming into class every single day. I'm amazed at how much strength and muscle I have gained since the beginning. I love coming into class and listening Mills motivational speeches each day. He truly has made me fall in love with lifting and trying my hardest in and outside of the weight room.
10/10Mills made me a beast
By Ryan Stemle / Greenwood, United States
Mills helped me grow physically and mentally. Without his coaching and motivational speeches, I would not have advanced to the Indiana state doubles finals.
10/10Mills is the best
By Brian Gudeman / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has allowed me to hit alot harder in baseball, leading to some huge baseball wins
10/10Awesome Instructor Who Knows How to Motivate
By Riley Turk / Greenwood, United States
My senior year of high school was only my first year of taking Coach Mills' weightlifting class, but not even a year in I could tell that I was stronger than I had ever been before. Improving my strength and mental toughness helped me grow as a person and made my sport performance increase dramatically. Coach Mills knows how to get us motivated and to want to reach our goals because WE want to succeed and not because he simply asked us to do it. I have no regrets taking the class.
10/10Great Coach
By Braden Pinegar / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has been one of the biggest influences on my life the past four years of my life. He has taught me to work hard every day. Whether I was in season or not he showed me the right lifts to do to get better. If I was injured he always had backup lifts for me. I can't thank Coach Mills enough for all he has taught me.
10/10Great Coach
By Conner Cantrell / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has given me the right tools to get stronger and succeed in my sport. He teaches perfect technique and expects only the best from all of his students. The intense lifts and workouts he provides for us has improved my strength, conditioning, and overall athletic ability tremendously. Without Coach Mills, I believe that I would not have been able to make it to the next level in baseball, and for that I am thankful.
10/10Great Coach
By Will Smithey / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has done a tremendous job by showing me the proper ways to take care of my body while still gaining strength. His training style allowed me to take full advantage of my athletic ability. The workouts he has us do provided me safe and strong lifts to do while I was in season, whether that was football or baseball, and never stop increasing my muscle. Coach Mills helped bring out my full potential and have the opportunity to compete at the next level.
10/10Coach Mills
By Nicole Jansen / Greenwood, United States
I've played soccer my entire life, and it wasn't until high school when I participated in Mills' weights class as a freshman that I finally felt strong and powerful on the field. Freshman and sophomore year I had a weights class, and I was stronger and more fit than I had ever been before. Mills' pushes me to get as strong as I can while still using correct form and technique as to not get injured in any way. Junior year, I didn't have a weights class, and my fitness reflected that. I had to come in to open lifting on my own time and put in the work during my free time. Mills was as motivational as ever when I was attempting to stay fit during the year I didn't have a weights class. Overall, Mills has inspired me to be a better athlete and a superb lifter.
10/10School of Strength
By Bridget Eckerle / Greenwood, United States
Mills pushes you to be the best you can be. Even if you are not motivated to work, you do work anyway because you don't want to disappoint him. I came into his program freshmen year with little to no muscle and now I feel fit and powerful when I lift. He really knows his stuff and knows what will work best for each individual and is willing to help anyone who wants to work hard.
10/10Beast of a Coach
By Zach Stambaugh / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is by far one of the best lifting coaches in the state if not the nation. If it wasn't for coach Mills, I would not be a state champion in football. His training has clearly shown on the football field as we are always the more physically dominant team even though we are not size wise. I am an All American lifter in the clean which is one of the most technical and difficult lifts to do correctly and that says a lot about coach Mills. Coach Mills shows passion and dedication to the school and his students and he expects nothing but the best in the nation and if you are not there he will get you there.
10/10Center Grove Stength
By Hope Brumbaugh / Greenwood, United States
Freshman year I came into the soccer program playing JV and got pushed off the ball almost all the time. After going through the weights program, I gained a lot of strength and was able to hold my own on the field. The work ethic of the program helped me achieve my goals and reach All-State. I am very thankful to go to Center Grove and be apart of the Strength and Conditioning program.
10/10Hardwork= Success
By Blake Newlin / Greenwood, United States
In my 4 years at Center Grove High School, I have not only grown as a person but also as a football player. I had a few minor setbacks in the past 4 years, but Coach Mills helped me get stronger even when I wasn't able to participate. He showed me other things I could do that would not hurt me. Coach Mills is easily the best weight coach out there! If you have a question he will always be there to help you.
10/10Coach Mills
By Ellie Todd / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is truly one of a kind. I've been lifting in his program since I was in 8th grade, and I can contribute so much of my success as an athlete to this weight lifting style. Mills' RKC program had helped me build intense muscle over the course of high school, improve my speed, and speed up recovery from injury. I could have never been the soccer player I was without Mills' program.
10/10Great coach
By Sophie Chiado / Greenwood, United States
Marty helped me improve my game by helping me becoming stronger and smarter with my body. He not only taught me how to lift but also what to do on my off time. Sometimes his speeches in the beginning of the class are what get me through the day. I would not be playing college soccer without the help of this guy. Thank you to Marty!
10/10High School Weightlifting
By Lauren Ralph / Greenwood, USA
I have had Coach Mills as a weightlifting instructor for four years. during high school, I was a cheerleader, track runner, and tennis player. Through his instruction I have been transformed as an athlete and as a person. His knowledge cannot be understated. He is patient with beginners and taught me high level Olympic lifting when I began with absolutely no experience. His passion for lifting is inspiring and makes you want to strive to be your healthiest and best self. He challenges us every day and is our biggest supporter. He's known throughout the community for the family environment he has created among his lifters and for his love for Center Grove. His class will hands down be the thing I miss the most when I leave for college.
10/10Four years of Strength
By Brook Lowry / Greenwood, United States
I've been in Mr. Mill's weights class from freshman through senior year. Freshman year I had very low body positivity and hearing Mr. Mill's motivational speeches every other day helped me to be healthier and make better lifestyle choices. I am stronger now than ever with the amazing program Mr. Marty Mills put together.
By Nate Maynard / Greenwood, United States
As a freshman in high school, I first met coach Mills in after school lifting for basketball. I weighed 135 lbs and could only bench press 105 lbs. Now in my senior year of high school, I can bench press 265 lbs. Coach Mills is the only person to motivate me at the level he does. from lifting to life, He stands behind what he believes in, and is not afraid to tell you so. He has taught me to work through adversity and rise up to challenges, not shy away. "Not everyone in this world is special, it is how hard you work to achieve your dreams that makes you special."
By Hayden Gorall / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills helped the Men's Soccer team to a first state championship in school history. Personally, Coach Mills' personality and desire to win drove me to be the best I could be. The leadership he showed me in the weight room carried onto the soccer field and I improved as a player. Without Coach Mills, I know we wouldn't have been as successful as we were.
10/10I'm not just lifting weights.
By Jordan Walker / Greenwood, United States
My name is Jordan Walker, and I am a senior at Center Grove. Coach Mills has helped me become a better and tougher person physically and mentally. He pushes us to be the best of the best whether or not it has anything to do with sports or getting stronger. Coach Mills genuinely cares about each and every one of his athletes and I appreciate everything he has done for me. I came into weights as a freshman not knowing how to do any of the lifts, nor did I know what lifting was really about. Now, as a senior, I can confidently say that learned so much from Coach Mills. I am a completely different person, and I owe it all to working with Coach Mills. I am much more confident and a lot stronger. Thank you Coach Mills for everything you have done!
10/10weight lifting
By Allison White / Greenwood, United States
Lifting weights with Coach Mills has helped me become the person I am today not only physically but mentally. He has helped me push myself to the next level and saw greatness in me as an athlete. Thank you for all you have done for me!
10/10not just weightlifting
By Chris Hoffmann / Greenwood, United States
Weightlifting at Center Grove is unmatched. Coach Mills has put together a great system of full body athletic movements that benefit all athletes. Lifting is not limited to a certain sport or gender, all athletes, girls and guys, can come into the weight room and get stronger and better every day. I have lifted all through high school but began lifting daily after Christmas break and since then i have gained 11 pounds and my bench max has shot up by 40 pounds. If you take the time and put in the effort to learn the program and do it right, you will see results. Lifting with Coach Mills has not only taught me weightlifting related lessons, but life lessons as well. Coach Mills has told me and everyone else from day one that hard work leads to success and you get what you deserve. Coach Mills has inspired me to work hard in everything i do, every day, and be the best at everything i do.
By Jacob Cantleberry / Greenwood, United States
My name is Jacob Cantleberry and I am a Senior Pitcher for Center Grove HS. Coach Mills has been a tremendous influence in my development as a player. The programs he has written for us athletes is a major part in my success as well as everyone else. My development has led to getting scholarships from top Division one schools and interest from many pro teams as of now. All of this wouldn't of been possible without Coach Mills help over the past few years.
10/10Marty Mills
By Keaton Radecki / Greenwood, United States
I think coach Mills has been a huge influence on all aspects of the athletics here at Center Grove and is one of the main reason why the majority of our sports teams this year, 2015-2016, has been so successful. I am grateful to have someone like coach mills who has motivated me to be the best I can be and I credit him for one of the main reasons our soccer team won state for the first time in school history. One of kind guy and I'm definitely gonna miss his inspirational pump up speeches when I graduate.
10/10School of Strength
By Nathan Silva / Greenwood, United States
My name is Nathan Silva, and I am a senior soccer player at CGHS. Coach Mills has something special at Center Grove High School, and he tremendously prepares every athlete wanting to take their game to the next level in any sport. Coach Mills is the best coach and mentor that I have ever had. He expects the best from everyone, on every single lift, every single day. He motivates all students to be the best they can be on and off the field, inside and outside the weight room. He has taught me that that there are never any excuses, and that hard work will always prevail. This year, I was able to win a soccer state championship, and I was blessed to have the opportunity to further my soccer career at the division one college level. I would not be where I am today without Coach Mills. His School of Strength is more than just a weight room. It is a program that takes athletes to the next level in all aspects of life.
10/10school of strength
By Devin Baxter / Greenwood, United States
the school of strength is the strongest and best in the country. Using the best technique and focus, students get great lifts in and can prepare themselves for their sport whatever it may be. Depending on in season and off season, strength coach Marty Mills has the best and most efficient way to train athletes at Center Grove's School of Strength. It is no joke when I say that Coach Marty Mills is the real deal and knows his way around the muscles and strength of the human body. The most apparent signs you will see in the school of strength are intensity, focus, and hard work.
10/10For Wrestling strength+technique=Success
By Derek Lewis / Greenwood, USA
I am a wrestler at Center Grove high school and I have been working in Coach Mills' strength training program since 8th grade and i would have none of the success ive had in the sport without Mills' training. Next fall i will attend Marian University to wrestle and a big plus college coaches have told me is my strength training and knowledge of lifting. Mills places a large focus on our technique and safety in lifts so getting stronger comes without injury and maximum strength gain. I would never have been able to wrestle in college without Coach Mills
10/10Volleyball Senior Review
By Antonia Rumble / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has helped me tremendously the past four yeas. I play volleyball and the weights training that he has taught me has made me so much stronger. The summer going into freshman year I couldn't squat at all. I didn't understand how to push my hips back and push through my heels. Now squatting is one of my favorite lifts and one of my strongest as well. I admire Coach Mills so much. I remember trying to teach the younger girls how to lift over the summer my junior and senior year, and it wasn't easy. Everybody learns differently, and Mills finds a way to tailor to each person's learning style. Going off to college next year, I am definitely confident that I can create my own workout based on what Mills has taught me the past four years. I am also confident in the fact that I have grown not only in physical strength, but also in mental strength. He always had so much energy and enthusiasm. I even enjoyed his lectures and yelling because it was so passionate and inspiring. I think he was probably the volleyball girls' biggest fan. He pushed for us and cheered for us like no other, especially my senior year when we went all the way to the second round of Semi-State. We could not have made it there without him. Thank you for everything Coach Mills, you are a true inspiration.
10/10School of Strength
By Blake Moran / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has helped every team in the school, and every person that is in his wights class. He has personally helped me out by teaching all of the lifts and making me bigger, faster, and stronger. he helped me be able to compete in the MIC in my sports, and helped the football team go undefeated and win a state championship I believe without him we would have not been able to reach our full potential, and not been as great as we were.
10/10School of Strength
By Devon Wilson / Greenwood, United States
Coming into high school i felt confident on the field, but started to notice that this sport would soon come down to not only skills and ability but also weight. I wanted to gain weight but do it in the right way by adding muscle and i was let down at all by Coach Mills. as soon as i stepped foot i the weight room i could tell that this was serious and not to be taken lightly. Coach Mills had a plan set in stone and wanted to make each and every kid in the weight room better personally. Not only did Coach Mills train us physically but also prepared us mentally through hard work and very inspirational speeches at some points in time. over all Coach Mills is an all around great lifting coach. He knows how to get things done, lift hard, push you to your limits, and have fun while doing it.
By Jackson Hohlt / Greenwood, United States
I've worked with you for over four years now, and I can say without a doubt that your training as made me a better athlete, player, and person. Outside of being the best strength program in the state, your program also teaches us to fight through our hardships, to do three more swings when our forearms don't think they can hold on any longer. Your strength program has also prepared me for when i go to college, where I know I will be leagues ahead of others in the weight room.
10/10Maker of Champions
By Jerod Hopson / Greenwood, United States
Coming into high school, I felt confident in my abilities and skills on the football field, but I knew that I had to become stronger and faster. Coach Mills was the perfect coach to help me accomplish these goals. Not only did Coach Mill's fantastic program help me improve, but it helped all athletes improve, leading to multiple State Championships over the past few years. Coach Mills is a maker of champions.
10/10Championship Training
By Zak Smith / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has helped make me the athlete I am today. His training has helped me succeed on the football field as well as the track in my career at Center Grove. Because of his devotion to his athletes, he has been a large part in me receiving a scholarship to run track at the collegiate level. He's been a phenomenal coach and mentor.
10/10Hard Work X Dedication= Success
By Lee Clinker / Greenwood, United States
At the start of my high school football career I weighed in at 170 lbs. By the end of my senior year i weighed in at 215 lbs. as a running back. I still was able to keep my speed and even get faster. I have learned a lot from being in Marty's weights class, I will always be grateful for this class because it allowed me to learn life lessons and grow as person.
10/10Hard Work x Dedication= Success
By Josh Clifford / Greenwood, United States
My freshman year i weighed in at 235 pounds. At the end of my senior year i weighed 285 pounds. Mills program has taught me how to be strong in the right ways. Without him i would be a lazy kid not playing sports.
10/10Hard work x dedication = success
By Quinton Stirsman / Greenwood, United States
Came in as a skinny 130 pound freshman and by senior year weighed 185 pounds with lean muscle. Started on a state champion football team as well as succeeded in other sports. Without Mills' extensive training, none of this would be possible.
10/10Hard work x dedication= success
By Chris Barnett / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills helped me reach my athletic potential and achieve a football scholarship.
10/10No other way than the School of Strength
By Jovan Swann / Greenwood, United States
Nearing the conclusion of my four years, my experience and career working with Coach Marty Mills has truly contributed to me becoming the student-athlete I have become today. From learning and executing the various lift schemes and movements he has taught me to the numerous speeches he has delivered that go deeper and beyond just weight room talk, I know I have dedicated my self to a coach and a program that will stick with me for life. Center Grove has not only allowed me to work on and obtain a diploma, but also a life-long membership to be a Trojan in the School of Strength. Furthermore, Coach Mills has assisted me towards becoming an All-American Football Player, a Two-time Top 50 Performer in Football in the State of Indiana, and the 2015 Indiana Football Defensive Player of the Year. I have many thanks to give to Coach Mills and his program and endless things to carry on and utilize as I go on to continue my football career for the next four to five years at Stanford University. Go Trojans!
10/10Unbelievable 4 Year Experience
By Nathanael Snyder / Greenwood, USA
If you come in with a goal, Coach Mills will help you achieve it. Being a kicker, I need to train quick twitch muscle fibers and be strong as well as flexible. All I had to do was explain my situation to coach mills and he gave me a set of lifts to do. I have seen him do this for different sports all the way down to position specific workouts. For an example, I have seen him give a pitcher a different workout than a first basemen. Coach Mills does not just coach the craft of weightlifting, but he educates on it as well. Walking out of Center Grove high school, I feel like I could open my own gym and educate people on weight lifting because coach mills has educated me so well. I am not the only one, anybody that has been i n his weight room for a year could say the same. I came in Freshman year 5'7 125lbs, I am now 6'1 195lbs. I am bigger, faster, and stronger due to Coach Mills' weight lifting. He has taught me to lift around any nagging aches and pains by just simply switching out the bar and doing the same movement. Coach Mills will help you accomplish any goal you have better and faster than anybody in the county. College coaches all around the country has heard about Coach Mills and his work outs. While I was on my official visit at Army, they asked me how coach mills was doing and talk about how they do his "Kettle Bell Workouts". I had never talked to them about coach Mills prior to my visit. While talking to college coaches about how to train in the spring before coming to their program, they told me to keep doing what I am doing because our weights program is "Awesome, Unbelievable, Miles ahead of what anybody else my age is doing". This is coming from D1 college football coaches. Coach Mills is nationally known and praised for his abilities to teach anybody from 5 years old to 90 years old on how to dominate in the weight room and hbe an expert on what they are doing.
10/10Light Years Ahead of Other Programs
By Greg Noble / Prosper, United States
Our family moved to Texas from the Greenwood, IN this past summer. It has become very apparent as we moved away that the Marty Mills strength and conditioning program is unlike anywhere else. In Texas, football is king yet they don't have the programs like we saw at School of Strength. On Day 1 of Wrestling Season at his new school, my son, who learn how to lift with Coach Mills, set several team records. This is 100% due to the strength (and love of lifting) he developed with Coach Mills. My 5th grade daughter was recently singled out in her gym class. They were doing footwork drills and no one could get it right yet she flew through every one with ease. The teacher called her over to ask where she learned to do that. Her response was "I've been doing this stuff since 2nd grade". He was blown away. I've seen a dramatic improvement in the performance of the High School teams over the years. I acknowledge coaching is a big part of that but I believe that the strength and conditioning program for our athletes has made the greatest impact. I've always known what goes on at the School of Strength was exceptional but I just didn't realize the full depth until we moved away and see that some of the top football programs in the nation are light years behind what Coach Mills is doing in Greenwood. He has taught my kids the proper form from the beginning and built strength using the proper form to make them strong, agile and flexible. Not only that, but because they've learned correctly and have been challenged they enjoy their time in the weight room and push themselves every time. I couldn't provide a higher recommendation for Marty Mills and the School of Strength.

Coach Mills Builds Athletes
By Derek Grimmer / Greenwood, United States
I came into The School of Strength as a skinny little freshman and Coach Mills has turned me into a man. His program teaches you that hard work, dedication, laser-like focus, and trust in coaches takes you where you want to be, whether that be in sports or in life. His program is built for athletes that want to take their game to the next level. I came into his weight room first as a baseball player, where you might think that strength is not as important as other sports. I still 100% bought into his program and lifted the way he said I should and four years later I have meet and exceeded every goal I had when I was younger. After training in his weight room for four years I changed my athletic discipline from baseball to track. The first meet I had I won MIC, one of the biggest and best conferences, and the success has not stopped there. I went on to win county, MIC in both the 100 and 200m races. In these meets I have posted top 5 times in the state of Indiana in my first year running track. These accomplishments would not have even been dreamed about let alone accomplished if I have never meet and learned from Coach Mills. Coach Mills only needs a young man to listen to him and work hard and will turn the young man into a top caliber athlete.
10/10 THE School of Strength
By Amber Perry / Greenwood, USA
Coming into the High School freshman year, I had no idea how much weight lifting would impact my life. Over the years, Mills has taught me how to work harder, train harder, and be more determined than any opponent. He has demonstrated the mentality required to push through any struggle that comes your way. He has taught me the true definition of strength, mentally and physically, and he has also allowed me to become the determined athlete I am today. Without this training I would not have received the awards I have or be capable of playing soccer at the University of Indianapolis this coming fall. I can easily say that several of my accomplishments during my soccer career as a high school student athlete are owed to Marty Mills. I highly recommend all incoming freshman athletes to join the Olympic Weight lifting program. He is a true coach, not only in the weight room, but in life as well.
10/10 School of Strength
By Gavin Everett / Greenwood, United States
The School of Strength program is second to none. The Progress I have made as a weightlifter and an athlete is tremendous. I have been working with Coach Mills for five years and have seen incredible results. Coach Mills has a true passion and love for what he does and it transfers over to his class. Coach Mills teaches lifting the right way and expects perfection out of his students. The program has put me ahead of my competition because of the advanced lifts and knowledge I have gained though this program.
10/10 School of Strength
By Brianna Gliesmann / Greenwood, USA
Becoming a student at Center Grove high school, I never would have imagined to fall in love with the weight lifting program here. With my siblings being involved with the School of Strength in previous years, I knew it was intense and worth the hours of dedication. Without the School of Strength and Coach Mills, I would not be happy with who I have become. He has mentally and physically prepared me for any obstacles, whether it be in the weight room, on the court, or in the real world. Hid dedication and determination to build this program into the best in the country has allowed many to be successful in whatever they choose to do. Without his help, I would not have succeeded in both the weight room and on the basketball court. Mills and his program has made a lasting impact and I will take this with me to Rose-Hulman to further my education and basketball career.
10/10 School of Strength
By Keith Sears / Greenwood, United States
Ever since 8th grade I've been training with Coach Mills. Training and lifting here at Center Grove High School has really helped me grow as an athlete as well as a person. I have found out new things about myself and accomplished things I never thought I could thanks to Coach Mills and The School of Strength program. A huge part of what I was able to accomplish on the football field was because of Coach Mills and the many 7 AM lifting sessions I had here. It was a great experience training and lifting at Center Grove High School and I will never forget it.
10/10 True Athleticism
By Ali Line / Greenwood, USA
Entering high school, I would have considered myself pretty athletic. However, I was a 6 foot tall girl with zero strength and explosiveness. I would definitely say these past four years with Coach Mills have made me the healthy, strong, explosive division one volleyball athlete I am today. Without his training, I would not be able to quick, jump as high, or out last my opponents. I owe a large majority of my success to what I learned in the School of Strength. Not only physically, but mentally. Coach Mills constantly promotes hard work and the way it pays off. I have learned that the only thing we deserve in this world is what we earn, and I can accomplish anything with just determination and truly wanting it. I cannot thank Coach Mills enough for what he has given me these past four years. He has showed me what it's like to be a true athlete. I know I am going to Illinois State extremely prepared for the intensity of division one volleyball.
10/10 Hard Work Pays Off
By Hannah Irish / Greenwood, USA
Ever since I started high school I have taken weights. Mills has taught me to never let myself down. Every day its the hard work that counts. You'll never get the results you want if you don't prepare yourself to take all the steps necessary. Over the years I saw weights as a class I enjoyed to take because I love to workout, but now it's so much more than that. Especially in the past two years, I have grown to accustom my life to achieve my personal goals in regards to my athletic ability. Mills always reminds us that training is just part of it. In order to really improve you need to change your whole life: sleep more, eat right, train regularly and do whatever it takes. Mills has inspired me to be my best. When it comes down to it, you need to compete with yourself more than anyone, and try to beat everyone else in the process. I've never had a trainer that pushes me harder than Mills or encourages me to work as hard as he does. He loves his job and his students. Anyone would be lucky to take this class.
10/10 A Complete Transformation
By Tori Long / Greenwood, USA
My physical transformation from freshman to senior year is largely attributed to the four years of weights class I took with Coach Mills. I still remember my very first freshman kettle bell session, when I was completely clueless and had to start with the lowest weight. I have progressed to a division I athlete now, running track for Davidson College, with a myriad of lifting skills and techniques to accompany me. My college coach was impressed with my weights knowledge, and commented how not many high school athletes have the exposure that I have had with Coach Mills. Not only has he helped me greatly increase my muscular strength, but my mental strength too. The pre-workout pep talks from Coach Mills are infamous, never lacking in energy or motivation. He always pushes us to be the best we can be, coaching and motivating us along the way. Without a doubt, Coach Mill's passion and spirit for lifting and making young athletes optimize their abilities is contagious. All of us upperclassmen have grown to adopt the same mentalities of focused, smart, hard work in the weight room to work towards a new max or goal. My passion for fitness as well has become a huge part of my life thanks to Coach Mills' program and attitude. I wouldn't be the athlete I am today without the experience his program and encouragement have given me.
10/10 School of Strength
By Kaitlyn Huntzinger / Greenwood, USA
I started weightlifting because I was planning on playing volleyball in high school. I played my freshman year but fell in love with lifting at the same time. Outside of school, I am an archer so I my upper body was pretty well developed, but my lower body needed more work. Mills worked with me all of the time, advancing my upper body and power moves skills and helped me figure out ways to develop my lower body. Mills is easy to approach and helps me in many aspects of my life. His words and pep talks at the beginning of the class inspired me to not only work hard but also better my character. I wanted to be a lifter that Mills adored but at the same time a person he respected and cared for. Over the years, Mills has become my most memorable and helpful teacher. I don't know what I would have done in high school without his lifting class. I am confident and comfortable with the future. I know that Mills has equipped me with skills and techniques that I can use later on in my life. He's the best role model and a perfect father figure. Mills recognizes everyone's talents and does not exclude people because they are too tall or not fast enough. He loves all of his students and CG is a better place because of him.
10/10 School of Strength 2015
By Jacob Leachman / Greenwood, Johnson
I came into School of Strength four years ago with the intentions of getting bigger and stronger for Football and I accomplished both of those goals. Coach Mills gave me more than physical training by training me mentally. He would encourage time and time again to push past what hurt and reach your goals. I am now a Senior about to graduate in May, and I have taken away many concepts that I can use later on in my own life. Next year at Franklin College, I have decided to Minor in Fitness with my Major being Exercise Science; and I would certainly agree that Mills has had an influence on me for the road ahead. I plan to continue training with him for many years to come and maintain a healthy lifestyle, because that is what this program has to offer.
10/10 School of Strength
By Logan Tharpe / Greenwood, USA
There is no better strength training than what the School of Strength offers. I have been apart of this incredible program for four years, and through these four years my body has gone through amazing change in both physical and mental strength. Two years ago my body took a major blow after tearing my ACL twice, my meniscus, and MCL. After a year of rehab and training with coach Mills my body was stronger than it had ever been. Since then, I have kept training with coach Mills and I have only continue to shape my body into what I need and want it to be. There is no greater motivation than walking through the doors at the School of Strength. If you wish to pursue the physical and mental strength you've dreamed of, this is the place to be.
10/10 School of Strenght
By Mallory Burnett / Greenwood, USA
For the last ten years I have been a competitive jump roper nationally and internationally. Two years ago I joined the School of Strength and my performance and strength as a jumper improved in all aspects. Up until then, I had never been all that successful in international competitions. The following summer at World Jump Rope, I won my first trophy in eight years. After continuing to lift with Coach Mills, I progressively got stronger and gained more endurance. The next World Jump Rope that I competed at, I was a Grand World Champion in two events. Over the last two years, Coach Mills has showed my a way that I can be strong and fit for the rest of my life, and has inspired me to teach that to others.
10/10 School of Strength Review
By Katie Kavanaugh / Greenwood, USA
I have been part of the School of Strength for the past four years. Throughout these years, I have had two major injuries that have impacted me as an athlete both physically and mentally. I have torn my ACL twice throughout my high school career. Without the training of Mill's, I would have never bounced back from these injuries. He has made me stronger on and off the field. Over the past four years, I have gained the knowledge to create my own workouts and stay physically fit for the rest of my life. His focus on technique has prevented other injuries and has proved that perfect form is the key to becoming stronger. Because of Mill's, I will be furthering my soccer career at Franklin College. Without his encouragement and willing to help me succeed, I would not be the athlete that I am today.
10/10 School of Strength
By Caroline Sheehan / Greenwood, USA
I have been a part of the School of Strength for four years now. I would not be the athlete I am today if it weren't for Coach Mills and his training. Over the past four years he has shaped me into a physically and mentally tough athlete. As a swimmer, physical strength outside of the pool is the key to success. My swimming has benefited greatly from his training style. I plan on swimming in college and I wouldn't be as prepared if it weren't for the School of Strength. I am confident that I will succeed at the next level because of the solid base of strength that I have developed over the past four years.
10/10 School of Strength
By Brandi Heath / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is a great motivator and is very determined to make sure he has the best performing athletes around. Having him as my strength coach for the past four years has really helped. In softball it obviously helps to have the muscle but the thing I learned the most from mills is to have the mental strength and overcome any obstacles that arise by pushing myself to give 100 percent all the time. Coach Mills always has a way to lift even when your injured, sore, or competing the next day. I have always been able to lift even on days I am so tired I cant do homework. I want to thank Coach Mills for giving me exercises I can use the rest of my life. One thing I think that personally separates Mills from other coaches is his desire to achieve greatness for every athlete in the school not just one sport.
10/10 School of Strength Senior review
By Max Norrus / Greenwood, United States Of America
Coach Mills has made me the man I am in the weight room today.I first came to him my freshman year I could not even go to 90 degrees on my squat. I am not touching my butt to my calf. He constantly pushed me and coached me on my squat. Also he has helped me on my deadlift and bench. His speeches before weight training starts truly motivates me and is a dose of reality. He is extremely knowledgably about weight training. Coach Mills is a real man. He tells us what we need to work on and helps us. He is a great coach and one day I hope I can be as mentally strong as him.
10/10 Turning boys into men
By Trevor Johnson / Greenwood, USA
Coach Mills turned me into a top of the line varsity athlete throughout the four years I have been in his program. When I started his program as a freshman, I weighed about 95 pounds and had no knowledge of how to perform a lift. Over the years, he formed me into a varsity wrestler and a responsible man. His workouts helped me perform to my maximum ability on the mat and in his classroom with his emphasis on technique. With his help, he has prepared me for the military and helped me recover from my surgery. Without his help I wouldn't be where I'm at today. Not only is Coach Mills a top of the line coach but he is a top of line mentor.
10/10 Confidence Build With Physical Build
By Jackie Rizzi / Greenwood, United States of America
Marty Mills has impacted multiple athletes and adults who come to his coaching. Coach Mills has a unique way of showing others how to build stronger muscles as well as morals. He does a fantastic job of helping anyone from a beginner's level to an elite level. No training coach is "perfect," but Coach Mills is at the line of being a perfect trainer. He works with every individual who strives to be stronger on a daily basis. His goals are not only to make one stronger as an athlete, but he builds mental toughness and confidence. Coach Mills provides a great environment for all athletes and others who plan to grow stronger as people. If you want to succeed and grow stronger as an individual mentally and physically, Coach Mills is the way to go.
10/10 Toughness
By Chase Miller / Greenwood, U.S.A
Anyone who has had Coach Mills as an instructor can tell you about how he can make you bigger and stronger, and I can attest to that too. His coaching helped me burn off 30 pounds of fat in one school year. I came in as a freshman weighing 140 pounds, and leaving his program as a second semester senior I weigh 190. And everyone knows that he can make you a perfect technical lifter, with kettlebells or Olympic lifts. But I feel that one of the most underrated aspects of what he does is teaching toughness. He encourages his students to push through their physical pain, to keep going, to persevere . And that is more than him trying to make them physical better, he is teaching his students how to be mentally tough. I truly believe that he wants the best for all of his students, and that is beyond just achievements on the sports field. I think he wants to prepare his students to be physically strong enough and mentally tough enough to take on whatever challenges will face them throughout their life. This is more than a job to Coach Mills, this is his second family, his passion is to create champions. He doesn't ask for natural skill or ability, all he wants is that you respect his system, and come in every day willing to work hard and get better. He is more than a training Coach. He is passionate about what he believes and is dedicated to the betterment of everyone who walks through his door.
10/10 Review
By Grant Stapleton / Greenwood, United States of America
I would rate my experience higher if I could. The School of Strength with Coach Mills by far the best way to work out period. No program can even come close to the level that this program. It is run by the best instructors that influence strength that is taught with safety and expertise. With the time that I have spent working out in the School of Strength program, I found strength gains to come rapidly and to a level that I personally did not think was achievable. The School of Strength will get any one of any level to reach any goal that they wish if they want that goal enough.
10/10 2015
By Rachel Scheele / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has been a major positive influence on the past four years of my life. Through athletics and soccer specifically, Mills has helped me to push myself to new limits. He is also always there if I ever have a question and is most definitely there to push each and everyone of us during the finisher to make sure we give it all we've got. Of course these past four years I have gotten much stronger, but I have also become more tough and mentally strong. The speeches Mills gives his classes before we lift have a greater effect on me than he could imagine. Especially during soccer season, his pep talks gave me the desire to push myself all the way through soccer practice. The way he talks about winning influenced me more than ever to work so hard that there could be no excuses for losing. Apart from athletics Mills has also taught me how to live a healthy life and in general to put my heart into everything work for. He has taught me if I want to achieve anything I have to wake up every morning with the drive to succeed. Because of Coach Mills I am leaving this high school stronger and more determined than ever.
10/10 Not Just Weight Room...
By Clarice Bishop / Greenwood, United States
From in-school training with varsity athletes to after-school training with the family, Marty Mills is the most motivational instructor I have ever had the privilege of learning from. As a graduating senior, I have lifted with Coach Mills for four years and will continue to lift with as long as I possibly can. I started lifting with Coach Mills the summer before my freshman year. In just a matter of weeks, I could tell how much stronger I was getting. Not just from a physical stand point but a mental one as well. Weight lifting isn't just about the amount of weight you can lift, it's about how you push yourself mentally. I would not have learned that without Coach Mills. Mental toughness is one of the main goals that he stresses about each day in his class. Apart from student lifting, after-school boot camp is for the entire family. He teaches classes for elementary/middle school kids and then right after he'll have another class for the whole family to achieve their fitness goal. After-school boot camp has every dimension that is a perfect fit for everyone that enters the room. Every time you walk in, there is an opportunity to focus on a different muscle group and or focus on body density. With every lift he also explains how to focus on bettering your technique or achieving your new max. Boot camp is the perfect opportunity to better yourself and your body. Coach Mills is the best teacher, motivator, and instructor for every person, no matter what the goal is.
10/10 Best Instructor I Have Ever Had!
By Anderson McCoy / Greenwood, United States
I've had Coach Mills for the past four years of my high school career, and he's helped me tremendously. He has taught/showed me the right lifts to do, and using the correct motion. Not only has he helped me with getting stronger in the weight room, but he's helped me with my athletic performance. I play basketball, and I have become more explosive and his class has helped me with my athleticism. He is a great teacher and an great motivator!!!
10/10 School Of Strength
By Mike Benkert / Greenwood, USA
Ive been lifting ever since I started high school and all 4 years have been under Coach Mills. man, he's been like the dad I never had, always pushing me and give me advice, in the weight room, but also in life. because of the progress I made in the weigh room, It gave me the ability to earn a scholarship in basketball at the next level. Coach Mills is hands down best coach in the nation
10/10 coach mills
By jessica norris / greenwood, US
I have been part of the school of strength program for 4 years. Coach mills is the best trainer/coach I have ever had. he is so dedicated to helping every athlete excel in their sport. He has prepared me for the next level.
10/10 Coach Mills
By Regan Wentland / Greenwood, USA
I remember the first day I stepped foot in the weight room as a young, weak freshman. I was lucky if I could even lift the pink kettle bell. I had resorted to using kettle bells that were maybe 10 pounds, if that. Through Coach Mills's drive and passion for lifting he has inspired me to become a stronger more confident athlete. Coach Mill's passion, I believe has prepared me for my next athletic experience at the next level. I truly believe that Coach Mills is a dedicated person who cares a lot for his students and the people he is surrounded by. Because of him, I feel like I am a better all around person.
10/10 Elite.
By Alec Leiter / Greenwood, USA
I believe Coach Mills is truly the most dedicated trainer and coach in the state. Any other school program at any level would want him as their coach, but he has chosen to stay in Center Grove, and that says a lot about the kind of man he is. Not only has he taught me how to stay a healthy and active person, but he has also shown me the power of dedication and hard work and the results that come with it. A couple years ago, I was still a skinny, tall, awkward basketball player. But through the school of strength I was able to gain 30 pounds of muscle, which improved my ability to compete with players in the MIC. I also learned to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, and its that little extra that can make the difference. I truly believe Coach Mills has changed my life, and I will always remember the brutal finishers he puts us through.
10/10 #1 in the WORLD
By Ethan Carpenter / Greenwood, USA
I've been lifting at The School of Strength since I was in 8th grade. When I first started, I lifted simply because my basketball coaches required it. As I grew and matured, however, I realized the true meaning behind this program. My goal became to squeeze every ounce of perfection I could every single lifting class. Coach Mills helped light a fire inside of me that pushed me towards getting in the best shape of my life. Since sophomore year, I have lost about 70 pounds and I can't thank Coach Mills enough for his daily dedication he has displayed. I will remember this for the rest of my life.
10/10 School of Stregth Senior Review
By Nathaniel Coy / Greenwood, USA
I have been lifting and working out in the school of strength program since the summer before my freshman year, and to say that I have completely changed since then would be an understatement. Everyday I come in and the atmosphere and program is built to make you succeed and grow athletically to help you no matter what sport you play. I am a baseball player and the impact this program has made on my ability to play at a higher level is incredible. There isn't another school or program like this in the country. All of the athletes here are extremely lucky to have been instructed by such a great leader as Coach Mills. He truly cares about each individual and wants to help them succeed in all areas. He brings a kind of energy and passion that makes you work harder and have the mindset of a champion. Without the school of strength and Coach mills I wouldn't be as successful of a baseball player or a person and I am truly grateful.
10/10 Marty Mills
By Abby Braida / Greenwood, United States
Being in weights for four years throughout my high school experience has significantly improved not only my physical strength but my mental strength as well. I can not thank Mills enough for teaching me what true dedication and persistence can help you achieve. I have been able to push myself more then I ever thought I could. I will take everything I have learned with me for the rest of my life. He will continue to positively impact many more lives doing what he loves.
10/10 School of Strength
By Gabrielle Castor / Greenwood, United States
The school of strength is something I've been a part of for the past five years, and has had a huge impact on me. Being a swimmer, my performance is highly impacted by strength. I have gained so much muscle from weightlifting and my attitude towards performing has heightened. My work ethic improved and I have learned techniques that I can use the rest of my life. Although I am not swimming in college, I can use my knowledge of weightlifting to stay strong.
10/10 The Legend
By matt combs / Greenwood, United States
Coming in freshman year I had heard things about the weight room and how crazy the instructor is and the intensity of his class. When I first met mr. mills I was scared cause I thought he was pick me up and throw me across the room, but the more and more I got to know him my thoughts about him quickly changed. I soon realized how he wants the best for every student that he has and teaches you how to have a healthy lifestyle and how to work hard. He brings his A game to the table every single day and doesn't short you on anything. if you're barely working he will call you out and that's what I love about this class. I couldn't thank him enough for teaching me life- long lessons that I plan on carrying over to college.
10/10 Noone compares
By Lucas Hays / Greenwood, United States
since the 7th grade I have came into the weight room here at center grove and I have seen just about every personality of Coach Mills. Some days you can walk in and he is happy as can be, and other days you walk in and think that someone had just stolen his protein. no matter what kind of mood he is in he is always in here to help us athletes become better in our lives and in our sport. I couldn't share one specific quote that I have heard in the weight room because everyday there is a new and more motivating speech to be heard. I will be returning here just to visit coach mills until the man retires.
10/10 Best Coach in the Country
By Hanna Johnson / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is an inspiration to all of his students not only through his style of coaching but also through example. Coach Mills has completely transformed my life. Before I started lifting with coach Mills I was a 100 pound athlete easily out muscled by opponents on the soccer field. After just two years of lifting under Coach Mills' teaching, I became a 145 pound athlete that wants to pursue a career as a strength and conditioning coach. I am headed to continue athletics at a division one school because of my strength, all thanks to coach Mills. I have been coached by dozens of coaches, but Coach Mills is without a doubt the most influential coach I have ever trained under. He has given me a different mindset on athletics and pushed me to be undeniable. He has taught me that no matter what, no matter how tired you are, no matter how done your body might feel, you NEVER stop fighting. When you've reached a point of exhaustion and you feel like you simply can't give any more, that's the moment you push past your limits and that's the moment that makes champions, the athletes that give more than 110% because a number can't possibly amount for the fight they have in them. Coach Mills is the most inspiring, influential, and life changing coach I have ever had. To me, there is no other coach that could match the drive and passion that Coach Mills brings into the weight room every day. Coach Mills is without a doubt the best coach anyone could ever train with.
10/10 CG Strength
By Nathan Sauer / Greenwood, United States
These past four years at the school of strength helped me excel both on the field and in the classroom. Coach Mills has taught us that strength is both beneficial in the physical aspect and also the mental aspect. My focus during strength training has helped me maintain focus in the classroom. Of all my teachers, regardless of subject, Mills has been the most dedicated.
10/10 School of Strength
By Case Wellington / Greenwood, United States
Throughout my years in high school, I have never learned so much in a class. I have benefitted both mentally and physically from School of Strength and I will carry my new knowledge with me through the rest of my life, and hopefully someday I can pass it on. Coach Mills has taught me both dedication and hard work and to me that is a priceless reward of this program.
10/10 Influential Coach
By Alexis Arnes / Greenwood, United States
Over the past four years, Coach Mills has been a very influential factor in my life. He is not only a great coach, but a great motivator, mentor, and person. He has not only helped me grow and get stronger, but has taught me very important lessons that I can take with me the rest of my life. I enjoy coming to class everyday because this is a class that does not prepare you to fail. Everyday Coach Mills sets you up for success. Whether it is a motivational speech or a quick pump up talk, Mills always prepares his athletes for a great day of training. As a senior that is getting ready to leave the high school, I will miss coming to class and hearing these speeches that have taught me so much and the opportunity to train everyday during school. But, Mills has taught me how to train and have a well rounded workout even if I am not in the weight room with him. I will take this and other lessons he has taught me and use them the rest of my life. I have been very blessed to get to know Coach Mills and think everyone should take advantage of his program and what he has to offer.
10/10 School of Strength Helps Everyone
By Brittnee Gilbert / Mooresville, USA
For four years I've been apart of the School of Strength at Center Grove High School. In those four years I've not only became a better athlete working with Coach Mills, but I've learned valuable lessons to help me in life and develop my character. What I love about the strength program in school is there is a trust between Mills and the athletes that we will put in the work and push ourselves each day. At Center Grove we are expected to work hard and with Mills' motivation you feel responsible to yourself and team and community to give it your all whenever working out. Days when you may feel tired, it doesn't matter because you come into the weight room and realize there is no room for slacking off. Mills has constantly reiterated that in life you're always competing and should work as if your competitor is always watching. Be prepared before the competition so you know going into it that no one has worked harder than you have to win. Next year I will be attending The University of Memphis to play soccer on scholarship. There's no doubt that being apart of the school of strength has helped me get to where I am today and I know that in the off season for college I'll always be welcome back to continue growing as an athlete and person.
10/10 Making me who I am today
By Devon Hensley / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has truly changed my life forever. As a freshman I never thought of the things that coach has allowed me to do with my life. Whether it be on the football or baseball fields or as a man in the real world. He has made into the athlete I am today and because of him and his strength program I am now on an athletic scholarship to play college baseball and I really do believe that if I didn't have mills that I wouldn't have this opportunity. As a man he has taught me so much outside of strength and conditioning. He preaches discipline and work ethic. Now I truly think I can do anything with my life because of his teaching.
10/10 Kettlebells Over All
By Cole Fresher / Greenwood, United States
Coming into high school I weighed about 160 pounds, and four years later with excellent instruction from Coach Mills I have gained about 40 pounds of muscle and feel better than ever. The thing that sets Coach Mills apart is how he manages to give life lessons along with his strength coaching. In his instruction everyday we will add a life lesson or two that you can use forever. As a strength coach he can take any person and turn them into a hardworking, strong human being and not anyone has that ability. He is the best high school instructor in the USA hands down.
10/10 The Most Dedicated Lifting Instructor
By Derek Butler / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has turned me into a man. I came in a freshman who was tiny, and did not have a hardworking mentality. Mills' program for the football team is intense, and the program has lead us to have success for many years in a row. With Mills being the lifting instructor at our school there will always be success. Every sport he trains has success, and he makes the program simple but challenging for everyone. Everyone who takes the training he provides seriously knows how to work hard with everything they do in life. We all respect him.
10/10 Life-Changing Experience
By Zach Hart / Greenwood, USA
The most important thing for any individual to know before they enter the weight room at Center Grove is that they will exit a changed individual. Our instructor, Coach Mills, is a wondrous man that pushes you to your maximum limits. Complacency does not exist in the environment he has established over the years, and it is in that area that I have personally learned the most from him. Greatness is not just achieved by winning, it comes from you performing at your absolute potential and crushing your competition. In here you will outwork your competition and be pushed by every individual. If anyone leaves this room the same, either in size or in mentality, then it is their own fault for not taking in the excellence that is being offered. I truly believe I would not be near the athlete I am right now if it wasn't for Coach Mills. He has pushed me in ways I can't describe. He's helped me establish goals that I never thought in my wildest dreams I would have, and now I'm knocking on the doorsteps of accomplishing them. To be entirely honest, I quote the man a lot because I believe in him and all that he has to say. His passion and intensity is unmatched by any other person I have ever met. This is truly a remarkable situation, with a truly remarkable man leading the way.
10/10 Senior 2015
By Adam Meredith / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is an amazing instructor, and motivator. He not only teaches great technique, but he also pushes you to new levels.
10/10 Without Struggle, There Can Be No Progress
By Abigail Belton / Greenwood, USA
I was raised and brought up in the Center Grove Community, always involved in school affiliated sports. I started Center Grove Aquatic Club when I was eight. Our workout consisted of running, body weight movements and then swimming. As I grew with skill and age, I began training in the weight room. I began with lightweight kettle bells, learning the basic movements-- squat, press, pull, and hinges. I worked every Tuesday and Thursday until I built my strength. I continued to persevere to be the best I could be. When I reached high school, I joined the Girls Swimming & Diving Team. Throughout my four years at the high school, I had shattered a major bone in my foot, requiring to have surgery along with a bone graph. I struggled with flexibility and strength in my right ankle and foot, having to have three surgeries in high school. While laid up with strict no weight bearing instructions and a cast, I continued to go to the weight room. Coach Mills would grab me a chair and some light kettle bells to maintain my upper body strength, while my lower body was healing. After two years of therapy, I am fully recovered and still continue to be the best I can be. Without Coach Mills emotional support, I would not have been able to further my physical well being, while being injured. I am 18 years old, 5'2", and 120 lbs. and am able to do 15 pull-ups, squat 210 lbs., bench 135 lbs., and deadlift 210 lbs. for 10 reps. Coach Mills focuses on all over body strength, but maintaining physical health. He insists on healthy diets, proper sleep, and positive mental attitude. Coach Mills loves his students that persevere from minor setbacks and become better physically and mentally. Many athletes have encountered a physical injury that ruined their season or preparation, limiting their ability to perform their best. Coach Mills teaches us to train our healthy body and never settle for anything less. He is an amazing coach that not only pushes us to be the best physically , but to be great people in our school and community.
10/10 School of Strength 2015
By Abbey Pratt / Greenwood, United States of America
Coach Mills has influenced me to become a better athlete both physically and mentally. In the weight room, Coach Mills pushes me to have the best technique to lift heavy. During the off season, he works our butts off with various workouts. There is always another lift that will help all athlete's performances. I trust Coach Mills will create the perfect workout that will strength me. Even if I am in softball season, he has worked with me to become better. Coach Mills has helped mentally with my performance on the field and in the weight room. Before class, he will get fired up and make us pumped up to lift. Coach Mills always preaches that if you want to be the best you have to train like the best. Other schools don't train like us. You have to work harder than your opponent. He installed in me to be competitive and have the drive to be successful. Thank you Coach Mills for the positive influence you have had on me the past four years.
10/10 Coach Mills
By George Kopetsky / Greenwood, USA
Coach Mills has given me an amazing lifting experience over the past 4 years and made me show more progress than any other lifting coach or lifting program could. When I started as a small freshmen Coach worked with everyone to improve form and technique. Mills helped me along the way to improve lifts and become stronger than I could on my own.
10/10 School of Strength Senior Review
By Austin Crowder / Greenwood, United States
Being in Coach Mills' weightlifting program over the past four years has been an awesome experience. It is truly inspiring to be around a coach, or a person, that is so passionate and cares so much about what they do. Being in this program, not only do you get much stronger physically, you also become much stronger mentally. It goes way further than lifting weights. Coach Mills teaches you to become a champion, and give your absolute best at everything you do, and he won't tolerate anything less. Because of this, I have been able to set many goals, a couple of them being that I am the individual MIC champion golfer, and I have the opportunity to play golf at the collegiate level. Being a part of this program and being around Coach Mills has benefitted me throughout my four years at Center Grove and will continue to benefit me for the rest of my life.
10/10 School of Strength Review
By Trey Bauer / Greenwood, United States of America
Coach Mill's School of Strength has made me not only stronger physically, but mentally as well. He teaches a program that benefits all different sports and activities as well as good character. During my high school time lifting with Coach Mills I have increased my vertical substantially and has led me to jump higher and hit the volleyball harder than I ever thought I could. This program that I have had the opportunity to be apart of throughout high school will help me in my future military career by being one of the strongest guys there. I will carry this program with me to college where I am possibly going to continue playing volleyball.
10/10 School of Strength
By Conner Andersen / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has helped me become a better athlete and person through teaching morals that apply to both the weight room and life. Lifting has helped my tennis abilities and has allowed me to continue my tennis career at the next level. I feel like I have gained physical and mental knowledge of how to live an effective life because of Coach Mills.
10/10 School of Strength Senior Review
By Chase Bettner / Greenwood, United States
Being a competitive high school swimmer, my time in the weight room is extremely important. Coach Mills has been instrumental in my performance both in and out of the pool, as he has made me a stronger person both in body and in spirit. The atmosphere in the CGHS weight room is phenomenal. Coach Mills teaches not only sound weightlifting techniques and exercises, but he instructs his students on how to live an effective life full of purpose and drive. I genuinely believe he is the best weightlifting coach in the country, and his program is one of the best. If I am ever having a bad day, coming to weights always brightens my mood. I look forward to class each and every day, as I feel like I am becoming a stronger athlete and person. CGHS weightlifting is hands-down some of the best in the country and I have been so blessed to have been coached by a man of such integrity and expertise as Marty Mills.
10/10 More than just Weight Lifting/ '15
By Taylor Pennington / Greenwood, USA
The first time I came into the weight room I was an 8th grader getting ready for my freshman year of Center Grove Basketball and was instantly intimidated by the intensity and high level standards Mills had set for each and every one of us. I came into the 8 am morning workouts everyday that summer and developed more than just stronger muscles and a healthier lifestyle, I developed a great relationship with easily the greatest lifting coach there is. Since my freshman year, I quit basketball to focus year round on high jumping. With the help of Mills I was able to get stronger and earn myself 2 state medals, a broken school record, and many conference championships. I owe all my success to him because without his help I wouldn't have been able to achieve these goals of mine. He set his goals for me very high and with hard work, I was able to reach them. The motivation he instills in you is something that will make anyone want to change their life style for the better-not to just get stronger. To me, Mills weight lifting periods is more than just weight lifting. Its about building a name for yourself and earning everything you get and not just having it handed to you. Character is something that he's drilled in our head from day one, and getting us to reach our fullest potential is his number one goal. His standards are the highest out of anyone's I know but everyone tries to meet them because he wants us to be the best we can be, more than some of us think we're capable of. With his weight program, I've been able to get strong enough to improve as a high jumper, learn life lessons that I will never forget, and have the opportunity to have my favorite teacher for four years in a row. As I leave for college in a few years to continue my athletic and academic career at IU, I will really miss getting to see Mills everyday and miss his good "lectures" about how we can always do something more to make ourselves better and remember good habits for a healthy life just beyond high school.
10/10 School of Strength
By Joshua Wright / Greenwood, United States of America
I started lifting towards the end of 8th grade in 2011 at the weight of 145 lbs. I now weigh 205 pounds, and I have cut away almost all of my excess fat. The only reason I have been able to achieve these goals is Coach Mills always pushing me to get stronger and healthier. No other classroom in this school provides the motivation to better myself like weight training does. This class and Coach Mills don't get the credit they deserve. unlike most, Coach Mills takes individual care of each one of his students every time they step into the weight room from freshman year until they graduate. No other class allows this amount of dedication to be demonstrated by a teacher, and Coach Mills never abandons an opportunity to dedicate himself to the program or to his students. He has made each and every one of us his family. This is what separates Coach Mills from the rest of the teachers and coaches I have encountered.
10/10 Lifting for life lessons
By Brock Exline / Greenwood, United States
when I first entered the weightroom freshman year I was deathly afraid of it. sweatmarks everywhere. Behemoths of men storming the room in what seemed like fury and rage. After four years of coming to this weightroom everyday I have learned through coach mills that what i was first afraid of, hard work, is now something to embrace in every aspect of life. Coach Mills showed me how to become a man, not only physically, but also mentally.Because of Mills, I was able to achieve my dream of playing divison 1 soccer at Stetson University. He made me faster and bulkier in preparation for the college level, where you play against full grown men. because of mills I know I am ready for the next level. Thanks mills for being a mentor and the best teacher ive ever had.
10/10 Training for Perfection
By Austin Smogor / Greenwood, United States
When I first stepped foot in the Center Grove weight room as an eighth grader, I wasn't sure what to expect. We first started training our technique and slowly moving up in weight. Through football season Mills always stressed hard work on every rep, because that is how life is. Staying dedicated and working hard will bring success in everything you do. As, my final days at Center Grove pass by, there isn't a teacher I couldn't thank more than Coach Mills. Some people may say he is just a scary, extremely muscular weight coach, but he taught me more than just weight lifting. Mills taught me life lessons I will keep with me for the rest of my life. Whether its on the football field, in the classroom, or just working I will always give all my effort because that is what Mills trained me to do. Mills not only formed me to become a great athlete and prepare me for college football, he also prepared my mind for the real world, and how to face hard decisions as they are presented to me.
10/10 School of Strength
By Trevor Floyd / Greenwood, USA
I came into this weight room in eighth grade not knowing hardly anything about lifting or training. In a few short months, I was executing techniques from power cleans to get-ups. Coach Mills is a master technician that transformed me into a varsity athlete. His program is elite and allows Center Grove athletes to perform at the highest level. I wouldn't want to be under any other strength coach in the United States.
10/10 Coach Mills the Greatest Coach Ever
By Ryan Peters / Greenwood, United States of America
I started lifting my freshman year of high school. I am now a senior. When I first started I weighed 130 pounds and now I weigh 185 pounds. Coach Mills has done more than just make me stronger. He has provided motivation, life lessons, and so much more. He isn't just a teacher or coach. He is a huge role model and mentor of mine. The lessons he teaches can't be received in a regular class room. He teaches young people how to be better people that other will look up to. I really can't put it into word on what Coach Mills has done for me. Now more back towards the weightlifting side of things. I am a competitive Olympic Weightlifter. When I first started I could Snatch 50kg (110 pounds) now I can snatch 110kg (242 pound). I used to be able clean and jerk 70kg (154 pounds) I can now clean an jerk 145kg (320 pounds). All of this was due my Olympic coache's and Coach Mill['s guidance and help. Coach Mills is one of my biggest role models in my life.
10/10 School Of Strength 2015
By Olivia Adams / Greenwood, United States of America
I have been lifting every semester since my freshman year. (I am a senior) I scheduled certain classes over the summer so I would have room to lift with Coach Mills. At the beginning of freshman year, I was afraid of Coach Mills because he was so energetic and intense about everything in this room. He was passionate, and as soon as I realized that, it made me want to work harder and harder every single time I was in here. He made me a better athlete and person. Freshman year, I weighed 95 pounds, but by the end of sophomore year, I weighed 135 pounds. I grew stronger and was sore after working hard in places I did not know were muscles. My soccer game has improved so much since coming into the weight room and lifting. I have gotten stronger and bigger and more athletic just by working everyday little by little. Nobody can knock me down anymore and I win all 50 / 50 balls in the air because I am stronger than all of the other girls that I play against. He has also made me a better person. Last semester, he told our class about making daily goals and writing them down for the day. Everyday since then I have made those goals and I have accomplished most of them. Making goals and never giving up on your dreams is something he thrives off of. I have dreams and life goals that I intend on completing, whether it is for sports or for my future with a career. Coach Mills is my favorite teacher / coach ever. He is so passionate about what he does in and out of the weight room and he does not let anyone talk bad about his dreams, because they are his dreams, and not anyone else's. He has made me tougher, both physically and mentally. He is a great mentor and a great coach and a great person. My favorite quote of his is, "The only thing that you deserve is what you earn."
10/10 School of Strength 2015
By Lily Price / Greenwood, USA
The summer before my freshman year was the first time I ever stepped into the School of Strength. I remember walking into the weight room after I had just heard Mills screaming at the football team and thinking that he was going to be the most intimidating person ever. Since then, I have come to know Mills on a personal level and being a part of his class has taught me how to be a better athlete and all around person. During the 3 years that I was a part of the volleyball team, he helped me improve my speed, agility and vertical, which are all important aspects of volleyball. On a completely different note, he also helped me improve my strength and ability as a competitive cheerleader. Being one of the most dangerous sports, recognized or not, the School of Strength and Mill's teaching strategies allowed me to excel in tumbling and stunting without serious injury and also allowed me to keep people safe during stunts. During my 4 years as a student involved in the School of Strength, Marty Mills has easily become one of my most influential high school teachers. The environment he provides allows students to not only grow as athletes, but also as people.
10/10 School of Strength 2015
By Carly Pugliese / Greenwood, USA
I first started lifting with Coach Mills the summer before my freshman year. I was getting ready for the upcoming volleyball season. I had come from a small, private school where we didn't have a lifting program. This transition helped me gain the strength I needed for my sport. In volleyball, as a defensive specialist, you have to be quick and powerful. Mills taught me the harder you work in the weight room, the more it will show on the court. By the end of my freshman season, I was noticeably stronger and more explosive on the volleyball court. I continued to lift with Coach Mills throughout high school, even after my volleyball career ended. He taught me what it means to truly push myself and I can say this is the, "greatest lifting program in the world."
10/10 Senior '15 "School of Strength"
By Ali Scott / Greenwood, United States of America
Coach Mills has been the most influential teacher that I have had so far. I have been apart of CG's School of Strength for four years now, and I have learned how to take care of myself so that I may remain healthy as I get older. I was able to have the endurance to play many volleyball games throughout the week, then was able to perform a 20 minute show for choir two times that weekend with no troubles each and every week for the past two years. I have gained 25 pounds in muscle, this year alone, which is hard for a high school girl to be able to do, let alone maintain. Mills has helped me to love working out. It is not only good for my health, but is also good for me mentally. I am able to talk myself into any workout now because I have seen the positive results that working out has on my body. Due to his intense workouts followed by great finishers I am able to say that I am in love with my body and honestly what high school girl can say that? Well I can, and that makes me proud because with his dedication and my fuel to be the best I can be, Mills has helped me obtain the goal to look good and feel comfortable in my own skin. I love how strong I am and the feeling that I have after every workout is a feeling of success, because I know that I have overcome that breaking point, mentally and physically, in wanting to give up when something is difficult. I have Coach Mills to thank for that drive in which I have carried with me since I began summer workouts with him before my freshman year. I could talk all day about how motivational his speeches are at the beginning of each class, because he says the funniest phrases to help us understand his passion for working out. Seeing him light up about lifting, makes me want to work out even harder to make him happy and show him how much I appreciate having him and his coaching in my life. I quote him on twitter all the time with random things he will say to get us fired up about lifting, because they are not only motivational, but they help students to understand how truly blessed we are to have this program. I have not met one person who dreads walking into his weight room, because they know that each time they walk in they are getting a positive result from anything they do in his class. I talk about his program to just about everyone I can. His program is always changing for the better. Since I've been here, the weight room has had about four different looks, due to Mills changing the weight room to make every single person that walks through his doors greater than they were before. He changes the workouts when he notices that we have successfully "mastered a lift", so that we may learn more lifts to make ourselves and push our teammates to the max. Every class he is sure to state, "Use this time to get better", and that alone gets me going. Mills is always full of energy and that kind of energy usually annoys me in the morning, but when it comes from him I cannot get annoyed because I know he is pumped to make us individually better. He cares for every person that walks through the weight room doors and is sure to help them reach their full potential with every sort of physical activity. He is the ONE teacher that I will be truly upset to be leaving as the year ends, but I know that I will always be welcomed back into his weight room. He is also the one person that I would be upset about not coming to my open house after graduation. It is almost humorous because he has been the most influential teacher for me all throughout my life really, and my parents still have not met him. Yet they trust him to help me reach my weight goals and stay healthy, just by how often I talk about him and his program. This program is like none other and a lot of my friends from other schools are envious of his program and the fact that I am able to be apart of it. The School of Strength has created an awesome opportunity for me to discover the potential strength within myself, which is incredible.
10/10 Push Yourself
By Mallory Baker / Greenwood, USA
As I have started to self mature, something that has become relevant is how important your health is. To keep my body healthy and strong I workout in the weight room. I have been apart of the School of Strength at Center Grove for four years now. During these four years my body has physically changed for the better because of these intense workouts. Coach Marty Mills has a well designed program that is easily adaptable for lower and higher skill levels. Each lift that is taught begins with the most basic form possible, then we are provided with new challenges to make that lift increasingly better than before. Whether it is your first day lifting or you have been for multiple years, the workout Coach Mills provides will help your body become stronger and healthier.The program he has created has a community coming together for a good reason, and the reason is health. Each time I am in the weight room I can feel myself progressively making gains towards the lifter I want to be. Next year I am going to continue my softball career at Purdue. Most people don't agree that softball is a strenuous sport (including you Mills) but once at the top level like Purdue, it begins to press challenges. As an athlete we are going to be lifting and conditioning every single day and I feel after these four years at the School of Strength I am going to excel at them. Besides our coaches we have on the softball staff, Coach Mills is one of the few people that continue to push me daily. Unlike other adults, he has not given up on us seniors with his continuing challenges. Each day we get into the room and Coach Mills has a few words to give us before we begin. That speech usually entails a "moral of the story" type of thing and that provides actual value for us. Coach Mills has influenced me tremendously and I will never be able to thank him enough for that. Thanks for everything you do. Wouldn't have been able to press the red kettle bell without you!
10/10 Senior '15 "School of Strength"
By Adam Lutgring / Greenwood, USA
Coach Mills has been one of the biggest motivators and leaders that has encouraged me through my four years of high school. I came into the program as a freshman boy and I came out of the School of Strength a grown man. I was able to gain 40 pounds of muscle and improved my conditioning immensely. He helped me improve my work ethic which made it possible to balance both playing in three semi state games and going to two national show choir competitions. The finishers that we would always do at the end of every lifting period was the most grueling of all but was the most memorable and helpful. I was able to play four quarters on Friday night Center Grove football and then go and win best performer on Saturday in show choir. I am so thankful to have had this man coach me and I am very blessed to have been in this program.
10/10 School of Strength
By Emet Talley / Greenwood, USA
Marty and the School of Strength has made an amazing change in my life. I have been a member for a year and a half and have never met a more dedicated group of individuals. Marty has a passion for kettlebells and strength training that is beyond description.

I am down over 30 pounds since last year at this time, but that is only a small measure of what his program has done. My doctor was pretty much floored last fall when I went in for my physical. My triglycerides were 68 down from the high 200's, cholesterol was 138 down over 100 points, the LDL (bad cholesterol) was 65 cut by more than half all in one year, and fasting blood sugar was 93. He had my blood test results for the past 10 years and all my results were the best in 10 years. Wow!

I can physically do things that were simply not possible when I joined. I remember my initial try at renegade rows. I simply could not pull the bell up, my overall core and strength has improved significantly in that renegade rows are now not a problem.

Marty has made this program for people of ALL ages and everyone that sticks with it will get stronger! Marty has the BEST instructors and they all focus on strength with perfect form. Perfect form is taught and practiced to get everyone stronger and kept injury free. All of the instructors and even members will help others if they see improper technique. Each rep with perfect form, heard it a million times, and it works.

If I can do this anyone can!
10/10 Never doubt yourself again
By C K / Greenwood, USA
4000 characters to describe Marty Mills is not enough! His program is remarkable! His dedication is my motivation. He can teach anyone anything safely! Young/old, male/female, athlete/couch potato..... you can do this program!
I started out weighing in at an outstanding 206#. I wanted to be excited to try on new clothes, to buy a new dress, to go bathing suit shopping, but how could I? I tried very hard everyday to hide the embarrassment of a body I allowed. The final straw was when I could not sit comfortably in a size 15, and could not fathom the thought of yet a bigger size. I tried everything and every diet. no matter what, the weight was always there, or always came back unlike my smile.
I found Marty through the wrestling team. I signed up Jan 2014, and have not looked back since. I needed to be pushed, I needed to be taught, I needed the School of Strength! Every class became easier to do. I found myself for the first time in my life setting goals for myself. I have a new found love for myself. Hi, my name is Carrie, and I'm a kettlebell/ olympic lifting addict.
I have lost 36# and now wear a size 10! I am stronger than I have ever been. I have energy I did not know was possible. I look in the mirror daily and smile at what I have become and what I know I am on the road to being.

I owe every accomplishment to Marty and his coaches. Without them I would most likely still be a misreable soul lost on a journey through an unhealthy life.
10/10 School of Strength!
By Courtney T / Franklin, USA
I don't even know where to begin about this program. Mind Blown at the results I have seen. I started a year ago. I told myself to give it 90 days. If you don't see any results, if you don't like it you can work your own plan and maybe thinkk about a personal trainer. At my old gym a personal trainer would cost me up to $500 for the month. In April of 2014 I gave up my membership to the chain gym. I found everything I needed at the School of Strength. Even with a broken ankle I could still manage to do this workout. Incorporating this program into my running program has made me faster(who knew) and recovery from longer runs is faster. The support from the classmates to the coaches is like nothing I have ever experienced before…..with the push, drive, motivation I have finally believed in myself and that is priceless. In the last year I have lost 80# and have gained so much more strength and am getting stronger and leaner. Marty is the best around.
10/10 SOS
By Ciera Cruse / Greenwood, United States
I have been apart of the School of Strength program for the past four years, and i wouldn't recommend anyone go anywhere else. If you want intense and character building training School of Strength is the perfect program for you.
10/10 School of strength>>>
By Logan Hutson / Greenwood, USA
When I came in as a freshman I only weighed 135lbs and now that I'm a senior I weigh 170lbs and a lot of the credit goes to coach Mills. I have been with him since I was little with power club and all the lifting camps he has ran, He has always done a great job on stressing to people how important the proper form is and that really has formed me into the lifter and athlete I am today. I couldn't ask for a better coach he always pushed me to be my best and I cant thank him enough. Thanks coach Mills!
10/10 Im not a skinny weakling anymore
By braden sammons / greenwood, usa
when i first came into the program i was one of the smallest kids. Im now a respectable size and stature. This is all thanks to the kttlebell program. I cannot not thank coach mills enough
10/10 Senior '14 "School of Strength"
By Rachel Hippenmeyer / Greenwood, USA
Coming in as a freshman athlete to summer workouts I found my weakness in strength. From the beginning Mills took me under his strong wings and replenished me into a varsity soccer player as a freshman. Over my four years in the School Of Strength, not only me but my teammates became stronger too. Through my senior year we progressed to the Semi-State Championship. Which hasn't been done since 2008. Mills took our talents to the next level and made us stronger and more motivated. He was a mentor through our season. Not only for my seasons but my future too. I now know how to lift on my own with perfect form. I cant wait to show it off next year! Thank you Coach Mills for making me the person I am today on and off the field!
10/10 Kettlebells
By Jamie Geitner / Greenwood, United States
There are many teachers who build positive impressions on students from mathematics to health and fitness. Marty Mills is one of those teachers who taught me how to manage myself in the weight room according to a long-term fitness program. In addition, he taught us a lot about competitiveness and sportsmanship. I am very excited to attend Auburn University and continue my fitness and wellness goals as I plan on joining many club sports. Mills is giving me the foundation to confidently manage myself in the weight room and build a fitness plan to get to the next level of health and fitness.
10/10 Senior Legacy
By Jessica Silva / Greenwood, Johnson
I have lifted with Coach Mills since the summer going in to freshman year. It is amazing how much stronger I have gotten throughout high school. Not just physically stronger, but mentally. Coach Mills has taught me how to become mentally strong; learning more about my body and how I can push it. It was really nice having Mills as teacher, because he is so passionate about weight lifting. Not only does Coach Mills teach you so much about weight lifting, but he gives you life lessons and pushes us to become better people every day. I am beyond thankful to have had such a great teacher. Class of 2014 will miss Coach Mills!
10/10 Senior Legacy
By Aly Fuller / Greenwood, USA
Although I only took lifting for my senior year, I learned so much about myself and how much my body can handle; especially when I think I can't lift another pound! Taking this class helped me not be self-conscious about working out in front of people or messing up on a lift. Most importantly, I learned that a majority of working out is all mental, and my body can handle so much more than my mind believes! Because of these workouts, I work out everyday (or try to) and I realize that good workouts don't need to be crazy intense with one-thousand reps using a million pounds. Thank you for pushing me to try harder each day, on each rep! I will be back for open lifting this summer!
10/10 School of Strength
By Patrick Norris / Greenwood, United States of America
The School of Strength is an excellent program for strength and conditioning, as well as athletic training. Coach Mills is an outstanding coach who teaches the importance of dedication and work ethic. His teachings have contributed tremendously to my success on the field, but will also be a great help throughout life's various challenges.
10/10 THE School of Strength
By Sean McConnaughhay / Greenwoood, THE United States
The School of Strength not only makes you work hard, but it also prepares you for a life style. School of Strength is a life style. It is about being, hard worker, and a competitor. I am glad that I am apart of this life style and I am glad I know the most influential person on the face of the earth, Coach Marty Mills.
10/10 School of Strength
By Nate Allen / Greenwood, The United States of America
Coach Mill's School of Strength is nothing short of excellence. The hard work and determination that coach shows reflects on his students. I have no doubt that he has made Center Grove the strongest school in Indiana. Work with coach Mills and you are guaranteed with the right attitude that your strength, form, and performance will increase drastically.
10/10 Senior Review
By Madelynn Briggs / Greenwood, Indiana, United States
This is my first year weight lifting, I have been a cheerleader for a long time but have never done weighted conditioning. Since I began weight lifting I have been motivated by Mills in the weight room to become stronger and compete at the top level of everything I do. I have become so much stronger and excelled in cheerleading because I have learned how to condition my body and mentally push myself.
10/10 Senior Review
By Troy Smith / Greenwood, USA
Mills have taught me not only the importance of weight-training, but the importance of drive, hard work, and dedication. Every-single-class comes with a motivational speech. Thanks to him, everyone gets pretty jacked about lifting/winning/dominating. Thanks, Mills.
10/10 Senior Review
By Lindsey Kovacs / Greenwood, USA
I have learned a lot from the School of Strength and Coach Mills. What I have learned I will be able to carry with my for the rest of my life. I am a runner and not many of the other girls lift. My strength really shows on days where we do 400 repeats uphill. Always at the front of the pack. I have learned discipline and most of all "what you put into it is what youll get out of it." The 2014 class will miss Coach Mills!
10/10 More Than Lifting
By Logan Battle / Greenwood, United States
the School of Strength is much more than a lifting program. While it is a world class lifting system, its taught me so much more. It taught me a sense of responsibility, brotherhood, and it taught me how to want a goal so bad it's almost more important than life. In the School of Strength we pour 100% of ourselves into a goal and relentlessly work at it until we've achieved it. Marty Mills installed that mind set in my head day 1. While I have gained a great amount of strength through this system it's meant so much more to me than lifting. It's almost hard to describe the feeling you get when you're in the system, you pretty much have to be apart of it to understand the feeling. I'll never forget what this program has meant to me and everything it has done for me. I extremely blessed to have been apart of it.
10/10 School of Strenght has helped Us
By Dmitri Wilson / Greenwood, USA
Over my four years of being in high school I have been making gains in school work, but some of my biggest gain were in the weight room. Having coach Mills as a strength coach is a big factor for Center Grove Athletics. He has physically prepared us for battle on the playing field and has helped with our accomplishments.
10/10 Coach Mills' Weight Room
By John Dever / Bargersville, United States
My freshman year, I came into Coach Mills' weight room as a very weak and inexperienced lifter. Over the past 4 years, I have not only increased my power and explosiveness, but my general knowledge of working out as well. After college, I will attend the United States Air Force Academy and a fitness assessment was a part of the application process. Coach Mills' program more than prepared me to perform for the test and get me into shape for the challenges of the Air Force. Without Coach Mills, I physically would not be where I am today.
10/10 The Class That Transformed Me From Boy, To Man
By Jacob Vance / Bargersville, United States
When I first came to Coach Mills' weight lifting program, I was weak and fat. After four years of working out in Mills' program I am now strong and fat. When Coach Mills instructs us it is obvious he speaks from experience and has a plethora of knowledge in the science of training.
10/10 Admirable Coach
By Leah Dynes / Greenwood, USA
I have only been in weightlifting for a year and I can honestly say it was the best thing that I could have done. Coach Mills is such an admirable coach and person. His drive to better all of the athletes as people and to push them to work towards their greatest potential in our school is truly inspiring. I want to thank him for everything he has done for me and everyone in the program. I look forward to seeing the growth of his success in the future. Thanks again!
10/10 School of Strength
By Olivia Leisz / Greenwood, United States
Over the past four years I've learned a lot from different teachers. However, none of whom have taught me as much as Coach Mills. Participating in the school of strength has taught me some lifelong skills that will keep me healthy and disciplined. I know what I've learned from Coach Mills is something that will truly better me as a person.
10/10 Legacy Review
By Zach Whittaker / Greenwood, United States
The Center Grove School of Strength not only makes you physically better, it makes you better as a person. Coach Mills is one of the most respected individuals that I have ever met! He's taught me so much, and I'm glad I got to train with him for my four years in high school. The School of Strength experience has been a memorable one, I recommend this gym to 10 out of 10 people.
10/10 Awesome Program
By Zeke Howie / Greenwood, USA
My 4 years of weightlifting with Coach Mills are largely responsible for the athletic success I have had. I really appreciate how organized the classroom is and the great instruction we receive. I have a hard time believing there is another high school weightlifting class in which you can accomplish so much.
10/10 Student Review
By Aaron Hunt / Bargersville, United States
Walking into the weight room for the first time as a freshman, I was surprised to see how much intensity and passion there was as far as lifting was concerned. Everybody was so focused and determined, and I wasn't quite sure why. Then I quickly realized why when I met Coach Mills for the first time. From the minute I met him, all I wanted to do was work my absolute hardest in order to become the best athlete I could be. Coach Mills emphasizes perfect technique, and is one of the best motivators around I am convinced of that. There is no words to describe how much joy I feel each time I walk into the weight room. I give all the credit to Coach Mills for the strides I have gained with regards to strength, character, and just being a better person overall. I have nothing but respect for Coach Mills and everything he stands for. I have enjoyed him being my strength coach for all 4 years of high school.
10/10 Legacy
By Bryan Ellis / Greenwood, United States of America
Lifting here at the School of Strength has taught me very much about technique and how to lift. When I walked in here as a Sophomore and looked around at some of the people lifting I wondered if one day I would ever be that strong or be able to lift like them. Over the years Coach Mills has taught me so much about lifting and could not ask for a better instructor. I would recommend Coach Mills to anyone that wanted to get serious about lifting because he does not mess around when it comes to technique and lifting. Thank you so much for all that you have taught me my 3 years being here!
10/10 legacy
By Duane Sjoquist III / Bargersville, United States of AMERICA!
I remember walking into the weight room as a scrawny freshman weighing all of 130 pounds. Watching the seniors wanting to be as strong as they are and to look as good as they did and to be as nice as they are. Coach Mills lit a fire in my heart. I worked really hard and surpassed my wildest dreams, both in strength and in good character. Thank you for teaching me how to be a man and how to finish what I've started. Tough is tough, not impossible.
10/10 Student Review
By Jack Pain / Greenwood, USA
The center grove school of strength has provided nothing but excellence to all that have come through the doors. Me as a senior at this high school love the program, as well as everything I have benefitted from it. Thanks so much to Coach Mills!
10/10 Gabe Edel
By Gabe Edel / Greenwood, U.S.A
Freshman year, I came into Center Grove High School as a little weak kid with hopes to make the varsity soccer team. I didn't make the team, but dedicated the year to lifting in hopes to get moved up or make it the following year. I kept lifting, made the team later on in the season, and by junior year I was all-state. I want to thank Mills for all of the work he did for me, even though we didn't talk that often. his lifting program and motivation got me to where I am today; playing Division 1 athletics. Thank You!
-Gabe Edel
10/10 Senior Review
By Justin Barriger / Indianapolis, United States
Coming into Center grove half way through my junior year, I was just a scrawny weak junior. Leaving Center Grove I'm a scrawny senior, but I can say I have gotten much stronger. Coach Mills has instilled techniques and mental strength that I know I will carry with my for the rest of my life. His intensity is something that not only I, but all of my peers look up to and feel the need not to disappoint him. That feeling pushes us to perform at an elite level that our competitors may not experience. Coach Mills and the course that he runs has truly changed who I am and has shown me what I am capable of.
10/10 Coach Mills School of Strength
By Dillon Dallas / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has been the best strength coach in the state possibly, the country hands down. I first met Coach Mills when I was in the 8th grade. I did not know a thing about weightlifting. I was about 5'9" 175 lbs. my strength numbers were average at best. I was no where near the strongest nor the fastest. I play football, used to wrestle, and ran/threw shot put in track. All three of those sports you need to be fast, strong, and in shape. Over the past couple of years Coach Mills has gotten me to the point where I am the fastest, strongest, and most in shape for my sports. Going through Coach Mills training over the years I am now a senior maxing out on bench press at 475lbs., including bench pressing 225: 32 times , weighing 255 lbs. , and running a 4.59 forty. Without being with Coach Mills the past five years I would not be close to those numbers, he taught me how to do everything as far as lifting weights and how to not only work hard in the weight room but also in life. I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me to help me be the absolute best athlete in my sport.
10/10 School of Strength!!
By Josh Kuechler / Greenwood, U.S.A.
Coach Mills has helped me in life more than any other teacher I have had. Going into high school I weighed 140 at 6'4 and was an absolutely terrible wrestler and weight lifter. Thanks to Coach Mills teaching me determination and hard work I now weigh 210 and work harder not only in the weight room, but also in the classroom. I also made varsity for three years thanks to the help by Coach Mills. I will use the skills he has taught me throughout my life and will never take anything for granted. Thank you Coach Mills for all you have done for me and all of the other athletes.
10/10 School of Strength
By Nick Brummett / Greenwood, U.S.A
Coach Mills has brought our athletics and our community up and gave our school an advantage over all other competing schools. I want to take the time to thank coach mills for all of achievements I have made in my sports and in my weight lifting. I want all kids to know that this system really does work if you give your dedication and time to the program. Coach mills will not fail you if you give him everything you have during weights. Thank you Coach Mills for the four years of hard work and motivation and dedication to help me and all the others succeed
10/10 Senior Review: Jordan Burkhart
By Jordan Burkhart / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has dramatically changed my life in a good way. Not only has he physically improved my strength; I now have a stronger mind and can do things I never knew I could do. I greatly improved strength with the help of Marty mills which benefitted my golf game. I couldn't have asked for a better lifting coach.
10/10 Push Yourself
By Dylan Garner / Greenwood, United States
During the school of strength training I have learned so much mentally and physically. I have really learned to push myself even when your body starts to shut down tell yourself to just keep going. During the class just in this one year I have gained 20 pounds of muscle and lifting weight I have never lifted before. Coach Mills is a very inspiring man and he will push you past your limits.
10/10 The School of Strength
By Luke Calvert / Greenwood, USA
The School of Strength, headed by Coach Mills, is a designed program that is versatile to the athlete or anybody willing to work hard and build strength. This program was essential for me as an athlete because it didn't only prepare me in the off season it allowed me to still build strength during the season. Coach Mills prepared us for MIC competition each week during the season, most lifting programs hit it hard during the offseason but drop off as the season begins, not this one. This is why I believe this is the greatest lifting program in the country, not only for athletes but for all ages and abilities.
10/10 School of strength
By Tyler Fleener / Greenwood, USA
The weight programming kept me in shape while I was out of wrestling with an injury. I would like to thank coach Mills for helping me recover faster, keeping me in shape, and working with me through everything. Without Coach Mills, I don't sure if I would have excelled as much as I did in wrestling.
10/10 Strength is Beauty
By Abby Cummings / Greenwood, United States
I just want to start off by thanking Coach Mills for all of the wisdom and love he has poured into the work we do in this weight room. I cannot imagine my four years of high school without this program and without Coach Mills. The improvement I have seen in myself over the years, not only physically but mentally believing that I can push myself further has stemmed from this program. Coach Mills always encourages us to do things thinking of the big picture. One of my favorite memories, was sitting here listening to Coach Mills tell us girls that "strength is beauty". This program is way more than getting strong, it's building relationships and working towards being successful in every aspect of our lives. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us.
10/10 Thank You for Everything
By Cassidy Johnson / Greenwood, USA
I don't know where I would be without Coach Mills. He has not only motivated me to become the fastest, strongest, and best athlete I can be, but he has also motivated me to become the best person I can be. Coach Mills is all about dedication, giving up is never an option. He could be a part time motivational speaker if he wanted too. It is obvious he cares about each and everyone of his students. His goal is for us to succeed. Coach Mills has given me strength and determination in and out of the weight room. I would like to thank and applaud Coach Mills for helping me become the woman and athlete I am today.
10/10 Trojan weight liffting for life!!
By CJ Henry / Greenwood, United States
The first day I worked out with this program it was hard, but the four years I have been here were mind blowing. Over the years that I have been in the program it has totally changed me and my body. I'm glad that I was able to train and get bigger because of coach Mills.
10/10 The Best weightlifting instuctor in the world!
By Michael Aldrich / greenwood, U.S.A
I have never felt as motivated to try in school as I have when taking his class. Coach mills has made me a better and stronger man, and I can never repay him for that. I am writing this review because I believe this is a program that deserve recognition and praise. I am glad that I had the privilege to lift with the best of the best in the best program in the country.
10/10 Center Grove Rules!!!!!
By Justin McNeely / Greenwood, United states of America
Freshman year I was weak and lazy, but as time went on this program has molded me into a strong and reliable young man. These past four years have been the toughest and most rewarding years of my life. Coach Mills has been a great inspiration and has been motivating me to do my best from day one. If every high school athlete went through the weightlifting course at center grove, America would have a better looking and more reliable society.
10/10 I AM A MAN!
By Sam Wright / Greenwood, United States
My name is Sam and when I first came into high school I weighed 230 pounds, and that wasn't muscle. After being in Mills' weight program, I've dropped down to 185 pounds and I am much more athletically fit than I have ever been before in my life. I struggled with benching 110 pounds when I first came in and now I can bench 170 pounds. My only regret is having joined the program so late into my high school career. I know that I can take the lessons I learned here and apply them to everything I do in life.
10/10 Senior Review
By Lauren Beaumont / Greenwood, USA
The strength program has taught me many valuable lessons throughout my high school career. It taught me that through hard work and dedication, any goal can be accomplished. Before the program, I was an average athlete who wasn't very serious about my sport. After being in Mills' lifting class, I was taught to set goals and work until I accomplish them. I had the opportunity to be in two top 8 state relays and two more state-qualifying ones as well. I also had the opportunity to be a sectional champion and swim an individual event at state. I couldn't have reached these goals without the motivation and knowledge gained from the Center Grove School of Strength.
10/10 Senior Review-Hannah Frazier
By Hannah Frazier / Bargersville, Johnson
I've only taken one semester of lifting as a senior, but even in just a few short months I have noticed myself getting stronger in day to day activities as well as in the weight room. I look forward to coming to this class everyday because its a fun positive environment and I know I am doing something good for my body. I have learned workouts that I can use for the rest of my life, which is awesome. Thanks Coach Mills!
10/10 Mills Review
By Noah Arthur / Greenwood, United States
I had only lifted off and on throughout my high school career, never really going so far as to sign up for the official weight class. I was both nervous and anxious to begin due to my lack of knowledge of the proper techniques, however Coach Mills assisted me throughout the semester. The environment he has created in the School of Strength isn't just a place to go and lift, it's where a family goes to improve themselves and grow stronger. I was so glad that no matter who I turned to in class, be it other students, aids, or Coach himself, everyone responded with friendly advice and tips. I will absolutely miss not only the class, but everyone I had met during my semester.
10/10 Swimming
By Claire Cross / Greenwood, United States
School of Strength is an outstanding program. I owe my success to the work that Coach Mills allowed me to do in his weight room. Mills is an outstanding athlete, teacher, and coach.
10/10 baseball
By eli weartz / greenwood, USA
starting freshman year in Mills weight room. I went from throwing low 80's due to the strength that I gained from Marty's program i'm now throwing in the high 80 to low 90. for all baseball players looking to throw harder, definitely work hard in the wright room
10/10 Baseball
By Jay Prior / Greenwood, U.S.A.
All baseball players should be on Coach Mills program. It has made everything on the diamond so much easier. From the pitching standpoint I can throw harder longer. which helps dominate your opponents. From the hitting and fielding standpoint you can throw the ball harder and hit the ball farther. If you want to play baseball at CG you need to go hard with Coach Mills program in the weight room.
10/10 Inspired
By Jacob Wilkerson / Greenwood, USA
Coming into high school I had no experience at all lifting weights. I was intimidated by the big guys lifting around me. However, the School of Strength teaches the upperclassmen to help the younger guys. I felt a lot more comfortable after a Senior helped me on my form. Since then, I have progressed into a great lifter. I have memorized lifts, rep schemes, and technique in order to maintain the elite workouts I have been performing in. I will continue to use these throughout college the next few years and beyond that later in life. I appreciate these past four years of passion Coach Mills has put in for us students. I will forever support Coach Mills and the School of Strength.
10/10 The True Impact of the School of Strenth
By Chapman Johnson / Greenwood, United States of America
Coming into Center Grove I had no idea what I was in for. Four years later I could not be more satisfied with the results that I have seen both physically and mentally.

As I prepare to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point, I have realized that The School of Strength and Coach Mills have had an immeasurable impact on my future both at West Point and after. Coach Mills always wants us to achieve great things, and because of his constant encouragement and tenacity for not only lifting but life, I have strived to "Do Great Things" in everything that I do. I feel extremely prepared at I get ready to attend USMA, this can be contributed to many things, and Coach Mills is one of those factors.

In closing, I am an avid supporter of both the School Of Strength but also of Coach Marty Mills. I know that in the future the standards will only rise and the students of both The School of Strength and Coach Mills will continue to excel.
10/10 Senior Review
By Kaiti Sullivan / Greenwood, United States
I was a less than mediocre swimmer my first two years of High School. My junior year I started Mill's program and improved so much that I have won sectionals two years in a row and placed in the top 17 at State. Now I have been recruited to swim at a D1 school with a scholarship! My only regret is that I didn't start his program sooner, thanks Mills!!
10/10 Senior Review
By Bobbie Clayton / Greenwood, United States
For the past four years, I have really enjoyed being apart of the School of Strength. I always learn new lifts every single year. I appreciate how Coach Mills was patient with me as I was recovering from my injury. All of our lifts also helped me recover quickly to get back to my sport. The School of Strength has allowed me to be stronger and tougher on the basketball court as well. Coach Mills knows what he is doing!
10/10 Senior Review
By Jacqueline Humphress / Greenwood, United States
I have seen great improvement after just one semester in Mills' lifting class. This class does a great job of teaching student athletes how to be powerful, successful, and mentally tough on and off the field.
10/10 The Man, The Myth, The Legand.
By Jacob Shupe / Greemwppd, US
Over the past four year Coach Marty Mills has preached hard work and determination. Ever since then that is how I have lived my life. His weight room has shaped me into the man I am today by giving me the tools and guidance to properly shape my body and mind. Not only is he a lifting coach but he is a great life coach with lessons that reach outside the weight room. Coach Marty Mills is a great teacher and an even better person.
10/10 Relentless
By Michael Hinton / Greenwood, USA
Coach Mills is a relentless teacher and motivator. He has taught me everything I know about lifting. He made me a better athlete and person.
10/10 Passionate
By Jacob Conrad / Greenwood, USA
Coach Mills is the most passionate coach I have ever had. He truly wants every athlete to succeed and be the best they can be. Every class he strives to achieve excellence and won't stop until he does.
10/10 Relentless
By Joey King / Greenwood, USA
Coach Mills is relentless in the pursuit of excellence in his athletes. He knows exactly how to inspire and motivate his students to push themselves, and equips us with the knowledge necessary to be able to improve ourselves on our own.
10/10 Best of the Best
By Jacob Bagley / Greenwood, US
Mills is the most adamant coach I have ever had lead me. He inspires like no other coach could. The lifts being done in his class are extreme, better than any other high school around. He encourages athletes, students, and fellow lifters to strive to do there best in the weight room, in the classroom, and on the field.
10/10 Best Coach and Program Around
By Sarah Thompson / Greenwood, USA
Coach Mills has really been an influence on my life with weightlifting especially but also mentally. He has taught me how to push myself and stay strong even when I have reached my breaking point. I have gone to many training places in my life but no weightlifting program has been as strong, solid, and well rounded as THE School of Strength. Since my freshman year I have gained so much knowledge and strength from doing this program. I know that this is something that I can take with me for the rest of my life in my future workouts. It also doesn't hurt your body. I sometimes have some irritating, nagging injuries but there is always a lift that I can do in place of what is hurting me to still be strong. I feel that the program that we use gives total body strength. Every lift basically uses every muscle group. Also one thing that I love about the program is the kettlebells. They are awesome for core strength while lifting. You can do static abs for a whole workout and not even realize it. That has greatly strengthened my core which in return has significantly increased my hitting abilities in softball.

Now to talk about Coach Mills himself. Over the past 4 years I have grown really close with him. Once you get to know him he is one of the funniest, most caring people you will ever meet. He truly cares about each individual that walks through the weight room doors and wants every single person to succeed. One thing that Coach Mills has really taught me is to always have goals in life. It has allowed me to always have something to strive for, and in turn has made my workouts so much better because I have a purpose for them. Another thing that he does is that he is always there to talk if you have a bad day. Since I have gotten to know him he pretty much knows when something is wrong with me. He automatically comes up to me and asks me what is wrong. No matter what I tell him he always knows the right words of advice and a way to make me laugh. That is something that I really love about him!

Overall THE School of Strength has greatly contributed to where I am now. I know there is no way I would have been recruited to IU for softball without Coach Mills and his program. He has helped so many kids reach their goals and get them to where they want to go. I have gained over 30 pounds in muscle alone since my freshman year which has made me stronger, faster, and overall a healthier person. I never could have done it without his help. Love you Coach Mills. You are THE BEST!!!
10/10 How lifting has made me a better player and person
By Levi Jacobs / Bargersville, United States
I started lifting my junior year in Mill's room and I did not know how to do anything and I was very weak compared to what state I am in now. I also play ultimate Frisbee and ever since I started working out with Mills I have seen a major improvement in my skill on the field. I am able to run faster, jump higher, and have great mental strength. Being in this lifting class has really been a great change in my life and made me become a better player and person.
10/10 The School of Strength
By Callie Johnson / Greenwood, United States
The School of Strength has been the best experience of my high school career. Coach Mills goes above and beyond to build a foundation of perseverance, motivation, and self-reflection. As a senior, I have noticed a difference in how the underclassmen have built themselves up, physically and mentally, due to the atmosphere of his class. The techniques and skills I have acquired in this class will take me farther than most when I am in college. His enthusiasm and passion of fitness has significantly affected my outlook on my personal goals, physically as well as academically.
10/10 Life Changing Experience
By Ally Jacks / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has the best workout program that I have ever come across and I'm glad that I was able to participate in it for the past four years. Before his program, I didn't know how to truly workout on my own. I know feel like I will be able to use these workout skills throughout college and the rest of my life. Mills' motivational speeches every day always made want to work harder to be a better athlete and person.
10/10 New Era of Strength
By Tyler Amaro / Greenwood, USA
Marty Mills has successfully implemented a new style of thinking at Center Grove High School. His passion for success and winning cannot be matched. His School of Strength allows for student-athletes to achieve greatness. Mill's rigorous combination of kettle bell and Olympic-style lifting has produced mass results. His perspective and desire to become a champion is contagious! He is, undoubtedly, the best lifting coach in the USA.
10/10 The one and only
By Alli Chamberlain / Greenwood, United States
"Strength," "Confidence," Passion," "Dedication," and "Excellence." These are the words that personify Center Grove's own weightlifting Coach Marty Mills. Though his extreme energy, charisma, and ability to use a bench bar as a pointer stick might be intimidating, he is actually one of the most kind and genuine beings I have ever met. For those of you who are not familiar with Coach Mills, he is ranked America's number one Kettle Bell instructor. While his main job is to strengthen and condition the athletes, he is also known for his motivational speeches and life coaching abilities. I chose to honor Coach Mills for his utmost supremacy and hard work that he puts into Center Grove. A big thanks not only from me, but from everyone else who's become stronger, confident, passionate, dedicated, and excellent because of you.
10/10 Noah Ryan
By Noah Ryan / Greenwood, USA
Marty Mills Kettle Bell Program is like no other program in the world. A+ Instructor and Coach
10/10 Tyler Bryant
By Tyler Bryant / Greenwood, USA
If you are looking for a great workout. I'm talking muscle building, cardio, and getting fit. Then you have to go through Marty Mills kettle bell program! He pushes you to new limits and the results are amazing! :)
10/10 Top-Notch Strength Coach
By Alex Aukerman / Greenwood, USA
This instructor, Marty Mills, is the reason Center Grove athletics is able to compete in one of the best conferences in the nation and have success. As a football player, I can speak for the whole team that he was a major part of each of our wins and without his training we would simply not be able to compete. Luckily, I was able to move onto the next level and play Division 1 football with a scholarship, and Coach Mills is a huge reason why. From my freshman year, he allowed me to get on the field early with his lifting program and also prevented injury. Games are won in the offseason and he made sure that everyone on the team was focused and lifting hard in the weight room at all times. Although we knew he demanded perfection in lifts, he would still take time out to help with our form and help us increase our lifts down the road. I owe both my high school success and my ability to play at the next level to him. I would not have wanted any other strength coach.
10/10 Life Changing
By Evan Painter / Greenwood, USA
starting my high school career, I was not nearly as strong as I could have been. I could not lift my junior year due to no room on my schedule, but being around Coach mills for 3 years and learning true technique, I became so much stronger and I am in much better shape than I was before. I will never want to lift anywhere but this weight room due to the intensity and motivation Coach gives to everybody in it. The atmosphere is the way every weight room should be.
10/10 Childhood to Manhood
By william inabnitt / greenwood, usa
When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me, 1 Corinthians 13:11.
Freshman year I weighed about 100 pounds and had no clue what hard work was, what a man was, what anything was other than what revolved in my own world. I was a boy. I had no identity I had little self worth and was quite honestly a selfish brat. I was introduced to the world of training and kettle bells by Marty Mills and was instantly in awe of the man he was and his character his stature his ideas of respect and hard work and reverence and responsibility and being a man instead of a boy. I adopted his ideology and immersed myself in the weight room setting goals and achieving them quicker than I had ever dreamed. I was becoming the man I had always dreamed of being and I was growing physically as well my sophomore year I weighed 130 lbs. my junior year 155 lbs. and now my senior year weighing 200 lbs. I am now the biggest person in my family I have overshot the goals I set as a freshman and have started to not only sculpt a body I only dreamed of but a man with a heart I had only dreamed of. without the guidance and teaching of such an incredible coach and father figure I would be in the same worthless place I was freshman year. So a huge thank you to my coach and to anyone looking to come see who he is and what he is about you most definitely need to it is a life changing experience, even single class.
10/10 Better Man, Better Athlete
By Keegan McFatridge / Greenwood, United States
As a freshman I came in to high school weighing a slim 185 pounds at 6'4. Coach Mills taught me everything that there is to know about Olympic lifting, kettlebell lifting, and even proper nutrition for optimum performance in the weight room. Through this amazing program at THE School of Strength, I am now about to graduate at 6'4 235 pounds. After graduation I will be playing football at Indiana University. I couldn't say enough about how much Coach Mills has prepared me to play at the next level! Coach Mills is beyond passionate about the program and wants for everyone that comes through to succeed and perform at the highest level.
10/10 Life Training
By Mark Richards / Greenwood, United States
The past four years have formed the man I am today. Coach Mills training has giving me muscle, flexibility, and the technical ability to be able to be strong and healthy the rest of my life.
10/10 CG School of Strength
By Ian Kennedy / Greenwood, USA
The school of strength has taught me a lot ever since my freshman year when I began lifting her at Center Grove. It has taught me more than lifting, it has taught me to be a better man. The knowledge I have now after going through the school of strength has allowed me to teach young children how to lift like we do through the Power Club program. I would encourage everybody to join the School of Strength, because it has a lot of benefits.
10/10 School of Strength Senior Testimony
By Alexis Kristof / Greenwood, USA
Now that high school is almost over, I look back and am able to see who has truly influenced me. The main person that has honestly made me the person I am today is the best trainer in the world, Marty Mills. All my life I was athletic from gymnastics to tennis to just have the love of going to the gym. Coach Mills has given me the motivation to help me live a healthy lifestyle and make better choices in life. He lives his life to help others and I have never met someone more determined to find good in everyone. I look forward to lifting with Mills everyday and I am going to miss high school solely for that reason. Thank you so much for everything you have done.
10/10 Senior Review: School of Strength
By Ashley Elsey / Greenwood, U.S
I have been in the Center Grove School system since kindergarten so have always been revealed to a high level of athletic excellence. At Center Grove high school, I was anxious to participate in the program I had heard so many amazing things about from siblings. Now, here I am looking back at my four years under Marty Mills training, and I can honestly say I have exceeded all prior expectations I had going into High School. It has been the hugest blessing in physical and mental development to train and learn from Marty Mills. Anything you read is strikingly underestimating what can happen in that weight room. I am confident in making my own workout plans and know how to go on living a responsible life with healthy choices due to what I learned there. Marty Mills is an intense trainer who puts his heart and soul into the program. His undivided efforts show in us, the products to the best program in the nation.
10/10 Alex Woods Class of 2014
By Alex Woods / Greenwood, United States of America
Coach Mills School of Strength program has turned me into the man I am today. 3 year starter for CG, 3x all Johnson County, 2x All MIC conference, & 2x All State. We have been through the trenches together not only on the field but in the weight room. As a class of 2014 Coach Mills has pushed us to limits we would have never imagined. Always being critical on technique and hard work. One thing that stuck out to me as an individual was the passion that coach not only shares in the weight room but as a mentor to all athletes.

Hard Work x Dedication = Success

Rejected to Respected
By Autumn Ferrando / Greenwood, USA
The first time I met coach Mills was the 2nd semester of my freshman year. I asked if i could come in during gym to workout. He said no, athletes only. So i came back later that semester and asked again, still said no. Then i asked if I could lift because I was in track, he was hesitant but finally said yes. So I lifted a few times and then one day Mills asked if I had ever Olympic lifts before, I said no of course. But apparently I was a natural with the movements. This is the moment that changed my life. After this I took lifting more seriously, coach Mills challenged me everyday to see if I could keep breaking my PRs. He really fueled the fire in me to really strive for the best I can be. He then took me to the State Olympic Weightlifting meet, which I got first place in! Then Mills crazy obsessiveness started to rub off on me. During the summers I was working out twice or maybe three times a day , and during school I came in during class and study hall, after school. Coach Mills has taught me so many lessons not only in the weight room but also essential lessons I will use in life. He has taught me to be passionate and hard working in everything I do. One of the things i love about coach Mills is that he is so passionate about what he does, and what he teaches us. He is always looking out for us and wants us to be the best because it is a reflection of him. Coach Mills is our number one fan, and kind of like a father to all of us. We can talk to him about anything whether its about weightlifting, dieting, school, or relationships. He will always be there to listen or give advice , and is always ready to give us a good pep talk. I firmly believe Coach Mills is the reason why Center Grove has been so athletically successful the past few years. It starts with the training. Coach mills is training us to be winners, and he puts everything he has in us and our training. He has especially done this for me. This past year I placed 11th at Weightlifting Junior Nationals. I would not be where I am today without him, and his dedication to me. I have been a TA for Mills for 3 years...(legally for 2), but being able to work under and and coach with him in Kettle bell Boot camps and see him coach his classes has been truly rewarding. And it has opened my eyes to see that i would love to do something like this and make people better like he does. I would like to thank Coach Mills for finally allowing me to come and train in his weight room, but also for making me into the well rounded, hard working individual I am today. And making my high school career amazing! I cannot wait to work with him in the future !! Number one coach and teacher I have EVER had.!

Dont Miss Your Chance
By Zac Hays / Center Grove, United States
I want to start by saying that Coach Mills is NOT here for the money, the perks, or the power that he has in his own weight room; and he is especially not here because he enjoys baby- sitting un- behaved kids. He is here because he loves what he does, and has a passion for it like no one I have ever seen. He knows who he is, and is not afraid to show it, or tell you how he thinks. He will push your to your limits and you WILL be uncomfortable throughout you time in here, but it will pay off in the end. He understands the real meaning behind life, and that is that money should not be the leading drive behind what you do. Instead, do something you love and excel at it. If Coach has taught me one thing it is, don’t be unhappy with your life because it’s YOUR life and YOU own it. He has given us the skill to be extremely successful, and we cannot take that for granted.
I came to this high school at 112 pounds and benching 85 pound. During the course of my high school career I have grown substantially. Mentally and physically and I owe an extremely large majority of that to Coach Mills and his class. He taught us that hard work is the key ingredient to being successful. Sure we weren’t as “gifted” as Warren or Ben Davis and didn’t have the size of Carmel on our side, but that didn’t stop our “weak/sub-par” football team from being one play away from a State Championship run. That also didn’t stop hardworking wrestler Sean Mappes from a State Championship, what is the same about all of these situations? It’s the hard work that we as Center Grove and Coach Mills’ students have acquired over the course of our journey here, and without the hard work none of this would be possible. Being in this class has truly changed my life, not only in the physical aspect but the mental as well. I am more mentally tough than anyone I come up against and I know this for a fact. Today I am leaving CGHS 160 lbs (solid) and maxing my bench out at 275lbs, I have the confidence, wisdom, and determination to be the best person I can be and no one deserves more credit than Coach Mills. Life isn’t about the money you make or the house you have, it is about the lives you effect on your travels, and I learned this here, don’t miss your chance.

-Zac Hays

More than just a weight coach
By Claire Hustava / Greenwood, United States
My name is Claire Hustava and I am a senior at Center Grove High school. I have been part of Marty Mills School of Strength since freshman year. He has not only developed me into a strong lifter, but also a charismatic person. He taught me how to lift with Kettlebells, and Olympic lifts, but most importantly taught me to strive to succeed and never give up. He taught me responsibility, respect, and self-worth. Working out was a chore but now it is a hobby. I now look forward to becoming a zumba instructor, and continuing my conditioning. Mills treats me like his very own, by helping me with making life decisions, and keeping me on track. He personally has become an inspiration and someone in my life I can look up too. He is one man I would never like to disappoint.

Center Grove Weight Coach
By Sam Bronicki / Greenwood, United States
I came into Center Grove as a very scrawny freshman with absolutely no strength or athletic ability, and I can confidently say that is no longer true. Coach Mills pushes every class and workout that I have ever been in, no exceptions. I couldnt even bench press 100 lbs and can now bench over double that. Its not even the statistical difference that matters to me, but my ability to work out on my own as well as the built character that I have gained throughout my 4 years here is not even comprehensible. Mills is an amazing mentor and trainer, he deserves to be number 1 and IS number 1.

School of Strength
By Peter Lorenz / Greenwood, USA
I started training with Coach Mills at the beginning of my junior year at Center Grove High School. At the time I was starting on the JV South Stars Hockey Teamand had done so for two years and wanted to make the leap to varsity. Coach Mills taught me that correct technique and a strong work ethic would make that possible. Every day I brought a good attitude and Coach Mills pushed me to be a better athlete and person. I am graduating this year and after 2 years of training with Coach Mills, I made the All-State Hockey Team and was named to the starting lineup for the All-Conference. Coach Mills inspired me to be the best I could be and to always give my very best. Next year I will be playing hockey at the University of Minnesota, and without a doubt I wouldn't have that opportunity without the School of Strength.
Coach Mills Best Weightlifting Coach in the Nation
By Brady Lynch / Greenwood, U.S.A.
Coming in as a Freshmen, I weighed a scrawny 125lbs and after going through Coach Mills's School of Strength I now weigh a solid 185lbs as a Senior. His training program has transformed my body and I am proof that his workouts work! He makes lifting not something that you dread like most people but he makes it fun and something I look forward to doing everyday. My favorite thing to do is lift weights, and if it was not for Coach Mills I know that this would not be the case. Coach Mills has easily made the greatest lasting impact on my life of anyone throughout high school. The different kettlebell and strength workouts he has taught me I am going to be able to use the rest of my life to stay healthy, fit, and be a strong human being.
Not just lifting
By Zach Kroll / Greenwood, United States
When i came to highschool i was not very strong becuase i had never really lifted before. Even after a year of lifting i was at twice the strenght that i previously possessed, but not that i have lifted for four year now i am much stronger than i ever imagined. Coach Mills not only help me reach my physical goals but also taugh me lessons like how to always give your all and not be a lazy bum. Coach Mills is not only a lifting coach but a great person which always wants his student to reacht heir goals and be good people.
Top Notch
By Eric Croft / Greenwood, United States
When I first began traning with Coach Mills my sophomore year of high school, I was hardly able to lift any weight. Now, three years later, I have succeeded in many areas of weightlifiting which include meeting military pull up standards and passing the kettlebell snatch test. With emphasis placed on strength, much "bulking" is taken out of the equation. Focus is transferred to strength and conditioning at it's core. Not only does the School of Strength teach how to be a better athlete and competitor, but also to be a better person. Emphasis is placed on making smart decisions and using your head in all situations. Coach Mills has my utmost respect as a teacher, coach and person. I love the school of strength and would recommend it to everyone.

School of Strength
By Jacob Berryhill / Greenwood, United States
I came into high school weighing 165 pounds, couldn't even bench press 135 pounds on a consistent basis. Through four years in the program Mills taught me how to put on weight by adding tons of muscle. For my senior year of football I weighed 230, bench pressing 335, power cleaning 330. Never could I have done that without the help of Coach Mills. He teaches his students how to not give up mentally or physically. He personally talked to me a lot about how working out directly correlates to doing better in school and opening your mind and relieving yourself of stress. We spent many times talking about how different workouts would effect your muscles differently. He never missed a moment to teach you the ways to build muscles that you will use for more practical issues, instead of working on them just for show. I could go on about all that coach Mills has taught me about working out, but the main thing that all those stories would show is that Coach Mills invests personally into each of his students and athletes. By far better than the best training program i would ever be able to think of. My best memories in high school were spent in the weight room with Mills.
Center Grove School of Strength
By Collin Westerfield / Greenwood, United States
I first started lifting with Marty Mills towards the end of my eigth grade year to prepare for my freshman football season. Movies and magazines had fed me the image that lfiting weights only consisted of bunch of guys working out on machines and pumping up. Quickly, Coach Mills got me hooked on his program by teaching me the correct way of how to lift correctly while remaining healthy and athletic. My summers and after school hours from that point consisted of countless hours in the weight room with Coach Mills. His unique program transformed me from the tiny/pudgy teenager into a strong and hardworking man. We utilized olympic lifts, kettlebells, and strength/condtioning circuits to prepare for our season. It's safe to say that the whole football team owes our success to Coach Mills and his program. One of my most proud moments of my high school years was when Mills gathered a lifting team from some of the football guys and went to a competition where I broke several personal records. Being an undersized player on the football team there's no doubt it my mind that without Mill's training I would have been on the field on friday nights. Coach has taught me how I can live a healthy lifestyle in and out of the weightroom. I will carry what I have learned in the School of Strength and take it with me for the rest of my life. I consider Coach to be one of my greatest role models and the weightroom holds a spot in my heart. No one should ever overlook an opportunity to become part of School of Strength. It molds atheletes into elite players, but don't expect to make it through without the desire to work hard and shed some sweat and blood.

Strength and Agility
By Jordan Bedan / Greenwood, Johnson
Coach Mills has always been a mentor to me. Coming into High School I Weighing 190 pounds, benching 180, and did not even know what a power clean was. I considered myself to be a small quick offence lineman. That all changed when I met coach mills. Over the past four years I have gained 70 pounds and one inch. I am now a 6’4” 260 pound offence Lineman with a 350 Pound bench and a 305 Pound clean going to the University Of Indianapolis to play football on a scholarship. And due to his type of training he has taught me to be a solid strong football player through not only power lifts but also athletic movements which kept me light and fast on my feet.
School of Strength
By Katie Lucaites / Indianapolis, USA
Coach Mills has been an amazing mentor to me, both in making me a better athlete, and a better person. His passion for everything he does inspires me to always try my best. He is an amazing motivator and encourages everyone to always work hard, in and out of the weight room.
If you come into the School of Strength program with a desire to work hard, you will get stronger and see yourself reaching new goals and new successes.
I owe a large part of my present and future success to Coach Mills and the School of Strength. Thank you for everything Coach Mills!
An Amazing Coach
By Brandon Cothron / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is an awesome strength coach and an amazing person. He will help you reach your goals in anyway possible, and make you acheive things you never thought you could. He has personally help me gain weight and tons of strength for football and track. As long as you listen to him and work towards what you want, you will be able to do great things.
Marty Mills
By Charlie Coy / Greenwood, USA
Coach Mills is very dedicated to working out and helping kids get in shape. He spends many hours in the weight room helping and perfectiing workouts and skills that benefits everyone. He's a great guy with a great attitude ready to make a difference.
Coach Mills is the Best in the Country
By Brent Kamer / Greenwood, USA
Coming into high school playing soccer I had never really heard about weight lifting but was open to the idea knowing that it would only help me out on the field. I had many different goals that I had set for myself to accomplish throughout my four years playing. Some that I thought that I would never be able to come close to reaching. But with Coach Mills every dream I had set for myself originally I had accomplished and now with my new ability I was starting to make even more goals to push myself more. I was able to play a few varsity games as a freshman, and I was a starting varsity captain by my junior year. These goals were what drove me as I worked out because as Coach Mills would preach, “If you don’t have a goal to get better, than GET OUT”. I think nearly all the lessons that I learned inside the doors of the weight room carried into the classroom and even into life. Coach was always ready to teach a life lesson threw the weights program and it is those lesson that have ultimately made me a better man today.

I entered the high school benching 100lbs and squatting about 150lbs. I am leaving as a senior now able to bench 275lbs and being able to squat 243lbs. I know that with what Coach Mills has taught me I will still be able to grow as an athlete over the next four years playing soccer for Rose-Hulman.

The Machine
By Trish Barton / Greenwood, USA
Walking in the weight room freshmen year I was intimidated with everything going on around me. Mills personally taught my freshmen soccer class in the summer to strengthen us for the years to come. He taught us all the basics and my freshmen year we were doing olympic lifts. Freshmen and sophomore year we trained for soccer so much that we came out drenched in sweat. He perfected everything and critiqued our techniques to make sure we were doing the lifts correctly. Out of the entire staff at Center Grove High School, he is one of the best. He helps and answers when you have questions, he is a role model for the young and a good friend when you become a junior and senior. I love the weight room and consider it to be another home. Mills pushes us to go hard and specializes on our strengths. Since my freshmen year I have become very strong. I can do olympic lifts, kettlebells, and you name it I can do it all thanks to one person: Marty Mills. He exerts energy and a passion for lifting and he is one of the best coaches I have ever had in my life. In soccer, he helped me diet, get stronger because I am a defender. I owe a ton to him, because he has helped me with many things in my four years of high school. He's amazing!

Coach Mills
By Tyler Mills / Greenwood, U.S.A.
Coach Mills has done a lot for me over my four years at Center Grove High School. Mills pushes his students more than any other teacher while at the same time giving them the most freedom. Coach Mills asks his students to work hard and to give their best while still trusting them to do what he tells them to do. Mills puts together many different types of workout to fit many different types of athletes. Coach has personally affected me through lifting. I have gained much strength and knowledege from Mills and it is because of him that I have been able to become strong and athletic enough to gain a football scholarship for college. Mills puts all he has into his students and in return, we give him all we have. Coach Mills is an inspirational man and teacher and he deserves the highest rating as an instructor. Thank you Caoch for all you do.

By Kes Smith / Greenwood, IN
I have been apart of Marty Mills course for two years and it has always been an enriching experience. There is always progress and Ive never been stronger. Not only does he endorse a healthy lifestyle, he takes time at the beginning of each workout with detailed instruction and valuable life lessons. Coach Mills teaches team work, determination, endurance, and excellence. He consistently offers intensive and challenging workouts every class and I will definitely be coming back for camps during the summer. I would reccomend this to any aspiring athlete or anyone looking to increase strength and have a healthier lifestyle! I love kettebells!

Lyndsey left & Kes right

School of Strength with Coach Mills!
By Lyndsey Donnar / Greenwood, United States
The School of Strength has taught us to be disciplined and serious about the exercises we complete every day. Signing up for this class is no joke and you will get in excellent shape! Coach Mills has different workouts to try every time and each one builds ridiculous amounts of strength. This summer before college, I will continue to workout during the summer at bootcamps. Coach Mills' workout pushes you to the limit but NOT to failure. Technique is everything to him. I wish I could have the bootcamps next year at Indiana University to have Coach Mills help me get into even better shape. I want to thank Mills for an amazing three years in this program and we'll all miss this next year!

The Road to Excellence
By Emma Raker / Greenwood, United States
Being healthy has always been an important goal of mine. Coach Mills encourages every single student in his class to be healthy, fit, and always try their best whether it's in the weight room or any other aspect of life. This class teaches you to push yourself to be the best athlete you can be. I did not even know what a kettlebell was until I took this course. Coach Mills has taught me so many different lifts and stretches to increase my athletic ability. This is definitely not a blow off, easy course. If you sign up for this course be prepared to work hard! Coach Mills influences his students to push themselves to become healthy and strong. Taking this lifting class has been one of the best decisions of my high school career. I run cross country and believe that Coach Mills and his workout techniques have helped me to become a better athlete and runner. Coach Mills genuinely cares about every student and helps them in whatever way they need. Take this class, it will be worth it!

School of Strength
By Alice Shupe / Greenwood, 'Murica

Marty Mills is nothing short of an influential, encouraging instructor. Only having been enrolled in his weightlifting course for a year I have obtained skill and knowledge that will last me a lifetime. Coach Mills teaches technique for advanced fitness, increases strength while also providing flexibility to the trainee with choices of routine. Mills offers diffuculity but always makes a point to only go as far as your body is willing to go, safety is just as important as strength and quality over quantity. I would reccomend his instruction and any of his courses for those who are seeking a challenging workout and a pleasant atmosphere. Mills positive renforcement and advice keeps the weightroom as a driving force to fitness excellence. My only regret is not enrolling in his course before Senior year. I am proud to be apart of the School of Strength!

Marty Mills- Our Leader Into Battle
By Taylor Sutton / Greenwood, United States
My name is Taylor Sutton and I am a senior at Center Grove High School, i have participated in football, track, and wrestling. Throughout high school I have never had the pleasure of meeting anybody who was a better coach, person, and leader than Marty Mills. His weight room is no joke though, he can push you to reach new max outs, push you to reach that desired goal. Anything you needed help with when you were in the weight room, Coach Mills had an answer. I came into high school weighing 230 lbs and bench pressing 240 lbs at the most. After 4 diligent years of working in the weight room with Coach Mills, I now am bench pressing 385 lbs and back squating over 400 lbs. Weighing 285 lbs now i still continue to push myself and work harder everyday i am in the weight room. Even for my big size i have worked myself to be able to rep pull ups with some of our strongest smaller athletes in the school. Coach Mills has taught me countless life skills since i've been in his weight room, and next year at University of Indianapolis i plan to carry these skills and continue to work hard in whatever weight room i might find myself in and continue to improve the quality of my life. Thank you Marty Mills

MY MAN MILLS- School of Strength
By Spencer Weeks / Greenwood, United States
My name is Spencer Weeks, and I've been a part of Coach Mills' School of Strength for the past four years. I played starting fullback for the football team, ran track, and lifted competively throughout high school. When I came into high school I was 6'0, and weighed 160 lbs. To be blunt I was tall, gangly, and goofy. In the past for years I have put on 55 lbs of muscle, increased my bench press from 170 to 325, and have learned what it means to be in the best lifting program in the country. Coach Mills' lifting program has greatly improve my strength, and aided me in becoming a starting runningback in the for the football team. The School of Strength transformed my body throughout high school, and tought me valuable skills that I will take with me next year to University of Dayton, where I will be playing football.

Coach Mills: Man Among Boys
By Kody Kavanaugh / Greenwood, Johnson
I played quarterback for the football team and also played right field for Center Grove High School. I have been in Center Grove's program for four years now and each year have improved tremendously on my athletic ability and also my strength as an athlete. This is due to Coach Mills amazing strength and conditioning program. He is the motivation that drives me and my teammates to work their hardest and get the best out of them. Coming into the program I weighed a total of 140 pounds and ending my senior year at 180 pounds. I increased my bench from a mere 95 pounds to 270 pounds almost 100 pounds over my body weight. I had a record high of 36 pull ups this year while having a strong care and staying lean with the kettle bell conditioning. Coach Mills program puts your mind and body to the test and gives you the tools to be the best athlete on the field. I appreciate everything he has done for me to achieve the goals that I have achieved.

Jordan Ruff and the School of Strength
By Jordan Ruff / Greenwood, IN, US
My name is Jordan Ruff, and I played basketball here at Center Grove for three years. Working out in the School of Strength has given me a stronger core, balance on my own two feet, and made me a harder-working person. Each year in basketball, I was able to run faster, jump higher, and defend harder and I owe this all to the School of Strength. Every other day, I look forward to lifting in this weight room because I know that the work I do in here is not only gonna make me a better lifter but also stronger person day to day. After we added the kettlebells to the workout here at the School of Strength, I was able to learn a system that I could do now while I'm in class but also that I can take with me and do the rest of my life (my last two years of Christmas gifts have included both a kettlebell and lifting gloves). Coach Marty Mills has always encouraged me to work harder even when i thought I was at my maximum and that is all I can ask for in a weights coach. I recommend the School of Strength to anyone who wants to become a better athlete, wants a system they can do every day to stay in shape, or just wants a tough workout that will challenge them in every way possible.

School of Strenth- Mark Garrett
By Mark Garrett / Greenwood, United States
I have been in the School of Strength lifting program for four years. I started out as a freshman benching 135 ibs and sitting the bench on the freshman baseball team. I am now a senior about to graduate. I now bench 275 ibs and am a starting pitcher for the Varsity baseball team. The lifting program that Coach Mills plans out for us week by week is by far the best out there. Not only does he care about our strength, but also about our health and flexibility. He has given us many tips on what our diets shoud be like and many other health tips that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. To play baseball you don't only need power. Being able to move quick and explosively is a big part of it too. Coach Mills introduced kettle bells to us. Kettle bells is the best type of training to get strong while maintaining flexibility. There are so many movements and exercises that you can perform with Kettle bells. They work your entire body from head to toe. I am going to Anderson University to play baseball and major in Pre-med next year. I would have never been able to get this far without Coach Mills and the Shcool of Strength.

Coach Mills & the School of Strength
By Mackenzie Kitchel / Greenwood, USA
I'm Mackenzie Kitchel, I have been All State in volleyball and track & field the past four years and I will be attending the University of Cincinnati on a full-ride volleyball scholarship. I have been working with Coach Mills and our School of Strength program since the summer coming into my freshman year of high school. I have been very fortunate to be able be a part of this program, it has made me into a better athlete in every aspect there is. Coach Mills is the best strength coach around and I would recommend him to train any athlete out there. He knows exactly what to do and what to do with all the different kinds of athletes we have. He helps us work around our injuries so that we can still be getting stronger while we are healing. The school of strength program has made me not only much stronger but also mentally tougher than what I used to be. It has helped me reach a whole new level of athleticism and I would recommend it any day for anyone.

Drew Ehle and the Great Marty Mills
 By Drew Ehle / Greenwood, USA
"Failing is not an option. If you miss a rep you are not getting stronger,"- Marty Mills. i have heard the same speach since the age of 10. The things preached in class are not just good for your lifting benifit, but life. Freedom to experince on your own, and with help if need be, Mills delivers the proper necessities you'll need to know. "You're not as strong as you think you are, i am stronger." This man is never a let down in class, while you're sweating- he's sweating, while you're grunting- he's grunting. Except he's doing weight two times heavier than you. "You dont want to work out? Then leave! I dont want you here, you're a waste of mine and everybodys lifting air." Marty pushes you to the limit and more.

Best Instructor in the World!
By Lauren Courtney / Greenwood, USA
Marty Mills is phenomenal at what he does. My experience with him has been life changing. Not only have I been taught the proper lifting technique but also skills that can be applied throughout my life. He is obsessed with helping others achieve their goals and pushes each person to their full potential. I have reached mine because of him and have become a more well rounded person. Everytime I am in the weight room I have to give 110% effort or I fail- failing is not an option to Marty Mills.

By Tyler Rich / Greenwood, United States
Simply put, Coach Mills is an elite lifting instructor. He is highly commited to his students giving their best, and he gives his in return. MY largest mistake for this class is not taking before my senior year. This year I have had huge fitness and strength gains thanks to this class. If you are willing to work hard this class will be rewarding for anyone who takes it.

Baseball Strength
By Brock Koehler / Greenwood, United States
Coach Marty Mills has completely transformed my body and life. I can't image a life without fitness thanks to Coach Mills. I owe all of my achievement and success to him.

Three Year Varsity Soccer
By Halley Embree / Greenwood, United States
My name is Halley Embree and I have been a Center Grove girls varsity soccer player for three years. Ever since my freshman year, the team has trained with Marty Mills in the School in Strength. The combination of after school training and in school training has made me a stronger player. Because of this program, I am a step above my competition. Mills has a different excerise for any body type. Being so small my freshman year, held me back from being on the field with girls older than myself, but because of the School of Strength I was able to bulk up and reach a varsity level. Thanks Mills, you're the best!

Soccer-Girl Swag
By Abbey Edel / Greenwood, USA
As a Center Grove High School Girls Soccer player, Marty Mill's weightlifting program has put me a step above the rest of my competition. Natural ability and skill in a game are important, however, with the proper amount of strength, it is possible to overcome even the most skillful opponents. I have lifted in the School of Strength for all four years that I have been at Center Grove. Each year, Mills comes up with new and innovative ways to get strong. Freshman year, Olympic Lifting was the focus. Once kettle bells were introduced, countless new excersises were accessible. Overall, I would highly recommend that every girls soccer player utilize this lifting program both in school for class and after school training. As Mills always says, "My goal is to get every sport at Center Grove to win state." There is no doubt in my mind that his training program has helped other sports to win championships; girls soccer is next.

Let the mind work the body
By Hayden Geitner / Greenwood, USA
Mr. Mills is the best wieght lifting coach I know. I had a wonderful year in my weight class. I was able to gain about ten pounds and Mr. Mills pushed me when I needed it.

By Stephanie Coryell / Greenwood, USA
Coach Mills has had a tremendous impact on every single athlete here at Center Grove High School. The combination of unique conditioning/strength workouts he has taught us will have a lasting effect on me as a person. I have learned so much from his class. Not only about the intelligence of being at my top most physical condition, but top mental conditions as well. He is incredibly motivating, professional, and educated on everything that has to do with being physically fit. Honestly, I feel as if anyone were to walk into our weight room here at Center Grove, they would mistake it for a professional athletes weight room. I am unbelievably proud and priviledged to say I was a part of this organization. I could not have asked for a better lifting coach! :)

By Kellie Riley / Greenwood, USA
Mills has been a great lifting coach during the three years I have lifted. During those three years of lifting with Mills I have seen myself grow stronger physically and mentally. He is truly a great coach and person.

Marty Mills
By Natalie Lalich / Greenwood, United States
I am a senior at Center Grove High School. I have been lifting with Coach Mills since my freshman year and I can tell you that without his help there is no way I would be where I am today. I recieved a scholarship to play softball at Indiana University and I was concerned in the beginning that the physical conditioning and training was going to be hard to adjust to my first couple months. After seeing the workouts the team goes through I feel like I will adjust perfectly because of the preparation Coach Mills as given me. He comes in everyday focused and has definitely taught me how to push myself and never be satisfied with anything less than my best.

Just Buy Into It
By Zach Anderson / Greenwood, USA
I personally have enjoyed every minute I've spent in the weight room. I'll let it be said that my first two years in lifting I never bought into actually working hard. But I can say that my last two years I've bought into what Coach Mills has said and it has helped me tremendously. I may not look strong to the average person, but I know I am because i finally got it through my head that what we do in the weight room works. I am extremely happy Coach Mills is the lifting instructor here at CG, because what he tells you to do isn't hard at all and if you just follow his directions ans work hard your going to become a better athlete or more physically fit just by doing those simple ideas.

Marty Mills!
By Abby McClintock / Greenwood, United States
My name is Abby McClintock and I have had coach mills train me in weightlifting my past four years of high school. By taking his class and participating in after-school workouts, I have maintained a physically fit lifestyle. Playing Center Grove High School varsity soccer throughout high school I needed a way of keeing my strength year round and Mills has done just that for me! His dedication and hardwork to improving the athletes here at Center Grove has increased my intensity. Mills is an excellent instructor and very knowledgable of how to make a top level athlete better and better with his intense workouts.
Coach Mills
By Kelcey Daugherty / Greenwood, United States
My name is Kelcey Daugherty and I have played basketball at Center Grove the past four years. The one thing that stayed consistent throughout these years was Coach Mills and the weight room. Everyday he is motivated and that motivates everyone else around him. When I come into the weight room I come to improve and with Coach Mills that is always a possibility with extremely intense workouts. Over the four years I have been here I have seen significant changes in my weightlifing abilities. Coach Mills shown me how to work out by myself and that will carry me throughout my life. I have truly enjoyed the four years I have had under Coach Mills.
By Rachel Perry / Greenwood, USA
My name is Rachel Perry and I am a senior at Center Grove. I only started lifting second semester of this year, but thanks to Coach Mills I have improved immensley. Coming into this class I really had no idea what I was doing or what a work out should look like. Within 2 weeks I could see major improvement and I was already moving up in what weight I lift. I look forward to this class every day because I feel so accomplished during and I always feel great afterwards. I'm so happy with the results that I've gotten and how muchtThe School of Strength program has done for me. Not only is Mills know a lot about lifting, but he cares about all of his students. Well.....the ones who work hard :) Anytime I've ever needed something he has helped me out as much as he could. He is very understanding and has always been there for me. I absolutely will be coming back to lift with him and other students when I come home for college and breaks. Its an awesome program!
Nation's Best
By Brock Sokolowski / Greenwood, United States
I have been a part of the football and baseball teams for all my four years at Center Grove. And needless to say, I would not of survived at the varsity level if it wasn't for Coach Mills and the School of Strength program. By being a part of this great lifting program since my 8th grade year it has completely transformed by body and my athletic ability. Coming into the weight room for the first time I weighed around 130 lbs and as I leave my senior year I am 180 pounds. Coach Mills helped install the attitude of pedal to the medal for the time you are in the weight room and always giving your best effort. And he has ultimately affected the rest of my life from an attitude and health standpoint. I would strongly recommend the School of Strength to anyone with any athletic aspirations or wanting to transform your body, because it will happen. Hands down the best program in the nation.

Hard work pays off
By Matt Norris / Greenwood, IN, USA
I have had the pleasure of getting better everyday in the School of Strength. I will admit that I am not the least bit athletically gifted. Despite this, Coach Mills has treated me just like a top athlete, working every day to help me reach my fullest potential. Coach Mills instilled in me the attitude to work your absolute hardest so that you can have no regrets when you step on the playing field. I had no regrets throughout my football career here at Center Grove, as I gave every effort I had to be the best that I could be in the weight room, and that would not have been possible without the encouragement and tireless work of Marty Mills. I did get much stronger and now have the tools and knowledge to remain in good shape for the rest of my life, thanks to Coach Mills' work. Most importantly, I learned to never fail in giving your best effort, and from that comes success.

By Kelsey Brand / Greenwood, United States
My name is Kelsey Brand and I'm a senior at Center Grove High School. I've had a great experience throughout my three years of lifting with Coach Mills at this school. He has been an amazing support system and has always pushed me to my limit. He has had me come in early on some mornings and given me the oppertunity top have that responsibilty which will help in the future. He has built a School Of Strength program that could be beneficial to anyone. Coach Mills has not only helped me to be a better athelete or trainer but also to be a better sudent. He makes sure I am making good decisons outside of school and that I am staying out of trouble just like he would with his own kids. Over half of the school each year is a student of Coach Mills, yet he still is on that person level with everyone of them. I know from experience that he makes that connection with students to make sure they are able to achieve their goals. He has told us over and over again that he is living his dreams through us. He truely wants us as athelets for this school to strive and succeed for the best. The skills he has taught me in his class are skills that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I could not have asked for a better lifting/life coach to help me get through this stage of my life!
The Numbers Say It All
By Quinn Bowling / Greenwood, USA
As a Freshman coming into high school:
Bench: 195
Weight: 215
Leaving High School Senior Year:
Bench: 350
Weight: 275

As the heading suggests the numbers do say it all for me. Coming in I had no idea what to expect walking into a high school weight room. I was expecting simple workouts including a lot of bench press and curls, boy was I wrong! As a sophomore going into my junior year my main goal was to start all year on the offensive line for the Center Grove Trojans. The hard work that I put in, in the weight room with Coach Mills guidance helped me do so. Leaving high school I am moving on to play football at Morehead State in the fall and I attribute all of that to my coaches. The only reason I was able to perform on the field on Friday nights was due to my strength and conditioning. Not only was I bigger and stronger my character improved thought my career. Coach Mills makes sure that not only are you "super human strong" as he would say but to also be a good person in the end. If you are asking whether you should participate in this program or send your children into this program I would say you are crazy if you didn’t. I could not imagine my high school career without working out with this beast of a man.

School of Strength is AWESOME!
By Jenna Patton / Greenwood, United States
Training with Mills has made me able to be able to work out on my own and know all different type of lifts and workouts for what I want to make stronger. In addition, the School of Strength has made me a powerful athlete and perform at a higher level.

How Coach Mills Made Me a Better Gymnast.
By Megan Peters / Greenwood, United States
When I signed up for Coach Mills class I had many goals. After the first month I could tell I was getting stronger and my gymnastics was changing. I was able to get new skills and add them to my routines. At the end of my junior year I accomplished my goal of qualifying for the Easter Nationals Gymnastics Competition. I ended up placing first on bars, fourth on floor, and fourth all around for my age group.
I signed up for Coach Mills class again my senior year, and I had new goals. My goal was to move up to Level 10. This was going to be a major challenge for me because this level is very hard to do. I worked extra hard in his class and at the gym. In the end I was able to move up and accomplish my goal of becoming a level 10 gymnast. Now that my competition season and senior year are over I will be coming in during the summer to continue to get stronger, so I can do gymnastics in college. I am walking onto the gymnastics team at Ball State University. I am very excited to start this new chapter of my life. I kniow that none of this would have been possible without Coach Mills help.

Jordan Elsey
By Jordan Elsey / greenwood, United states
My lifting coach is the most dedicated teacher in the United States. The school of strength lifting program is so advanced.. It would be nothing without a Marty Mills. His motivation is what drives us to be champions. The advanced lifting he shows us allows us to put our bodies to the best of there abilities. I am so blessed to be apart of this amazing program.
I began my highschool career with a 19 foot 6 inch long jump as a personal best.. and with all the learning and strength gaining I have now jumped 22 feet 1 inch. ranking me the best long jumper going into sectionals.

School of Strength
By Kyle Miler / Center Grove School of Strength, USA
I was first introduced to coach Mills as a 140 pound, five foot ten freshman with very little insight into what it took to transform my physical body. I sit here today as a senior, 45 pounds heavier with an immense amount of knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and other health aspects. I owe all of these things to coach Mills, he often says that we are part of his extended family and I truly believe he feels that way. He treats every student with respect and fairness as if we would his own children. He has high expectations for us as athletes, but with the amount of preparation and attention he gives every single athlete there is no way you can not achieve every personal goal you seek. Coach Mills is not just a "strength coach", he is an athletic development instructor. We perfrom everything from strict strength lifts to complex olympic lift movements, all of which are taught step by step by coach Mills. I feel that not only has coach Mills prepared us physically but he has also instilled a ideaology about hardwork and what is takes to live a healthy lifestyle. Coach Mills is an excellent teacher, coach, but more importantly an amazing man!
From Scrawny to Strength
By Evan VanSant / Greenwood, IN, USA
When i came to high school i was a skinny and scrawny soccer player. I weighed about 115 and no muscle and a little on the chubby side. Since my soccer coach, Phil Orlando, really had interest in the weight program here at Center grove for his players, me and Coach Mills came to know eachother over the years. Mills taught me the fundamentals to weightlifting along with making me stronger and bigger along the way. Now, a graduating senior, Im around 150 pounds of lean, muscle and strength. Mills and the weight program brought me from scrawny to strength in 4 years, which is incredible. He has taught me to work hard and always train to meet my goals. Thanks for the dedication you have given to me and the rest of the school.
My Book About Coach Mills
By Hannah Adkins / Greenwood, U.S.A.
I came into Coach Mills class as a sophomore and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. All I saw was a big, scary man that had a true passion for what he was coaching. He makes everyone feel like they can always get better and strives to make us reach our goals. I jump rope and I thought,"I don't know if lifting would even have an effect with what I do." Right away I saw results in the way I jumped. When I first began lifting, I easily saw how he enjoys what he does. I fell in love with lifting Kettlebells. Not only because it is one of the best ways to stay in shape, but Coach Mills shared everything he could with me to make me better. He pours all he has into making sure everyone is the best they can be. He often tells us he isn't a teacher, but someone that coaches us to lead a healthy life and stay strong. While this may be true, he has taught me many things that I will never forget. Coach Mills runs THE best fitness program around. Not only does he manage making hundreds of athletes at Center Grove the best, he runs bootcamps that help adults in the community get in shape. Last summer I had the privelage to help coach at Kettlebell Bootcamps and have continued to do so ever since. Many adults that have tried numerous ways to lose weight and get stronger will agree that Mills program is fun, welcoming, and there truly are results. Coach Mills has shared his passion with me and next year I plan on going to the University of Indianapolis and studying something in the field of health. Thank you Coach Mills for everything you've done!!!

School of Strength
By McKenzie Essig / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills was an awesome coach. I got physically fit fast! He was a motiviating coach, and he showed alot of dedication towards all of us. He showed us good form and good technique so we could do our best at sports, being stronger, and being physically fit.  The way he teaches the workouts makes you feel stronger immeidately after! Its amazing how good of a coach he is.   I couldnt ask for any better instructor. He has now prepared me to be a strong and dedicated young woman.

Coach Mills - Weight Training Guru
By Jacob Hage / Greenwood, United States of America
Over the past four years at Center Grove High School, Coach Marty Mills, has transformed me into what I am today. Coming in as a freshman was overwhelming and seeing older students that were twice your size. It was a scary place, until I found the weight room and Coach Mills. He told us each and every day that we would eventually be where we wanted to be if we listened to him and followed his workout plans. It worked. Freshman year I weighed in at 155 pounds, benching 115 and squatting 175. Going into senior year, at the peak of my athletic training I was benching 295 and squatting 375. I did all of that after I had accummulated 40 pounds of muscle over the previous three years. It is proven over and over again, that Coach Mills is a top notch trainer. Not only for weight training, but also life and character lessons. He has been an excellent role model for me, and I know that the things he has taught me over the past four years will help me in every aspect of life after high school. Nothing but high praise should be awarded to Coach Mills! Best class I ever had!
Adam Ferrell and The School of Strength
By Adam Ferrell / Greenwood, IN, USA
I cannot even begin to explain how much Coach Mills has impacted my life not only physically, but spiritually. I remember telling Coach just two years ago what my three main goals were. They were to 1) glorify God, 2) to get bigger, faster, and stronger, 3) and to win state in the high hurdles. I was only able to meet two of those goals (1 & 2) but not because of Mills. Within the course of training I gained 30 pounds (160 to 190), and became MUCH stronger and faster. Throughout these past couple of years there have been days where I just did not feel like training at all. I just wanted to be lazy, the very person Coach does not want in his weight room. But on these days he would always push me to strive to become better at not only lifting but at everything I do. I compare this to reading my Bible, even on days when I don't feel like doing it, I remember that I am called to absolute greatness, and Mills has helped me to realize this truth.
In our weight room Coach has this quote on the wall that reads: "If you are going to win any battle, you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do...The body is not tired if the mind is not tired." -General George S. Patton. Honestly, this quote, and others on the wall including Proverbs 24:5, have helped me while training. Coach has never really said anything to us about these banners on the wall but I know he lives by them. He wants to be a great human and I believe he knows this comes from knowing God and being everything He created us to be. Mills has taught me so much about being strong both physically and spiritually and fighting battles even when it hurts. When my body tells me to stop, my mind says to keep going; to keep getting bigger, faster, and stronger. My mind tells me to keep pursuing a healthy life and body. These same principles can be used in the spiritual and that's why having Coach Mills as my training coach has pushed me to strive for greatness and excellence. Mills has been such an influence in my life and has truly influenced the course of my life in some aspects. I thank God for him and will miss being a part of the Center Grove School of Strength.
O'rion Elder's Instructor Review
By Orion Elder / Greenwood, IN, USA

Summer before freshman year:

Weight:180, Bench:185, Squat:220, Clean:160

End of Senior Year

Weight:210, Bench:315, Squat:405, Clean:270

My career at Center Grove High School has been an awesome one for many reasons. All of them leading back to one man, Marty Mills. I am a football player and a track athlete in the spring. When you think of a weightlifting coach you think of someone who stands in the corner and to get a good grade your max in each lift has to go up a certain number. Mr. Mills is the opposite. Coach Mills, as well as teaching us to lift, also teaches us simple lifts and eating habits that we can use for the rest of our lives. He runs his weight room different than any high school, maybe even college, in the state. We do a variety of lifts and finishers that physically drain us but make us stronger than we have ever been. I have never met a man so dedicated to one goal, which is making all of his students stronger and better at their sport of choice. Besides being here every day, he also, instructs a Kettlebell boot camp for the parents or anyone who signs up, before school! As well as the boot camps, Mr. Mills takes weekend trips to study up on Kettlebell lifts and meet the men that started Kettlebell lifting. As you can see from my numbers i have come a long way since freshman year. Mr. Mills has devoted so much time to his players since I’ve been here and he has never let up or not expected us to do any less than our best. In result of myself getting stronger and playing better on the field because of it, I have received a football scholarship to the University of Indianapolis to play in the fall of 2012. On top of all of his school duties, Mr. Mills also has a family that he provides for. His oldest daughter is a tremendous lifter, and his son is an excellent wrestler. Coach Mills is an excellent coach, teacher, and man. Being around him for 4 and half years i can truthfully say that and mean it.
Marty Mills is the man.
Parker Radecki / Greenwood, USA
Before I had instruction from Mills, weighlifting was non-existant to me. I had never benched, squated, cleaned, or anything before; i was the typical scrawny soccer player. After 4 years of this program, I am still considered a skinny soccer player by weightlifting standards. However, through this program and Coach Mills' instruction I have learned how to lift, become faster and stronger, and gained over 50 pounds along the way. Mills teaching has influenced me more than any other teacher and not only taught me how to be a better athlete but also a better man.
Marty Mills School of Strength
By Jared Williams / Greenwood, USA
Marty Mills is a very rigorous and challenging instructor. He pushes you to your limits and doesnt stop until you reach your full potential. Then he challenges you even more to become not only physically strong but mentally strong as well. I have become an all around better person because of the training that he has put me through.
Christian Thomas' senior review
By Christian Thomas / Greenwood, 'Mer-ca!!!

Before freshman year:
Bench- 80
Clean- 135
Deadlift- 150
Weight- 135

End of senior year:
Bench- 245
Squat- 235
Clean- 200
Deadlift- 360
Weight- 180

Throughout my high school career i started at Whiteland Community High School and the coach there was unable to help me the way Coach Mills has done in the past three years that i have gone to CG. My favorite lift that he has taught me to do is the Olympic Ring leg raise/dip, this lift is very technical and requires a great amount of strength and balance to be able to do. I feel that any who comes into the weight room and trains under the influence of Coach Mills, will leave a totally different person both physically and mentally because Mills demands physical excelence and respect from all in the room.

Marty Mills Lifting Coach
Alex Berg / Greenwood, United States of America
Entering high school as a freshman I weighed 115 pounds. Throughout the course of high school I learned, from Coach Mills how to become a better person, a better lifter, and a better athlete. Now as a Senior I gained 65 pounds of muscle. In the beginning I would merely go through the motions and did not really care. Towards the end of my high school career I became much more intense and inspired by Coach Mills. This man has inspired me to be a great person and a great lifter. His high expectations pushed me to become the best I can be. As a result of Coach Mills's high expectations I more than doubled the weight on each and every lift I learned. I really appreciate his time and dedication to the young men and women of this high school and community.
Coach Marty Mills lifting instructing
 Matt McPherson / Greenwood, United States of America
Coming in as a freshman, I was a tiny kid with little to no muscle at all. I had had some lifting experience but none compared to the work out regimate I went through when I began with Coach Mills. Coach Mills had a strict lifting routine that he knew would put muscle on us quickly. However, not only did it put solid muscle on, it also gave me flexibility and a strong core. Kettlebells helped me develop a strong core, gain strength, and increase flexibility. I have put on at least 45 pounds of hard muslce thanks to the strict and guided intructing of Coach Mills. The hard work I put into this lifting program, increased my ability to play baseball at a higher level than before. I had so much more strength and flexibility to be a much better baseball player.

Coach Mill's Influence
Helena Bomber / Bargersville, United States
I have grown, physically and mentally, since the beginning of my freshmen year thanks to Coach Mills. Being an athelete has always been important to me and has made me a competetive person. Coach Mills has allowed me to be a winner and future collegiate athelete with his intense workouts and influential personality. His passion and knowledge for strengthening and bettering himself has given me motivation to be able to train independently and successfully in college and afterwards.
Mills is the Best Trainer in the World
 Joe Reed / Greenwood, USA
My freshman year I came into Center Grove high school as a scrawny 165 lb boy. I benched pressed 95 lbs and had never truly lifted in my life. I played basketball and averaged 1.9 points a game and 1.3 rebounds. I began training with Coach Mills everyday and it has helped me improve every aspect of my body physically and mentally. I now weigh 215 lbs and can bench press 275 lbs. My senior year I averaged 21 points per game and was third best rebounder in the state at 11.5 rpg. I'm now an all-state player in basketball in one of the best states in the nation for it. I have a D1 full ride scholarship to IPFW and i can contribute this to Coach Mills and the weightlifting program he put me on. Coach Mills has molded me into the man that I am now and I appreciate everything he has done for me.
Best in the Country
By Andy Ponder / Greenwood, USA
Coach Mills can take any kid and turn them into a champion weight lifter. As a freshman I could only bench 85 lbs, clean 65 lbs, and squat 145 lbs. Now I'm benching 275 lbs, cleaning 245 lbs, and squatting over 350 lbs. The only thing you have to do to become a better lifter is to work hard and pay attention to Coach Mills.

Best Strength Coach
By Haley Townsend / Greenwood, United States
Coach Marty Mills is by far the BEST weightlifting coach I could ever imagine. He always has the most innovative and effective lifts and equipment for the best results. I have never met an individual more passionate or educated about what he does. Coach Mills lives and breathes the art of weightlifting and strength building. From the dozens of kettlebell exercises, to rings, ropes, and sleds, every lift is a full-body excerise. Not only have I improved in pure strength, but my flexibility, coordination, and endurance have all drastically improved as well because of the wide variety of lifting options specialized for each individual in their respective sports. My reflexes for swimming have increased in speed as well due to the various fast-twitch muscle lifts incorporated into the daily workouts. I NEVER experience any joint, back, or additional pain aside from soreness because Coach Mills has taught me how to lift properly with the best results. Strength has contributed to an extremely large part of my success in swimming! I started out my freshman year hardly making the Sectional team for Center Grove. My sophmore year I won sectionals and made it to state. My junior year I made it to state finals, and my senior year I made individual All-State.  I remember hardly being able to bench press the bar when i came to Center Grove High School, and man was my technique awful! I can now bench press 135 lbs without a problem, and that only scratches the surface at how much I've improved because of Coach Mills. Words cannot describe how phenomenal Coach Mills is and how much he has contributed to my athletic success. I am proudly planning to swim at the collegiate level next year (I never expected to ever be able to swim in college). I have met various strength coaches during my recruiting trips that coach at the collegiate level and not one has even come close to the level of Coach Mills. I do not have one negative remark or criticism of Coach Mills. He is the school of strength boss, and I wish he could be my strength coach in college too! Everyone should have the chance to work with Coach Mills at the Kettlebell Bootcamps! He does an absolute amazing job, and I can't thank him enough for all of his hard work.

Coach Mills is the Best in the Country
By Brent Kamer / Greenwood, USA
Coming into high school playing soccer I had never really heard about weight lifting but was open to the idea knowing that it would only help me out on the field. I had many different goals that I had set for myself to accomplish throughout my four years playing. Some that I thought that I would never be able to come close to reaching. But with Coach Mills every dream I had set for myself originally I had accomplished and now with my new ability I was starting to make even more goals to push myself more. I was able to play a few varsity games as a freshman, and I was a starting varsity captain by my junior year. These goals were what drove me as I worked out because as Coach Mills would preach, “If you don’t have a goal to get better, than GET OUT”. I think nearly all the lessons that I learned inside the doors of the weight room carried into the classroom and even into life. Coach was always ready to teach a life lesson threw the weights program and it is those lesson that have ultimately made me a better man today.

I entered the high school benching 100lbs and squatting about 150lbs. I am leaving as a senior now able to bench 275lbs and being able to squat 243lbs. I know that with what Coach Mills has taught me I will still be able to grow as an athlete over the next four years playing soccer for Rose-Hulman.
By Siara Chupp / Greenwood, United States
Mills is one of very passionate about everything and everyone in the weight room. He is encouraging and is sure to tell you what you are doing right and wrong to better your performance. He has developed an amazing program that I recommend everyone experience.

Coach Mills Review
By Ben Wheeler / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is the best leader and coach I know. He is empowering and a great role model to me. I have been coming into his weight room to work out sense summer going into freshman year. He has implanted the will to set goals for myself in and outside of lifting and given me the tools to complete these goals. Coach is one who demands perfection out of his athletes and pushes them to be the best and most prepared athletes in their given sport. Without coach Mills I would not have had the athletic success I achieved over my four years in high school.

Best Coach
By Dalton Mudd / Greenwood, United States
I have been coming into the weight room for over four years and it has shown because I wouldn't have become what I am without it. Coach Mills is the most dedicated person I have ever met and he cares about his students/athletes. He could be doing anything he wants and he chooses to stay here and help us and build this program.

Soccer Player in program
By Mitchell Eckerle / Greenwood, United States
Working in the school of strength as a soccer player has given me an advantage over most players on the field. Most soccer players do not have a strong upper body and I am not saying it would be good to get jacked as a soccer player but it is good to be toned and strong. I came in fairly scrawny and now I can body up with anyone on the field.I have learned from this program also how to work out everything with just kettle bells which I enjoy more than traditional weights because it works many muslces at once. If you are serious with this program it will get you where you want to be as far as health and strength goes.
School of Strength
By Shelden Long / Greenwood, U.S.A
Being in Coach Mills weight lifting class has taught me a lot about having great technique, having intensity in everything I do, and when something is to hard to fight through it without jeopardizing form! Another important thing I learned in his class is to never be afraid of trying something new. When it comes to anything weights thanks for being a great influence on me and everyone else!

 Highly Trained Strength Coach
By Drew Heydon / Greenwood, United States
I started training with coach Mills when I was in 8th grade. He first put us through the basics and helped me perfect my technique. Once I was in high school I started to really see the benefits lifitng does for you. I came into high school weighing 190 bench pressing 145 and squating 200. Now I weigh 240, bench press 415, and squat 400. He has also has helped me perfect the many different kinds of kettle bell lifts. I used to hate kettle bells and he gradually got me to be a big fan of their benefits! Not only has he helped me with my performance in lifting but he gives valuable life lessons that have helped me be a better person. Basically, coach Mills is one the best coachs in the United States and I feel very lucky to have had him as a strength coach!
 Best Workout of My Life
By Mackenzie Miller / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is a phenominal instuctor one reason being that he is an expert on weightlifitng and the other being that he truly cares about others and their success. My story is a little different than others. I was hardly an athlete and when I first came into the class as a sophomore I could not even bench the bar, and now as a senior I can bench with 25 on each side. I know that if he wasn't as motivating and supportive as he was, I would not have reached my goal. I also appreciate that before class each day instead of just letting us get to work he tries to give us constructive critism on how to be a better lifter and also talks about how to be a better person.There is no other teacher that has affected me as much as he has. He deserves to be titled the best lifting couach in the nation.

Center Grove School of Strength
By Daniel O'Brien / Greenwood, United States

Coach Mills has developed an incredible program that benefits every athlete in our school. The kettle bells are great because they work multiple muscles at the same time. I had never used them before this class, but I knew coach mills was good at teaching proper form and I had it down in no time. Everybody in our class has great form because coach Mills takes time to make sure every single person has a good understanding of the right form for each lift. No one ever gets hurt in here because everybody lifts the correct way. Also, he expects the best out of everybody every time they come in to lift and he does a awesome job at pumping everybody up to give their all each day in his weight room. For me, I know I would not have performed nearly as well in swimming without his class. I think this also gave me a competitive edge on every athlete in the state because I knew no one had this great of a lifting program.

David Gutsch Senior Testimonial
David Gutsch / Greenwood, United States
I have had the privilege of training with Coach Marty Mills for the past four years. The training that he provides Center Grove athletes is by far the best in the state if not the country. Coach Mills takes lifting styles and techniques from all disciplines of weightlifting in order to prepare athletes for their respective seasons. Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting RKC kettle bells, and plyometrics are just a few of the disciplines that Coach Mills uses to train athletes to be inhumanly strong. For those who are not athletes Coach mills also does a very good job of writing programs for body composition workouts, which is where one loses body fat while gaining muscle.

I started off as a baseball player for the first two years of my high school career, and Coach mills prepared me in the realms of strength, conditioning(muscular and cardiovascular), flexibility, and explosiveness. After these two years I became very interested in Olympic Weightlifting, and he taught me everything he knows on the subject. After that he sent me to a coach that specializes in Olympic Weightlifting , and I now compete in the sport.

Coach Mills has had a huge influence on my success as an athlete and a weightlifter, and one day he will train my children to be superhuman athletes as well. I endorse Coach Mills and the Center Grove weightlifting program because Coach Mills does not settle for less than excellence, and because he cares a great deal about all of the athletes.

Coach Mills
By maxwell mclaughlin / Greenwood, United States
coach mills is simply a hero. he has provided athletes with lifting technique, good attitudes, and great character. not only did show us how be great lifters and great athletes, but he has showed us to present our selves right and not act like grade A trash. he is an inspiration to us all and he deserves the best.
Coach Mills the Great
By Cristian Soto / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has helped me become a better lifter throughout my high school career. He has taught me to be a great athlete by not giving up on your goals. Mills does not give up on a student lifter. He is here to push kids to become better and stronger athletes. Coach Mills is a spectacular coach and a great guy. He is a really good kettle bell instructor.
Simply The Best!
By Conner Stapleton / Greenwood, Indiana
When I began my weight training in the fall of my freshman year, I had no idea that my training would lead me to the amount of success I have today.
My goal coming into high school was to improve every day and to maybe, if I get lucky, earn a scholarship in athletics if I became good enough. Luckily, Coach Mills was there to guide me every step of the way. In football, even when injury seemed to constantly put me on the sidelines, I would return to the weight room for rehabilitation and training. This ultimately got me through a very successful all-state senior season as a running back for Center Grove; averaging ten yards a carry for over 1,000 yards. This being after I completely missed my junior season of football where I was plagued by injury.
In track, I completely attribute my speed and agility to my strength I have developed in my time at the School of Strength. As a sophomore, I had a significant advantage over my competitors because I had much more power and muscular endurance than they did. I was the only underclassmen to place in the 300 meter hurdles my sophomore year at the state meet because of the advanced, world-class weight training program I have been blessed with. By scoring points in the State Track meet, I was able to contribute toward Center Grove High School's first track state championship. After breaking my clavicle in football and having to go through surgery, I came back stronger and faster than ever my junior track season. In the state tournament sectionals, I made it onto the all-time top 25 list in my primary event, the 300 meter hurdles. I went on to qualify in four events for the state meet in 2012 and finished 3rd in the 300 meter hurdles. Due to these outstanding performances, set up by weight training and conditioning as a foundation, I was blessed with track scholarships to schools that I otherwise would not have been able to go to. I will be attending the University Of Notre Dame on a track scholarship in the fall of 2013; possible through the discipline, hard work and passion I have learned through training. The undergraduate degree I will earn will be invaluable and will hopefully promote a continuing success in my life. I am forever indebted to Coach Mills because of his expertise in kettle bell and Olympic lifting, and learning to become a hard worker in everything I attempt.
Without Marty Mills as my weights coach, I wholeheartedly believe that I would not be where I am today. He is by far the most passionate and knowledgeable weight coach I have ever known. He has dedicated his life and career to make hundreds of athletes better at their respected sports and help achieve dreams and goals through good old fashioned hard work and commitment. If you have Coach Mills as your weight instructor, you will get everything out of what you put into it. The only constraint in the school of strength is YOUR effort, and if you put forth your best effort, you too will become more successful in athletics and in life, I can assure you. Thank you Coach Mills for everything!
Muscles with Mills
By Caleb Renner / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is a dedicated man and loves what he does. He is the best strength coach that I've had and I couldnt ask for better. He makes new workouts for us to try and work different muscles and movements. Everyone should listen to Coach Mills because he knows what he is talking about.
Coach Mills is the best
By Jordan Timmons / Greenwood, IN, United States
Coahc Mills is definitely the best stregnth coach around. He is always encouraging us to do our best in the weight room. By learning all of these techniques and ways of lifting I have a way to lift and can create my own training system to use for the rest of my life. His training system has helped me stay in shape both in season as well as off.
Coach Mills
By Mikaela Saugstad / Greenwood, US
Coach Mills has been a huge part of my success in athletics throughout high school. He helped me slim down while getting stronger at the same time. The season I first started lifting with Coach Mills, I experienced big time drops in my swimming. He helped me work around injuries, and prepared me for all other challenges I would face!
Coach Mills - School of Strength
By Brandon Gregory / Greenwood, USA
Coach Mills is by far the most insperational and dedicated coach I've ever had in my athletic career. He has taught me through hard work and mental drive that any of your goals can be accomplished. Beginning Mills' class since freshmen year, the past four years I have become the stongest, fastest athlete I can be thanks to his coaching. #1 Coach
Pushing You to the Limits
By James Wilson / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills pushed me even further than I ever thought I could go. My Freshman year in high school, I was scrawny, weak and uncoordinated; however, through my four years in high school he has built me into an extremely athletic person. Along the way its not just the physical part of his classes that has assisted me, but he has also helped in the mental aspect.

Highly recommend Marty Mills and Kettlebells
By Sharon N / Mooresville, Indiana
I started Kettlebell training 7 weeks ago. Wow! I cannot believe the change in that short period of time.Marty's workouts are challenging. But, he provides great instruction (individually if necessary) and makes sure there are options for beginners who don't know all the lifts yet or are not yet able to complete a particular lift correctly.  Marty stresses the fundamentals. If you don't know the basics well, he doesn't want you to move on until you do. I really respect that.I highly recommend Marty Mills and would recommend Kettlebell training to anyone of any age. (I am a 50-something grandmother).
There's an Athlete in Everyone
By Jennifer S / Greenwood, United States
In March of 2012 I began training with Coach Mills in his morning boot camp program for the Center Grove Community. After my first workout I was hooked! He is probably the most passionate and dedicated coaches I’ve ever encountered. Coming into the boot camp I was already physically fit but the strength and power I have gained from working with Coach Mills is incredible. In a year’s time I gained 10 pounds of muscle and I feel I’ve really mastered the kettle bell. He encourages so many adults in our community not just the athletes. These people have made tremendous changes to their physical health and appearance as well as increased their confidence. Not only is he one of the best coaches he has formed a “Community” within his program. The participants in Coach Mills’s program are encouraging and are all willing to help because WE want to see everyone succeed as much as he does.
Center Grove weight lifting!!
By Dalton Wheeler / bargersville, USA
Center Grove weight lifting as a program had turned into a community based system. PArents are lifting, kids are lifting. Everyone is getting in shape and getting huge. I have turned into a much tougher kid and would have never got where i did in wrestling without this weight lifting class. This is one of the best things center grove has had. Get BIG!
Coach Mills
By Timothy Taft / Greenwood, USA
Due to coach mills rigorious training, i went from a fat chubby freshman to a stud. He has one of the hardest and most successful training programs i have ever been to and it clearly shows. Ive helped teach many kids strugling with mass gains and shoed them his woprkouts and thy have seen nothing but results. He has made me a better and stronger person overall and could never ask for a better weight lifting coach
Passionate, enthusiastic, and committed
By Ralph Shiley / Greenwood, USA
Mr. Mills teaches clearly and with passion. Simply the best there is.
Coach Mills
By Christy Cox / Greenwood, United States
I initially met Coach Mills my freshman year while participating on the JV volleyball team. He trained me with kettle bells during study halls, in his actual weightlifting class, and twice a week after school. He intruduced me to olympic lifting, which I have pursued for several years, and will continue at the collegiate level this fall. In addition to the physical side of training, we have had many discussions on diet, supplementation, athletic development, and the mindset of an athlete. Coach Mills is an important part of my success as a 3 year varsity volleyball player, state weightlifting champion, national weightlifting champion, and world team alternate. Thank you Coach for helping me grow physically, mentally, and intelectually!

Center Grove High School of Strength
By Mackenzie Dean / Center Grove High School, Greenwood, IN, United States
Kettlebell training at Center Grove is more than just a class or training program; it is an oppurtunity to push yourself phiscally, mentally and reach your full potential. Throughout my training, I have become incredibly stronger than I was as a freshman. Most importantly, I learned the value of word work and strength to reach my goals.
Setting the Foundation
By Jacob Eckert / Greenwood, USA
Coach Mills has helped me accomplish goals, I couldnt even imagine. He has set me up to acheive in College as a Swimmer. He taught me perfect technique to set my foundation to lift better.
 Mr. Mills
By Lucas Andersen / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has been an excellent weight lifting coach that has pushed me to excel in all aspects of my life. The works out that we do on a daily basis can be applied to my work outs for the rest of my life. Thanks very much Mr. Mills.
Fitness Role Model
By Austin Bell / Greenwood, USA
Coach Mills has developed my athletic ability over the last four years of my high school carrer into something amazing, more than I could of ever done on my own. Coach Mills has given me a fitness routine that I will be able to carry through my entire life, and pass onto generations to come. Thank you for distilling a work ethic into my life that has excelled my health and atheltic carrer to the next level!
Get big
By Justin Degenhardt / Greenwood, United States
Mills is one of the greatest teacher and coach that I have had the pleasure to be taught by. Mills has a passion for weightlifting that has inspired me to become as physically fit as possible. I would not know anything about weight lifting if it wasnt for Mr. Mills.
Get Big or Go Home
By Austin Morris / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has a love for what he does. He sincerly wants all his students to get better and stronger. The passion he has toward lifting inspires his students to try harder. He is an inspiration to me along with many others. He taught most if not all i know about lifting. He is a great teacher.
Mills Review
By Andrew Lowery / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has taught me what I need to know to continue working out and staying in good shape after I leave high school. He taught me how to do both strength lifts and conditioning lifts. He introduced us to kettle bells and all the things they can do for your body. Mills is an inspiration
Weightlifting Coach Marty Mills
By Zach Whitehead / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is one of the best lifting coaches in the nation, if not, THE best. I have been given the opportunity to be coached by him all four years of my high school career. I have seen the weight room that he coaches grow into a complex, yet simple system. Coach Mills knows everything that he coaches within his classes because he is experienced and lives his life based off of his profession that he loves.
Mills Training
By Anna Gunderson / Greenwood, US
Coach Mills has a great training program and facility. I have had the opportunity to work with him for the past 4 years. Over those years, he has made me a stronger person and better athletic competitor. Mills is a great teacher of the lifts. Anyone would be lucky to work with him.
Coach Mills and the Kettle Bells
By Sarah Butler / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills with his kettle bell program helped me so much my four years of high school. Without the program I would not be nearly as strong. Coach Mills is a great coach and pushes everyone to be their full potential.
Mills is the Best!!!!
By Lauren Carpenter / CGHS, United States
Even after a few weeks I started lifting at School of Strength my freshman year, I could see a huge difference in my physique. During my whole high school career, I have gotten much stronger. It really helped me during track season and I got so much better at hurdles and ended up winning lots of races. Because of lifting and what all Coach Mills has taught me, I will be able to stay athletic and in shape for the rest of my life!
School of Strength
By Allison Harris / CGHS, United States
My strength has improved so much!! It has really helped me in cheer. You have been a greeat example of how to properly work out. You have taught me soo much! Thanks!
Best Teacher
By Jesse Traylor / Greenwood, USA
Marty Mills has been my weightlifting coach throughout high school and he is by far my favorite teacher I've had. He inspires his students to work harder and to better themselves.
4 Years Later...
By Jacob Branam / Greenwood, Johnson
Marty Mills and his weights program helped me in my sports and own stength training. My freshman year, i was literally skin and bones. Now my bench has moved up to 160lbs, squat is 180, my deadlift is 250, and pull-ups have increased to 10 on the minute for 5:00. because of the weight training i trecieved, i am going to Anderson University to run XC and Track as a leader on the team. I am greatful for the time spent with him allowing me to grow in strength and leadership.
Center Grove Lifting
By Terrance Parks / Greenwood, United States
Mills has been a great lifting instructor. He has has been a huge help in getting me ready for my competition. He has made my lifting enjoyable and motivation.
Marty Mills
By Katie Liang / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has tremendously help grow as an athlete. I have only been weightlifting for one year, but I have learned so much! In the beginning, I was so nervous to take Coach Mills class, but through this teaching by example and guidance, there is nothing I can't do. Coach has given the the confidence to try more difficult lifts. Being a petite athlete, Coach never looked down on me. He never saw me as a waste of his time. He worked with me to perfect my form. He has taken me to the next level and I am very thankful for that.
Coach Mills
By Kassie Whaling / Greenwood, United States of America
The amount of improvement I have seen in my athletic season this year is all thanks to Coach Mills! His training has allowed me to grow as an athelte and has taught me to push myself and achieve the success I deserve and have worked for. I have recommended Coach Mills to all of my lacrosse girls in hopes that they will take as much out of the class as I have in such a short amount of time. I am looking forward to taking the lifts I have learned this year with me to college and the next step of my athletic career.
The Motivater
By Stephen Michaels / Greenwood, U.S.
I have had the honor of working out under Coach Mills' instruction for my four years of high school, and it was the best expierence of high school. I came into high school already lifting for two years, but it was nothing compared to what Coach Mills had me do. From day one he said you will get better and stronger if you work hard. He pushes everyone to be the best that they can be, not only as a lifter, but as a person. I came into high school weighing 180 lbs. and now I weigh 220 which has helped me so much with my recruitment for baseball. Coach Mills treats everyone with the upmost respect, and when I walk in the weightroom every day I am already motivated to work hard. I would recomend anyone to Coach Mills because he will find a great workout for you.
Marty Mills School Of Strength
By Joey Phillips / Greenwood, U.S.
Coach Mills lifting program is the best around. I have never been more excited to work out before starting his program. His workouts are challenging but fun. He makes sweating and fatigue something to be proud of after every workout. Throughout my time taking part in his program I have not only seen great improvement in myself but also in my peers. Before joining his class i would dread working out but now my next work out can never come soon enough. Mills has taught me all i need to know to feel comfortable with my lifts and know different ways to apply them to workouts to get the results i want. Center Grove School of Strength is the best workout program in the world. Period.
Mills Knows Everything
By Connor Irish / Greenwood, US
Marty Mills knows everything there is to know about lifting and fitness, but better yet he is great at relaying it to the students. He can make any workout fit any kind of student, whether they play a sport or not. I myself had two hernia surgeries a while back and had trouble getting back into any routie, but Mills was able to give me alternative exercises to help me get stronger and not reinjury anything. Now I am getting stronger in everything in his class and have no signs of injury. He introduced me to kettlebells, which have changed the whole way I workout now, as well as olympic lifts, and other strength lifts. My strength is improving, but my level of knowledge toward fitness and lifting has increased all over. I think I would not be into fitness as much as I am now without Coach's class.
Marty Mills
By Alden Prime / Greenwood, Indiana
Coach Mills is the most hard-working person that I have met. He puts all of his mental and physical effort into making his lifters, whether they are nine years old or ninety years old, the best weight-lifter they can be. Not only that, but he whole-heartedly cares for everyone he teaches and instills a midset in them so that they strive to reach their full potential. Over my four years of lifting under his instruction, I have been able to push myself to reach goals that i did not think I could. I have gained confidence in my lifting abilities because of what i have learned in this class. He has taught me skills that I can use once I leave high school to stay in physical shape. He is by far the best lifting coach as well as one of the most influential person that I know.
Marty Mills School of Strength
By Jessi Arbuckle / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is probably the most influencial person I have ever met. Not only does he make you incredibly strong, but he changes the way you train, think, and live your life. I came into high school ready to coast through and just go through the motions just to make people happy. Coach Mills gave me something to work for. He instilled passion for a sport into me through daily intense trainings and basically life talks. He knows what he wants and he gets it, no matter what. And he has encouraged me to try to do the same. I am confident going into my freshman year of college playing volleyball and I know I will excell in the training program there because of the prior training I have had from Coach Mills. He can turn anyone he trains into a beast in the gym. But what is cool is that not only does he make you stronger, but he makes you determined for life. I could not have asked for a better weights coach and I don't think anyone will ever be able to fill his shoes.
Coach Mills Review
By Dallas Pruett / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is definitely the best weight trainer and or coach that I have had coach me. Imoved to center grove my sophmore year from Kentucky and I was only bench 115. After 2 years of working with coach mills I got my bench up to 235. I also never even heard of kettlebells when i moved here, He has showed me how to do several amazing lifts with them and several new olympic power lifts with a straight bar. I would say he is definitely a legit high caliber weight coach.
By Kyle Buchanan / Greenwood, United States
I can relate all the way back into my middle school days when my dad would have me go down in the basement to lift weights and I dreaded even the thought of lifting. I was probably 115 pounds going into my freshman year with absolutely zero muscle mass. I came into high school bench pressing 75 lbs, cleaning 65 lbs, and clueless of other lifts besides curls. After going through Coach Mills' lifting program, I can say that he and the system has completely transformed my life. I now lift every single day during and after school, and can't stand the idea of missing a workout. Now as a senior I weigh 153 lbs and can bench press 315, clean 235, snatch 160, and have learned numerous lifts from kettlebells, ring ropes, and olympic lifts. Coach Mills has taught me full body lifts dealing with the core, hamstrings. shoulders, back, biceps, chest, and every other muscle in the body from his system. He has influenced me so much that next year I will be attending IU to major in sports science so that I can become a collegiate level strength coach. I know that if there is anyone to go to about lifting, Coach Mills is the guy because he is full of knowledge and knows exactly what hes talking about. I cant thank him enough for all that he has done for me!
By Justin Young / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has to be my favorite teacher at Center Grove High School. He has help me form my body into something I'm glad to call my body. His weight program helped me rehab my shoulder after having reconstrutive surgery to repair my right shoulder after a terrible hit. I was unable to lift any weights for almost a year and a half after the hit. He trained me to work through the pain and struggles to bulid my body back up from nothing. I'm not going to say it was easy. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. It took my effort, detrimenation, and heart to not quit. I thank god that I didn't. He helped the injuried me and trained me to become the 275 bench pressing, 335 back squating, 185 pound guy I am today. Everyday I'm thankful for what I learned from him. I know I will use his teachings for years. I thank Coach Mills for all he has done for me and the program.
By Damien Stone / Greenwood, Johnson
My First timne coming to Center Grove I was 190 Pounds and 6'2. I Was a ok althete but i wasnt the best and i wasnt the strongest. the first time i cme in the the weight room i was like what is going on what is all this stuff have never seen a weight ever in my life or even thought about picking one up. My max on bench was 135 I got so mad and overwhlem by it all Ijust though i should just give up until. Coach Mills talk talk to me. He knew that I play football and did wrestling. His favorite two sports Iwould say. But he broke it down to me what I needed to do and what need to be done if i wanted to get stronger and he has just change me and my body and everything just for the good. I wasnt like every Center Grove kid that has been here all they life. Coming in I had to put in work and he was right their helpping me on the way. I am so gald and thankful to have him as my weights coach. He has made all my number triple over two years and i thank him so much. Words cant explain howmuch Ithank him. He will always be the BEST Weight coach I ever had.
School of Strength
By Gretchen Pryor / Greenwood, United States
Entering high school as a scrawny freshman, I lacked basic knowledge of weightlifting. With the help of Coach Mills, I have put on muscle weight and become significantly stronger. Without Coach Mills, I would not have been able to play high school volleyball at the varsity level. His passion and dedication for the school of strength shows every single day during class. I will now move on to college where I will be able to take crucial workout ideas that Mills taught me to continue to stay fit!
School of Strength
By Lauren Weidman / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is one of the most deditcated and passionate people I have ever met. He expects the best out of everyone and does not stop until he gets it. He cares about those around him and does everything he can to help them succeed. Coach Mills has helped me become a stronger athlete as well as become a better person.
School of Strength
By Alexandria Combs / Greenwood, USA
Coach Mills has been a great influence on my athletic career. He has helped me develop into a stong person on and off the field!
CG School of Strength
By Will Todd / Greenwood, USA
Coach Mills, has been the greatest coach throughout my high school career. He has tought me to be strong, stay healthy, and teach this approach to life to others. In his lifting class, i have learned that hard work is never overlooked and it will produce results, i went from one of the weakest freshman to one of the strongest senior in my four years at Center Grove. Every person should at least meet Coach Mills to learn the heart and passion he has for all around fitness.
Marty Mills....
By Kimber Marsh / Greenwood, US
Coach Mills is the best Strength and Conditioning coach ever!!! I have been in his weight lifting class ever since I was a freshman, I am now a senior and the results have shown! I LOVEEEEEEEE KETTLEBELLS :)
Coach Mills Review
By Casey Elliott / Greenwood, United States
Being a varsity athlete throughout my high school career, I have always needed someone to push me to be a better athlete and a better person. This was Coach Mills for me along with many others. Not only has he pushed me to become a stronger, more fit athlete, but an all around better person. Because of how much Coach Mills cares for all of his students, I am now granted with the opportunity to be a part of the Indiana University track and field team. Without the effort from Coach Mills, I wouldn't be where I am today.
Coach Mills Review
By Shelby Shaffer / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is the best coach I have ever had. He taught me to be an athlete and never settle for anything less than the best. Throughout my high school career I have grown as a person and an athlete. The School of Strength has helped me grow as a player and be able to compete with the bigger players. Consdering I am only 5' 3", 110 lbs, I was able to compete at a high level thorughout my high school career. Coach Mills has taught me many life lesson, "to set a goal and never give up until it is reached." I am who I am today because of Coach Mills.
Best lifting program in the country
By drew ponder / greenwood, united states
this coach was the most important thing through my whole highschool wrestling and football career. i came in my freshman year weighing 280 and could barely lift 225 on bench and squat 250. now i weigh 230 almost all muscle and bench around 320 and squating max out at 465. so that basically shows how good coach mills is at what he doe.
School of Strength
By Samm Hayes / Greenwood, U.S.
Lifting with Coach Mills has helped me grow physically and mentally. Without the School of Strength I probably would not be going to Ball State University to play football. The training I have done with Coach Mills has prepared me to take the next step as a college athlete.
By Eddie Brickley / Greenwood, U.S.A.
Coach Mills has been one of the most influencial people in my life up to this date. He has taught me many life lessons that I can take with me while I move on with my life. He has taught me to work as hard as I can and in the end, the work would pay off. Sure enough after receiving four years of training from Coach Mills I am much stronger and more confident with myself. He has taught me the value of a good work ethic, how important being healthy is, and, most importantly, what it means to be a Center Grove athlete.
By Josh Piper / Greenwood, U.S.A
Coach Mills' class has not only been good for my athletics but it has also set me up for the rest of my life. I came in as a somewhat lazy athlete, but due to his class I have become a very passionate weight lifter. He has shared his knowledge of strength building and conditioning with me and my fellow peers. He has taught me how to construct a muscle builiding workout AND a cardio workout in one without doing any running, which is my favorite type of worklout. His passion has been transfered over to me and many other students, and yes it is now somewhat of an obsession. His class is my favorite class I have taken in High School. His class has left one of the biggest impacts on my life than any other class
Army Strong
By Ben Petty / Greenwood, United States
Before I started Coach Mills' weight training program I weighed only 105 pounds and was only 5'5". I was a tiny, hopeless cause. Now after training with him for 4 years and following his plan for resting and diet I weigh 180 and I'm 6'0" and it's ALL muscle. It wasn't until my junior year that I really stated to gain weight but once I started I didn't stop. My strength has increased 10 fold and I have a confidence level to match. If it weren't for Coach Mills and his training program I'd have no hope for doing anything further in athletics. Thanks to Mills I have the power and agility to earn a spot on the Southern Virginia University football team and earn a chance to pass Basic Training and ROTC for the United States Army. Mills is the power behind my success. He's been encouraging from the beginning and has told me to continue to push and I would succeed. And succeed I did. I have the upmost respect for this man and know that he is great at what he does; weight training and getting RESULTS.

Great Motivator!!!
By Amy F / Greenwood, USA
I'm not a person who loves getting out of bed at 4:30am let alone to workout. Marty is very encouraging and the workouts are great! I actually look forward to getting up and going to the class. The best news is that I'm starting to see some results after only a couple of months.
School of Strength Kettlebell Bootcamp has it all!
By Tara Morse / Greenwood, United States
I have been working out faithfully since 1993, so I have had my share of trainers from speed walking, aerobics, swimming, weight training, marathon training and currently kettlebells. Marty offers an invigorating challenge every day, I cannot imagine not being challenged by the classes every day. What I respect the most is his passion for class members to learn while improving technique and working out. I have had trainers who demonstrate what to do and then left me on my own. Marty's teaching background has helped him find the right balance, because most of us don't learn by hearing things one time. He emphasizes the important techniques and when he sees problems with form, it is an opportunity for everyone to see and hear the proper technique. I started kettlebells in June because I was interested in something different and now I am addicted. I was intimidated at first because it was new and I had no idea what to expect. I am very excited to start 2012 with some new personal goals for my training, inspired by Marty. The numbers in the classes speak for themselves. Friends tell me they want to join and there are no openings!!
My goals when I started were to get stronger, learn how to properly use kettlebells and be challenged - mission accomplished. Each day is a new and exciting work out, anyone not challenged cannot blame it on Marty or kettlebells - as with any type of workout there are always ways to make it more challenging, but Marty presents those challenges to us every time. Even attending a class where 95% of the participants were new this week, I still worked up a sweat. I love the group training atmosphere and getting to know others and being inspired and encouraged by what they do, while also having what feels like a personal trainer available at every class, before, during and after to answer questions.
Definitely a 10!
By Carrie Pogue / Bargersville, USA
I started Kettlebell Bootcamp with Coach Mills last June & will continue for as long as it's offered. He's such a great motivator & dedicated coach! He's very precise - wants to make sure proper techniques are being used so there are no injuries. I feel like I'm always competing with myself - see how far I can go. I love that! He's also great at answering any questions & takes the time to help people work around any aches or pains from prior injuries. I would definetly recommend him!
A 180 fast and furious
By Jerry Jansen / Greenwood, USA
Due to some health issues in the past couple of years, I have tried and have been looking for an exercise program that is motivating, challenging and rewarding. Luckily that one program exist in the School of Strength with Coach Marty Mills. I started with the kettle bell training as a lark; my son Brian took me one Saturday Morning and worked my butt off in 45 minutes. That one workout proved to me that this training will work and develop an individual in physical strength, cardio, flexibilty, mental toughness. Coach Mills dedication to each student is unbelievable. He teaches, coaches, and instructs in the proper technique of not just exercising but also in movement, flexibilty and cardio. Going above and beyond, Coach Mills will talk and discuss with everyone what their goals are, what they should be setting and working for but more emphatically he will develop and change the workout to an individuals specific goals. I told him from day 1 that I wanted and needed to do a 180...I needed to change my lifestyle, my physical being my mental approach to exersice, I needed to lose weigth and inches from my gut. Thanks to him and the School of Strength I am on my way to those goals. Life is about choices, the choices we make and the ones we dont. I am thankful that my son Brian introduced me to Coach Mills and the School of Strength because I am starting to live up to my expectations.
Thanks Coach Mills for the opportunity
L Vance
By L Vance / Greenwood, USA
Marty is the BEST! He is amazing! He is always teaching, encouraging and motivating! It is wonderful to train under someone who is so passionate about his job and wants to get the most out of everyone he is training!!! We work very hard and always come back for more - Marty is always there for us.
Dedicated to the mission
By Marsha Hollis / Indianapolis, United States
Marty is a very professional and positive coach. He is always willing to help those who need it and demonstrates the moves to help us understand. He is really an awesome motivator and makes the students want to try their best. I am very impressed with his attitude and knowledge in kettlebells. Applause to him and his work ethic!
Great for reducing inches and weight
By Jon Cox / Greenwood, USA
My son came home in the summer after working out with Coach Mills on the Kettle Bells and recommended that I give it a shot. I was a little hesitate at first since I was about 200lbs over weight and taught my flexibility and heart couldn't take it. I've since lost 120lbs before starting the Kettle Bells but now I'm losing inches and pounds. Coach Mills has been very good at talking to me about diet and exercise. He is very sticked on form and proper lifting techniques. He gives me the individual attention I need and really is patient with me. My flexibility and endurance have both improved considerably. Coach Mills is very passionate about his training and makes you feel like your his most important student.
Outstanding Coach
By Lois Dooms / Greenwood, USA
Coach Mills and the School of Strength have had an awesome effect on my overall strength and health. Coach Mills encourages us in mental toughness as well as physical strength, flexibility, and power. He is ideal as a coach because he motivates us, shares helpful knowledge, and will differentiate learning for people with varying skill levels. He understands what it takes to achieve goals and attain kettle bell skills.
Great workout
By Mindy Bemis / Greenwood, United States
I admit, I was a sceptic...I have worked out for years, in fact I still teach the "old fashioned" fitness classes at a local YMCA so a kettlebell workout seemed so different to me. I was, however, pleasantly surprised and also re-energized by Marty Mills and his kettlebell bootcamp! I have never worked out with a more knowledgeable and inspirational motivator than Marty Mills. I recommend his classes to everyone I meet!
Great Experience
By Londa Montgomery / Greenwood, USA
I have nothing to say but great things about the kettlebell workouts that I have been doing for the past few months. Coach Mills is a class act. When I first signed up I was a little bit anxious but he reassured me that it would be ok and ok it was. He takes the beginners through the exercises very slowly and helps you progress as you need to. He also helps you with modifications if you have physical issues as I do with my knees and shoulder. I am very happy I signed up for the bootcamp a few months ago. I cannot say enough good things about this program. If you are wanting a change of pace, as I was, this is for you. Coach Mills ROCKS !!!
Striving for Perfection
By Becki Meier / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills leads by example. He sets a high level of expectation for himself and every person he trains. He instructs and monitors performance. He stops and makes corrections both individually and collectively when necessary. His energy, encouragement, disciple, dedication, and motivation inspires a community.
Marty Mills, Motivator
By Katie Rice / Greenwood, USA
I'll be honest...I've always hated working out. I hated it as a three-sport athlete in high school. I hated it as a collegiate volleyball player. And, I hated it as a coach at a school without a strong weight program. However, Marty Mills has recently changed my point of view.  I started to think differently about weights when I saw the female athletes at Center Grove HS begin to stand out from their competition in terms of strength, and all of the coaches in this building would attribute that to Coach Mills. Then, I watched as many of these same athletes went on to collegiate programs to also find success...but the words that I most commonly heard: "I miss Coach Mills. His training is so much better than what I have at college."   So, finally I figured that I should try it for myself...I started Kettlebell Bootcamp in October 2011, and I have since fallen in love with it. I find myself loving getting to work at 5:30 for an early workout before classes. And, all the credit goes to Coach Marty Mills (and his sidekick, Tyler Small). I know that every morning, Marty is going to push me to be that best that I can be. I know that he is going to challenge me. I know that he will not let me get away with slacking. I also know that he is looking out for what's best for me and my body. Three years out from a blown knee, I still often face a lot of pain in my right knee., and Marty works with me, modifying certain exercises to what my body can handle. He doesn't let me make excuses; he just lets me know that I can do whatever I set my mind to. I have truly fallen in love with Kettlebells, and it is all thanks to Coach Marty Mills.
Improving life one lift at a time!
By George Boots / Center Grove, United States
I first started attending the class in August of 2011 in preparation for a class that I would be taking in November. It is a physically and mentally demanding class that requires mental and physical toughness in order to be successful. With a 60% fail rate I knew that I needed to be on top of my game physically to help me through the mental aspects, plus I also realized I would be one of the oldest if not the oldest member of my class. I used this class as my early morning workouts that worked both strength and cardiovascular fitness and followed it up with another workout shortly after each session. During the first full week of November I took the physical test to get into the class, which consisted of 10 palms away pull-ups in under 25 seconds, multiple stations involving the pulling or pushing of weighted objects over 60 pounds and ended with a 1.5mile run in under 13 minutes. I passed each section with no problems and I believe it was directly tied to the 40 minutes of Kettlebells that I took with Coach Mills and Coach Small. There were many times during that very physical week that we were assigned daunting tasks that pushed us beyond what we THOUGHT we could do. During those times when I would struggle I would hear Marty reminding me to breath, tight core and "train like an athlete!!". By keeping those thoughts and "shouts" in my mind, I was able to push through those challenges and reach the potential that I did not realize I had.
I have been a professional firefighter serving the west side of Indianapolis for 13 years and I can honestly say I have never found a class or instructor that understands what Public Safety personnel need for their jobs. We need to be functionally fit and healthy. Based on his instruction during the class, his accessibility via email and his willingness to help me reach my goals I can not say enough about this program. For those of you in Public Safety that wonder if this for you, I have your answer.....YES!! It is exactly what you need to help you in your job and to help you avoid those injuries that may take our job from us.
I attended the Georgia Smoke Diver Program in November of 2011 and graduated from Class 44 on November 11, 2011. The proudest accomplishment I have ever completed in the Fire Service and I accomplished this goal thanks to Marty and Tyler pushing me every time. I indeed was the oldest graduate of my class with most being in their twenties. So, if you are older and are looking for something that will push you and make you feel great. THIS IS IT!! Hope to see you one morning......sweating, laughing and training!
My name is Karen and I am a Kettlebell addict!!!!!
By Karen Walker / Greenwood, USA
Enough said...Coach Marty ROCKS!!!!
Marty Mills is an A    
By Carrie Pogue / Bargersville, USA
Marty is truly an excellent trainer! Top notch! He somehow "lights a fire" in anyone that takes his Kettlebell class. I can honestly say that I've addicted. Many evenings I get bummed because I realize we don't have class in the morning. He has such a positive influence on others. He makes individuals want to better themselves. He's a great motivator & does a good job of mixing things up. It's never boring! I'm in my 3rd session & I will continue to sign up again & again. I feel like I'm in the same shape I was in high school! I'm grateful to him!
The Physical Fitness test
By Hannah Dodson / Indianapolis, USA
Does anyone remember the President's Physical Fitness test from back in the 80s? I do because I could never pass it. Most of the categories I mastered: the V-sit, the shuttle run...but there was one test that always kept me from getting the certificate at the end of the school year---the chin-up or bent arm hang. I was a scrawny little girl and had no upper body strength, to speak of. Others would crank out chin-ups or hang, bent-armed, but not me.
Now, has not having this certificate made my life bad...no. However, I have always wanted to be able to conquer the last part of this test, and now, I can.
My training with kettle bells started this past June. I wasn't totally convinced that it was for me, but with some peer pressure and support from my husband, I showed up the first day. Since June, I haven't stopped. I love the workouts, but most of all I feel so privileged to be working out with Marty Mills.
Coach Mills is top-notch. It is difficult to list all of the reasons why I feel this way, but to me the most important is his ability to motivate and teach at the same time. The atmosphere at boot camp is non-threatening; Coach makes everyone feel like they can do this workout and achieve their personal best, even if they've never lifted weights or worked out in an organized gym. He motivates, not through yelling or intimidation, but through his encouragement and his need for you to be perfect. He's there; he's teaching; he's demonstrating right and wrong movements. It's powerful.
Results---they were promised, and I've seen them. To be totally honest, I still need the band to do a pull-up and do it correctly, but I'm pretty darn close to doing at least one without the aid of the band. I'm 34 and have two kids... I've waited a long time for this and have been through several different workouts...now I'm seeing real results. Thanks, Marty.
Tremendous work-out with an awesome instructor
By Doug Flory, MD / Greenwood, US
I just finished my 1st 2 month session and can't wait for the next. As an orthopedic surgeon and former athlete, I have used, tried, and recommended many different training methods over the years. Kettlebells is without a doubt the best training method out there. It is safe and extremely effective for people of all ages and fitness levels. Marty does a great job leading a very mixed group of people and challenges us to keep setting new fitness goals. I love the fact that I get my strength, core, and cardio work done in one focused, high intesity work-out. I have already been recommending this to my athletes of all ages and my non-athlete patients.
Loving Kettlebell Training with Marty!
By Jenni Agramonte / Greenwood, USA
I just started with Kettlebells last session and I am LOVING it. Just started the section session with Coach Mills today and brought two girlfriends along for the ride. It's been the perfect workout for me and, trust me, I have been looking for something that I can committ to and be excited about for a long time! I'm looking forward to getting my own set of kettlebells for Christmas this year, so I can continue the workouts at home on those days when I can't make it to the morning sessions! Thanks so much, Marty! You and your team ar the best!
Thank You Coach Mills
By Lynn Dever / Bargersville, USA
I have never been a weight lifter and have primarily stayed in shape with cardio workouts and running. (To say the least, my upper body strength was rotten!) I have just completed my first session of kettlebell boot camp and have gained strength I never thought I could achieve. I am able to do regular push-ups and even a few chin-ups with the band! Something I said I could never do!
I must admit I was extremely nervous about the class, but Coach Mills is an excellent instructor. His knowledge of kettlebells lifts, emphasis on breathing techniques, promotion of proper form and stretching and overall passion for his class help each member reach their personal fitness level. I love a motivator, and Coach Mills is just that. He is constantly challenging us to do our best. Thank you Coach Mills for your dedication to our personal fitness!
A tremendous, inspiring program!!
By Kent Franklin / Greenwood, U.S.A.
Marty Mills and Kettlebell Boot Camp are truly amazing! I am one of the oldest male attendees and have never previously been involved in any sort of strength or conditioning program. I have been a frequent runner and walker over the years and stayed in what I thought was reasonable but not great shape. I am truly amazed at not only what I have learned, but at the physical changes I have already seen in my body after one session -I wouldn’t have believed at my age I could do this. Marty’s experience and knowledge are amazing and his excitement and enthusiastic, infectious teaching methods is a tremendous motivator. Thank you Marty for this great program and your help, I can’t wait for the next session to start. I can visualize myself involved in kettlebells for a long time.
Coach Mills makes it All worth it!
By Suzin Graybrook / Greenwood, USA
Could I do it without Coach Mills? Yes, but it sure isn't the same. I am just starting my second session and can't tell you how much better I feel. It is simple and easy and never boring. I am getting stronger by the day and am amazed at how much better I feel over all.
Thanks Coach Mills.
Outstanding Program by an Outstanding Instructor
By Bryan Denbo / Greenwood, USA
Well, I struggled through my first ever Coach Mills training program. I wish I could say that I never got nauseous or that I managed to make every class. But that would eliminate two of my goals for the next course!
My wife came across the description for Marty's program and really wanted to do it. I looked it over and it sounded just like what I had always wanted in a workout. Now, I knew Amanda would take to it right away and do great. It was me that I was worried about. I've lived with a debilitating back injury for most of my adult life and my fitness level had declined to a point that would make a couch potato look like an elite athlete. On top of that I have some new health concerns I'm dealing with. I knew now was the time to do this. I wanted it, but I really needed it.
I was pretty nervous when the first class came. But it was great! I absolutely LOVE using the kettlebells and the workouts Marty has put together. I still struggle, there are still some mornings I feel I'm going to lose the remnants of the previous evening's meal, and I can't use the heaviest kettlebells in the class. But I made progress, I think pretty good progress in a pretty short amount of time. I am so thankful for Marty teaching this class, for his great demeanor, his sense of humor, and for his endless patience.
I hope he continues to do this forever and I will be there as his student. I love this workout and I cannot wait for the next session, then the next, then the next. Thanks for helping me venture back into the same hemisphere of working out. You are my GPS and I know that under your direction and coaching I will arrive at my destination of being in the best shape of my life.
Getting Stronger Each Session
By Andy Conkle / Bargersville, USA
Marty Mills has changed my weekly routine with his challenging and instructional kettlebell workouts. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays that I work out I have so much more energy than other days. The workouts are different each session, so that keeps me interested and committed to becoming stronger and more fit. Marty focuses on safety and stresses the importance of proper form. Marty's kettlebell bootcamps are an awesome way to start my day!
Grateful to Marty & Kettle Bell Program
By Amy Shockley / Greenwood, USA
I'm just into my 3rd month of Kettle Bells with Marty and Center Grove's School of Strength. Now I can't imagine life without it! I'm 42 and haven't been able to exercise/run due to plantar fasciitis. Kettle bells has been the answer. I have a ways to go but I'm stronger and getting tighter. I'm competitive and I love that Marty is too. He challenges us EVERY morning to be better, stronger and healthier. He builds a family and really cares about us. Marty has allowed me to say a new phrase to my kids, "Don't make me flex!" A Honestly, I feel blessed and grateful to Coach Mills for inspiring me each early morning. Would I like Kettle Bells without Marty? Maybe. But Marty is the only trainer/teacher that I would get up for consistently 3 days a week at 5:30 a.m. Marty rocks!
Amazed with my progress!
By Chris Frampton / Greenwood, USA
Marty Mills is such an incredible coach/trainer/leader/teacher that quite a few of us happily spend the BEST 45 minutes of our day (STARTING AT 5:15AM) kettle belling under his tutelage. We don't whine, skip class, or even think how we'd rather be sleeping. He has motivated and encouraged us to train safely and correctly, to use the proper kettle bell techniques and to grunt like there's no tomorrow! I will always remember phrases such as "Tight, tight, tight" and "Set it down like an athlete".  As a 54-year old teacher, I had started to slip into an inactive, TiVo addicted, middle aged slump and knew that I needed something to get me going again. Marty Mills School of Strength has been such a surprisingly delightful way to get me moving!
Now I think about my posture and stand up straighter, have renewed confidence in my physical abilities and enjoy sharing stories about achievements with some of my student athletes. Also, as an added bonus, when I write on the board, my arms aren't flabbin' all over the place!
Thanks, Marty, for all the positive encouragement you give your students. I appreciate that you use positive statements, such as, "I really like how you're breathing!', or "Look at how X is keeping his weight on his heels"... You are the reason that the School of Strength is so successful!
By Tammy Finlinson / Greenwood, USA
I am absolutely in love with kettlebell training! I have always been into strength training as my primary source of exercise, but I would get very bored with the same old same old. I am also rather picky about whom I take exercise advice from as that person has to have my respect for what their own body and habits are like. That being said I have found someone that I love training under in Marty Mills. Marty knows what he's doing and I can tell that he loves to see others reach their fitness goals. Marty always keeps kettlebell training exciting by changing things up. He is so encouraging and gives me a drive to push myself. Another great thing is that Marty is a fanatic about proper form. I think that is the only way that any kind of strength training should be taught. I just can't say enough good things about Marty and The School of Strength. This is for sure the most fun way that I've ever trained!
I am addicted!
By Marcene Hensley / Greenwood, IN
I am a 50 year old female. In my earlier years I was a gymnast and sprinter. Over the years and 3 children later I lost my strength and gained some pounds. I began working out with kettlebells last November a few times a week when our weight room was not full of athletes. I really enjoyed the change. My waist size started to decrease, I felt myself getting stronger and lost some weight. When Marty offered his first summer boot camp I jumped at the chance and have been enrolled ever since. I am not a morning person, but I am here 3 mornings a week at 5:00 am and have not missed a class. That speaks for itself! He is an amazing instructor in so many ways. He is always teaching, correcting, encouraging and motivating! It is wonderful to train under someone who is so passionate about his job and wants to get the most out of everyone he is training!!!
Transforming your life
By Trael Kelly / Greenwood, United States
As mentioned in the many reviews listed below, this program is top notch. Marty Mills has put together a program that is not only successful for the student athletes that go through his school of strength, but provides a option for adults who are looking for rejuvenation, a challenging workout, or simply an opportunity to transform the health of their life. Marty is not only one of the best instructors I have ever worked with, but he is also one of the most passionate, zealous educators I have ever been associated with. He instructs his students so thoroughly that anyone who goes through his program feels confident enough to apply these acquired skills to their daily routines. Marty is a master motivator and finds creative workouts to challenge every level of performer. This program has helped rejuvenate my passion for a healthy lifestyle and has helped transform my life as I have regained my personal discipline and recognition of healthy lifestyle choices.
Coach Mills...Instructor who leads by example
By Becki Meier / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills has taken Center Grove by storm. He packs more into an hour than anyone I know. When his passion combines with the Kettle Bell an amazing thing happens: 3 levels of fitness endurance, strength, and flexibility experience a workout second to none. Mills teaches, motivates, demonstrates, corrects, encourages, and most importantly leads by example. His intenstity, enthusiasm, and work ethic are contagious. He has spent 20 years working out, lifting, competing, and coaching. He has taken all of his experience and knowledge and developed a program that has united and motivated a community. He meets you where you are, too. Our class contains young athletes and older women and everything in between. Every lift he demonstrates includes modifications so that each participant is personally challenged and as a result everyone is seeing results. LOVE IT!
Onward to FIT AND FIFTY !
By Susan Mudd / Greenwood, USA
I am a 49 and a half year old mom who had become lazy and bored with exercise over the past two years. I began seeing the middle-age, middle-bulge creeping in.. I had heard about Coach Mills and the kettebell workout from my two sons but then saw a newspaper ad that a new class was starting. I swore I would never work out at 5:15 am again but it turned out to be the best decision I have made in a long time. I still loath the 5 am alarm, however, his work out is definetely worth it ! Coach Mills keeps it interesting and challenging - always mixing up the work out and always encouraging us to do our best. He has stressed the importance of staying strong, especially with our core strength, as we age. Thanks to Coach Mills and kettlebell, I am on my way to being FIT AND FIFTY !
By Angie Sodrel / Greenwood IN, USA
I've tried all kinds of exercise over several years. Nothing holds my attention like the Kettlebell Bootcamp and Marty Mills as intstructor. I actually like doing the Kettlebell workouts. Yes they are hard and yes they kick my butt but I do enjoy them. I like how they cover strength and cardio in one workout. Coach Marty is fantastic. He will work with you to get things right and always positive and motivating.
Thanks Marty :)
By Brian Geitner / Bargersville, U.S.A.
Thanks for being a driving force Marty! You and your team do a great job of pushing our group and keeping us “on point”. Very little downtime and very little rest in pursuit of our fitness goals! A constant reminder that you can’t out exercise a bad diet and that hard work definitely works!
Thanks Marty – love the Kettlebell Bootcamp
By Shelley Lambert / Greenwood, US
I am 48 and had really good excuses for not exercising. My daughter received an e-mail for the Kettlebell bootcamp and we decided to sign up and give it a try. On that first day, in the upper gym, I thought there is no way I am going to be able to keep up and do this – not only was I able to do it, but I loved doing it!
Marty takes the time to make sure the exercises are being done correctly. Doesn’t matter if it is the first day of class or the last day of class in the series, if your form isn’t correct Marty is going to fix it.  The passion and commitment Marty has for the program is contagious – I can’t wait for our next session to start.
"This is the School of STRENGTH"
By Patty Fulton / Greenwood, Indiana, USA
Kettlebell bootcamp with Mary Mills is definitely the School of Strength- and so much more. It is hard to add to what has already been written about Marty Mills- his enthusiasm, dedication and coaching are amazing...and I do consider him my coach. You should see our 5:15 AM class- we are not necessarily a young bunch for the most part- - Coach Mills only sees our potential- our potential to become stronger, more energetic and an athelte.. He pushes us to do our best, ask questions, and will work with you individually if you need some assistance. I have done other workouts over the years- and I love this one and will keep coming back. I missed two weeks due to vacation,,.but still made great gains. Two weekends ago I did Kettlebell Bootcamp for 1.5hours on Sat AM- then ran a 5 mile race in the afternoon and had my fastest time ever. This training really does work- and I feel great. I am so thankful we have Coach Mills here in Greenwood Indiana-he deserves all the accolades that have been written- a top notch guy running an awesome School of STRENGTH! "Tight, Tight, Tight"
Kid Tested, Mother Approved
By Lois Dooms / Greenwood, USA
It is a pleasure to write about Coach Mills and his Kettlebell workout! I have heard about Coach Mills for at least 10 years from my children who learned from him in their high school years. They had only the best things to say about him and the things he taught them. When my children encouraged me to take his kettle bell class, I was a bit concerned about my own abilities, but did agree to try it. It was better than I could have imagined and I could not be more pleased with his class. He is a great teacher, patient as well as zealous for improvement, kind as well as able to light a fire, extremely knowlegable as well as lacking improper pride, able to model for us as well as letting us improve on our own. He is really as good as a coach can be in my opinion and it's been great sharing the love of kettlebells with my kids who learned from Coach Mills first.
Kettlebell, the complete training tool!
By Carole VanSant / Greenwood, USA
Carole VanSant, Greenwood, White River Township
I have been thru Aerobics and then to distance running, running over 25 marathons and I wanted to get some strength training in the mix without missing out on my running time. I joined Kettlebell with a few friends and just love it! I am able to build my core strength and upper body, the results from the 8 week session are amazing. I am much stronger overall and it is has help me be a better runner. 
Coach Mills made sure from the beginning to guide us "newbies" in the proper form to get the most out of our workouts and provided guidance so that all different levels in the class would get a quality workout!
Marty Mills is the Best -- Kettlebells Rock!
By Shayne Yeager / Greenwood, USA
I have known Marty for a couple years and both watched and learned from his coaching and instructional approach with our athletes --- he is second to none.
That same approach --- fundamentally strong, highly motivational, encouraging, well organized and fun ---- is exactly what Marty brings to the table with School of Strength.
It is the only workout that has ever produced results this quickly ---- strength, cardio and flexibility. It is the only workout I have ever found to be fun.
I am looking forward to continuing my time with the program. I went in to it wanting to look better, feel better and have fun ---- no fitness center "glitz" --- and things are heading in the right direction.
I can't stop talking about kettlebells to family, friends and coaches and Marty is hands down the best instructor you will find.
All I can say is AWESOME!
By Mark Dietel / Bargersville, USA
I am 52 and have been active and worked out all my life but this is the first time I have done kettle bells. Marty Mills is the best and the kettle bells workout is incredible. Hands down the most complete, efficient and effective workout I have ever done. Everyone of all ages should be doing this workout. The best workout with the best coach - perfect!
Addicted To Kettlebell Bootcamp
By Jerod Nelis / Greenwood, USA
I have been working out religiously since my high school/college years. I have been a member of several gyms, and have kept active doing sprint distance triathlons etc. Over the past year I had reached a point of burn out and dreaded going to the gym. I heard about the School of Strength and Marty Mills from a friend and decided to look into the program. I decided to join and have just finished my first 8 weeks and I can honestly say I am hooked and will continue this regime as long as it is available to us. After my first week I could not believe how knowledgeable, encouraging, and caring Marty was. I was expecting to just be thrown into the mix. Marty takes the time to help each individual perfect their technique while challenging them to be their best! I also have never met a trainer that is so willing to communicate outside of the training class, giving advice on diets, at home training recommendations, and any other fitness questions you may have!
I have increased strength, flexibility, and do not have the aches and pains I was accustomed to by rushing through workouts just to say I did them. This program actually makes you feel good about yourself from a physical and mental perspective!
Marty Mills has helped me develop that spark for training that I had lost over the years. I get excited about morning workouts,and find myself constantly adjusting my work travel to make sure I do not miss out! Joining Marty's School of Strength will give you the intensity, strength, and endurance you are looking for no matter your athletic level!
If you want results, Marty is your guy! Best decision I made!
Strong is Beautiful
By Heather Hart / Trafalgar, USA
Coach Marty Mills has really taught me how to start believing in myself. I was an athlete in high school and college. After college I began a family and since have been giving all of myself to them without doing much for me. I started working out with Coach Mills last year and he reminded me that I am important! He has continually challenged me through bootcamp workouts and pushes me to keep challenging myself. I look forward to getting up at 5:15 three days a week to work out before work. I feel stronger then I have ever been. Coach Mills has helped me develop that inner motivation to make fitness a priority. Coach Milles is a wealth of fitness and nutrition information and he is always willing to help guide you to a healthy lifestyle. 
Even though I am in a class with 30 other adults I feel that Coach Mills is my personal trainer. He gives each one of us the personal attention we need during bootcamp. He is constantly helping us perfect our technique, encouraging, and challenging us.
I teach at same school Coach Mills does, and he is a topic of discussion in my classroom on a regular basis. The students know that I attend his bootcamp and they ask me how my workout was that morning. They share their kettlebell accomplishments with me as I with them. It is evident that Coach Mills has an amazing impact on the students at Center Grove High School. He is the best, and we are so lucky to have him.
Love Bootcamp!!
By Sarah Foster / Bargersville, USA
I never thought that I would be motivated enough to work out at 5 A.M, but then I found Kettlebell Bootcamp. Coach Mills is motivating, encouraging, and caring. He shares his successes and his failures and loves to help others. I am excited to start my 2nd bootcamp with Coach Mills in the Fall. Thank you for everything!
Marty Mills...The Best In The Business!
By Ruben De Luna / Bargersville, USA
I've had the pleasure of watching Marty Mills work with our athletes for the past eight years. As a veteran football coach, I've seen many workouts aimed at high school athletes come and go. I've also had the pleasure of working with other strength and conditioning coordinators who are well respected and nationally renowned. I can honestly say that Coach Mills is the best I've ever seen! He gets so much out of our athletes and is a big reason for the many individual and team state champions Center Grove has produced since his arrival. I am always quick to give Coach Mills credit whenever I speak at football clinics throughout the Midwest.
This summer I decided to enroll in Coach Mills' Kettle Bell Boot Camp. I was not disappointed! His approach, style, dedication and concern for safety; has helped everyone in the class become more fit. The biggest compliment I can pay Marty is that I will be taking his class again in the fall. Thanks for all you do Marty!
Athletic Administrator cannot give enough praise!
By Doug Schornick / Greenwood, USA
As a ten year veteran in athletic administration, I have found Marty Mills to be the best in his business. Athletic Directors across the country often ask what our secret is to achieving continous overall athletic program success, and the first words out of my mouth are "Marty Mills". I am even more impressed with Marty's talents, knowledge and passion now that I am working out under his kettlebell tutelage.

Thanks for everything, Marty! Keep up the good work.
 Never Too Old for Kettlebell!
By Phil Brauchla / Bargersville, USA
I am a 56 year old male and my wife is approaching 50. We enrolled in Marty Mills Kettlebell Boot Camp at the urging of our son Charlie, who has been instructed by Coach Mills for a few years now. Charlie has seen amazing results from Coach Mills kettlebell training.  
Coach Mills training over the past eight weeks has my wife and I feeling stronger and healthier than we have in several years. His workout routines have provided cardio conditioning, weight loss, improved our core strength, and allowed us to lead a healthier life style. From the very first day of kettlebell boot camp, it was obvious that Coach Mills had the passion, knowledge, and people skills to make these training sessions hugely beneficial and fun.
Keep up the great work Coach, and we will see you this fall in your next class!
Kettlebell Fever Is Contagious!
By Scott Meek / Greenwood, USA
I am very thankful and fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in Coach Mills’ elite kettlebell training program as part of a summer bootcamp that he offered for adults. Prior to this summer, I began a nearly three year weight training regime of my own. I remember making quick progress but hit a plateau just a quickly. Two bouts of tendinitis/ shoulder impingement occurred during that time, and monotony and frustration also quickly set in.
I began looking for a program and mentor that would challenge me in new and non-traditional ways. I had lofty goals and high expectations: increased strength, muscle growth, and definition; proper form and mechanics; improved tendon strength; flexibility; and diet and supplementation. Coach Mills’ full-body kettlebell bootcamp met and exceeded the personal goals I set for myself! Cardio, core strength, and endurance were the “icing on the cake” bonuses that I also unexpectedly benefited from!
From Day 1 in class, Coach Mills is an expert at training athletic movements and his reputation most certainly precedes him! He verbally leads you through the basics of each skill step-by-step (using insightful training analogies), models both correct and incorrect form so that you do it properly from the start, and then provides immediate feedback and gives “focus points” to the individual and/or group so that it isn’t just “good”, but “perfect.” As a result, the movements are so ingrained in us that we can now perform them with proper speed and technique.
But none of this speaks to Coach Mills’ character and persona. In this regards, it goes without saying that he is:
• Encouraging and Inspiring—he sees the potential in you, believes in your ability, and makes no apologies for your personal development!
• Approachable—he wants to know what your goals are or if there are any struggles or injuries that you are dealing with
• Knowledgeable—he introduces a plethora of skills, offers modifications as needed, provides nutritional tips, understands the physiology of which exercises get the best results and why, and offers an array of challenges that simultaneously meets the need and skill level of each person (sometimes even tailoring a program of things to do outside of class!)
• Dedicated and Passionate—he comes in early mornings and Saturdays to lead workouts and will often stay after as long as you need him to
• Influential—he trains numerous students and athletes (even as young as the elementary-aged). He clearly has a hand in the success of countless individuals/teams. I am honestly amazed at the impact and management skills that it takes to oversee a program of his magnitude
• Resourceful—in this era of “budget cuts”, Coach Mills’ voluntarily sustains his program without school funding, which in itself is a testament!
If you have any doubt that any or all of this is even possible (I probably wouldn't have believed it myself!), I would highly recommend that you give it a try. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!

Kettlebell Addiction
By Karen Gutsch / Greenwood, USA
Marty Mills gets 5 stars for his excellence in strength training! Coach Mills delivers the perfect balance of pushing an individual beyond his/her perceived limits, instructing and closely monitoring everyone for proper technique and providing motivation to each individual in his Boot Camp. He understands and meets the needs of everyone in his class, taking some to a higher level of intensity while instructing others on modified versions of different exercises. He displays a vested interest in everyone, in fitness and beyond. He has a vast knowledge not only in strength, core and cardio training, but in nutrition as well. His enthusiasm and dedication toward improving strength and body composition of others is quite evident. In 8 weeks, I cannot believe how much stronger I have become and how much better I feel from his Kettlebell Program. He offers so many workout variations that it never gets mundane. I actually look forward to getting up early on a summer morning! That is what his program does - makes you look forward to jumping out of bed to get to Coach Mill's weight lifting room! My initial intention was to just take the Summer Boot Camp, but I cannot give up attending Coach Mills' classes....it's become the best fitness addiction I've ever experienced - very energizing! Thanks Marty for being so awesome!
Summer Boot Camp
By Amanda Beckley / Bloomington, United States
In just 8 weeks of only Saturday classes, Coach Mills taught me Kettle Bell basics. Now that I know the kettle bell basics i am able to workout from home everyday. Marty is very passionate about what he does, he is always encouraging us to do better. He makes exercise fun!
Working Out Hard Again - Strength Training
By Kevin Walsh / Center Grove, United States
I am a 42 year old male that has trained for numerous half marathons and triathlons in the past 12 years. I started training with Marty this summer at the local high school in his kettlebell training class. I have not felt this good since I was in my late 20"s. I am stronger, leaner, sleeping better, and have more energy than I have in years. Marty is a great teacher that provides detailed technical instruction and challenging programs to his clients, including a great diet plan. I am looking forward to the fall program.
Marty Mills Rocks!
By Carrie Pogue / Bargersville, USA
Marty Mills is a devoted & passionate kettlebell coach! I'm in my late 30's & I have always been the athletic type. Over the past few years I've been running consistently, have taken weight classes, kickboxing, spinning classes, bootcamp classes & anything else that looks interesting. I'm always up for something new & different - kettlebell is it. Kettlebell is a total body workout. Marty knows how to really mix things up in class so it's never boring & never the same workout. He is respectful of his athletes. He has just the right mix of enthusiasm, instruction, discipline & dedication. I feel that he is teaching his athletes to have this great outlook also! I love the class & will continue to join. Thanks for the hard work Coach Mills!
Pushing in the right direction
By Karen Hovanec / Indianapolis, United States
When I got the information on a kettlebell bootcamp I was interested. I had just turned 40, and was still recovering (one year later!) from having my first baby. I really needed to shake things up, and boy did I make the right choice! I LOVE this class, I LOVE kettlebell. I have seen improvements in my life that I never expected. I feel great.
One of the things that I love about Marty's class is that just doing it is not enough. We must do it right. In many exercise classes the instructor is there going through the motions. That is not the case for Marty. This is his passion and it is so evident! As a teacher, my hat goes off to Marty Mills. He is one of the best! 
Because of this environment we all really want to be there. I was amazed at how many people I heard say, "I can't believe I am going to miss class for vacation!" Who in the world would think of exercise over vacation??

Coach Mills
By Grant Foley / Greenwood, IN, United States
I first heard about Coach Mills by working with some of his athletes at our local physical therapy clinic where I am a therapist. Each of his athletes spoke highly of him and after taking a kettlebell course over the summer I see why. At 6am he still brings an excitement and passion for what he is doing. It is easy to see why Center Grove High School's athletes and programs are elite. However, I have also met students that do not participate in a paticular sport that have made Coach Mills program "their sport" simply because he make it enjoyable and challenging. This program at any level would be tough to beat. They are very fortunate to have Coach Mills and he and his program have my highest respect.
Trael Kelly
By Trael Kelly / Greenwood, United States
Coach Mills is to strength and conditioning, as Shakespeare was to words. As a former collegiate athlete and high school coach, I have been exposed to several strength and conditioning coaches and the plethora of methods they use. In my humble opinion, Coach Mills is in a class above anything else I have witnessed. Coach Mills instructs and inspires with a genuine zeal and passion for his discipline, yet where he excels is his instructional techniques and thorough knowledge of his forte. As a new member of his Kettle Bell summer class, I have been impressed with his instructional delivery of the kettelbell movements so we, as a class, can utilize these new movements into our own personal workouts outside of the weight room walls. I have been extremely impressed with the results he produces each year with his students, so I thought I would give this a try. He is a natural leader and inspirational educator. I would recommend his Kettle Bell class to anyone who is looking for a total body workout that never gets monotonous or boring. I am inspired to get up and go to each workout. It has changed my life and I look forward to continuing these workouts throughout the year.
By Marie Beckley / Clay City, USA
I cannot express enough how much of a difference Marty has made for me in the short time that I have known him! His dedication and passion for coaching is obvious. He is willing to do whatever he can to help his students achieve their goals. Driving over 75 miles, I only planned to attend ONE coaching session to learn proper technique. I quickly realized that I would be able to achieve more with Marty's help. Eight weeks later I have lost over 20lbs. - attending only Saturday sessions. I now have shoulders and muscles that I have NEVER seen before...amazing!! Marty pushed me and encouraged me to use different techniques and heavier bells when I needed to. I have learned so much - I wish I lived closer...I'm going to hate to see it end! Thanks Marty...forever grateful!
Kettlebell Training revived my workouts
By Jill Arbuckle / Greenwood, US
I am a 38 year old active female who runs 30-45 miles a week along with weight training. This summer I started the Kettlebell Bootcamp with Coach Mills and it was a welcomed challenge. I am stronger and feel great. I looked forward to every workout and learned so much from Coach Mill's instruction. Sometimes when we are fit, we think we know all we need to know but his enthusiasm and knowledge helped me bring my workouts to another level.
Safety is never compromised in his class and his attentiveness holds everyone accountable to work hard and use proper technique. Love love love Kettlebells-and I wouldn't want anyone else instructing me. Thanks Coach Mills!
By Clayton Hunter / Center Grove
I've been coached my Mills for four years now, and he has taught me to much to even tell. Not only has he taught me everything i know about lifting but he has also tought me valuable lessons in life. like being dedicated to what you love doing, hardworking, an accountable for your actions. so i cant think coach mills enough for all that he has done for me. He is no doubt the worlds most badass and best coach, and guy in the world. And for who ever gets the chance to get coached by him is honored and should appreciate it.
Slumping to Pumping
By Brad Robley / Center Grove High School
Coming into my freshman year I had no idea what to expect. Football was my main direction but lifting was just in the back of my mind. As a freshman i looked up to the senior football players as inspiration that one day i can look and be as strong as them. I can honestly say that in my four years i have fulfilled that dream. Coach Marty Mills is the backbone of my success and he is the reason my football career was so good. Going through his workouts these past few years has set me up to continue my strength and conditioning work through college at Capital University. I have never met a man more dedicated in changing not only peoples views but their bodies as well. Coach has gave me a base line of strength movements to improve my physical fitness. Whether it is strength or Olympic lifts, i feel as if i am one of the most well rounded young amateur lifters in the state and possible the country. Coach Mills will be long remembered as a legacy for this high school and the athletic program.
Pud to Stud
By Charlie Brauchla / Center Grove High School
Coach Mills has completely turned my life around. Going into freshman year i was a fat, lazy, worthless teenager weighing in at 240. I tore my ACL and broke my leg during baseball season that year and made the decision, with inspiration from Coach Mills, to turn my life around. I changed my eating habits, ran, and lifted to cut down to a lean 175 over the next 6 months. I've gained 25 pounds of lean muscle since then and even fought through another ACL tear during my senior year. I am now one of the strongest kids in the school and I owe it all to Coach Mills. He is not your ordinary weight coach, he is a library full of weightlifting knowledge, certainly being one of the top lifting coaches in the country. Given the opportunity, his program is so good that even if you're not a hard worker, your body will still be transformed in incredible ways. He can motivate you like no other and that is why me, along with everyone else in class, owe our success to him. Thank you Coach Mills.
The Man, The Myth, The Legend
By Taylor Davis / Center Grove
As a swimmer, Coach Mills has prepared me in and outside of the pool. He is always trying to find new ways to help you in your sport. Without Coach Mills program I wouldn't have half of my success in the pool. Coaches from colleges come in all over the United States to watch what Coach Mills has taught us. I find much of my passion for the weight room and to be in great shape from Mills and to one day open my own gym. The next chapter is to study at Queens University of Charlotte and I find myself already head of the game by knowing everything in the weight room. It's been a real honor to have Coach Mills as my weight coach and the legs he gave me.
Ridiculous Strength
By Cory Fennig / Greenwood, IN
As a high school golfer most people do not view you as a strong person or an athlete at all. Coach Mills has built my personality over the past four years to demand respect from the other athletes regardless of my sport. I have continued to get stronger over my four years and have watched my body change dramatically over my high school career. I am extremely lucky to have Coach Mills as my personal weight coach and help me strive for excellence.
Perfect Conditioning
By Ciara Shellabarger / weightroom
Coach Mills has both physically and mentally changed my perspective on physical conditioning. Before this year, I had no experience with any type of lifting. Learning new exercises and becoming more familiar with weight lifting has had a huge impact on my physical performance. Coach Mills does an amazing job working with everyone. If you are looking for an advanced workout or a dramatic physical change, Coach Mills will work with you and be sure that you accomplish your goal.
 Coach Mills' Lifting Program
By Andrew Gudeman / Center Grove
I met Coach Mills my freshman year. I was a scrawny freshman just trying to make the freshman basketball team. Over the next year in Coach Mills lifting program I put on a lot of muscle and slowly changed from a basketball player to a football player. Thanks to Coach Mills I was able to be the starting tight end for the football team my junior and senior year. Next year I will be playing football at Miami of Ohio with a full scholarship. I owe all this success to Coach Mills and the intense lifting program that has made me a stronger and tougher individual.
One of the most important classes I have taken
By Mitch Hippenmeyer / Center Grove High School
My review of this class will be soemwhat different then other peoples. I have taken this class for 3 years, however I found it hard to be motivated and spent my first 2 years ju8st going through the motions. Due to the workout I still saw results just going through the motions. This year my senior year I finally found the motivationh to work hard and do every sit every rep. The results I have gotten this year are great. I have gained around 20 pounds and lowered my body fat percentage. Now I say this is one of the most important courses because it has helped me immensely. For one just staying in shape puts you in an overall better mood. However my reason is that the motivation from my workouts and my results has led me to be motivated in other areas of my life and there I have also seen results.
Coach Mills is a BOSS
By Aaron Manship / CGHS
I have always been bigger than most people. Beginning of reshman year I wasn't really too strong, I was just sort of tubby. The summer before football season I was in his lifting program. I was practically transformed from a fat lineman, into a lean athlete. I went from benching 205 at the start to benching 260 my freshman year. I have had quite a few injury set-backs (3 hernias and dislocated knee), but thanks to him I am still throwing up over 300 and squatting over 450. Everything that I have acomplished in athletics and in overall strength, I owe to him. I don't want to know what I would look like without lifting in his program.
Coach Mills School of Strength
By Jacob Messer / CGHS
Freshmen year I entered high school with little knowledge of the lifting world. Then before I knew what was happening Coach Todd made me leave gym so I could lift more while in season. Upon entry I was greeted by a man who I could only describe as a bear, his name was Marty Mills. He transformed my 100lb 5'3" body into a 5'7" 155lb lifting machine. He is so good at what he does he honestly does not have to teach. The intense fear he puts into every freshmen is enough to make them do the work. His superior knowledge in kettle bell training is beyond anyone in the country and his knowledge in everything else is far from lacking. In a nut-shell, Coach Mills is on an unreachable level of awesomeness.
 Marty Mills
By Chris Flowers / Greenwood, IN
I came in as a small 5'2 115 pound freshman to and left the program at 5'8 150 pounds. Benching 260, cleaning 250, and snatching 190. being in tis program helped me become a lot stronger than i ever though i would be. I started for two years in football and i am very thankful for everything i have learned while training in this program.
Hard Work
By Jimmy Daggett / Center Grove
I am a Senior that played football, and ran track throughout my high school career. In track I broke the school record in the 4x4, and won the regional championship in the same year. My senior year of football, after making it to Semi- state the year before, lead the state in rushing for the regular season. Also, when I was a Sophomore I won the Olympic Lifting State Championship for my respective age group. I credit all of my athletic achievements to hard work, I learned everything I know about hard work from Marty Mills. Marty Mills is the epitome of hard work. He preaches on a daily basis that to be the best, and beat the best you need to always work as hard as you possibly can. He is one of my true role models, and a man I would like to be like when I grow up. He is by far the best, most knowledgeable athletic Instructors in the world, and can transform any given body into an athletic machine.
Lift Totals as High School Athlete:
Clean: 301
Bench: 350
Squat: 400
Pull-ups: 32
School of strength
By Mark Kwiatkowski / weightroom
The weightroom of Center Grove high school is a place of dedication and hard work. This program has tought me more things than just how to get stronger. It teaches you how to set goals. One of my examples of this is knowing what weight I want to reach thinking how I will reach it and set goals to how to reach it. Also it teaches decepline. You have to be ready to work everyday and be on time. This program is the best due to its leader Coach Mills. He has done so much for the sport programs in Center Grove. Going into the game the coaches of the team know we got the best training available. What he has done is change the weightroom by adding keddlebells and a turf so we can get all of our athletic movements in. This program has change my body and also showed me great dedication and how to reach success
Thank you Coach Mills
Mills helps my game, but fills my brain
By Blake Russell / Weight Room
The weight room at Center Grove High School is always a place filled with dedicated athletes grinding out circuits of big full body lifts. The atmosphere of this place is unbelievable, it is something that must be witnessed to fully appreciate. Coach Mills has deleted all machines and has introduced the kittle bells. Coach Mills inspires, teaches, and lives weight lifting. The success that our school has is due to our Coach Mills, thank you.
Marty Party
By Nikky Moan / Center Grove High School
Marty Mills has helped me improve myself physically and mentally since freshman year. Every summer and throughout the shcool year he has made me realize the importance of athletics and the responsibilities of being a high school athlete. When I first came into high school, Mills was extremely intimidating, but when I got to know him better I realized he was just very serious and passionate about weight lifting. As a female basketball player Mils has helped me improve my game in every aspect. With hard work he has made me the athlete I am today. Marty Mills has my utmost respect and if someone wanted to improve theirselves in every way, Mills would be the first person I would refer them to. He has taught me workouts I can use to stay healthy for the rest of my life!
Weight Room = All you can be
By Vanessa L. Blake (McCormick) / Center Grove Graduate '07
Coach Mills was my star coach. I started throwing shotput and discus my freshman year for Center Grove and it was the first time I ever knew the sport existed. Coach Mills pushed me to never accept good enough but to strive for better. By my junior year I had accomplished my first school record in shotput during our indoor season but suffered a PCL tear in my knee and thanks to the skill and dedication of coach and the tools in the weight room I made a quick outstanding recovery to were i could finish my season and make it all the way to state. By my senior year I had many titles, holder of both the shotput and discus school records and part of the 200lb club in bench press. Coach Mills taught me through a weight room that anything is possible when you put your mind to it and encouragement is always there to push you to reach your dreams. I still hold Coach Mills as one of the most influential people in my life as someone who taught me to be a better person not just a better athlete.
By Zach Mattox / Center Grove
You want to know one heck of a lifting coach? The name's Marty Mills. I came into this program weighing rouglhy 150 pounds. After the four years i have gained about 50-60 pounds, thats an accomplishment. Coach Mills has helped me in many ways: my strength, flexibility, knowledge of nutrition, and my endurance. What coach has going on here at Grove is great, mind boggling. Coach Mills can do what he does at different levels of sports but no he his here at center grove teaching athletes and non athleteshow to train, he does it for the love he has for training. Overall Mr.Mills has been a great influence to me and he has tremendous amount of love for weight training.
Marty Mills
By Allie Day / Greenwood, Indiana
For the past four years Coach Mills has not only improved my agility and endurance, but my technique as well. I have improved tremendously in my sport, and I am already ahead of the rest of our incoming class next year at Indiana University. I have learned all of the lifts that most collegiate athletes do and have exceeded most high school athletes. Without the consistent training methods Coach Mills sets out for us, I would not be at the level I am at today. I owe the majority of my success to him. He is a phenomonal instructor and has a true passion for what he does.
Marty Mills: A Present Day Warrior
By Scott Sutton / Center Grove School of Strength
I have been lucky enough to be a part of Coach Mills strength and conditioning program for the last four years. In that time I have gained an immense amount of knowledge about proper lifting as well life lessons that I will cherish forever. I currently bench 315 lbs, squat 430 lbs and power clean 270 lbs. Not only has Coach Mills showered me with his great knowledge of lifting, he has taught me the importance of respect, hard work and punctuality. One thing I think that separates Coach Mills from the average lifting coach is the fact that he expects the best out of every single individual, every single day. He understands that not every person was blessed with exceptional athleticism and thus pushes everyone to become the best they can be. In summation, Coach Mills is one of the top, if not the best, lifting coach in the entire nation. I can say my entire transformation from a chubby freshman to an athletic senior is solely on the shoulders of Coach Mills.
 Hard in the paint
By Alyssa Andrews / School of Strength
I like pink kettle bells.
My Praise on Coach Mill's Strength Program
By Maddy Cheek / Center Grove High School
I have been a student-athlete in Coach Mill's strength class for three years now. Coach Mill's is probably the most intelligent man I have ever met. He has taught me, and the rest of his classes, way more than just lifting exercises to work on to get that perfect spring break bod. He has taught me self-dicipline, how to eat right, and how to push past the wall all athletes come to in their work out experience. Coach Mill's strength program is a program like none other; you push, pull, lift and build muscle while burning fat all at the same time. His kettle bell routine has pushed me in my athletic career and made me stronger, faster, and more in shape than my opponent.
Mill's offers more than just his lifting experience. He offers his knowlegde on nutrition, and how to carry one's self. Marty Mills is an amaming lifting coach, and our athletic program has grown because of the time, effort, and love he puts towards every athlete in Center Grove.
Works Better than Anything Else
By Josh Cox / Center Grove
Working out by myself and working out with Coach Mills' workout are two complete polar opposites. The strict regiment of the School of Strength guarantees results. Every day in class we go through core building, conditions, and strength lifting to ensure that we become stronger and more physically fit than our competition. Last semester, my max on bench press went up from 180 to 240 and my squating went from 200 to 260. Additionally, the hard work I do in the weight room enables me to focus harder on other parts of my life, including school and work. It's been amazing.
 Lifting for cross country/distance track
By Ryan Meyer / Center Grove High School
For distance runners people don't think that any kind of lifting is necessary, yet with Coach Mills' density circuts and strength and conditioning program I have been able to improve my times on the track. Before our cross country team began lifting as a part of our weekly workouts our times were slow and we were not very competitive on the course. After we began lifting our top 5 average dropped considerably and became the fastest in Center Grove history. The density workouts helped build our muscle endurance so we could have a stronger kick and beat out the competetion. Coach Mills helped improve not only my times on the track, but out teams as a whole. During the off season and the beginning of the track season we worked on strength lifts to build muscle and work on speed. Without doing any type of lifting I would not be the competitive runner I am today.
The Best Full Mind and Body Training
By Justin Hoch / CGHS
Coach's Mills' School of Strength is a full exercise in mind and body. When I entered as a freshman looking to play soccer, I was scrawny and weak. With Olympic lifts, my body developed and my speed improved. I credit my ability to run a 5:30 mile to my training under Coach Mills. Then, the addition of kettlebells took my game to another level. Through the pain and sweat, I felt my body changing and becoming an athlete. Aside from the physical training, Coach Mills develops each athlete into a respectful, focused disciplined athlete. He is not afraid to speak his mind on your work ethic or attitude. Plus, he creates a relationship with his athletes, always having their needs in mind, in order to train them to their full potential. I recommend the Coach Mills' School of Strength workout to anyone willing to put forth the effort. It will transform anyone into a superior athlete.
Lessons Learned for Life
By Abby Robison / Greenwood, IN
Coach Mills and the strength lifting class helped me become a stronger athlete for my years playing basketball. However; when I discontinued in my sport, I continued in lifting and using the skills I was taught to stay in good shape. I am now in the best shape of my life and know how to discipline my body thanks to the coaching of Coach Mills. After four years of working out, exercise and fitness interest me greatly and I may pursue a degree in this field thanks to Marty Mills.
#1 in the nation
By Morgyn Thompson / Greenwood, Indiana
Mills is easily the best lifting coach in the nation. I have never met anyone who is more passsionate about his job than him. He cares so much about students and will do anything it takes to help them reach their goals. I've learned so much from him, not just lifting, but discipline and hard work ethic for life. I will be able to use the skills he has taught me for the rest of my life, and i hope to spread the knowledge to others.
Coach Mills' Weight Knowledge and Life Lessons
By Zach Cram / Center Grove Student
I have had the pleasure of being with coach MIlls for four straight years and I have enjoyed every bit of it. Out of all of my teachers, Coach Mills has by far the most knowledge about his particular subject. I came in small and weak and left strong, hard working, and mentally focused for anything that is to be put in my way. Coach Mills knows everything there is to know about how to shape the human body in any type of way that you could ever want. Knowing everything about lifting does not make Coach Mills the great person he is. He is great with students and makes sure every kid gets the concept down before moving on. I have learned so much much about how to work out and what I need to do to maintain a good body weight and strength throughout my life. Coach Mills has also taught discipline and time management. I have learned great life lessons in his weight room and will be forever grateful of him.
Mills Workshop
By Austin Astrike / Student
At the beginning of this year was the first year I had ever lifted. Mills knew that I had no knowledge of lifting techniques or workout programs. Over the year, he has informed me of everything I need to participate in class. My bench went up 80% from what I began the year at. I have discovered that Mills is the most passionate instructor at Center Grove. This passion is what drives the amazing results of all of his students. I wish that I would have lifted every year possible at my high school, because of the impact he would have had on me physically to always work hard and mentally to never give less than possible. I will remember what Mills has taught me over this year and use it at college to stay healthy and give myself a better lifestyle of being energetic in everything I do.
Coach Mills
By Jonathan Marlin / Student
I came in as a freshmen weighing 115 and am now leaving high school with a weight of 165. After my freshmen year, my max on bench press reached 165 pounds and now with Senior year ending, my bench press max has reached 275. I will be playing college basketball next year and I have to give credit where credit is due. Coach Mills has allowed me to reach my goal of playing Division 1 basketball by elevating my strength to another level. Standing 5'10 and not having the athletic abilities naturally given to others, strength was the biggest concern to college coaches. Now entering college, one of my weaknesses has turned into my strength, literally. I strongly believe that Coach Mills is the leading factor to why I have been successful in my sport and I would strongly recommend him in whatever profession by the attitude and intesity in which he has approached lifting.
School Of Strength
By Nate Olson / Center Grove High School- Greenwood, IN
I have learned so much about weight lifting after being in the school of strength. One main emphasis is proper form on all the lifts. This is made very important and as a result makes everyone stronger. We have done great workouts that I feel makes every one work harder to get stronger. Coach Mills pushes everyone to work their hardest and creates a great environment to workout in. He also leads by example by demonstrating the correct technique on different lifts and by working hard.
Coach Mills makes a hell of a workout for me!
By John Beauchamp / Center Grove High School- Greenwood, IN
Coach Mills has made my workouts ones that make me stronger, not only physically, but exercises my mental toughness. Every time I get to come in and lift in his class, it is not only an honor, but a privilage to be one of his elite core of athletes. It is always the highlight of my day coming in and working out to be a stronger man that he is trained so well in making. His sole purpose in here is to make men that are strong and can use their bodies effectively in any sport, game, match, meet etc. he was an unforgettable asset to my developing of my body. I want to thank him for all he has done for me, and for all the athletes who work with him.
By Justin Holbrook / Center Grove Highschool
You don't have strength, you work your butt off for it. People don't get 390 pounds on bench, by sitting on their butts. In this weight room, we all push one another to the limit. When you step in here, you see nothing but sweaty, hard working bodies, that never stop until the buzzer goes off. No one has experienced hard work until they step foot in here. The enviroment in the is weight room has great character, you will never see or experience something so great like the people and training you see here. If you truly want to get big and strong or even small and ripped come to our weight room.
School of Strength
By Austin Smith / CGHS
I would say Coach Mills is crazy, dedicated, and maybe even a little sick in the head about lifting and being in the best shape he can possibly be in. He trains us the way he would train himself. He is always giving us the best advice and pointers on how to improve our strength and stamina. I have never met anyone that has pushed me as hard as he does and kept me focused on my goals that i have set for myself. He is the best strength instructor there ever was period. He would do anything for us kids as we would do for him. He is a very respected man by the whole entire community whether or not they have met him because they know what he stands for and that is to be the best and make us the best we can possibly and physically be.
Lifting for Life
By Angela Ortega / Center Grove
I first began lifting to improve my performance in track and field. The school of strength has provided me with the knowlege to continue lifting for the rest of my life and to maintain strength. Coach Mills, with his vast lifting knowlege and experience, is the best person to ask any physical health question. Center Grove athletics would not be the same without him.
Thanks Coach!
I LOVE LIFTINGGG... Train to win!!
By Kasi Swartz / center grove
This class is fun but at the same time you always have to work hard. This class has helped with my throwing of disc and shot. I believe if I did not have this class I would not have thrown what I have over my high school career. From this class I have learn the right way of lifting.
By Raina Alvarado / Center Grove High School
Mills is very muscular man! He is very helpful during class. He takes his time to go through the techniques and the correct way to do the lifts, which is very helpful. Our favorite lift is working with the kettlebells. The different techniques with them allow us to improve on our abilities and strength such as running, lifting, and sports.
Maximum Potential is Reality, Not Just Aspiration
By Ben Whitehead / Center Grove High School Class of 2011
The strength training program at Center Grove High School run by Marty Mills has transformed the culture of Center Grove athletics. The program is built upon the ideals of work ethic, integrity, and consistency. These pillars, along with the instruction of Coach Mills have allowed our athletes to gain a step (or maybe 10) on the surrounding competition. But beyond the kettle bells, sleds, and battling ropes, Coach Mills pours out his life experiences and knowledge to his pupils. From time to time, he sits his athletes down, and talks to them about the importance of giving, not just sports, but life your best. And the beauty of integrity is that the same man who says that, gives life, his family, his students, his very best. In recent weeks, Coach has put up a sign on the door to the weight room which only permits the admittance of those who are motivated. Perhaps this is the greatest lesson Mills has taught his athletes. That is, to achieve anything, you must be motivated by something.
Scrawny to Brawny
By Evan Taylor / Center Grove High School
When i first came to the High School I was a small 125 lb freshman, who couldn't bench over 100lbs. Now as a senior in Coach Mills' training program I weigh 190 lbs and all my squat, bench, and clean lifts are more than my bodyweight. If it wasn't for Coach's strict dedication to form, lifting, and overall wellness. I know there is no way I could be as strong or as big as i am. Coach Mills is always looking for new lifts and techniques to make everyone who lifts with him a better lifter and a stronger person. I have had the pleasure of lifting in Coach Mills' weight room for over four years, i have played football, ran track, and participated both shot put and discus events.
Big Man.......Big Dreams
By Kyle Schwartz / Center Grove high school
I beleive if you take the time to listen to coach Mills, and put yourself through his workout you will see results. I have never really heard of a kettlebell and never worked with one. Coach Mills put a big emphasis on kettlebells and had all kinds of workouts with these kettlebells. I thought they were weird at first but I grew to love them. I feel a lot stronger and flexible from using these kettlebells. I've been working in coach Mills workouts for four years. I played football and run track. He also showed us that you don't have to be tall and big to be strong and conditioned. I am a small build and I know that my body is fit and strong.
from zero to hero
By Jessica Taylor / CGHS Weightroom!
I have been playing soccer for ten years. I had never been the biggest, the fastest, nor the strongest until I started focusing on my workouts not only on improving my ball skills, but my body as well. For four years, Coach Mills has not only pushed me to the very end of my rope, but taught me how to tie a knot and hang on. With the types of workouts I have been exposed to since I began weightlifting my freshman year, I have gained the knowledge to improve every part of myself. I have learned that I can do anything I put my mind to and that I am 100% capable of pushing myself through one more set, one more rep, or one more minute. I have learned that even when my muscles are aching and screaming, "No!", my mind can push me to finish and to finish strong and proud of what I have accomplished. Mills has instilled the knowledge in every athlete that he has coached and helped us to realize that we can do anything we put our mind too and for that I will never be able to thank him enough.
THE strength Coach Mills
By Sean Brooks / Center Grove High School
I came into freshman year just like any other freshman would: small, weak, and pathetic. I was introduced to coach Mills dedication speeches, hard work motivations, and his unbelievable strength training. This is by far the best strength training in the country. At first strength was all that mattered, but then he introduced us once again to a new way of lifting, Kettle Bells! This program not only made you out-of-this-world strong, it also conditioned your muscles and created a more athletic way of training. I dedicate all of our schools success to him, or at least give him partial credit. Without his strength training I would have never recieved the education of lifting, the strength of lifting, or the knowledge of hard work. Also without him I would not have the arms that I do today.
School of Strength
By Bryce Krebs / CGHS
My name is Bryce Krebs, and I am a Senior in the School of Strength. When i first started out in weight training I wanted to become the strongest kid in the school, and this program helped me reach that goal. Along with strength it has helped me with my explosiveness, which helped me become more feared on the football field. After a lot of hard work in the program, my junior year i was able to win the olympic lifting state championship edging out my d-line buddy Joel Hale. I would not have been able to win that award without the toughness and strength building movements that Coach Mills engrained in our bodies. Along with this, my junior/senior year also was selected to play in the North South Allstar game, and in football I recieved an all confrence award, and an all county. After more time in the program, I had perfected the training skills that Coach Mills taught us, which led to recieving a scholarship to play at Eastern Kentucky University. I would like to thank Coach Mills!
School of Strength
By Abbey Edel / Center Grove High School
As a junior at Center Grove High School, there have been many experiences that will stay with me throughout my entire life. The School of Strength is one of those things. Marty Mills has a dream to make our school the most athletic in the entire state, if not the nation and world. Ever since my freshman year, he has shared his expertise on how to stay healthy, strong, and determained. Our school has what not many other high schools do; an elite training program. Kettle bells, olympic lifting, and conditioning with weights are all included in this program. Because of these tools, I have been able to remain strong for the past 3 years of my high school soccer career. Mills never ceases to push his students, teams, and individual people to be the strongest they can be. He has a vision for Center Grove that pushes every sport to maximum strength and determaination. The School of Strength, Marty Mills, and lifting class has transformed the way Center Grove competes, and forever will.
Lifting Review
By Isaac Cartwright / Center Grove High School
Throughout my high school career i have actually started lifting pretty hardcore. Going from my freshman year only benching 130-150 and my senior year benching 200-215. The complexity of these workouts is key if your going for any sport. No matter the workout Mr. Mills gives us, it helps with any sport you may participate in whether your sport requires pure strength, conditioning, or athleticism. His workouts have improved my volleyball skills tremendously throughout the 4 years I have been doing them. Going from being a libero to a hitter by my junior year and senior year. During my sophomore year, with that little amount of time lifting, our volleyball team won the state championship. Without the physical training we have accessable here, I doubt i would have been so successful in the sport i chose.
Lifting Class Review
By Sam Price / Center Grove High School
When i first came into CGHS as a freshman i was pretty small in stature, not very athletic, but now as a senior i am much stronger and much more athletic than ever before. This program is one of the best and the results from the students prove it. I would recommend this prgram to anyone who wants to get stronger or to just overall look better as it has done the same for me in my 4 years at Center Grove.
True form with heavy weight
By Jonathan Warrick / Center Grove High School
Ever since the fall of my 8th grade year Coach Mills has practically lived in this weightroom pushing every individual to their maximum potential regardless of size and weight. From day one the emphasis of perfect technique and form has been embedded into my head as the foundation of any weightlifter. Mills daily stresses the importance of technique. As you progress through his system you notice that you can do heavy weight without risking technique or injury because of the flawless muscle memory he trains in every single person. I came into high school a small and extremely scrawny kid who everyone thought was someone to be pushed to the back of the line. The training Mills has given me has not only improved my athletic performance but has given me the obligation to help younger athletes with their form paving their way to excellence. As of today I plan to attend Indiana State University and play football thanks to the knowledge and encouragement of Marty Mills.
Epic Strength!
By Samuel Hickman / Center Grove High School
There are not words to express the transformation that Coach Mills has ushered into my life via his training regimen. Over time i have truly gone from flab to fab. With a coaching voice that drives me to perfection, to be the best i can be, Coach Mills has inspired me to become a better lifter, a better partner, and a better man. Thank you Coach Mills.
Best Weight Room in the state
By Thomas Huebner / Center Grove High School
Coach Mills is the BEST weight lifting coach in the world. He helped me to become the man i am today. His masculinity overshadowed my boyness and transformed me into a man like him.
Center Grove School of Strength
By Allie Sammons / Center Grove High School
Marty Mills is not only a great person but also a great lifting coach. He honestly cares about each one of his students as if they were his own children. He pushes us every day to go beyond our comfort zones and become great athletes. Much of our athletic success as a school can be credited to the School of Strength. He makes us better athletes as long as students each day we walk into the weight room. Marty Mills shows us all of our hard work will pay off and we could not ask for a better weight coach!
By Sam Huddleston / Center Grove
Mr. Mills is the most dedicated, hard-working, and passionate person I know of, that puts 110% in helping kids become stronger physically and mentally. Ever since I started in Mr. Mills weight lifting program, I have improved my physical appearance and condition drastically. He is very well educated and knows what you can do to better improve your physical appearance. Mr. Mills is the best weight lifting coach period.
The Man, the Myth, the Legend
By Trish Barton / CGHS
Coach Mills really helped me throughout my high school career with training for soccer. Even when getting my many concussions, he was patient and gave me workouts in the cardio room that I could still do. I would not be as strong as I am now if it weren't for him. Thank you so much!
School of Strength
By Jordan Jones / CGHS
I absolutly love the school of strength kettlebell workout! It helps with my strength, conditioning, endurance, and performance on the court!
Changes for the Future!
By Logan Fricke / Greenwood, IN
All the unorthodox chqanges in the weight room have allowed us to preform new and challenging lifts. From pushing and pulling sleds on the turf to extreme conditioning with battling ropes. The comanation of these lifts and the superior leadership of Coach Mills has built Center Grove athletics as high as it can be!
A Different System
By Kyle Kraus / Greenwood, IN
Coming into freshman year I could not even do a pull up. Now I can do 5 sets of 5 daily. The combination of different styles of lifts from five basic strength lifts and the wide range of kettlebells lifts. Not only has this helped with strength in general, but has created a new found power in my baseball abilities. Coach Mills has not only shown me the art of weight lifting, but work ethic in its rawest form. Best progam in the NATION!
Teacher with authority
By Davis Wentland / Greenwood, IN
Coach Mills has really influenced me when i first came in the weightroom my freshman year. Growing up I really didnt have the work eithic that I have today. Everyday I come in here he has a new workout and every one is beneficial. Not only has he affected me with my work ethic in the weightroom he's helped me overall and from where i am today from where i was my freshman year I owe it all to him.
Strength in Sports
By Benjamin Evans / Greenwood, IN
Coach Mills program at Center Grove High School is one of the best in the Country. Throught my high school career i have attended and visited schools in Calafornia, New York, and Indiana. When i visit those school's wieght lifting programs, they are impressed with my strength, work ethic and ability to incorporate my strengh in sports. When people think of baseball they dont usually associate strength and work ethic. I am 5'10" and weigh 165 pounds but lead my team in home runs and am also the fastest player on the team. Now, thanks to Coach Mills, I get to play baseball at the college level. Without this program I guarentee i wouldn't be as succesful as an athlete as i am today.
The Next Level
By Grant Schwarz / CGHS '11
Coach Mills' knowledge of strength workouts is incredible. He is the next level coach. By that I mean he can take a good athlete and make them great. Or take a great athlete and make them a Division 1 athlete. He knows what would be best for each athlete in every sport and how different training styles would benefit them. I am going to Eastern Michigan University next year on a swimming scholarship and without coach Mills and his weight training, I would not have reached the next level.
Best program available
By Tyler Sykes / Center Grove
As far as athletic training goes in the state of Indiana, there is no better program. than the School of Strength. Not only is state of the art equiptment available, but CG has motivated, dedicated, and intelligent instructor in Marty Mills. As a freshman, I started lifting at the high school. But now as a senior, I have witnessed drastic improvements in the weightroom and in the athletes themselves. The overall dedication has greatly improved, mainly as a result of positive instructing. Marty Mills should be a role model to all athletes. Not only has he accomplished outstanding athletic feats, he has an unparallel drive that he trasplants into every athlete. I will always be forever in debt for everything he has done for me personally. The School of Strength will forever be one of the best places to train to become a superior athlete.
School of Strength
By Justin Meredith / Center Grove
Coach Mills and the school of strength are just one of a kind. His lifting expertice and knowledge of the lifts helps me and everyone else get better in every lift. Personally i don't believe there is a better choice for a weightlifting coach. Over the years, freshman to senior, my bench press has doubled from 125 to 250 pounds and still growing. On the squat and cleani have also seen massive improvement. Even on the incredibly technical striaght bar snatch is made easier to me and is one of my best lifts. All of this is of course due to Coach Mills excellent coaching and awesome lifting program. If anyone plans to get stronger, physically fit, or to just better themselves overall, I strongly suggest joining the school of strength.
School of Strength-Marty Strong
By Chris Collins / Greenwood, IN
The School of Strength program started by instructor Marty Mills is the best high school physical training program in the country and is comparable to many college and professional teams. I have participated in the SoS program for several years and I am in great physical condition. I wrestled throughout high school and thanks to Coach Mills, I made it to semi-state purely on strength, conditioning, and toughness. All three of those traits are stressed in the SoS. I am going on to be a part of the NROTC program at Miami of Ohio after which I will serve on the Marine Corps. Again thanks to Coach Mills, I did exceptionally well on my preliminary fitness test, and was awarded a full ride NROTC scholarship. The SoS is about more than getting strong and is much more than just weightlifting. Coach Mills stresses hard work in all aspects of life, and constantly promotes good character. The SoS gets you in the best possible physical condition and carries over into all aspects of life.
Martyyyy Milllss!
By Brittany West / Center Grove High School
This year I decided to take weightlifting all year. I run track and Martys Mills's program has helped me get in shape and stay in shape for the season. This program is not just about "getting big" but its also about getting toned and being healthy. It has helped me develop into a better athlete, but it also is not just for athletes.. .anyone who wants to stay toned and in shape can come in and workout. Thank you Mills for everything :) you're the best!
lifting review
By Hayden Wood / Center Grove
throughout my four years lifting here, I have learned many great lifts from coach Mills and good ways to tone my body for the sport I am in during that season. Coach MiIls puts us through many rigorous training and lifting excersises that will benefit us in our sports and even those that do not play any sports but would like to become stronger. Coach Mills is always up on his knowledge of the new and upcoming lifts and lifting techniques that will benefit all of us as a whole.
A "Retired" Athlete
By Alex Robison / Greenwood, IN
Because I had been involved in sports my whole life, I never had a problem with maintaining my figure or physical fitness. After my sophomore year; however, I quit playing basketball which had taken up most of my life up to that point. I found it extremely difficult to muster up the motivation it takes to stay in shape and began to gain weight and lose any muscle I already had. Second semester; though, of my junior year, I had the opportunity to participate in Coach Mills' lifting class. The lifting is not only for the "bulky" muscle you think of with football players that most high schools offer. We do conditioning and lifting that creates a healthier, more flexible muscle that, if nothing else, keeps you looking good. I was sure to sign up for this class again my senior year, and have enjoyed it more than any other. Coach Mills has taught me lifting and life lessons that I can take with me as I continue to the next stage of my life.
School of Strength Success
By Nick Stoner / Center Grove High School
Being in the school of strength throughout my four years of high school has dramtically changed my attitude, my future, and utimately, my life. I came into this program as a 110 pound boy and came out as a 175 pound man, gaining more and more speed as the years went on lifting with Coach Mills. Dropping times from a 12.4 to a 10.4 should be enough reason for everybody to want to join this amazing program. I could not reccomend this class/lifting progam enough to anybody, there would not be enough time in the day. I was a runner up in the 100 meter dash, and 6th in the 200 meter dash at the Indiana Track state finals my junior year. This senior year I helped the 4x400 meter relay beat the indoor record and also I won the indoor 55 meter dash at the HSR state relays, and now I am just waiting for the outdoor senior results this June. Also, earning All-State as a senior in football, and receiving the Mr. Football for Defensive Backs award. All thanks to this amazing lifting program!!
Young men
By Brian Jansen / CGHS
I still remember the days when I was coming to the high school to workout for football as an 8th grader. That is when I first had the pleasure of getting to know Coach Mills. I was weak, uncoordinated, and overall a puny kid with some leftover baby fat. Over the past 4.5 years, I have gone from 170 lbs. to just over 200 with the help of this lifting genius. I went from Napoleon Dynamite to Brock Lesnar-esque in his prime. Rags to riches if you ask me and all thanks to this man running the program otherwise known as The School of Strength. Not only does he metamorphize these kids into beasts in order to take on the grueling competition in the MIC (which he succeeds at), he gets to know each and every one and requires the best out of us at all times, not only in the weight room but the classroom too. I could not be half the man/athlete I am today without his expertise.
Changing the Man in the Mirror
By Spencer Hays, MD / kings throne
Hard work is never easy, especially for high school kids. What coach mills has been able to do through his training program, and his coaching is something that is not often repeated in althletics, high school or professional. The impact he has made on me personally is something of great importance. Im not incredibly blessed athletically speaking, but because of coach mills, i was able to find success on the wrestling mat, in the weight room, and in all areas of my life. Because of this, i honored coach mills at our academic awards night, not just because of his academic impact, but because what he taught cannot be taught in a traditional class room. No one can go through this program without saying a change had been made. he taught us how to be the men and women the world needs, and because if his time, effort, and support, thousands of kids come through center grove with the ability to contribute to society.
 Glory Through Strength
By Brandon Gridley / Center Grove High School
I started lifting with Coach Mills in the fall of eigth grade and am now finishing my senior year of high school with him. When I started as an eigth grader I was 190lbs of weak nothing, who could not only not do a dip but couldn't hold myself up and required help. It was pathetic, but within the first year and a half through the intense work ethic of Coach Mills he helped me drop down to 155lbs with a new start. Over high school with Coach I was able to climb up and put on thirty pounds of muscle to an average 185 during football season and then through his cardio strength work outs cut down to a lean 175 during my lacrosse seasons. Coach Mill's work and dedication with all the athelets of Center Grove is one of the very few reasons we can stand and compete with with the huge schools in the MIC. I am very proud to say that I learned and worked under Coach Mills and feel more fit than ever. I will have no problem ever coming up with a work out for any situation thanks to Mills!
By Keegan Leisz / Center Grove High School
This class, as well as lifting after school, have helped me greatly improve my strength from my freshman year. I went from a skrony little freshman to a solidly built senior. This strength improvement is almost entirely due to Coach Mills and his amazing weight program. Coach Mills doesn't just make you do his workouts, but he makes you learn how to do a workout routine. So this class will not only help me now, but it will help me when I'm working out in the future.
By Nolan Weidman / Center Grove High School
I have spent the past four years in Coach Mills' class and it had been a great experience. He is extremely knowledgeable and is determined to coach all of his students and athletes the perfect form of each of every lift, which allows them to reach their maximum potential. Coach Mills challenges everybody to make personal goals for themselves, and he pushes people to reach those goals no matter what it is. Over the four year period that I've spent in Coach Mills' class, my strength has greatly increased. I came in as a freshman that competed in football and baseball, and my strength was very average for a kid my age. Now that I have spent a few years in his program, I am proud to say that I am able to bench over 300 pounds and squat over 400. I feel that Coach Mills' system has allowed me to succeed at the highest level in my sports, and he deserves more credit for what he does with our athletes.
Strength Program
By Nick Haines / Center Grove High School
Coach Mills has helped me get stronger these past four years because of the programs he runs. his program has helped me improve everything in the sport I play, which is baseball.
Dedication equals Success
By Zachary Garcia / Center Grove High School
As a student of Coach Mills for the past four years, I feel like I couldn't have been better prepared each and every year for baseball than I was via training through Coach Mills' system. Freshman year and Sophomore year i had to recover from pretty serious surgeries and Coach was able to guide me right through my rehab. My senior year he was also able to help me put 50 pounds on my bench in about two months.
Coach Mills
By Emily Behnke / Center Grove High School
I started taking lifting my junior year to help me improve in track and my overall fitness. Mills' class helps you learn the proper techniques for lifting and the how to push yourself to the limits. At the end of my senior year, I am stronger than I have ever been and have enough knowledge to continue working out after high school. Thanks Coach Mills!
Martin David Mills
By Amanda Zubia / Center Grove High School
I have played soccer since I was 4 years old. I played for the high school Freshman through my Senior year. I began my weightlifting career my sophomore year with a school record of 185lbs weighing in at 116lbs and to this day, no one has beaten my record. Mills taught me the correct technique to have and helped me achieve this possibility. He is a great role model and not only helped myself, but has committed to every person who has stepped into this program.
Mighty Mills
By Jenna Spencer / Center Grove High School
I first had heard about Coach Mills through my older brother, Will. My brother had told me I should get into the weight lifting program to increase my overall physique. Will had started out his freshman year tiny and no where near physically fit. By his Senior year my brother was one of the top weightlifters in his class and to this day works out with Coach Mills. After seeing the outcome of my brother, I saw that this would be beneficial to me. Starting out my freshman year I was in Volleyball and Track. With Coach Mills' workouts, I was able to maintain a good weight and become more athletic all around. To this day, I am continually challenged by Coach Mills' workouts and am pushed to my highest potential every workout.
Thank You Coach Mills
By John Degenhardt / Center Grove High School
When I first met Coach Mills as a freshman I was 6ft 5in and so unathletic I couldnt even fully squat with my heels staying on the ground. Freshman year I porbably could not bench 125lbs. Now as a 6ft 7in senior i can bench 230lbs and easily squat. After finishing my varsity basketball career at Center Grove i will attend the University of St. Francis on basketball scholarship. Coach Mills has had a significant impact on my development as an athlete.
By Josh Abney / Center Grove High School
Best year of lifting yet!
 Best Class!!
By Jenn Cole / Center Grove
This class has helped me in so many ways. We are pushed everyday which helps us improve so many different things. This class has taught us things that we can take and use after high school. This year especially helped me in swimming I became stronger which made me faster. This has been one of the most changing classes for me!
By Ashleigh Polston / Center Grove High School
I love having this class!! It makes my day so much better after having this class.!! it is by far the best class i have all day and the best workout EVER!!
Great Class!
By Mackenzie Lenahan / Center Grove High School
This class has been hard work, but totally worth the progress along the way! I feel healthier and stronger! I am in my best shape!
Best Class Ever!
By Emily Ross / Center Grove
I feel healthier and stronger all because of this class. Coach Mills is the best instructor ever!
By Chloe Hedeen / Center Grove High School
This program made me alot stronger in the past year. I'm never out of shape because i take this class year round, and its by far one of the best programs out there!! I would consider myself to be in the best shape, because of these past 4 years training with Mills. He really works with us and wants up to look good and feel good about ourselves. He challenges us and has faith in us to be a better athlete and to be healthy.
By Stacey Klene / Center Grove High School
Coach Mills is by far the best instructor i have had. I went to Roncalli and the workouts were nothing compared to this. I feel so in shape and toned from this program, I am so glad that I took this class. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone. Mills can change you from lifting the "pink" kettle bell all the way to the "yellow" in just a semester in this class. This class is all what YOU make of it though. If you come in and dont try hard, you will not gain what you want from this class. I LOVE THIS CLASS!!!!
How Coach Mills Made Me Better
By Andrew Smeathers / Indianapolis, Indiana
I came into center grove high school being a scrawny freshman. I am now a Senior and have committed to play basketball at Butler University on a scholarship. I also have recently been named to the Indiana High School Basketball All-Star Team (the first in our schools men's history). I have many other accolades to my but none of them would have been possible with out the help of Coach Mills. He has been able to add weight and strength to my body when i thought it was impossible for me to add either. He has taught me to work hard and prove all of the doubters wrong. With out Coach Mills dedication and hard work my success would not have been possible and i am forever grateful for what he has done for my athletic success.
Coach Mills
By Tyler Mills / Center Grove High School
If you knew what I looked like, my last name of Mills would be the only evidence that Coach Marty Mills and I were related. My skinny stature compared to his extreme physique would and also his extreme work ethic compared to my sometimes lazy attitude prove that we are in no way related. But throughout my years in his weight room, Coach Marty Mills has inspired me to be more like him. Coach Mills not only asks for hard work ethic, but forces it into his students. He has created many quality athletes out of nothing. Coach Mills deserves all the credit for my success in high school football and track and I know this is the case for many others. You could not find a more impressive coach and moral man. Coach Mills deserves a 10/10 because even on the days where I am less than perfect, he gives me and all the other students his full attention and energy.
My high school experience with Coach Marty Mills
By Jared Williams / Center Grove High School
I am a junior in high school and i have already gained tremendously from just lifting with coach Mills. He pushes you to your most possible limit. My freshman year i was the twig nerd who couldnt even lift up the bar but now coach mills has turned me into one of the strongest kids in my school. My bench press went from 205 to 285 and is still growing. He is the best i have ever seen when it comes to kettlebell workouts and i wouldnt choose any other coach to help me get stronger.
Coaching and instructing are NFL material
By Culley Buchanan / Center Grove High School
Coach Marty Mills is the most intense hard working coach I have ever met. He takes pride in every one of his students and pushes people to strive for more than the can do. Every student that takes his course is guaranteed to look better after 1 semester.
 "Marty Mills: Master Kettlebell Instructor"
By Robbie Kesy / CGHS
Coach Mills was one of the first people along with my dad to introduce me to strength training. At the beginning of my high school career my passion has continued to escalate as the years go by. The way Coach Mills explains and sets up his workouts really makes the style of Center Grove weightlifting truly unique and effective.
Best Program Possible
By Blake Lemmons / Center Grove High School
I cannot say enough good things about the Center Grove School of Strength. It has truly made me a better athlete and made me confident in my ability to compete against other top level athletes. Next year I am attending Indiana University and participating in the Army ROTC program, where fitness and strength are strongly emphasized. The School of Strength not only helped me get a scholarship for the program, but also gave the fundamentals I need to continue to run with the best in the Army. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be the best.
School of Strength
By Shay Sutton / Center Grove High School
The School of Strength is a great program that has helped me become stronger, quicker, more flexible and just all around in better shape. There is no other strength program that could work as well as the one that Mr. Mills has designed for us.
Strength Program
By Alex Nevill / Greenwood, IN
Coach Mills and Center Grove's weightlifting program is one of the best in the country. I have been working in the program since I was in eighth grade, and it has completely changed my body. I played football for four years and while I didn't always have more natural speed than the other team's players, I knew my strength and conditioning were far superior. The use of kettle bells and intensive focus on Olympic Weightlifting is a main emphasis at Center Grove. Combine these advanced techniques with consistent hard work and this is what allows players to be successful. In addition to the purely physical aspect of the program, Coach Mills does a great job of imparting weightlifting knowledge to all athletes. Once we leave this great program we will all have the ability to continue these amazing workouts at our respective colleges. During my high school experience I have spent many hours in the weight room and they have always been enjoyable and I wouldn't trade them for anything else.
The Man
By Jill Morris / Greenwood,IN USA
I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Coach Mills at Center Grove High School. There are so many positive things to say about Mills and the effort and passion he puts into the lifting program at Center Grove High School. While in school, I played soccer and will say I definitely wasn't the best, but that didn't matter to Mills. He saw the potential with me in lifting and began to push me. My last 2 years of high school we had class every other day where we would spend hours doing many kettle bell exercises and olympic lifts. Mills helped me improve my strength which then in turn help improve my soccer game. After high school, I decided to join the rowing team at Butler University and still continued to see my lifting from the past years aiding in my success in this new sport. In rowing, many believe that all the power comes from your arms, but in fact a large deal is from your legs. All those kettle bell swings and squats helped give me a leg explosion necessary for a perfect stroke in rowing! Mills is one of the best coaches/teachers I have ever had. His dedication and passion for what he does is absolutely incredible. I honestly believe he runs the best strength program in the country and if you ever get the chance to work out with him, do it! You will be sore the next day, but he will help you push your muscles and body like never before!
CG Weightlifting
By Scott O'Brien / Greenwood, IN USA
The Center Grove strength and conditioning program is an essential part of any extracurricular agenda. I began freshman year by just taking the regular gym class and lifting after school. Coach Mills does an amazing job of implicating strength lifts and conditioning lifts into his workout program. The lifts are suitable for almost any age group. I started out, as a freshman, weighing about 135 and now I weigh about 185. Coach Mills varies his workouts depending on what sport you are in, so everything you do in the weight room is designed for improvement in your chosen activity.
Not only does the strength program at CG benefit a student in a sport, but I also saw an improvement in the classroom and my GPA. I was an honor student at CG and the specialized lifting class was a time when I could get away from the books for a while and get in a good workout. Workouts increase strength but I am a firm believer that they also relieve much of the stress that comes along with high school and the pressures of doing well academically.
Coach Mills' program helped me become an all-state athlete in football and also gave me the opportunity to play at the next level. I am attending Washington University in St. Louis this upcoming fall. I chose it because of its great prestige and it also has one of the top medical schools in the country. I probably would not be in the situation I am right now if it wasn't for all of the training and lifting sessions that I went through with Coach Mill's. He is an excellent coach/person and will do everything he can to physically and mentally prepare you for the sport or activity of your choice. I highly recommend the CG lifting program and believe only good can come out of one's involvement.

Strength Conditioning
By Jonathon Willey / Greenwood, In
Coach Mills and the conditioning system is one of the main reasons Center Grove football is what it is today. Once I started coming to the workouts the summer before my freshmen year I couldn't believe the difference it made in my performance. If it wasn't for Coach Mills I would have never been the player I was, the program made me as strong and as fast as I could possibly be. If you want to play football at Center Grove High School then it is in your best interest to come day in and day out to Coach Mills workouts.
 Buying in
By Chris Kuehner / Greenwood, IN USA
Four years doing the Mills workout plan helped me improve in my wrestling abilities in so many ways. I gained over 30 pounds of muscle and with this muscle it helped me be able to compete at the varsity level. Before i started buying into the weight program i was not a good wrestler and once i got to my seinor year i went from only winning a couple matches when i was a sophmore to getting second at the MIC Tournment and going 27-12 thanks to Coach Mills lifting program
Best Weight Lifting Program in the Country
By Kyle Barth / Greenwood, IN USA
Coach Mills and his weight lifting program has been a HUGE reason for the success i have had in sports. When i started this program as a freshman, I was a skinny 170 pound kid. Now as a senior, I am a strong 210 pound College football player. Coach Mill's program is the reason Center Grove is able to dominate and compete with the more athletic teams in the MIC Conference. Without Coach Mill's program, I would not be going to Saint Joseph's College on a football scholarship. I highly reccomend this program for all football players who desire to be successful as a Center Grove Trojan in the Future!
Coach Mills
By Bethany Irwin / Greenwood, IN
I felt prepared going into my freshman year in college as a division 1 athlete because of the demand and effectiveness of his lifting program. Being able to lift in his class and with my team I feel as though I improved so much from when I came in as a freshman in high school. Knowing how to do the olympic lifts made me a step above everyone else when I went into lift at college. I feel this program is moving in a great direction and keeps improving with the years.
Coach Mills Strength Program
By Mitch Deffner / Greenwood, Indiana
I had the opportunity to work with Coach Mills for four years in high school and a couple after. Playing three sports I was sometimes limited with opportunities to get in the weight room but when I was in it he made sure you were working your tail off. I was a tall skinny kid and his program helped fill in the blanks. The conference we play in puts a high demand on your physical stature. You must be tough and dedicated to succeed at this school and his program is where it should all start. I thought I was done playing sports after high school and with the help of Mills I was back playing college football with a two year absence. If you buy in you will see results.
Division I Caliber Preparation
By James Nussbaum / Greenwood IN
At my time at Center Grove, I was prepared physically for the demands of football. My speed, strength, and flexibility were all pushed to my personal potential by Coach Mills and his program. I can definitely say that I was physically at my high school potential while I was an athlete at CG. I was blessed enough to be able to walk on at Northwestern and play football in the Big Ten. I can honestly say that my knowledge and preparation from working with Coach Mills put me ahead of the curve as I entered an intense athletic world. I give Coach Mills and his program my highest recommendation and am a testament that he can develop Division I athletes
The perfect program
By Shelby Mappes / Indianapolis, IN
Going to Center Grove is the absolute perfect situation for athletes wanting to challenge themselves everyday and work harder then their competition. CG Student Athletes are Extremely lucky in having a weight training program guided by Marty Mills. In high school I was apart of the 2008 5A State Championship Football team and was all-state wrestling. This success allowed me to move onto the collegiate level at Uindy for wrestling. It was midway through my freshman year when it finally clicked and i realized just how much better of an understanding i had of strength training because of Coach mills. At Uindy we do not even have a strength coach let alone one of Coach Mills caliber. Any athlete who shows consistency of hardwork and simply showing up in the Center strength program will improve everyday as an athlete and will constantly have a leg up on competition.
Coach Mills Strength training
By Devon Jacquin / Indianapolis, IN
I was first introduced to Coach Mills' strength program as a Freshman in highschool in preparation for my high school football career. His ability to instill quality strength and lifting techniques as well as valuable nutritional information allowed me to quickly progress in the weight room as well as on the football field. I would reccommend Mills' program to athletes of any age in pursuit of improving not only their strength, but body composition as well.
World's Strongest
By Richard Bruno / Greenwood, IN USA
When I walked into the weight room for the first time my freshman year I was blown away. Everywhere I looked I saw students working like crazy to build up for whatever sport they were in. I was able to see the results they were gaining from the workouts Coach Mills had made up. This was when I became fascinated with improving myself and I knew that Mills' workout was going to be the cornerstone for my growth. Through his leadership and guidance I have become more disciplined and focused. The biggest thing I have gained through all of my hard work has been my boost in self-confidence. I am now confident enough to compete in weight lifting competitions and hold my own against people who have been lifting for much longer than myself. When I transefered to Purdue University I had no one to push me or make up a workout plan, but it turns out that I don't need anyone for that now. I have gained my own driving force, now people in the weight room at Purdue are amazed by my work ethic. I owe a great deal of gratitude towards Coach Mills for everything he has done for me.
Strength Training
By Katherine Belsito / Greenwood, IN USA
I was first introduced to the weight room at Center Grove the summer before my freshman year of high school. High school female athletes came to summer workouts and worked out together. My very first day I had no idea what to expect, and I soon found out I was not able to even lift the 45-pound bar off of the ground. I was not the only one with this problem, and with the help of Coach Mills and the weight lifting program I progressed quickly and was into the swing of things with the older athletes in no time. Through this program I was able to gain strength and power to help me on the softball diamond. I guess it paid off because we won state my senior year and there is no doubt in my mind that the weight lifting had a huge effect on my strength to compete. I am now playing softball for the University of Southern Indiana on scholarship. I had no problem jumping into their training program and was able to play in every game my first season as a freshman in college.
Weight Lifting
By Shelby Music / Greenwood, IN USA
When I came into thw weight room for the first time I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. Coach Mills taught me very much and helped to make me stronger and focus on gaining power. Now I am playing college softball at the Division I level at Illinois State University. When I got there I was able to jump right into the strength program because of what Coach Mills had taught me. I have definitely gotten stronger thanks to Coach Mills' weight lifting program.
 Strength Coach
By Kayla Heldman / Greenwood, IN USA
Over the past five years, I have had the opportunity to work with Coach Mills. He has taught me how to lift and furthered my athletic abilities. I will be playing volleyball at the collegiate level.
Strength of Mind and Body
By Shelbi Burnett / Domination Station, The CGHS Weight Room
I first met Marty Mills my freshman year of high school. Needless to say I was VERY intimidated by his weight-room demeanor as well as his lifting prowess. Now graduated and running Cross-Country and Track for Butler University, I can safely affirm that I would not be competing on the D1 level without his patient coaching and instructing. I came into my freshman year barely able to bench-press a 45 pound bar, Mills worked closely with me, encouraging me to slowly build my strength and confidence in lifting. He is a phenomenal instructor in technical lifting and with his help, although I was never the strongest lifter in the room, my technique was flawless. I was able to out-lift other runners because of my confidence in the skills he taught me. As a runner, being physically strong comes second to having endurance for running; unlike many lifting instructors Mills recognizes this and provides personalized workout plans for runners that encouraged increasing and maintaining a high heart rate instead of building bulky muscles. He has been an amazing coach and the reasons I continue to return to the CGHS weight-room for summer workouts. Thanks Mills!
Coach Mills
By Katy Watson / Bargersville, IN
I was first introduced to the Olympic Lifting style and Coach Mills in fifth grade when I participated in a speed improvement course through the high school's football coach. This helped prepare me for my freshman year when I began using these lifting styles to improve my athletics in High School. Being a three sport athlete, lifting was key in order for me to achieve our team and my personal goals. Coach Mills would always have easy to follow workouts for us to complete. However, he would first start with the fundamentals of the lift. There was no point in lifting if you were not doing it correctly because you would more likely to injure yourself. My last semester of my senior year I even joined our school's womens lifting team. That really sparked an interest in lifting for me and in that short time of about five months I increased all my max outs substantialy. Now I am getting ready to enter my sophomore year at UIndy and I am a thrower on the track team. I hacve noticed a huge dropoff from my college lifting to that of high school. Coach Mills and his program gave me the tools to workout and gain strength that my college has not. I have taken these tools to continue on in my college career and even teach of few of my teammates the lifts. My coaches at college were extremly impressed by the fact that I knew my lifts and understood the fundamentals as well. Coach Mills does an outstanding job of preparing anyone who wants to reach a goal in the weight room; whatever that may be.
Preparing Student-Athletes for College
By Michelle McKeehan / Greenwood, IN USA
I was a swimmer at Center Grove High School and throughout that time Coach Mills worked with our swim coach, Jim Todd, to coordinate a weight program that would build strength that would transfer to the pool. My freshman and sophomore year the program was primarily machine based with bench and squat on free weights.
My junior year the coaches made the decision to switch to Olympic lifts- cleans, RDL, snatch. The power lifting helped in many ways. 1.The free weights were a change which my body needed after doing the same routine for two years. 2.The explosiveness in the motions of Olympic lifts were beneficial in the pool- off the blocks and the walls. 3.The strength I gained with power lifting was more effective in the pool than the strength I had built with the machine weights.
My senior year Coach Mills started incorporating kettle bells into the Olympic lifting circuit. Kettle bells were a great addition to the strength program. Not only do kettle bells provide the same explosive strength training, if done in a circuit, kettle bells can also be used as an aerobic exercise circuit as well.
Coach Mills' s was an exceptional weight lifting coach. He stressed perfect technique during all lifts to prevent injuries. He took time to work with each individual student to make sure they were performing to their full potential. His weight program prepared me, like many other students I have talked to, for my college weight program. I swim for a top division one school and the weight coach at the school was impressed by the knowledge I had in the weight room and the form I had during lifting. Doing the Olympic lifts and kettle bells with Coach Mills helped prepare me for college. I was very thankful that I had such an involved weight coach with our swim program in high school. Whenever I come back to CGHS to work out, Coach Mills is always curious about what I am doing in the weight room in college. He is constantly looking for new and better lifts to improve his weight program for the student-atheletes at the high school.
By Jusitin Spicer / Greenwood, IN USA
Mr. Mills has inspired me. I began weight training the second semester of my senior which he has told me on many occasion is a late start, but he believed in me anyways. When i started i was 160 lbs and could not bench press anything, now days away from graduating i can bench 200 and weigh 185 in muscle. He really knows waht he is talknig about and i suggest everyone should attend his School of Strength and see the difference it can make in your life.
Mills is the Best
By Sean Marley / Greenwood, IN USA
I came into coach Mills' program with little prior experience in the weightroom. Before this program I weighed about 120 pounds and couldn't bench 135lbs once. Coach Mills taught me how to lift well, what to focus on in a workout and showed me the effectiveness of kettlebell lifting. I am now 135 lbs and still gaining weight. I bench press 185 lbs and I have moved up in kettle bells all year long. Coach Mills is a great motivator as well. He makes me want to workout hard everyday and make myself stronger. I have gotten bigger and much stronger since i began working out with coach Mills.
School of Strength
By Scott Rohl / Greenwood, IN
The School of Strength, Coach Mills' latest innovation yet, is one of the most effective and efficient ways to workout that i've found yet. His training method b rings shape and tone to a once flabby physique. He has stressed throughout my years with him the importance of doing everything to perfection. I have carried this philosophy throught many aspect of my life, from school to the gym and even to the workplace. I have undergone a massive transformation throughout my training with Coach and have learned many lesson, beyond just the weightroom and becoming more strong physically I think that I have had a transformation mentally too. I have become mentally tough and am ready for just about anything that life will throw at me. Coach Mills is one of the people that I look up to and as always he will get a 10 out of 10 in my book.
By Richard James Bellian Jr. / "Wanna Be Like Mills" University (Center Grove High School)
For the last four years I have come to be very close with Marty Mills. From freshman year until now my strenght has increased an incredible amount. Not always weighing the most but always lifting the most was my goal. At the beginning my numbers where anything but impressive. But now as a senior going into college my numbers are top notch. Weighing only 195 pounds I have pushed my body to the limit in every category. My bench is now at 355, squat at 410, and clean at 300. Not only did Mills help my during senior season in football and track but also prepared me for the next four years in college. Mills not only changed my body but he changed my life.
The Best Lifter
By Jared Renner / Center Grove High School
Being in Coach Mills weightlifting class has changed my life. I am able to do things that I couldn't even imagine. This year I have made a lot of personal records. These include snatching the 53 pound kettlebell 125 times in 5 minutes. I have also increased my bench to 265 pounds which is pretty incredible for a volleyball player. I owe all of my accomplishments to Coach Mills
Life Skills
By Grant Parks / Greenwood, IN
Since my freshman year on the basketball team Coach Mills has taught me skills only attainable in the weightroom. He pushes everyone to their best potential. The dedication and hard work taught in the weightroom is a major reason why the athletic programs at Center Grove have had so much success. The School of Strength motivates people to work hard and achieve their goals. Being in the weightroom throughout high school has changed me in inconcievable measures. What I have learned through Coach Mills and the School of Strength program I will take with me for the rest of my life.
Mills coaching put to use at 2010 State Championship
By Jimmy / Greenwood, Indiana
2010 Werksan Indiana State Chamionship



 Great Instructor!
By Ryne Sammons / Greenwood, IN USA
I have participated in Coach Mills weight training since age 14. I know first hand how well his workouts work and how effective they are. Coach Mills teaches great lifts that increase strength, explosiveness, and size. I would recommend Coach Mills training and workout program to anyone who is looking to increase their muscle tone, size, strength, and conditioning. I am 18 years old now and I have increased my body size and strength in have the highest vertical jump in the school thanks to Coach Mills workouts. Great Workout from a Great Instructor!!! Thanks Coach Mills
Great For Any Athlete
By Nathan Catt / Greenwood, IN USA
I was a four year varsity cross country and track runner. Coach Mills Kettle Bell program really shaped my junior and senior years in both sports. It gave me the strength and explosivness I needed for track and the endurance and range of motion for cross country. I became hooked on kettle bells the second semester of my senior year when I had Coach Mills for class. When I came in I only did the kettle bell snatch with the 35lb bell. Nine weeks later I completed the 100 kettle bell snach test with the 53lb bell. That was by far the best lifting shape I had ever been in. Thank you Coach Mills for teaching me how to be a strong, explosive runner.
 Trojan Weight Lifting
By Jordan Legan / Center Grove, IN USA
I am a senoir wrestler here at Center grove Highschool and I have been In Marty Mills wieght Lifting program for 4 years now and through those years I have increased my stamia my strength and basically anything I need to compete. I was a 3 time state quailifer, 3 time national all-american, disney duals gold medalist, and part of the state champoin wieght lifting team here at center grove. All of that was thanks to Marty Mills and his amazing program, along with his shear motivational spirit. He has helped me achieve a scholaship to wrestle at the University of Indianpolis where I know I will suceed due to the amazing program coach mills has instilled in me. This program at center grove with Marty mills is top of the line and I would recomend it to any one competing in athletics are anyone just looking to get in shape because with Marty Mills in charge you can achieve anything you could ever want from life and athletics from a physical and mental standpoint.
By Morgan Plake / Greenwood, IN USA
Coach Mills has inspired me to get in shape. I have lost 25 pounds due to his hard work outs that focus on looking good and being athletic. He has made it important to show me works out that I can do anytime anywhere for the rest of my life which will help me continue my healthy life style as I get older. Thanks to Coach Mills I feel better about myself. Thank you Coach Mills for the four years you have showed me how to be a healthy person.
 Marty Mills Russian Kettlebell instructor of the year!
By Allie Meagher / Greenwood, IN USA
The Kettlebell workout helps with my flexibiltiy and form for gymnastics. I suggest this workout for anyone, i love lifting!
kettlebells are the bestttt!!!!!
By Regina Perez / Greenwood, IN USA
The kettlebell workout has made me an all around better athlete. It benifits my swimming career and has helped me preform at an all time level.
Coach Mills
By Arielle Knafel / Greenwood, Indiana
I have been training with Marty Mills for four years, to say that Marty Mills prepared me for my sports in an understatement. Not only has Coach Mills trained me for excellence on the court, but also with my everyday life. Coach Mills' approach to everything he does is nothing less than a strive for perfection. He holds each individual accountable for their own success, giving us the necessay tools for greatness and excepts us to follow his own determination to perfect every aspect of his being. With plans to attend a division 1 college, Norfolk State University, his guidance remarkable helpful for my future success. If i have learned one thing from Coach Marty Mills it is this, with hard work and a great attitude you can complete any goal you set your mind to.
Tough Heavy Lifting
By Jon Ebbeler / Greenwood,IN USA
The school of strength has been a very important aspect of my life. Freshman year I weighed 150bs and at the end of my senior year I now weigh 190 lbs. Mill's strength program also helped me with recovering from major injuries like my torn ACL and meniscus, in my left knee, and a broken right ankle. I loved his program so much that I still worked out from a wheelchair. A few times Mills even told me to take it easy, but I loved working out with his strength program so much that I had to keep working hard. I believe that with his School of Strangth program only the dedicated and hard working athletes will succeed. Thanks Mills
School of Hard Knocks!
By Aaron J. Cox / Indianapolis, IN USA
The Center Grove School of Strength is such a great program here at the high school. I just came to this school in the middle of first semester senior year, I signed up for this class and what a great decision it was. Ever since joining this program my strength and size has shot up. I came in a worried 140 pound kid and now coming to the end of the year a strong, confident 170 pound weight-lifting maniac. Mr. Mills has such great knowledge and really knows how to help you get results. Under his teaching I've learned so much and through his training i have increased all my lifts by as much as 80-90 pounds. This is a great program with a great instructor and I would encourage anyone that has the ability to take this course to do it!
Coach Mills
By Brooks Bemis / Greenwood, IN USA
I played football for Center Grove from 2006-2008. Coach Mills played a huge part in physically preparing our team for our State Championship victory in 2008 by creating enough freaks on our team that we could physically dominate every team we played. This excludes the Ben Davis games where we were severely undersized on the offensive line but were able to blow them out in each game by running the ball! Coach Mills also led our lifting team to three very successful weightlifting meets in high school where we had a giant edge over the competition and were able to obtain victories. He not only taught us how to lift correctly or give ourselves proper nutrition, but instilled such a dedicated and disciplined mindset in each of us that our intensity and courage could lead to the accomplishment of anything. My weightlifting numbers, size, and character would fall far short of their present level had i never met Marty Mills.
 Lasting Impression
By Kristin Blankenship / Indianapolis, IN USA
I had not taken a weightlifting class until the beginning of my senior year. What i was submerged into was a world of strength, intense fitness, and pushing yourself to the furthest limit. I am a Varsity athlete and immedietly underwent a transformation. In cheerleading, basing became much easier, my jumps were higher, and my tumbling lighter than ever. This is due to my excellent coach and motivater Coach Mills. He never failed to keep us going. One thing that he told us specifically is that no matter what we should never lose to an opponent due to strength and stamina. We were to never wear out or give up. All of us have taken this to heart. The first time I was tested on my kettlebell strength, I successfully completed the Russian Kettlebell Challange. This is completeing 100 or more kettlebell snatches in five minutes. Other schools have more athletes, but we beat them time after time due to our strength training. Coach Mills is passionate about weightlifting and has instilled a passion in his students that will last a lifetime.
 Love at First Site
By Ryan Carrico / Greenwood, IN, the USA.
School of Strength
By Katy Denton (Schenk) / School of Strength, Greenwood, IN, USA
I didnt have the privilage to meet coach mills until i became a senior at center grove high school. first semester he got me into shape for my spring season. he taught me so much in just a short time. then during my season he kept me going strong. coach mills is a great leader, teacher, and man. Thank you coach.
School of Strenght
By Ashleigh Hudson / greenwood, IN USA
I am a senior at center grove that has been in coach Mills class for four years. I started off lifting just the bar and now i can lift ten times the amount. Coach Mills has made his workout's so good that anyone that has the will power and strenght to get stronger can. THANK YOU MILLS!!!
Freshmen to Senior
By Megan Ryan / Greenwood,IN, USA
I started out weighing 105lbs my freshmen year. Now as a senior I weigh 115lbs. Coach Mills' workouts made me stronger. I run cross country and track and being stronger made me a better runner. I am going to Benedictine University next year to run, and I know if it was not for his workouts I would not be where I am today. Thank you Coach Mills! Anyone can become stronger, if they put out hard work.
 Coach Mills
By Clint Plake / Greenwood, IN
Coach Mills has help me throughout my entire 4 years of high school. With his coaching and my hard work I have went from a 100lb freshman to a 137lb senior that is on on the lifting team.
Get Big
By Patrick Mennel / Greenwood, IN
Coming through the Center Grove weight training program I have been able to experience what true hard work and dedication is. I didn't even know how to do a clean my freshman year and by the summer going into my senior year i was cleaning over 300lbs. I raised my bench press from 200 lbs to 350 lbs and my squat went from 275 lbs to 420 lbs. My core strength shot through the roof and my technique became flawless. I recommend this weight program to anyone that has the opportunity to be involved in it.
 Pure Strength
By Jake Graham / Greenwood, IN
My freshman year I weighed little over a hundred pounds and couldn't even compete with my fellow teammates on the football field or the track. Now I may only way a hundred and fifty pounds but I can compete with others twice my weight through coach Mills training program. I am a Pole Vaulter and Football player and even though I'm not the biggest guy out there I am stronger than most of my competition. There arnt many 200lb guys who can snatch 165lb let alone a 150 pounder. Im never scared of the giant D1 prospects when I walk onto the football field because coach Mills has made me tougher and more often than not stronger than them. And if you have ever seen a pole vaulter there usually pretty goofy lookin and not good at much else, but when I walk out to that pit I have some extra confidence because I may be small but Im not scrawny like these kids.
 Strength Knowledge
By Jillian Reisinger / Greenwood, IN USA
Coach Mills training style is different than any other coach I know. When entering into the weight room freshman year, I had no idea what to expect. In the middle school weightroom, we usually stood around and maybe did a pull-up or two every five minutes. But within the first minute of being in Coach Mills weightroom, I knew that he was serious about his job. He truely wants every single athlete to better themselves athletically as well as physically so that they can perform to the best of their ability. The kettlebells not only strengthen athletes but also teach their muscles to become quick and explosive. This has especially helped me in my sport of track and field. I have shaved almost a second off of my 100m hurdle time since sophomore year, which I attribute 100 percent to weightlifting. Not only do you need muscle to run fast, but you need explosive muscle. Because of my success in high school, I am attending the University of Indianapolis to run track and field. The strength knowledge that I have obtained during my four years here will continue to benefit me not only in college but for the rest of my life.
By Cynthia Zubia / Greenwood, IN USA
Coach Mills has been extremely inspirational to me. I started working out in his program freshman year, and it has benefitted me greatly throughout high school. I was on the womens soccer team, and Coach Mills's program was very beneficial to me. Because of Coach Mills, I enjoy working out and staying fit. He has inspired me to want to lift weights and be an athletic, healthy individual. He has impacted my life so much; I know that I will take everything I learned from him to college and the rest of my life and continue to work hard.
Training with Intensity
By Elena / Greenwood
Through the past four years Coach Mills has been coaching, motivating, inspiring, and strengthening myself as well as my fellow athletes. The amount of knowledge and passion Mills brings into the weightroom every time we lift is incredible. I made second team all-state this year, the all-star team, and was on the all-MIC team the past 2 years and give major credit to Mills for making me strong and prepared for competition. He's provided me with the knowledge to be fit for the rest of my life. We are lucky to have him here at Center Grove. Thanks Marty Mills!
By Sarah Patterson / Greenwood, IN USA
Coach Mills is the best strength coach. I have never seen someone so passionate and determined about what they do. As a freshman on the soccer team I was little and got pushed around. By my junior year I was stronger and built more and was named 1st Team All State. Senior year I was 1st Team All State and All Metro South Player of the year. Coach Mills pushed me to become a better athlete and if it wasn't for him I would not be able to attend Marian University next year on a soccer scholarship. Coach Mills has the best strength and conditioning coach in Indiana and in the country. He is an inspiration and makes ever student a better athlete.
Passion and Dedication at it's Best
By Alissa Cain / Greenwood, IN
I am not a natural athlete by any means. However, in the past two years I started running and working out on a daily basis. This past semester I choose to take Coach Mills' strength class. I was very worried that I wouldn't be up to par, this was not the case. Mills included me and taught me what I needed to know. It has dramatically effected every area of my fitness life. Not only am I stronger, but I posess endurance and the know how to progress in my fitness regime and improve on a daily basis. My running has greatly improved and become much more effective, as well as improved my overall endurance. Coach Mill's tactics and teaching points have greatly influenced the way I view working out. The kettle bell work out truly works and makes one stronger and become an overall well conditioned athlete as well as a well rounded person of strength. Mills has such passion for what he does and it rubs off on each and every student he has. His passion is evident in everything he does, he wants every student to be the best that they could possibly be. In his class, I feel the need to push myself and move to the next level of fitness. Mills is the epitome of a great coach and his knowlege and program has dramatically changed my workout and the way I view my own strength program. I am incredibly excited to contiune his workout in the future and to become stronger and even more well rounded. He absoultely has a wonderful program here at CGHS and will continue to impact students lives and improve their fitness as a whole.
Passion, Intelligence, Safety
By Emily Gwaltney / Greenwood, IN USA
There are literally no words that are worthy of explaining how unbelievable and vital Marty Mills is to a program! He is outstanding. His moral character shines brighter than any coach I've had the pleasure of playing for. When in Coach's presence, you can feel his passion; you can see it in his eyes.
Coach Mills has played a vital role in my high school and collegiate careers. His intensity and passion in the weight room is what drove me to play and work as hard as I did. He helped the Center Grove Softball Team strengthen to get ready for the season. At the time that we all were taking Coach Mills' course, we won a state championship. And, of course, Coach Mills was at the top of our list of people to thank.
There was always something productive taking place in the weight room. We were constantly moving at the speed and ability Coach Mills wanted us at. If not, he let us know. His coaching style is second to none and has taught me that working hard is the key to success. He does not put up with slacking off, he will push you farther than you think you can go. Even when you protest what he is telling you to do, or how much he is telling you to lift, he is ALWAYS right. He knows what you are capable of and will never put you in danger of injury. In fact, he preaches safety.
I was a Center Grove High School 2009 graduate and now attend Marian University. I play softball and start as a pitcher and clean-up hitter. I have worked with our college trainer and he is not even in Coach Mills' league! When we are working on what my college coach tells us to, I remember things and phrases that Mills taught me. My college team was amazed when I not only knew what a Power Clean was, but that I could do it better than any of them. This is all thanks to Marty Mills who, from day 1, taught the fundamentals of the Power Clean.
Not only does he know how to strength coach, he also knows what is healthy and what is going to improve your body overall. He practices what he preaches. If you get to school early enough, you will see him in there working out to the same exercise he taught you yesterday.
Lifting is Coach Mills' life. He loves, is passionate about, and probably wouldn't know what to do without it.
I know I feel lucky to know and have worked with Coach Marty Mills and anyone who gets to should feel privileged.
Work Ethic
By James Barton / Greenwood, IN USA
Entering high school I never realized the work ethic required to achieve success in the sport I played. As an 8th grader, I was a good athlete and had a lot of things handed to me. The first day I walked into a Coach Mills weight lifting class I left in total awe. Coach Mills always made me work to my maximum effort everyday. He proved to me that even if I was not feeling well or simply did not want to lift, there was a way to reach my full lifting potential each day. Coach Mills showed me and my teammates the proper work ethic in lifting and because of this, it had a direct transition to the work ethic on the basketball court. I am currently going to play collegiate basketball and the coaches constantly tell me how my strenth is unbelievable for an incoming freshman. This is only because of the work Coach Mills has done with me. I would look like a twig if I did not work in Coach Mills weightlifting program. Coach has provided me with an ample oppurtunity to play and succeed early in my collegiate career. The work ethic he has taught me has shown me that dreams can be achieved. With my work ethic in the weight room and on the basketball court I have achieved a life long dream all dedicated to Coach Mills.
By Adam Hillis / Greenwood, IN USA
Coach Mills works on each athlete personally to increase his or her performance to the best of their ability. Mills's weight lifting program is focused on strength as well as speed. He teaches you the fundamentals of weight training along with making great gains in strength. He has the knowledge of what exercises to do with an athlete, no matter the stage of training they are in.
 strength and technique
By Luke Swift / Greenwood, IN USA
I can honestly say that coach mills is the best weight lifting coach i have ever had. I am currently playing division 1 football at miami ohio and i am much farther ahead of the people on the team. Coach mills teaches great technique which now helps me at the next level. I think that he could easily be a strength coach at big time programs.
By Mark Riffle / Greenwood, IN USA
When I came to Center Grove High School after my time in middle school, I was a fat, unconditioned kid who thought he was an athlete. I was weak, out of shape, and had no idea what weightlifting truly was. I always assumed that weightlifting consisted of bicep curls and bench press. Boy did my world change when I came to the Center Grove School of Strength. As soon as I saw the different lifting, and motivation demonstrated by Coach Mills I knew that I had to improve. Coach Mills shaped me into a true athlete who can perform Olympic lifts and kettle bells. His efforts towards teaching me and my numerous classmates have transformed Center Grove. Before Coach Mills came to Center Grove we were just a small high school in the middle of some cornfields. Now thanks to Coach Mills our school has become one of the most successful athletic programs in the state. Thanks to Coach Mills I will be able to compete in Football next year at Wabash College and I am forever thankful for his efforts in shaping me into an athlete.
The Beast
By Zach Shupe / Indianapolis, IN, USA
Coach Mills is the definition of qualification when it comes to weightlifting. He has devised the best overall and core body strength building program I have ever been a part of, and am proud to say so. The introduction of kettlebells into the circuit is phenomenal when it comes to contitioning/building core body strength. His program was the key to our football team winning a State Championship in '08 and making our first ever back-to-back Final Four in '09. Along with football, I have played Lacrosse and Hockey; Coach Mills motivated me to work hard in the weight room during each offseason and it paid off greatly. This circut truly builds speed and helps with each area of your performance on the field, each aspect is strengthened while simultaneously going through a rigorous conditioning workout. Coach Mills not only focuses on the strength aspect, but also heavily focuses on the fine technique of each and every lift. He focuses on perfecting each movement which only boosts maximum performance in the long run.
"A wise man is strong, yea, a man of knowledge increaseth strength."
-Proverbs 24:5/ Coach Mills
Improvement no matter what sport you play
By Michael Martin / Greenwood, IN USA
Ever since my freshman year at center grove high school, lifting has been an essential part of my life, eve3n though i play soccer and people think that lifting doesn't help soccer players. The truth is every year after I lifted with coach Mills I got quicker and stronger. Now I graduated high school early after soccer season and with the strength training from Coach Mills, I have a starting spot on the best division two soccer college in the nation. Even though it is division two, my school Northern Kentucky University beat a vast majority of division 1 schools. I couldn't have won a starting spot as a high schooler on a collegiate team if I hadn't had this intense weight training
 The key to Center Grove's 2008 State Championship
By Trey Thompson / Greenwood, Indiana
My class of 2009 started our weightlifting program with Coach Moore and Mills in 3rd grade. Coach Mills was our secret weapon as he consitently coached us and designed our workouts to be the fastest, strongest, and meanest football players we could be. As I entered my freshmen year I was bench pressing about 185lbs, squatting 225lbs, and cleaning 185 lbs. Just two years into Coach Mills intense program I was bench pressing 365lbs, squatting 445lbs, and power cleaning 315. Coach Mills mixed up upper and lower body workouts along with speed and power lifting. All of this was in combination with weighted abs and pushups daily. Coach Mills developed us physically more than any other coach and was essential to our state championship.
 Strength Program
By Tanner Riley / Greenwood, IN USA
Coach Mills has been been my weight trainer since I started lifting weights in the eighth grade. He had a strong emphasis on cleaning when I started the weightlifting program, and it only grew from there. Graduating in 2009, I only had the opportunity to be apart of the kettle bell program for two years. However, I saw great increases in my maxes through this program. I also had the opportunity to go to two weightlifting competitions and won both years. I completely credit Coach Mills with my weightlifting successes and the program he has provided to the athletes at Center Grove High School.
weight lifting
By Jordan Luallen / Indianapolis, IN USA
Coach Mills started working with me when I was in 8th grade, at that time I was about 6'1 and 155 pounds. Today 5 years later I am 6'3 217 pounds. I came in benching 135 pounds and cleaning 120 pounds. By the time i graduated high school i benched over 300 pounds and cleaned 250 pounds. On top of that my speed had increased drastically. When i came in here i ran a 5.1 forty and by the time i left Center Grove i was running in the low 4.5's. I am now on full scholarship at Georgia Tech playing football and I can testify that coach Mills runs the best high school training program in America. Coach Mills could no doubt be at the highest level of his profession if he wanted to. What he does here at Center Grove is not only prepare all of his athletes for the next level but help every single individual that steps foot in his weight room become a better person. He truly takes an interest in what his athletes do and that is something that is rare. I could have never been a state champion, high school national player of the year, all american, all state, or been a state caliber track competitor if it wasnt for the help of coach Mills and his program. Without coach Mills guidance i would not be where i am today.
Doing Kettle bells
By Chris the tank McGinnis / Greenwood, IN USA
Being in this weight class has changed my life. Not only has my strength improved but my personality and endurance has improved also. I am a well rounded individual who has acheived greatness in the strength training program.
True Strength
By Ben "the champ" Griesinger / Greenwood, Indiana
Coach Mills is the perfect example of true strength. He is always bringing new exercises and techniques to the weight that perfect how we build muscle and maintain it. I had never lifted a day in my life until my senior year and it was Coach Mills who fostered my passion for lifting. Now I bench 215 and excel in many workouts because of him. I accomplished this after one year and now i can compete with the best in my weight class. He also taught me how to properly take care of my body which I thought I already knew as an athlete but he brought a whole new perspective. Without a doubt he runs the best, most disciplined weight room in the country and it measures up to those on the professional level.
By Daniel "The Boss" Bennett / Indianapolis, IN USA
Marty Mills has had a major impact on my life. He has convinced me that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to in the weight room. My bench press max has improved from a measly 160lbs my junior year to 275lbs my senior year. I have learned to keep myself in shape during the off season with the help of the "Mills Kettle Bell Circut". Not only is he a great motivator, he also represents everything a knowledgable teacher should be. If I had to compare him to anyone, he would be most like Superman in my eyes.
 The man that saved my life.
By Sean Egenolf / Greenwood, IN USA
Coming into the high school as a freshman, I was not a very frightening human. I was about 5'4 255 pounds of fat. I couldn't bench press 135 pounds or even squat 225 pounds. I was the fat kid in the hallway that people shoved into the wall. I also had very low self confidence. After being in coach mill's school of strength for 4 years, I have changed quite a bit. I now bench 320 pounds and I squat 410 pounds. I am now more confident than ever and people move out of the way from me in the hallway I have earned almost a full ride to Marian University to play football. I have accomplished most things positive in my life from being in the school of strength.
Bad Ass
By Blake Miller / Greenwood, IN USA
Coach Mills is one of the best coaches I know. He knows how to train freshman all the way to seniors, and from athletes to beginners. I started my freshman year at 190 lbs, benched l35, and cleaned 135. I am a senior now at 235 lbs, I can bench 315 lbs, and clean 317 lbs. With my work in the weightroom and the help with Coach Mills I received a scholarship to Southern Illinois University. Coach Mills has the best weight and conditioning program in the country, and it has made me the player I am today.
Top in the Nation
By Jimmy Boshears / Greenwood, IN
Entering freshman year I had never heard of kettlebells, the snatch, or the clean and jerk. As I'm about to graduate I'm going to Louisiana State University-Shreveport on partial scholarship because of the Olympic lifts the School of Strength taught me. Coach Mills School of Strength taught me how to train properly, eat right, recover, rest, good technique, leadership, character, and overall how to be a great person. I entered high school weighing 135 lbs. Benching 160, squating 225, and cleaning 165. I now weigh 175 lbs, clean and jerk 300 lbs, squat 405, snatch 205 and bench 290 lbs. I've talked to multiple athletes from other schools and they do not put in half the work that we do here, and do not come close to the numbers we put up in our lifts as a program. Our conditioning is top of the line and it shows in our competitions, meets, games, and matches, as we have recently won the 5A football state championship, tennis state championship, 2 weightlifting state championships, boys volleyball state championship and softball state championship. The school of strength hands down is the best program in the nation.
Strong as an OX
By Chelsea Kirkpatrick / Greenwood, IN
My name is Chelsea Kirkpatrick and I am going to play volleyball at DePaul University, a division 1 college, in Chicago. You ask, "How did this girl get to college with a full ride scholarship?" I will respond with a simple answer. The answer is Marty Mills and his weightlifting program at Center Grove. I came to CG as a scrawny freshman that could barely hit the ball over the net. I went to weightlifting class, gained muscle, and now I'm competing for a spot on the volleyball team as a freshman! I would not be going to DePaul without the help of Marty Mills.
How to get strong
By Garrett Mack / Greenwood. IN USA
Hi, my name is Garrett Mack and I am a senior at center grove high school right now and plan on attending Ball State next year to play Division 1 football. Coach Mills and his weight program molded me into the athlete that I have become today. He has developed me so that I could compete at the highest level in any sport I played. I came into my freshman year weighing 170 and at that weight I would have never been able to play at a high level and survive. But through years of training with Coach Mills I have been able to gain pounds of muscle. In the spring of my senior year I now weigh 225 pounds and I feel like im in the best shape of my life. Coach Mills has prepared me to not only play at a Division 1 college but be able to compete for a starting spot the first year I get their. This weight program is years ahead of most if not all other schools. I appreciate all the time and effort he gives to this program and to me.
Impact of the School of Strength
By Matt Milton / Center Gove H.S
The School of Strength has impacted, not only myself, but the entire Center Grove High School Athletic Program. By working as a whole team, and ignoring which sport we participate in, each day together we strive to improve our speed, flexability, and strength. Coach Marty Mills is an outstanding coach. For me as a wrestler he tells me which lifts I should do to improve my strength on the mat. Coach Mills has really pushed his focus on the Kettle Bells for our workouts. He has taught our school that they improve just about everything in your body. Improving an entire schools strength just shows that Coach Mills really cares for us to become great.
By Joel Cox / Greenwood, IN USA
Coach Mills is the best weight lifting coach in the country. I moved to Center Grove before my 10th grade year. I weighed 220 lbs, benched 225 lbs, cleaned 250 lbs, and had never done a snatch in my life. Now as a senior I bench 405 lbs, clean 340 lbs, snatch 260 lbs, and weigh 275 lbs. This year in football I was named Mr. Football at the d-line position for the state of Indiana and am attending Ball State University in the fall on a football scholarship. Coach Mills not only teaches you how to lift he tells you what the lift accomplishes and why you should do that lift. He also teaches you good eating habits and how to take care of your body. Coach Mills' school of strength is the best high school strength and conditioning program in the country.
Passionate, Hard Worker
By Steve Barrick / Greenwood, IN USA
Coach Marty Mills is a very valuable mentor for me as a strength coach. His system of developing functional athletes is second to none. The time that I have spent observing and talking with Marty regarding all areas of strength training have helped me to develop a coaching philosophy that brings out the most in ALL athletes. The success of the teams and individuals at Center Grove High School are directly related to the hard work and dedication of Coach Mills. In my opinion, Marty has set a very high bar for strength coaches in the state of Indiana to achieve. His passion and work ethic inspires me to work hard every day in this field.
 The Best
By Joseph / Greenwood, IN USA
This guy knows what he is talking about. Great workouts, great motivator.
By Tyler Small / Indianpolis, IN USA
Coach Mills's strength training program and Kettle Bell programs have developed our athletes and teams into some of the states elite. As a football and wrestling coach the Kettle Bell program has allowed our athletes to use big explosive movements to develop strength, power, and endurance at the same time. Our wrestlers are able to maintain and even gain strength during the season as they cut weight, while other wrestlers often loose strength and power as they cut weight. Mills's program has been such a large part in the success of our football team in the state of Indiana. Our football players are some of the strongest and fastest kids in the state. Coach Mills gets results out of anyone willing to put the time and effort in into it.
Moving On In Life
By Dennis Beasley / Greenwood, IN USA
I have had the privilege of training with Coach Mills during my senior year at Center Grove High School. During my four years at Center Grove i have participated in Mens Volleyball, with his guidance this year i have become stronger, more disciplined, and my game has improved immensely. I am planning on continuing my training in the United States Air Force. Coach Mills has pushed me to be the best, with his training i feel more confident in all aspects of my life. I only wish i could have trained with him all four years.
Inspiration and Dedication
By Kirsten Gliesmann / Greenwood, IN
Marty Mills took me under his wing my freshman year in 2006. He told me he would work with me till the girls basketball team had a State Championship under their belts. That year we made it to the Semi-finals. Which, I have to agree, was a whole lot farther than anyone thought we were going to go. But Marty Mills, he believed in us and he knows how strong our hearts, even though we didn't at the time. His dedication to the girls basketball team and to our strength and condition brought us through Sectionals, Regionals, and saw us almost prevail in the Semi-finals. I owe so much to this man for teaching me the correct technique and improving my strength, my speed, my agility, as well as my heart. I have never met a man more dedicated to inspiring young adults to achieve their dreams. Looking back at these last four years, I have concluded that without Marty Mills pushing me to push myself I would not be attending Wright State University on a full ride scholarship to continue my basketball career. Thanks to this man, I can walk into the weight room at WSU and know what my new strength and conditioning coach is talking about, as well as be on top of my game on the court. Past college, I plan on playing basketball over seas. I have never thought it possible, but because of Marty Mills dedication, I have found so much heart for my sport, and I never want to stop pushing myself to success.
Extreme Passion
By Cody Johnson / Franklin, IN USA
I had the privilege of working with Coach Mills through an undergraduate internship at Center Grove High School. I can't begin to explain the influence he has had on my mentality towards strength training. Marty has a "no nonsense" approach to training and has convinced every one of his athletes to believe in this system. It was remarkable to see the commitment and intensity from every student, regardless of sport. The athletes know they will be uncomfortable during the session ahead, but each one them approaches every workout with great focus and determination. The accomplishments of the athletic program obviously speak for themselves. Coach Mills will never allow Center Grove to be defeated because of their strength and conditioning, but instead it will always be a key to their success.
Overwhelming Passion
By Amber Elsey / Greenwood, Indiana
To describe Marty Mills as a dedicated individual would be a completely false representation of his character. I say this because it would be severely understating his passion for educating and training his students. Coach Mills has the ability to work with anyone and allow them to go above and beyond any goal they dream to achieve. For instance, I stand at 5'2", weighing in at about 100 pounds and lift next to our 6', 250 pound football players. Coach Mills creates a lifting environment that has athletes excelling in every area of their game, no matter what their age, size, or gender. All four years of high school I have trained under the coaching of Marty Mills and each year I continue to excel in both Varsity Softball and Varsity Basketball. In 2009, Center Grove Softball won the 5A state championship and owes a large portion of that accomplishment to the work Coach Mills put into training each of us. In the future, I plan to attend IU and obtain my education degree in hopes of becoming a teacher and lifting coach. I will continue giving credit to Coach Mills for pushing me to be the best and also inspiring me to pursue a career in athletic training in the future.
Ahead of the Game
By Adria Pryor / Greenwood, Indiana
I have been training with Marty Mills for four years. I play volleyball and will be attending the University of Toledo next year to continue playing. Because of my training I will be able to go into college and be ahead of the game. I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to participate in his program.
 Master Motivator
By Sarah Dooms / Greenwood, Indiana
I'm attending Valparaiso University on a full scholarship to play volleyball. Anyone who plays a sport at that level knows that it requires an immense amount of hard work and dedication. I developed into the athlete I am today by doing just that through the training of Marty Mills. He's been my strength and conditioning coach all four years of high school and the change from me as a scrawny kid with a lot of potential to the explosive athlete I am today is incredible. I learned the proper technique and the right mentality to have during a workout that yields the best results. The intense training I've received throughout my time with Marty Mills has contributed greatly to my ability to play volleyball at the collegiate level. I credit the strength and knowledge I now have to his guidance and expertise.