School of Strength

Bryce Krebs

My name is Bryce Krebs, and I am a Senior in the School of Strength. When i first started out in weight training I wanted to become the strongest kid in the school, and this program helped me reach that goal. Along with strength it has helped me with my explosiveness, which helped me become more feared on the football field. After a lot of hard work in the program, my junior year i was able to win the olympic lifting state championship edging out my d-line buddy Joel Hale. I would not have been able to win that award without the toughness and strength building movements that Coach Mills engrained in our bodies. Along with this, my junior/senior year also was selected to play in the North South Allstar game, and in football I recieved an all confrence award, and an all county. After more time in the program, I had perfected the training skills that Coach Mills taught us, which led to recieving a scholarship to play at Eastern Kentucky University. I would like to thank Coach Mills!