The Man

I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Coach Mills at Center Grove High School. There are so many positive things to say about Mills and the effort and passion he puts into the lifting program at Center Grove High School. While in school, I played soccer and will say I definitely wasn't the best, but that didn't matter to Mills. He saw the potential with me in lifting and began to push me. My last 2 years of high school we had class every other day where we would spend hours doing many kettle bell exercises and olympic lifts. Mills helped me improve my strength which then in turn help improve my soccer game. After high school, I decided to join the rowing team at Butler University and still continued to see my lifting from the past years aiding in my success in this new sport. In rowing, many believe that all the power comes from your arms, but in fact a large deal is from your legs. All those kettle bell swings and squats helped give me a leg explosion necessary for a perfect stroke in rowing! Mills is one of the best coaches/teachers I have ever had. His dedication and passion for what he does is absolutely incredible. I honestly believe he runs the best strength program in the country and if you ever get the chance to work out with him, do it! You will be sore the next day, but he will help you push your muscles and body like never before!

Jill Morris - Butler University Rowing