The Best Full Mind and Body Training

By Justin Hoch / CGHS
Coach's Mills' School of Strength is a full exercise in mind and body. When I entered as a freshman looking to play soccer, I was scrawny and weak. With Olympic lifts, my body developed and my speed improved. I credit my ability to run a 5:30 mile to my training under Coach Mills. Then, the addition of kettlebells took my game to another level. Through the pain and sweat, I felt my body changing and becoming an athlete. Aside from the physical training, Coach Mills develops each athlete into a respectful, focused disciplined athlete. He is not afraid to speak his mind on your work ethic or attitude. Plus, he creates a relationship with his athletes, always having their needs in mind, in order to train them to their full potential. I recommend the Coach Mills' School of Strength workout to anyone willing to put forth the effort. It will transform anyone into a superior athlete.