A "Retired" Athlete

By Alex Robison
Because I had been involved in sports my whole life, I never had a problem with maintaining my figure or physical fitness. After my sophomore year; however, I quit playing basketball which had taken up most of my life up to that point. I found it extremely difficult to muster up the motivation it takes to stay in shape and began to gain weight and lose any muscle I already had. Second semester; though, of my junior year, I had the opportunity to participate in Coach Mills' lifting class. The lifting is not only for the "bulky" muscle you think of with football players that most high schools offer. We do conditioning and lifting that creates a healthier, more flexible muscle that, if nothing else, keeps you looking good. I was sure to sign up for this class again my senior year, and have enjoyed it more than any other. Coach Mills has taught me lifting and life lessons that I can take with me as I continue to the next stage of my life.