Glory Through Strength

Brandon Gridley

I started lifting with Coach Mills in the fall of eigth grade and am now finishing my senior year of high school with him. When I started as an eigth grader I was 190lbs of weak nothing, who could not only not do a dip but couldn't hold myself up and required help. It was pathetic, but within the first year and a half through the intense work ethic of Coach Mills he helped me drop down to 155lbs with a new start. Over high school with Coach I was able to climb up and put on thirty pounds of muscle to an average 185 during football season and then through his cardio strength work outs cut down to a lean 175 during my lacrosse seasons. Coach Mill's work and dedication with all the athelets of Center Grove is one of the very few reasons we can stand and compete with with the huge schools in the MIC. I am very proud to say that I learned and worked under Coach Mills and feel more fit than ever. I will have no problem ever coming up with a work out for any situation thanks to Mills!