How to get strong

Hi, my name is Garrett Mack and I am a senior at center grove high school right now and plan on attending Ball State next year to play Division 1 football. Coach Mills and his weight program molded me into the athlete that I have become today. He has developed me so that I could compete at the highest level in any sport I played. I came into my freshman year weighing 170 and at that weight I would have never been able to play at a high level and survive. But through years of training with Coach Mills I have been able to gain pounds of muscle. In the spring of my senior year I now weigh 225 pounds and I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. Coach Mills has prepared me to not only play at a Division 1 college but be able to compete for a starting spot the first year I get there. This weight program is years ahead of most if not all other schools. I appreciate all the time and effort he gives to this program and to me.

Garrett Mack – Ball State University Football
Started on the 2008 State Championship Team and the 2009 Final Four Team